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  1. Been wanting to do this trophy for a long time, so you have my support. Hopfully the notice a influx of tickets regarding the issue.
  2. I dont think thats possible no, every game has its separate inventory. From what I understand you can not move items and money around. I have not tried myself, but everytime I start a game I have to make a new character if I wish to play I split screen. I am guessing the same goes for online but I don't have 2 ps4 to test that.
  3. As far as i know yes, you cant get the game anymore it was delisted years ago. A youtuber metiond that you may be able to get the ps3 version with a gamestop code, but that was couple of years ago.
  4. I can confirm that the servers are still running and all the trophies should still be achievable Edit: having a few issues with the veteran trophies will update if we can solve it Edit: we got the veteran trophies by unlocking all primary and SECONDARY weapons. Despite what the guide says it seams like you need both
  5. The trophies: Undying, eh?, Scrap collector and equipment enthusiast glitched on me. If anyone experience the same thing try relaunching the game in offline mode. That made everything pop for me. Did not have to kille the boss again either. Note: Still had the boss item on me don't know if that is required
  6. Can anyone confirm that the servers are still running for the game?
  7. Ah, might be the problem. Hopefully it's sorts it self out soon would really like to play this game.
  8. EDIT: THE PROBLEM IS NOW FIXED Me and a friend tried to make a server we could play on this weekend, but the world would not generate. We waited for like 15 minutes, but we were still stuck on the generating world screen. Does anyone know a fix or anything we can try?
  9. Would be much more insane if he managed to get under the 4.15 mark, but 4.30 is still great
  10. Same as Folger just finished my brutal run with no tweaks. Took me between 10-15 hours across 3 days. Think i am about average or a bit above average when it comes to 3rd person shooters so think most of the people on PSNP can do it if they put ther mind into it. For me the most difficult bits was the earlie chapters especially chapter 5 and the last chapter which in my opinion has the only luck based checkpoint in the game. That being said totaly understand way people use the exploit to make it easier on them selfs (I have also done that on other games), but i think there is alot of gratification of know you did it legit. I aslo think that more people should talk about games being hard has a good thing, in my opinion "gimme" plats are not fun nor satisfaying. The platinum hunt should preferably bring some challange. With that in mind brutal mode is bit to tough and game was not designed for it. You can clearly see that from needing luck to pass some sections (when you are locked into an animation and can still take damage). Answereing the orignal post, yes crushing is challanging, but completly fair. It givs some challange to the platinum and i think that is great. When it comes to brutal use a exploit if you must, but its very forfilling knowing that you manage to do something alot of people cant or wont bother to do. Good luck with the hunt!
  11. Hi I also used that glitch when going for the trophy last year and it worked out great. If you have the skill that lets you throw further you can actually use this method to do it solo. Atleast i managed to do it. Good luck to everyone in the future going for payday 2 on ps3 its quite a feat!
  12. A lot to choose from here, but i would like to do Red dead redemption 2. Bought the game, but have yet to start it. Loks amazing and quite a feat to finish. Congratulation on that one!
  13. GTA V, played it back on ps3 and i am so upset that I lost out on "Run like the wind" trophy. So haven’t returned to the ps4 or ps3 version
  14. God of war 2018; seems like an amazing game, but want to plat god of war 3 before i go for it
  15. Hi, all the steps should be there Sent you a replay on your message. Did not have this issue, but sent you a suggestion on something you can try. Best off luck