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  1. Ok, it's already annoying. 3 months can not or do not want to fix the cross console auto-popping of the trophies and now (why right now???) they change the way cars come out in the Legendary dealership. Why now PD? FY
  2. I can't agree. I enjoyed the first one and it's was way better than 80% of all cheap and fast plats recently. Looking forward for Space Kabaam 2!
  3. Not serious! This guys at Polyphony Digital need to retired soon. Let the your boys to do it better! I hate how Sony shut down Evolution Studio (DriveClub) and now we are seing this, in 2022? Only worst thing is the Russian's barbarian invasion now.
  4. TIP: Play slow and stop and wait for each trophy to pop. Then continue smashing X to the next trophy - then stop, wait, continue. All trophies will pop in order without the need to delete save data.
  5. Can you explain me more about this trophy? And i need help and tips for few more trophies
  6. Maybe the one in the Mines area? In hole in the wall
  7. Enter these four numbers: 13 25 42 69 Then press 50 times R1 in each four modes: + - x Kids mode Done! Plat pops
  8. I cant understand.. Level 7x3 and which block i need to move?
  9. Confirm - i have the EU stack and my trophies are listed as from NA version
  10. This is the EU stack, buyed in euro from EU PSN Store...
  11. Why sony mess ps5 with ps4... I dont want that
  12. Great, i am in too 🙂
  13. "It was QA approved after Vita QAs were closed", Ratalaika tolds me. There will be no vita version.