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  1. Hello and welcome to PSNP Interviews. Today's interviewee is @OhDearGodRun!!!! Stock questions. How did you come up with your PSN name? I honestly just came up with it on the fly. One day, my friend and I were gonna play a Minecraft mod pack (which never happened because he never follows through on game plans) and I'm just like "I don't like my name, let's change it" and I just came up with OhDearGodRun right there. I just thought it was kinda funny. I've since changed it to that on every account, except PSN for obvious reasons. What games convinced you get your PlayStation 3, Playstation Vita, and PlayStation 4? I've owned a PlayStation ever since the PS1, then I got a PS2 for Christmas one year, then the PS3. There wasn't really a specific game that made me want the PS3, I just wanted it. I got the Vita on launch, one of the reasons for it was that I was interested in earning trophies on the go. Then I got the PS4 for Christmas after it launched. Again, I don't think there was a specific game, but it was just the next step. What are your top 5 game series and why? Oh, this one will be a little tough. I have a hard enough time making decisions like this I'm tempted to include series like Yakuza or Persona, but I've only really experienced one game in those series. Welp, here goes InFAMOUS- I've always loved the InFAMOUS games, inFAMOUS 2 being my favorite. For me, the gameplay and characters are what kept me coming back. I loved being able to climb all over everything, and choose if I want to play a superhero game or a supervillain game. I was a little disappointed in InFAMOUS Second Son, since it made almost no mention of the other games, but it was still a fun game. Sony please, give me a remastered collection. Ratchet and Clank-I played so much Ratchet and Clank when I was younger. I always really liked the gameplay and the variety of weapons. I mainly played 1-4, Going Commando/2 being my favorite. Uncharted- Uncharted has always impressed me. It was always like a blockbuster movie that was playable. The graphics were amazing, the characters were great, and I always loved the fact that it was linear. Sometimes, I need a good linear game to hit the spot. Whenever I play games like Yakuza or Assassins Creed, I'll get completely sidetracked trying to get all of the collectibles or side quests, and it takes me forever to finish the story. With Uncharted, it forces you to continue the story, with the odd treasure here and there. Locoroco- Who would've thought a game about rolling a blob around, that grows when it eats berries, splits apart and forms back together, and sing would be amazing? Well, it is. The colorful, cheery music always kept me coming back to Locoroco. I played 1 and 2 on the PSP, and was really excited when they announced the remasters (Unfortunately, Locoroco 2 has a glitched trophy which I assume they'll never fix). Borderlands- I played a lot of Borderlands 2 with my friend before I left for college. I always really liked the lore and characters. Also, Tales from the Borderlands is my favorite Telltale game. All of the characters are so the good! And that twist at the end?! So awesome! Hopefully we get some news on Borderlands 3 soon. What are your top 5 games and why? Again, another tough question, but I think I got this. Yakuza 0- As I type this, I am a couple chapters away from finishing Yakuza 0's story. At the same time, I have about 75 hours in the game. This game is nearly perfect. Obviously, I have problems with it (Like the stupid dancing minigame), but the goods heavily outweigh the bads. The story, writing, characters, Kiryu, the crazy sidequests, the insane amount of content. There's a sidequest where you have to help a dominatrix become a better dominatrix. There's a side quest where you find this man looking at a kid. You then find out that it's his kid, but he's a member of the Yakuza and had to fake his death, so his kid thinks he's dead, and the father can't interact with his own kid. That alone could've been it's own game. There's so much amazing content in this game, and everyone with a PS4 should play it. Playstation All Stars battle Royale- I realize that this chose could be controversial, but I really don't care. I love Playstation All Stars. For years I've wanted a Smash Bros type game with Playstation characters, so when they announced it, I was ecstatic. It's literally my dream game. I really like all of the characters, and the stage crossovers make me nerdgasm TBQFH. I hate how the rabid Nintendo fanbase ruined this game. "It's just a Smash clone!" Who cares?? It's a fun game, and Nintendo didn't invent fighting games. I really hope it gets another chance someday. InFAMOUS 2- For reasons explained before. Sleeping Dogs- I love this game for the same reasons I love most games, the story and characters. I hope to become a writer someday, so I tend to focus on story aspects. I think the story in Sleeping Dogs is really good. The gameplay may not be very unique, the fighting is fun but is seen in other