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  1. Double XP only really made weapon grinding faster (and I'm sure a lot of people like myself already maxed out weapon XP a long time ago) since you still need the same amount of gold either way for the platinum. It only really gets you to 50 faster, doesn't take off any time for the platinum. I'm considering waiting to see if they do a double gold weekend now.
  2. Double XP got me my last few levels to get the level 50 but fuck the gold grind is real. Need 66k gold still, you get about 450 a deathmatch round so it's going to take over 12 more hours to get the platinum -.-
  3. Minecraft Dungeons Was a Christmas present for my son so we played through it together for the first playthrough and then I cleaned it up in solo. Took just over 4 days, very very easy. Annoying that I can't get the second set of DLC trophies as the physical copy only gives access to the first two DLCs (first set of DLC trophies)
  4. If you don't already have it I wouldn't bother at this point personal. Hitman 3 is going to have all of 1 and 2s content anyway
  5. If you're interested, I have the games and a used Wonderbook. Could work out a price we both agree on
  6. Currently playing through it and so far it's pretty easy once you find a character you like as long as you're good at the sort of game is it. The only trophy that looks hard on the surface is the speedrun but it looks like once you unlock the final character it's easy (he's OP on purpose). I've still got a bit to go before that point though.
  7. First step towards betterment is accepting you're shortcomings, glad to here you're taking steps towards bettering yourself and no hard feelings from me. I made a boosting group here just to make it easier to track, not a ton of info out there but what I could find does say everyone in the group has to be sardines (so no cheesing it) so it'd likely still take a few hours of attempts but chances would definitely be higher as a group at least.
  8. You can do 4 people? I know you can do two at least. Might be best to tackle it as a group then. You down? I would be down to try as a group if you are
  9. OMG, Thank you Drag-On-Detritus Got it! Now I just got to get 1 million buzz lol
  10. Such a weird and wonderful little gem but OMG Ace of Sardine is such bullshit. Tried it for a few hours, most attempts only last a few moments before either your whole crew is knocked out and/or you're simply dead. Even on better attempts I've only managed to take out a few health bars. Anyone got any legit tips, watched a handful of videos already but nothing's working out.
  11. The blueberry patch is what took away saved progression, but even so personally I found the platinum to be very fun and easy when I played it earlier this month (I had never played or even heard of it prior so I can't commit on the game before the blueberry patch). Very excited for 2.
  12. I just started playing it yesterday and for real, should of got a platinum. Amazing game!
  13. Thanks, hmm what pattern though? Searching super replay on YouTube doesn't get me very far
  14. Anyone have any idea on how to get to the Dream Safety Zone
  15. Anyone know how to get the You can order extra fat trophy? The description of "Eat a Gira Gira Noodle" isn't very specific. I've already beat the whole game at this point (except for the final shadow battles and the nearly impossible extra mode) and I still have the slightest clue on how to get it. Thanks