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  1. I have a furry friend on PSN whom I did play with back in White Knight Chronicles when the Geonet servers were still up and running. I did not move on to WKC2 because I was tired of the grind back in the first game, but he told me that there were issues going on in WKC2; that I "dodged a bullet". His PS3 broke and he got a PS4 and we played Warframe on PS4 (which is free-to-play and doesn't require a PS Plus subscription) for a while until I gave up on it. We also hung out on PS Home and now Nebula Realms and Atom Universe; he is really into these avatar-based social networks and especially likes to customize a personal space. He does want to play online co-op games with me again. Problem is that most online multiplayer games on PS4 require a PS Plus subscription, and I don't really want to pay a subscription to play an online co-op game that is expensive to buy up-front for console anyways, which is one of the reasons why I bought a gaming PC. He doesn't usually subscribe to PS Plus, either, but he did it once to play Resident Evil 6 with another furry friend. At first, I suggested that he move on to the Wii U, but he didn't want to, because although that console has free online multiplayer it does not have the games that he really wants to play; he doesn't want to play Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, or Splatoon. Next, I suggested that he move on to PC. He still doesn't want to move on to PC gaming, because it is confusing, expensive, and he had a poor experience with them in the past. Well, 15-20 years ago. I even told him the advantages that PC gaming has over console gaming: Free online multiplayer for most games (except games like WoW or FFXIV, of course) Cheaper games, especially on huge Steam/GOG/Humble Bundle sales A huge game library, from old games to modern ones Different settings to suit your individual PC, from low settings suited for low-end PCs, to ultra settings for high-end PCs that out-perform consoles Mods! and he still doesn't buy it. He has a Macbook because he thinks they are different from, and better than, PCs. I told him that his Macbook is a PC as well, but he didn't believe me. I suggested that he buy a gaming PC that runs Windows 10 because that OS has the most games, but then again, Windows has the most viruses and he certainly doesn't want to run the risk of getting malware or buy anti-virus software. I also suggested that he upgrade to a Mac Pro, which runs Mac OS X just like his Macbook, but those things are expensive. Last, but not least, I suggested that he build a gaming PC and install a Linux distribution on it, like Ubuntu, but even that OS is not the easiest to set up even after the easy installation and he is not comfortable with the components and internals of a PC, so I suggested that he check out System76. Although all PCs sold by System76 have Ubuntu pre-installed, the problem is that you have to pick the components yourself on the website, and I don't think he wants to take the time to do any research to know the differences between multiple graphics cards, etc, let alone buy a new PC. Also, Linux doesn't have as many games as Windows, including AAA games, and I can only find one or two games that we can both play together while he runs Linux on his PC. Finally, although most Linux distributions have little to no viruses, he doesn't even want to try it out because things can get technical and he doesn't want to run the risk of ruining a PC again. I give up on that one. I guess I'll either go back to Warfarm or some other F2P garbage or actually subscribe to PS Plus and play a quality, AAA, co-op game with him. I don't really want to play RE6 because I suck at these games. I also suggested that he try The Elder Scrolls Online, but he doesn't like that game because it's in the first-person view and he gets motion sickness in first-person view even though ESO has a third-person camera as well. He's sticking to PS4 for gaming because, like any console, it just works; no finding the right hardware, no installing drivers, no risk of getting malware, no slowdown, nada; just plug and play. I guess I can conclude that PC gaming isn't for everyone. There is the "PC Gaming Master Race" who clearly prefer PC over console for most multiplatform games, and then there is everybody else who thinks that PC Gaming is a complicated and expensive hobby for nerds and so prefer console gaming for its simplicity and affordability. And it struck my mind that the simplicity and affordability of console gaming are few of the reasons why Microsoft, Sony, and soon Nintendo require a subscription for online gaming on their consoles. I guess they don't want kids to go online and spew out profanities and slurs and ruin the online gaming experience for many other players (just like the days of online gaming on PS2 and 3) and would rather have them play split-screen with their friends from school (just like the old days). Rather, they target the subscriptions to adult gamers who have jobs and would do anything to get what they want (as long as it's legal and moral, of course). Also, AAA game development and running servers cost money and so they appreciate the extra income. What console gaming has that PC gaming doesn't always have is split-screen multiplayer. I guess I can say that PC Gaming is better for online multiplayer, and console gaming is better for split-screen. Problem is that not many AAA developers make games with split-screen multiplayer, these days, and would rather have online multiplayer only, especially for first-person shooters. It's an interesting thought, but I think Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are charging for online multiplayer because they care more about their bottom line than anything. Still, I only really play single-player games, anyways, and I can still hang out with my furry friend in Atom Universe and Nebula Realms. Still, he wants to play online with me again, like we did on Warframe and WKC. If you have another suggestion for converting my console peasant friend, let me know. This guy and another friend of ours are really hard to convince, if not impossible.
