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  1. GTA V, played it back on ps3 and i am so upset that I lost out on "Run like the wind" trophy. So haven’t returned to the ps4 or ps3 version
  2. God of war 2018; seems like an amazing game, but want to plat god of war 3 before i go for it
  3. Hi, all the steps should be there Sent you a replay on your message. Did not have this issue, but sent you a suggestion on something you can try. Best off luck
  4. Hi, thanks for the help! After a few tries I got your method to work. One thing people should be aware of is that when switch accounts in step 5 you have to log off the your main account. If you use the change user feature that might stop you from getting the editions button on your second account because your main account is still active in the background. Besides that everything worked out great.
  5. God of war, have not finished god of war 3 yet so it's still on my backlog.
  6. Hi, I have been looking for the chest for awhile but no luck. So I was thinking i could try your method, but how exactly do you do it? Stand by the chest in the hideout then exit to main menu and the renter single player? Or do you have to go into multiplayer before rentering?
  7. Hi, tried to order the dlc from BestBuy with a adresse from a adresse generator, but it got canceled. Do anyone know if it was a problem with the adresse or is BestBuy out off stock for the pirats of the carabien dlc?
  8. Thanks that is good to know won't stress with getting that then.
  9. Hi I had i quick question about the LittleBigPlanet: game of the year edition is the metal gear solide content on the disc or is it a code in the box? Was woundering because i want to buy a used version of the game and do both the DLC's, bought the other one on BestBuy.
  10. Hey, you can do this solo if you bring a saw and 2 jammers but in my opinion you should squad up. It is possible with 3 people, but 4 gives you more time. Everyone needs to max out jammer duration, upgrade so guard checks also are blocked and atleast one need the skill that let's you open reforched doors. So the strategy is to ECM rush which means every 30 sec someone please a jammer (remember there is some deployment time so you have to start placing it after about 25 sec) This will make it so you are free to run around and kill guards and get spotted without the alarm going off. Your team should split into two groups, one looking for the boxes and the other group finding the server room. Voice communication is recommended to tell each other when someone cuts a wire and when the next guy should please a ecm jammer. The trophy will still require some luck there are 5 box and 2 wires that is correct. So you should have about a 10% chance. My team used about 1 hour to get it. So estimate about 10 min to 5 hours to get it (depending on your luck) Good luck, I am open for questions if something was unclear
  11. The original borderlands, platinumed it with a friend on his account. It's still in my backlog.
  12. Probebly impossible to start from scratch now, but if you already have some progression it should still be possible. Just finished all of my trophies yesterday, it took me 110 hours (add 20-30 hours of waiting probebly) according to the in game leaderboard. Alot of my friends that I know who also have finished has about the same time. So if you aim to put in that amount of time the MP 100% you can achieve the 100%. Note: Does 110 hours was optimised trophy hunting meaning combining trophy when possible and no playing for fun
  13. God of war 2018, its in my backlog since i need to finish god of war 3.
  14. Around 5 pm- 7 pm GMT. One of the guy i got in a match with did not manage to get the trophys on that try it because one left the match, but i saw he got it last night (look at last achiver for triple kill). Maybe he has some pointers i mist out on. I also got my trophie around this time 6 pm GMT - 11 pm GMT. Think this is the best time because US and EU are on the servers at that time.
  15. I am from the EU and where in a match last night (took around 2 hours to find one), but everyone from my group have the same issues as you (EU and US). It seams random how can get in and how can't, maybe servers close to mye country still works and other parts of the EU dosen't, i don't know.