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  1. Cats vs Dinos is super easy. Quite short too, so it's easy to farm those precious rainbow stars😛
  2. Took me a day to get used to the new style, but loving it now. Levelling up goes real fast too. Went to level 50 in two days Having to wait for certain DLC events to occur is a bit rough, but I'm patient so it should be fine in the end
  3. #29: Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare (PS4) Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 I Wish I started on this sooner, haven't had this much fun with a game in uh...forever😄 This game is so cute (especially the plants) and funny, it made me smile and laugh out loud a lot (can't even remember when the last time was a game did that). Now on to Garden Warfare 2!
  4. #28: The Last Of Us (PS3) Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 Great game, but you all know that😛 I decided to give the multiplayer a shot since the servers are going down, and it was much easier than I thought. Did both journeys (without boosting) in about two weeks, then the remaining singleplayer trophies, then the MP DLC (boosted this with a group of great people from here) and finally the Left Behind trophies. The hardest thing to do was in grounded mode+, at the very end where you play as Ellie and have to fend off the hordes of infected in the two buildings. Especially the second fight, -with the bloater- which took me like 25-30 tries before succeeding x_x
  5. Is this game still broken?
  6. Maybe slightly off-topic but: My PS3 keeps freezing when trying to connect to the MP servers, does anyone know how to solve this?
  7. #27: Ace Combat 5 Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 It's been a few years since I last played this on my PS2, but boy was the experience good👌 I like the little (graphical) update they did on the planes and HUD, the game doesn't feel dated at all. Regarding the trophies; they were all fairly easy. I completed the four -S-rank- campaign (32 missons) runs in 22 hours 24 minutes and the arcade mode (7 short stages) in 24 minutes. Anyway, this is still the best Ace Combat title out there, I'm dying for them to remaster Zero.
  8. I Finished my four S-rank campaign runs in 22h 24m 36s and my arcade mode run (bottom route) in 24m 09s. I've only used the Falken on my ACE run, gotta love that laser haha. It was a 4/10 difficulty to do for me.
  9. I'm sure they'll do a remaster of Zero in the (near) future with trophies. I'm sooo gonna play the crap out of that when they do, haha.
  10. #26: Ace Combat 7 Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 I've been enjoying this series since Ace Combat 4 on PS2, so I was pretty stoked they came out with a ''true'' Ace Combat game this year. Don't get me wrong, I also enjoyed Assault Horizon, but this is the real deal! Regarding the trophies, the only stuff that was tricky was to get certain aces to spawn and to get an S rank on a few missions. I think I'll start on the AC5 remaster now😃
  11. Indeed, the multiplayer mode is good! I prefer using the F-15J with HCAA as special weapon, works pretty well 😋
  12. BioShock Infinite, I was mindblown at the end😮
  13. You've never played Zero? Missing out man!
  14. #24: Burnout Paradise (PS3) Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 I've had this game for years and started on it right after I heard the servers were closing. Kind of love(d) this game^^ Doing the online stuff wasn't bad at all, especially the freeburn challenges, they were fun🙂 #25: Driveclub Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 I really liked this game. Much better than GT Sport actually, which I am still struggling with Not sure yet if I want to 100% this game, maybe some time in the future.
  15. 1.269 owners and 1,617 (and counting) recent players, can someone explain this?😝