  2. #36: Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Finally got it after 3 years. A JRPG that I really enjoyed, 3 years ago when I started, and now when I went after the platinum. Took me some time, though, as some of the trophies are really grindy. It is a game that I thought about completing once and for all, after I earned the plat from RiME, another game that I enjoyed. Also, just in time for Canada Day! 🇨🇦
  3. I don't like grinding. Takes the fun out of the game, especially in Warframe (which is fun if you start playing it, but as soon as you reach the higher level content or want rare weapons and suits, etc., you'll want to farm and grind and the game is RNG-heavy as well unless you have money to burn, not to mention that they add new content every month or so), and a barrier that stops some of us from progressing through the story at a good pace. It bores even people with autism, such as myself, because while it is repetitive it feels more like a chore that needs to be done than simply stimming or repeating words out loud. And, yes, I do cheese through, sometimes. 😏 Oh, and I finally got the platinum! YAY!
  4. I see you love RPGs, a bunch of plats from JRPGs, among others. Maybe you like the challenge by playing them legitimately? 😏 Me, I just want to enjoy the story, as well as to explore the game world and have fun. I tend to stay away from JRPGs with ATBs because there's too much stimuli and I can't think on my feet. Too many actions and mechanics for a fast-paced, menu-based game, as well as grind walls. In my opinion, if a game has an "easy" difficulty setting it must be truly easy. No grind walls, no RNG, no specific strategies, nada. Just explore, kick ass, and enjoy the story. I guess Ni No Kuni 1 is a prime example of this, but that's limited to the story mode. There are the side quests that still require thinking or grinding, even on easy difficulty. RNG is in there, too. Then again, they are all optional and not required to advance the story, so that is understandable. Still, I'd prefer that every side mission, etc. be easy on "easy" difficulty.
  5. Ni No Kuni. Just a few more trophies for the platinum...
  6. PSN: Yooka-Laylee - 5.2% PSNP: Katamari Forever - 6.16%
  7. I finished the Solosseum! I took my Catastroceros with me and it carried me through the final Rank S battle. It was level 22-23 and equipped with Mom's Frying Pan, Knight's Armor, and Nix Gnashers, the ultimate easy-mode loadout! I didn't want to grind it even further as each level requires a ton of exp to move up, and it can already tank and deal damage quite decently anyways. I had to be lucky in the first battle though, as the opponents have a good chance of one-shotting one of my characters, including Oliver with Catastroceros. I failed that one twice. The later battles were easier; I can just tank them with Catastoceros and target the healers first. I could have paired the other characters with at least one familiar that can revive team mates. I'd recommend that you equip Esther, Swaine, and Marcassin with a tank, a healer, and a reviver, but I don't really know a good tank for Marcassin, healer for Swaine, and reviver for Esther which are compatible as well. Catastoceros with the above equipment is an obvious choice for Oliver; maybe also equip him with a healer, reviver or debuffer that has the defense command as well. But, I didn't want to take the time to find and grind the right familiars; I'm just glad I got through the Solosseum with my Catastoceros alone! 😁
  8. The house I live in needed maintenance when we moved in and so me and my family had to do it. I hate having to do any home maintenance, myself, but my mom and dad don't seem to mind; the house was within their budget. Even to this day, this house is still being worked on. So, I don't like the house entirely. It does have a nice view of the bay, though. As for the location, the neighbors are not noisy, which is good; it is close to a ferry terminal to Metro Vancouver so I can just walk there and then take the bus to other parts of Metro Vancouver; and it is also within walking distance to a grocery store and a few bus stops. It used to have the smell of the mill from the other side of town, but I haven't smelled it in more than a decade. I don't think it's the safest neighborhood, though, as I occasionally hear raving and cussing teens and adults walking by in the middle of the night.