games. The movie has me intrigued, but obviously wary since it's a movie based off a game. Although, maybe if the movie does well, there could be a sequel. Oh, and remember: MAN WHO NEVER EATS PORK BUN, IS NEVER A WHOLE MAN. Metal Gear Rising- While the story in this game isn't very memorable, the music and the gameplay is. The music is so awesome, and I usually go back to listen to Stains of Time. The gameplay is so perfect, and makes you feel like a badass. I wish there were more games like this. There are other Platinum games, like Nier and Transformers which I still need to play, so hopefully those games' gameplay is as epic as MGR's Top 5 TV shows, Movies, and/or anime, why, and would you recommend them to people? So, I don't really watch TV, like ever, so I'm gonna mix movies in here. The first 3 are movies, and the last 2 are shows. Scott Pilgrim- Scott Pilgrim is pretty much a perfect franchise. The books, game, movie, and soundtrack are all amazing. The movie has quickly become my favorite movie. The music, editing, and writing are all top notch.I don't know if I could ever get tired of this movie, I'm in lesbians with it. Watchmen- This is the best comic book adaption ever made. It is very faithful to the comics, except for the ending but that makes sense for the movie. Watchmen is a great parody of the superhero genre, and everyone should read/watch it. The Lego Movie-This movie is just perfect, that is all. Regular Show- If you don't know Regular Show, it's anything but. It's about a bird and a raccoon that work at a park, however stuff usually ends up going horribly wrong. This show is hilarious to me, and helped form my sense of humor. Rick and Morty- No memes here, Rick and Morty is an amazing show. Not only is it hilarious, but it's also really smart. The creators know what they're doing, and I can't wait to see it all unfold. Top 5 favorite music bands/group/artist? Music is a huge part of my life, and I think this question will be easier to answer than the others. Pierce the Veil- This band is phenomenal. Their sound is so unique and the lead singer, Vic, has an amazing voice. I really love their lyrics, and I will never grow tired of listening to them. My Chemical Romance- MCR really contributed to how I am today. I didn't discover them until maybe halfway through high school. I wasn't really huge into music at all, but now I listen to it all the time. For most of my life, I didn't feel like I had a purpose, that I was just sort of there. I didn't have any unique characteristics other than I play video games, and in a way I still feel that way, like I'm just boring and worthless. However, things have happened that have made me feel better about myself. I think MCR kinda started that. That band helped me discover something about myself. I was finally able to realize that I was *Cue mother screeching* emo. But seriously, MCR really helped me find my place in life. Taking Back Sunday- I really love this band's sound as well. Their second album, Louder Now, is perfect and memorale. I haven't listened to much of them beyond this album, but their first two are enough. Neck Deep- I didn't really listen to much of this band until I saw them live like a few weeks ago. I knew some of their songs, especially there newest album, but I didn't really explore their discography. Before going, I listened to one of their albums, Life's Not Out To Get You, and I was hooked. One of the songs, Lime St, has been stuck in my head for weeks. Usually that's a bad thing, but it's such a good song that I don't mind. Fall Out Boy- This is the band that really got me into music. I've always known them, since I always like Sugar We're Going Down and Thnks Fr The Mmrs, but one day I decided to delve deeper into their music. This led me to other bands such as MCR and Panic! At the Disco. While I love Fall Out Boy's first few albums, they've really gone down hill. There last three albums are a result of them abandoning their sound and selling out, and they're really hard to listen to. Your favorite platinum? This probably has to be The Binding of Isaac. I think this is the only platinum I have that's actually really difficult. It requires skill, patience, and RNG... a lot of RNG. It took forever to get, but it was worth it IMO. Your least favorite platinum? I actually have 2; Sound Shapes, and Sound Shapes. Getting that plat the first time was actually quite frustrating and satisfying, and my younger self thought it was amazing that I could auto pop the other two. However, nowadays I just feel shame. Have you ever been tempted to switch over to the Xbox/Nintendo/PC gaming ecosystems? Nope, not once. I have a pretty good PC, 3DS and a Wii U, but I don't use them nearly as much as I do any PlayStation system. Xbox, honestly, has like no games, and I'm not a huge fan of what Nintendo has been doing recently. Playstation has always been my favorite console, mostly just because of the games. Uncharted, Horizon, Yakuza, Persona, Bloodborne, etc. and that's just PS4 games. If you could have one game from any gaming generation