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  1. It's (at least for now) exclusive to the special combo edition (as a DLC code, I'm seeing the code for around $25 on eBay) of 3 and 5
  2. NA. Physical copies only came out in NA but good luck finding one. It's really rare and out of print, with new copies often well over $100.
  3. Zero I already finished up Wipeout 2048's online trophies recently to avoid making it unobtainable (not that I'm good enough to ever platinum it anyway lol).
  4. I have to say I'm extremely impressed. Maybe one day I'll ask for a finish up carry but I'm going to try and do what I can myself for now.
  5. If anyone is trying to finish up the trophies send me a message here or PSN (I check PSN more often). I've already got a fairly active group going and will be working on finishing my last ~30 online races in the coming weeks.
  6. Seems fun, here's me: 1. Code Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ 2. Rainbow Moon 3. Day of the Tentacle Remastered 4. Amnesia: Memories 5. Sound Shapes (PS4) 6. My Name is Mayo (PS4) 7. Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour 8. Ratchet and Clank (PS4) 9. Severed 10. Operation Abyss 11. Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate 12. Zombie Tycoon 2 13. Dust An Elysian Tail 14. Oxenfree 15. Superdimension Neptune vs. Sega Hard Girls 16. Arcade Game Series: Pac-Man 17. Orc Slayer 18. Downwell 19. Arcade Game Series: Galaga 20. Mr.Massagy 21. Eekeemoo 22. Life is Strange 23. Nubla 24. The Order 1886 25. Arcade Game Series: Ms. Pac-Man 26. The Playroom VR 27. Job Simulator 28. Coffin Dodgers 29. Guacamelee! STCE 30. Ziggurat 31. Catlateral Damage 32. The Little Acre 33. Eat Lead The Return of Matt Hazard 34. Energy Cycle (PS4) 35. Energy Cycle (Vita) 36. SpongeBob Heropants 37. Walking with Dinosaurs 38. LEGO Ninjago Nindroids (Vita) 39. LEGO The Hobbit (Vita) 40. Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (Vita) 41. Spy Hunter 42. Dying Reborn (Vita) 43. Demon Gaze 44. Drive Girls 45. XBlaze Code: Embryo 46. Dying Reborn (PS4) 47. Wolfenstein: The New Order 48. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood 49. 36 Fragments of Midnight (Vita) 50. 36 Fragments of Midnight (PS4) Since others are including it, might as well 100% without a platinum: 1. Datura 2. Pac-Man Championship Edition DX 3. Tower of Guns (PS3) 4. Abzu 5. Tower of Guns (Digital PS4) 6. Gone Home 7. Firewatch 8. Octodad: Dadiest Catch 9. AdVenture Capitalist 10. detuned 11. Type: Rider (Vita) 12. Type: Rider (PS4) 13. Kitten Squard 14. Linger in Shadows 15. Laser Disco Defenders (PS4) 16. Laser Disco Defenders (Vita) 17. Tennis in the Face (PS4) 18. A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV 19. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (PS4) 20. Flower (PS4) 21. Deliriant 22. Song of the Deep 23. Tower of Guns: Special Edition (Physical PS4) 24. Never Alone 25. Level 22 26. Xeodrifter (PS4) 27. Sportsfriends 28. Doodle God (PS4) 29. Doodle Devil (PS4) 30. Same & Max: The Devil's Playground Ep. 2 31. Doodle Kingdom (PS4) 32. Sam & Max: The Devil's Playground Ep. 3 33. Sam & Max: The Devil's Playground Ep. 4 34. Tokyo Jungle 35. NBA 2K17: The Prelude 36. Journey (PS4) 37. The Unfinished Swan (PS4) 38. Sky Force Anniversary 39. Hue 40. Hatoful Boyfriend 41. Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star 42. Valiant Hearts: The Great War Work in Progress, may be able to get a few more before New Years Day.
  7. I've already pre-ordered it. For ~$16 (Amazon 20% off pre-orders) it's worth having a physical copy for the collection and to support cheap re-releases. I'm honestly glad to hear it's a shared list as the PS3 platinum took forever and I've got a ton of other games to play still. Capcom shows a history of not caring about trophies with their re-releases anyway.
  8. My understanding is you can also earn coins by downloading the mobile app and playing around with it.
  9. Yeah on PS4 there are 4 power-ups that drop like hearts (you can only hold one of each). A time slow down whenever you aim (mostly useless), a laser that you can fire as much as you'd like during a time limit and then once the timer ends all the shots disappear (they can still bounce back and hit you while the timer is going), a sword that replaces your shots for a bit and can be swung around in a circle around your character (OP as hell against the final boss), and I honestly don't remember the fourth power-up lol. It's mostly the sword that makes the PS4 version so easy (though the extra areas and baddies do make it a bit harder). I did end up with a double 100%, I recommend you do the same if you have a PS4. Fun little game, do wish there was more to it though.
  10. It's hardish but far from impossible compared to other similar games. What is annoying is the differences between the PS4 and vita versions. PS4 has an extra zone, a few extra enemies, and most importantly four different power up pick-ups which make the game 1000% easier. I got the 100% on PS4 in less then 24 hours but still haven't beaten the boss once on vita -.-. Funny thing is I didn't even realize that there were 2 stackable trophy lists since the vita version is listed as Vita/PS4 (mistakenly due to PSN) until I booted it up on PS4.
  11. 100,000 points trophies are really easy. Just buy a few Lucky Cats and use them at the start of a level. With two Lucky Cats you don't even have to be good at combos and you'll easily get over 100,000 by the boss as long as you don't die and dance a fair amount (Luck boosts only work until death). My high score for Forest is over 300,000 while I was trying to get the finish a level without getting hit trophy.
  12. Yes it will as long as you've already connected the system to internet and PSN beforehand thus verifying your system time/date and PSN. I have my system offline for large periods of time due to being in the military and haven't had any issues with timestamps.
  13. Giveaways are always awesome, throwing my hat in the ring.
  14. Nice find! Thanks for putting the information out there for everyone. Luckily I already got my platinum cup (and platinum) a while back but I still wanted to give you a high five for letting others in on the info.