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  1. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
  2. Fallout 4 if you're willing to give it another go. I recently went back and finished it off after a long hiatus and enjoyed my time with it for the most part.
  3. Maybe the button isn't free 🤭 ...sorry couldn't help myself.
  4. #151 - Saw After coming off a Saw movie marathon with my partner as it's one of her favourite franchises I decided to seek out the Saw 1 & 2 PS3 games. We spent the week playing this one together and having a pretty good time with it overall. It was a nice feeling doing this one almost entirely with my partner alongside for the journey (fairly enough she tapped out once I still required to stomp 5 minions to death after an hour of flat trying... but alas! I'm there now and feel I'm a much more proficient curb stomper because of it! Will likely start Saw 2 tonight but don't expect to see it posted here anytime soon with its play on Halloween and Christmas trophies 🤣
  5. Very impressive profile sir. For a game on your list if the servers are still up I'd say go for AC Revelations on PS3. If willing to go new game I think Dragonball Z Kakarot would make a good addition to the list. Happy hunting!
  6. #150 - Fallout 4 The first PS4 game I actually purchased, 4 years and 7 months later and I've finally gone back and dusted off the pearly platinum and 100%. What started as me trying to get the flow of the game quickly turned into over 130 hours of running around the Commonwealth wasteland completing random quests or seeking certain objects or enemies to fight. Glad to finally have this game completed, particularly as a milestone to remind me of all my fond memories with this game.
  7. #145 - Aer: Memories of Old Call me DJ Khaled cause here's, another one. Guess that's what happens when I target the easy end of the backlog.. A nice and relaxing short little artistic game, I couldn't help but get lost simply flying around the open map area, would recommend.
  8. #144 - Maneater A fun and short game that I was able to get mindlessly which was good. Overall a very enjoyable platinum journey!
  9. AC II AC: Odyssey AC: Brotherhood AC: Black Flag AC: Origins AC: Syndicate AC III AC: Unity AC: Liberation AC: Revelations AC: Rogue AC Excluded as I have not played yet: AC: Chronicles AC: Valhalla That would be the order I think I would settle on currently however with debate could certainly see a few reshuffles amongst those. Overall they're such a different series from the older games; transition games missed marks at times but we're at a good point in my opinion.
  10. Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Trophy wise you're so close you can almost taste it. I don't know how far off the 40 hour total you are but I'd say smash out the remaining challenges and kills then just wreak havoc or idle if that's your thing to the platinum.
  11. Exactly this. As soon as I heard of this game (a bit before its release) I knew I must play it as it looked like a new and improved version of Driven to Destruction both games I thoroughly enjoyed playing for countless hours. Wreckfest's biggest (and one of few) downfall in my eyes was the lack of local split screen co-op.
  12. Happy to see Sony, or whomever is responsible here, accounting for this issue, even if it is just a one off at this stage; it's a step in the right direction.
  13. Game on your profile (amazing completion going on) will have to be Dark Souls: Remastered. Otherwise even though it's not one I've played myself I would say maybe Far Cry: Primal to inch you slightly closer to series completion there!
  14. Hope that attitude is staying back in 2020, no need to attack someone purely because you personally don't understand the basis of their forum post. I myself find reading the Most Recent Platinum thread quite frequently a nice way to catch up with what others in the trophy hunting community have been playing and working towards lately as well as their occasional thoughts on particular games. The joy is, if I don't want to read or post there, I don't have to. Similarly I am interested in seeing which games others are playing as the enter the new year and a forum around the first trophy popped by those interested in posting seems a pretty good way to look at that for me. But yeah, onto the point. My first trophy of 2021 was Piece of Cake in God of War: Chains of Olympus for completed the Challenges of Hades (thus also unlocking the platinum for me directly after too). Have mentioned it in other posts this week but struggled on Challenge 2 and am proud to enter the new year with this trophy. Happy New Year everyone, may it be full of trophies and joy!
  15. #143 & overall trophy #7000 God of War: Chains of Olympus After recently playing Ascension I found this game to be much easier to get through for the most part, any hurdles I hit could usually be defeated by having a break and returning. However I really hit a wall right at the end with the Challenges of Hades, well really it was just challenge 2 (killing 20 fire guards without being hit). Just over 10 hours worth of attempts at just that challenge including half of that with my best mate and I switching out trying to get it done. Literally spent longer on the single challenge than the entire campaign of the game. Nonetheless I eventually did manage to git gud and pass my nightmare. Very happy to have this platinum sitting in my Trophy Milestones even if it turned out to be my first platinum of 2021 rather than my closer for 2020 😅