  9. OK, I got my hands on a Dinoceros, metamorphosed it into Catastroceros, and is already pretty decent at level 14. Going to level it to about 50 and expect it to be beastly! I'll see how this goes and hopefully I'll be able to fly through the Solosseum ranks A and S! So stats really do matter, eh... Thank you guys for your help. 😁
  10. I bought this game on PSN for just $5, during a Flash Sale 3 years ago. I couldn't stand most JRPGs, even to this day I usually stay away from them, but I decided to give this one a try. And, boy, I loved it! I played this game, going around the map to open chests and fighting familiars as I moved along, and I ddin't even have to grind for any of the story bosses! I did die a few times, but not too often. I finished the whole story on easy difficulty and stopped because I had to go back to university shortly after. Now, 3 years later, when the sequel is coming soon, I came back for the platinum. I want to complete the game! I had to take some time to get used to the game again. I am aware of the Mad Scientist and Familiarologist trophies, which are going to be a long grind due to the RNG. I figured, "I grinded for hours on Warframe and the Final Fantasy XIII plat, so why not the Ni No Kuni plat as well?" What I am mostly concerned about are the post-game boss battles, the Solosseum, and the guardian of the world. Right now, my party is in their level 60-70s, and I still have the game on easy difficulty. I tried to fight the Ulk for a bounty and got "slaughtered" 3 times in a row before I figured it out. The winning battle took me quite a long time and several Phoenix items. The other post-game bounties were easy in comparison! Next, I tried the Solosseum, and made it up until the final Rank A battle. I struggled to beat the 2nd and 3rd battles, and was finished off by the final contender. What's going on here??? I thought that by playing the game on "easy" difficulty, absolutely everything will be easy. Why is it not always easy in this case? Do I really suck at JRPGs with ATBs, or is it something else? I thought that on easy difficulty, I can win every battle without thinking much or breaking a sweat. But no, it's much more complicated than that! What am I missing, here? How do I make this game truly easy for me to play? Do I really have to grind my characters and familiars up to level 99? I thought that simply having the best gear would be enough... Do stats and moves really matter, here? 😧 Maybe I should just stop and move on... RPGs are more of a hit or miss for me. Aside from grinding and the complexity, what I don't like about them is the ATB, which adds to their complexity. I just can't think on my feet, and as such games like this stress me out, especially in a boss fight. I just want to take my time to pick the right move without being slaughtered. (I'm slow) That, or I just want to smash my enemies like I'm a child with a temper tantrum, when the pace is fast! I enjoyed the Final Fantasy I remake on the PSP, but FFVII and VIII drove me nuts! I enjoyed Child of Light; in my opinion, they did ATB just right! Call me dumb, impatient or a simpleton, but modern JRPGs on console are maybe just too complicated for me. I'm just glad I got to enjoy the main story of Ni No Kuni 1 without struggling. 🙂 I do enjoy games that are fun and simple enough for me to play without stressing out, such as platformers, racing games, puzzle games, and stealth games. Lately, I've been playing 3D platformers, as well as some action-adventure games. Do I want the sequel Ni No Kuni 2? Probably not. Maybe if it comes on sale for dirt cheap like last time, but I definitely won't be buying it on launch. I usually never buy games on launch, unless it's a game I really wanted to play like Yooka-Laylee or RiME. Right now, I'm doing the errands and bounty hunts for the stamps and the merit rewards. I don't have Jack of Hearts merit reward yet. What should I do next, or before? Or should I quit and move on?
  11. #35: RiME It's a brand new game and I earned the platinum already! While the platinum is not mindlessly easy, I was able to find guides already! Soon after it released! 😁
  12. Rime (PS4)
  13. Oh. That solves that problem. Thanks!
  14. When I tried to go for the Sliding Marksman trophy in my No Powers playthrough in the final mission, I just couldn't do it. I just couldn't aim for one of the witches' head while I was sliding and they were all after me, and it was on Easy difficulty (which I call "Autism Mode", after one YouTuber called it "Baby Mode" while complaining that there is no trophy/achievement for playing through the game on Very Hard difficulty with no kills or being detected, because while fighting a mob only one enemy attacks you at a time and enemies have a reduced capacity to detect you). I did get the trophy on my next playthough, with powers of course. The trophy could have been easier to earn in No Powers mode if only the game let me fully customize the button mappings. Sure, it lets you change the controls, but it only gives you a handful of presets. I'm like, "WTF?". You have to hold down the O button while sprinting to slide, but often I'm unaware that I can let it go after I start sliding to aim. I'd prefer to slide while holding down L3, but none of the presets map 'stealth mode/slide' to L3. Pressing L3 to crouch/slide makes aiming while sliding easier for me. Why does this game not let me customize the button mappings? Many shooters on console allow you to do that, as well as many PC games.