be remade or rereleased what would it be? I am not kidding when I say this; Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom. This game was amazing, and was seriously one of my favorite PS2 games. It's a really fun game, and would love a port to PS4 with trophies. There's approximately a 0% chance of this happening, but it would be amazing. How far are you willing to go for a platinum? Uhh, not that far. I'll spend a lot of hours if I really like the game, and maybe I'll buy some DLC if I have to, but that's about it. Usually if a game has multiplayer trophies, or trophies requiring multiple playthroughs, I'll stay away. PSNP community questions. Are you religious? @MMDE AbsoLUTEly not. I kinda wish religion would just be, like, erased from existence. I feel like there would be less conflict then. What is your 2 hidden trophies, and why? @MMDE I believe they are from The Elder Scrolls Online, and I think I hid them when I was testing out hiding trophies. I don't actually know how to unhide them, I think I tried once and it didn't work so I just left it. Looking at your completion percentage, and game list, I notice a lot of games with low completion percentage. Are those games you realized you didn't like, or are you just planning on going back to them later? And if you didn't like them, what was the general reason? @ShogunCroCop I don't really care about my completion rate, and I like playing a lot of different games. I plan to start live streaming at some point, throw all these games in a randomizer, and play whatever comes out. I feel bad about abandoning all these games whenever something else interests me, but there are a LOT of games to play Run? Run where? And from what? @Miles_Warren Everything... and nothing. It's complicated. What's your biggest weakn...oh wait...What games are you streaming on Twitch and on what console? @Skadoki I've only streamed a few times unfortunately, and I haven't streamed since I've been to college. I don't really have the space, equipment, or setup for it. I really want to start someday, and when I do I'll be a variety streamer, just streaming whatever comes out of the randomizer like I said earlier. What's your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh card? @Beyondthegrave07 I know this card is probably actually bad, but it's Jerry Beans Man. I mean just look at him, he's Jerry Beans Man! How could you ever be disappointed with Jerry Beans Man?! What PSN level do you think you'll be on when you hit platinum #100? @Beyondthegrave07 Hmm, I'm not sure. I play a lot more games than I platinum. However, I am creeping up on number 100. So probably before lvl 40, maybe like 37 or so? Who is your favorite Senran Kagura girl? and why? @Tosmasta00 Definitely Hikage. I can relate to her lack of emotions. Also, I gave her the emo cut and she looks so good. Why haven't you finished Persona 4 Golden yet? @Lucas The time mechanic stressed me out. The same reason why I can't play Dead Rising or Pikmin. I want to do everything, but I almost certainly will miss a lot. I recently watched a playthrough of it on Youtube, and I love it. I'm gonna play through Persona 5 soon, and I have a guide so hopefully I won't miss much, if anything. What is the meaning of life? @Platisfaction The meaning of life... is to find the meaning of life. It's to find what gives your life meaning. Having a home, having an enjoyable job, having friends, playing games, listening to music, whatever. Whatever makes you feel like getting up in the morning... I mean, like, probably. You have quite a few different games on your profile. What is your favorite type of game and why? @Lorajet I really like rhythm games (Like Hatsune Miku), hack and slashes (Like MGR), and story games (Like Heavy Rain). Rhythm games because I like music, hack and slashes because they usually make you feel badass, and story games because I want to be a writer. It looks like you are an Elder Scrolls fan! Any reason why you didn't get Elder Scrolls Online? @Lorajet I've really only ever played Skyrim, so I wouldn't consider myself a huge Elder Scrolls fan, but I do really like Skyrim. I did play Elder Scrolls Online, I rented it once, but I don't like multiplayer at all so it didn't keep my interest. What was your favorite game on the PS2? @Lorajet I have a few so I'm just gonna make a list. Burnout 3, Battlefront 2, Ratchet and Clank Going Commando, Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom, Lego Star Wars 1, Spiderman 2, and San Andreas, What are you running from? Why not confront it instead of run? Or is the entity so powerful, you need to run, a tactical retreat? Why are we running? LOL @It Is Time To Oil Up I don't have any motivation to do anything about it, so running is the easiest option. Or not, I'm not really running from anything, more so just dealing with it. You have 17,000 trophies missing. Do you have a hard time focusing or just get bored easily? (Relax guys, just a genuine question, not "Hating" as many of you would put it? @It Is Time To Oil Up I just have a hard time staying focused. I