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  1. You guys raise some good points. I see that its now way past 0.60% now, but I think it will start to slow down. Myself I am about half way through the level grind now (one gold star and 3 dobbel bronze star) and I am really starting to notice that playing it normally is starting to get a bit stale. I think that the length of the grind is the one thing that is keeping this game as rare at it is. Haz 5 is challenging, but if you choose the right missions or match up with good randoms its very doable. In regard to @cusman point there are some misc stuff that you won't get naturally. As of late that does not seem to effect trophy hunters as much because its quite normal to set up boosting sessions. Meaning misc trophies that never come up naturally seams to be more a hindrance for non trophy hunters or casual trophy hunters then for players here on psnp. Meaning that these trophies won't effect psnp stats, only normal psn stats.
  2. Hey, i have a question regarding Menedez on Alcatraz. I read that some people say that you can get character item (the locket) in supply stashes (boxes hide around that does not drop from plane) can someone either confirm whether or not this is the case? If it can be in supply stashes do anyone know of some good locations to check for stashes on Alcatraz?
  3. I was also wondering about if there is a minimum amount if players needed to start. Earlier this week i had a game start with 34 players so the minimum most be quite low if it even exists.
  4. Hi guys, i have been trying to get some sub 1% platinums as of late. I am just curious what other people think the rarity of deep rock galactic will end at? Will it stay under 1% or will enough people go or it to cross the 1% line? Rock and stone everyone!
  5. He mentioned the fishing one being his last one in the original post. "I got all 7 of them, the last I got is the one for the fishing, which is send to you by Willy via mail." Edit: My bad sorry
  6. Been on a hot streak on my last 40 missions in season 2 with 3 bittergems and 1 errorcube so they are definitely out there. Would recommend to choose ice or sand biome and short missions as you can do quick runs and still have good chances to spot gems. Other then that cross your fingers. Rock and stone forever!
  7. Gta: Vice City
  8. Recently got the black ops 3 platinum and finished up the 100% for black ops 1 so I would really like to have your black ops 4 platinum.
  9. I platinumed the game back when the 100% was glitched so i never went for any dlc. Now I am considering returning for the 100% or should I say infinite%. I was wondering if its best to download all dlc at once or just work my way through them? I am not so conserned about diluting the item pool for good items, i was more conserned with uncomen drops not showing up. Should I complet the dlc in order or start all of dlc's at once?
  10. Update i finished my new game + run with permadeath (chapter) on grounded. I also collected enough scrap and supplements to max out traits and weapons. I did not use cheats until chapter 10 where I got stuck, then I activated invisible while prone and used it for the rest of the game. The playthrough took me 33 hours where 12 of them where lost because of deaths. I think I lost about 2-3 hours before I started using cheats, but I still lost 9 hours while playing with cheats enabled. As I progressed through the game I got more used to using invisibility so I died less and less and lost less progress, but it was extremely boring. I would definitely recommend splitting the dlc trophies into two playthroughs. I don’t think one playthrough is that more efficient either so do yourself a favor and enjoy the game and do permadeath on easy and a separate grounded playthrough.
  11. I am doing a new game + run on grounded with permadeath (chapter) right now to get both trophies on the same time. I would not recommend doing both at the same time it its very difficult without cheats. I personally only got to chapter 10 before i gave up and activated invcible while prone. After activating it game became alot easier, but is still somewhat difficult. One singel mistake and you might die and be set back 40 min. If you want to be efficient i would recommend to split it into two playthroughs.
  12. Thanks for the tips, too bad an afk method does not work. I know it breaks the game for legit players and that it’s kinda douchey, but was looking for a way that might make the grind somewhat shorter. I have about 50 wins now so I have a long grind ahead of me if I even go for it. Not sure I want to dedicate all my gaming time for a few months to this one game even though it’s a lot of fun. Will keep at it and see if I am able to grind it out. Have been playing a lot of games the require a lot of grinding lately so to be honest I want to play something lighter, but I like to push myself and get those rare trophies.
  13. Hi, I was thinking that it should be possible to ruberband your controller and let the game run to get wins. Have anyone tried this and know if this would work? Also would this even be efficient? Any estiamtes of what the win rate would be using this method.
  14. So your game did not freezing this time, that is great news. Only tips I have for not freezing is what I mentioned i my comment above. Don't skip cutscens and don't use the restart directly from game over screen. To be fair I have no solid evidence for any of those things causing issues except my own experience (5 attempts where the game glitched on me 1 time in chapter 7). From my limited programing knowledge I would say that skipping cutscenes my cause that the game is not abel to load in everything witch can cause errors. For reseting directly from game over screen there might be some error where the game where the is unable to correctly load assets or somthing (which seam far fetched, but better safe then sorry). It is also wise to take small breaks in between tries as a good run usely takes 1,5-2 hours so a quick reset of the game or system should be fine. I would also say that ps3 is a system that has infrequently crashed on me through out my play time on it, maybe you are just extremely unlucky when it comes to timing (unfortunately with so many trophy hunters its likely that someone will be super unlucky). When it comes to killing the guy on ch 13 I am sure you have a good strategy. I usally stay in cover and blindfire since he runs close, but usally do not flanck. Also be sure to save up alot of time for ch 13 and ch 14 you will need it if you don't have nerves of steel.
  15. The preasure can get to you, but keep trying you will get further and further and before you know it you will get there.