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  1. No, not the platinum. I enjoy the game, I wouldn't want to ruin that by pulling my hair out and crying in a corner trying to achieve Infallible.
  2. Resident Evil 7 😁
  3. Hey I just finished the Mass Effect Trilogy with a character. I ended up choosing the Synthesis ending to finish off the series which I felt was a nice way to end my time with the series, I had over 4000 EMS so from what I hear my ending may be slightly different to that of someone who chose synthesis with less than 4000 EMS. I was just curious as to which choice other users of this site went with.
  4. Star Wars Battlefront II 😁
  5. Fallout 4; I'm thinking of going back and tackling that one soon myself.
  6. A very solid profile indeed, I'd say you should add Borderlands 3 to your collection
  7. You should try going for The Sims 4, I did it a while back and enjoyed the time I spent with it. I've also heard it's become much less off a time sink with a feature that's been added since I did it myself so easy to smash out if you get bored
  8. You should go for Rocket League; it's an easy platinum and very fun!
  9. I'd say it would be worth going back and finishing up either Mass Effect 2 or Far Cry 4, both are fun and reasonably easy overall.
  10. You should go for Skyrim; it's not overly difficult other than if you have to restart due to any reason; especially that pesky Daedric Artefact trophy.
  11. Beam me up Scotty; I finally made it! You're Breathtaking! The Lost Ember The journey to this milestone has been long and winding with many ups and downs. With what I feel was a decent balance of games I enjoyed working towards the platinum and 100% as much as I can with a few pesky games or trophies that may have pushed me to my limits due to challenges/massive grinds but I pushed through. I now look forward to trying to clean up my current backlog whilst working towards my 200th Platinum milestone!
  12. Genuinely bummed about the return of the Explorer trophy but nonetheless doubt I'll be able to turn down going for the 100% in this since I loved the original so much. I think I'm finally getting around to wanting to replay some of these remasters that keep popping up of past games.
  13. Very useful guide thank you, may have been useful to also include all animals/legendary animals to make it a full guide but fantastic nonetheless 😁😁😁
  14. Throw some Mass Effect, Burnout, Bad Company and Need for Speed remasters my way and I'll be one happy chap!
  15. I don't have an answer sorry, however this exact question regarding how the game actually tracks the 2nd split screen accounts trophy stats (pops off the basis of main account or individually tracked with each profile) as my partner and I have been playing this together however feel we may have messed up when one of us did a minor quest or 2 before the other had entered the game without noticing... Any advise or information regarding this would be great if anyone knows!
  16. It's Deadpool for me
  17. You should go for Spyro the Dragon, I've only heard great things about the remasters!
  18. Going off the games on your profile I'd say if online is your thing and you're up for the grind perhaps go for either Friday the 13th or Dead by Daylight (seem pretty similar to me and up to preference). If you don't want online I'd recommend inFamous as it's a great early profile platinum for many that gives a good example of how fun yet tedious (due to blast shards/stunts) Platinums can be at times.
  19. Time to crack onto Borderlands 2 before September rolls along with Borderlands 3!
  20. I actually received both Grand Theft Auto IV and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for my birthday a couple of weeks prior to me even purchasing my PS3 (my teenage self couldn't shut up about how close I was to my savings goal at the time).
  21. I'm going to say Sims 4, it's one I'm slowly working through at the moment too; you've already made great progress towards the platinum.
  22. I honestly don't understand all the hate that has been dished out for this game based off the E3 Trailer. I have absolutely no issues with the character models. I feel anyone whom is more worried about the cosmetic likeness to the MCU versions of these heroes rather than budget actually going into gameplay/story development than paying for the likeness of big names such as Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr, etc. to be included as the base character models. Let's not forget how fantastic Marvel's Spider-Man is and that in my opinion made the same level of deviation from the MCU version of the hero. I'm excited for this game, I'm excited to see how they interpret each character that gets implemented into the game; and bloody oath am I excited to play as all of the currently announced heroes in an original story which may or may not (have not heard any confirmation myself) be expanding the MGU (Marvel Gaming Universe) which was mentioned quite a bit back around the release of Spider-Man. I can't speak for how the game will actually play and end up at this stage; all I can say is it's definitely drawn me in and got me looking forward to May 2020.
  23. I'm aiming to get as close to 100 Platinums total, my original timeline has 2020 as the year I hit 100 which I think at this stage is more likely than this year but we'll see how I go. Currently on 83 Platinums.
  24. Currently 72 of my 82 Platinums have completion under 50%