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  1. thanks for sharing, I tried too many times to count back when I was focusing this game but never tried not eating any animals so I'll have to give that a go. Problem is I have everything unlocked except hunter so I'm not going to know if it's glitched until I hunt it's just a pain. Were you on ps4 or ps5? Do you know about how many tries you did while focusing on hunter? Thanks again
  2. yeah I played through the game in single player. CO-OP isn't really CO-OP for the story. It's just there to say it's an option but basically is just a run around the open world with a friend with no missions or leveling or anything. Was disappointing
  3. if the disc came with the patched version then will this method still work? I'm considering going this route as Im surely going to rage with all the save scumming to get a no hit twin sisters boss fight
  4. Am I missing something or is the co-op mode seemingly just tossed into the game just so they can advertise there's co-op? All the trophies seem to be story related and only available in the single player option. I like to play through the couch co-op games with my wife and/or kids but this seems like it was tossed into the game as an after thought unless I'm missing something. I can't find much information on the co-op mode. Is disappointing if we cannot obtain trophies while playing in co-op or perhaps the information I have on the game isn't correct. I'll receive my copy soon and can confirm but does anyone else have more info on this?
  5. It's not the picture, it's the sticker that is the trigger for the trophy, as are the rest of the BFF trophies that correlate to the stickers (under "stickers" not "moments"). You don't need max friendship for it to pop, however when mine unlocked I didn't miss a single conversation so I can't confirm if that matters or not but on the 1st playthrough even if you don't miss a conversation you wont max out all the friendships. The trophy is buggy and I couldn't make out why however I tried multiple times with a saved game to the cloud right after the last level but this will not unlock in new game plus due to the fact I think the game believes you already have the sticker and won't 'give it again" in ng+ It wasn't until I deleted everything and started a game from scratch (not ng+) didn't miss a conversation and sped run the levels not caring about collecting anything. Make a backup save to the cloud (or usb if you don't have PS+) right after the final level before moving. Talk to everyone before moving to agreste mansion. After the Adrien conversation the trophy should unlock right as you go to the party. If it does not, DL your backup save and try again. Hope this helps. I can share the trophy video of it unlocking but it's only 15s, I wasn't expecting it to unlock and didn't save much else. Just msg me on PSN. it's known to be bugged and confirmed with the devs, souce: Here is a screen shot after the trophy unlocked of the stickers I had. As you can see only Alya was maxed on this playthrough. H
  6. you can relink the original PSN account. You just can't link a new PSN account, to combat account stealing I suppose. how did you do this from scratch in 2 weeks unless you paid money to shop items from the store? you can only get like 200kudos a day give or take an event and buy 1 name a day=50 days. Maybe you can buy 2 items on some days. Then there's the only legendary item that's free at golden witch bottom. That's 2xx crowns. You gave this crap company money to get a platinum they should have fixed by now and telling people its simple. Come on now.....
  7. going to try this via new game+ to see if this works. Thanks so much @Dizonard
  8. Yeah seems they changed the requirements on the trophy but still need a legendary piece for catwalk....the only ones available are in the paid battle pass (ultimate idol) or the free crown pass (gold witch bottom=too much crown grinding) If anyone was lucky enough to restart a new account when they were giving out the grandis skins those are legendary but back then I assumed the trophies would be fixed before deciding just to redo them largely because it's not that hard now. So you can either pay for the platinum or grind to gold witch bottom on your new account or just wait and see if they ever fix it. It might be next year...or never. Anyone else know of a legendary piece can correct me.
  9. Yeah it's confirmed you can. Your original EPIC account can never be relinked to a new PSN account (you can only relink your old one) However your PSN can be linked to multiple new EPIC accounts made.
  10. there's no point in unlinking right now unless you can get legendary top/bottom, color and pattern. I don't even have that on my main epic account and I'm at gold witch. Am I missing something, like the event/special tags count as legendary?
  11. Do you remember what you were taking damage from mostly, couldn't get mine to unlock? I popped destroyer by leveling to when I could break fences and walked around busting those. Nothing else. No missions or anything. Edit: Managed to get everything but Hunter like cpc630. what a crap game...I doubt devs will ever do anything to fix it. Wonder if Sony will allow a list to be deleted if broken. No experience here with a broken trophy before.
  12. Some else started this thread up on the devs forum. Hopefully with enough attention they will be able to get something done on this.