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  1. Just returned recently to the game so I would not know if the reward system is better then the old. I was just commenting on the ranked system. I think it is good that the devs takes feedback of players into account off course, but it is hard for gamers to know how a ranked system should be designed. I am probably only an average player so I can only provide my perspective, maybe high or low tier players would disagree. Rank update I am super close to hitting silver 2, wise me luck on my push to gold.
  2. Working on hitting gold myself, currently in silver 5. From how I understand the system you will probably not lose more rp then you gain. The ranked system is split in to two, skill and rank. Skill is hidden from the player and based on the old MMR (ranked) system. Your skill determines who you match against. Rank determines what your visible rank is, example copper 1. How much rp you gain and lose depends on what rank your skill indicates you are. If the hidden skill level thinks you are a copper 1 player you will gain and lose around 40 rp per win and lose respectively. The key is that if you go on a winning streak your hidden skill will increase as well as your visible rank. Therefore you will most likely never lose more then you can gain. There are some more factors, but skill is the most important. In my personal opinion the new system seems unnecessary complicated. The reason for this is that if your skill is equal to a silver 2 player why not just show your rank as silver 2. Instead the devs makes you grind more to hit the rank that the game thinks you belong in. The only reason I can see that justifies the new system is that the devs wants players to grind more to get rewards. Most other expansions would not justify a so dramatic shift in the system. Good luck to all new players pushing to gold
  3. I was able to unlock “Jack off all treads” which was one off the trophies that where glitched. When looking through recent achievers for all pathfinder trophies it seems like all off them should be achievable, but there has been some reports on the forums off people still struggling. Conclusion: The trophies should be fixed, but start the game at your own risk
  4. I am going for gold with the help of 2 friends and to be honest we struggled a lot even in cooper. As everyone is at least level 50 the competition is much harsher then in quick play and unranked. We have played around 10 games and have won 5 or so, so there is progress, but much slower then expected. Note that the new ranked system will take time to get people to their appropriate rank. Therefore getting to gold might become easier over time then it is right now. Good luck!
  5. Can also confirm that it works, just got it by doing the requirement
  6. Finished multiplayer today. There is only one trophy that can make or break your platinum and that is multi-tasking, for this trophy you need to shoot down 25 hero ships while playing the fighter ship class. This can be hard to do without boosting unless your a skilled pilot. The rest of the trophies require some grinding, but is not bad to do without booting (i.e. the bomber, choose your path, a galaxy at war and level 50). All modes are also pretty active so you should not have a big problem finding people. Tip for level 50 playing on Wednesdays is your best friend because you can get triple xp (double on Saturday and Sunday) and all trophies that are not mode specific can be done in the coop mode (this is also the mode which gives the most xp). Good luck
  7. I mean, I would of course want Super meat boy.
  8. I can confirm the glitch still works and makes the trophy much easier. The timing is quite finicky, but its possible to still do the glitch. I was lucky and pulled the crossbow quite early, but this was the first time i have seen it so think its quite rare.
  9. I have to go with a game that i really wanted to do myself, but became unobtainable before i could. I have to pick Portal 2
  10. I would have to say rad, have never actually heard of the game, but it looks interesting. As for the games i know personally, my friend pedro and magicka 2 is also some others that are uncommon to see.
  11. Hey, you raise a good point here. I posted about this glitch a few years back on some discord servers and I also did some testing on my own. The glitch actually only works on some van types. Hence some missions/escapes does not have the correct van to do the glitch. Luckily garage escape has the correct van to do the glitch. Dont remember what vans that is required for the glitch, but the glitch is mostly usefull for garage escape anyways.
  12. You guys raise some good points. I see that its now way past 0.60% now, but I think it will start to slow down. Myself I am about half way through the level grind now (one gold star and 3 dobbel bronze star) and I am really starting to notice that playing it normally is starting to get a bit stale. I think that the length of the grind is the one thing that is keeping this game as rare at it is. Haz 5 is challenging, but if you choose the right missions or match up with good randoms its very doable. In regard to @cusman point there are some misc stuff that you won't get naturally. As of late that does not seem to effect trophy hunters as much because its quite normal to set up boosting sessions. Meaning misc trophies that never come up naturally seams to be more a hindrance for non trophy hunters or casual trophy hunters then for players here on psnp. Meaning that these trophies won't effect psnp stats, only normal psn stats.
  13. Hey, i have a question regarding Menedez on Alcatraz. I read that some people say that you can get character item (the locket) in supply stashes (boxes hide around that does not drop from plane) can someone either confirm whether or not this is the case? If it can be in supply stashes do anyone know of some good locations to check for stashes on Alcatraz?
  14. I was also wondering about if there is a minimum amount if players needed to start. Earlier this week i had a game start with 34 players so the minimum most be quite low if it even exists.
  15. Hi guys, i have been trying to get some sub 1% platinums as of late. I am just curious what other people think the rarity of deep rock galactic will end at? Will it stay under 1% or will enough people go or it to cross the 1% line? Rock and stone everyone!