like trying out many different games, usually moving onto to something else before getting too far. I need to stop doing that, but I can't. How was Binding of Isaac? You enjoy it? Tell me your story. @It Is Time To Oil Up I really enjoyed the Binding of Isaac. I watched Northernlion play it on Youtube for years, and I still do, so when I played it I knew what I was doing. I felt that the platinum wasn't very hard, just extremely time consuming, so I decided to go for it. Some trophies glitched, but I managed to fix them, and the last item I needed took forever to get, but I'm proud that I got it. I didn't bother with the DLC, since I felt that the new bosses were extremely tanky and annoying. How's the weather in Maine? @It Is Time To Oil Up Eh, cold. I don't currently live there, since I'm going to college in MA, but we usually get a good amount of snow in the winter. Pretty warm summers too. Here's my question: Where the heck did you come up with such a crazy username? @CJ_Mystery I explained this earlier, but I literally just made it up on the spot one day. Do you like bacon? @MidnightDragon Bacon's fine, but overrated. Studying game design does it effect your overall enjoyment of actually playing games. Can you simply enjoy games anymore or do you often find yourself analysing design etc? @CjShai I really just started game design, so it hasn't really changed me like that, but recently I have seen myself being more critical of stories. What is the most creative, inspiring original games you have seen in the last few years ? @CjShai Hmm, that's a good question. I think I'm gonna have to go with Undertale TBH. I know the community is toxic, but the game is truly amazing. The mechanics of actually becoming friends with your enemies is really cool to me. The whole thing with the final bosses and the fourth wall breaks are creative as well. What is your opinion on VR and it's future in gaming ? @CjShai I really love VR. I hope that it really takes off and we get more VR games. I'm hoping that developers look at games like Skyrim, Doom, and Resident Evil and realize that VR can be great. PSVR has a very dedicated community on Reddit, and they give feedback on how developers can make VR better. So hopefully VR will just keep improving. Do you believe that there is anything original left in art or are we simply rehashing, reworking or simply repacking what already exists ? @CjShai Oh definitely. There is always room for innovation. What if I took game X, but instead of Y you could do Z? BAM, new game. There will always be new ideas and new stories and such. However, new ideas aren't necessarily what sells. The reason there's a whole lot of hero shooters and battlegrounds type games now is because Overwatch and PUBG are very successful. Instead of making an original idea, and risking it not selling as much as they want, developers try to make their own Overwatch or PUBG because they believe it will sell. That's why there're a lot of sequels, yearly Call of Dutys and Maddens, because they sell. Unfortunately, unique and interesting ideas aren't always the safest option. Which future platinum would bring you the most satisfaction; #70 or #69? @ERICVOLTAGE #70, because I won't have anyone being like "Look 69, lol!" What game (if any) do you regret not finishing, and what game (if any) do you regret finishing? @DrBloodmoney I regret not finishing all of them. I hate that I leave so many games unfinished. I don't think there are any I regret finishing. I regret the Sound Shapes auto pops like I said, but I don't regret finishing the original game. why 2 hidden trophies when your completion % is already low? @Van-Helsings Because I don't know how to unhide them I don't want them hidden. I noticed you're a Yu-Gi-Oh! player. What is your favorite archetype to use and play with? @GarciaFever TBH I don't understand archetypes at all. I like playing original Yugioh where the most you could do was fusion or ritual summon. There's so much in the game now that it gets really complicated. Synchro, XYZ, Pendulum, and now Link summons which completely change the game. I prefer the way it is in Duel Links, or was... I haven't played it in awhile idk if they changed it or not. Do you have a game in mind as to what will become your 100th platinum? @GarciaFever Yep! Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 on PS4. The PS3 version of the game was my first plat, so the PS4 version will be my 100th. Why do you have so many games with low %? With just one or 2 trophies? I mean if you did not like Skyrim (PS4) why even starting Skyrim VR? @Uchiha_Snake__ I just like to play many different games. Just because I have a low amount of trophies in a game doesn't necessarily mean I don't like it. I got Skyrim on PS4 because I had a free night rental from Redbox, so I only had a day to play it. I got Skyrim VR because... it's Skyrim in VR, it's awesome. Also, I played the crap out of Skyrim on PS3, so I obviously like the game. Thank you again @OhDearGodRun for being the a interviewee in the PSNP Interviews series. The next interviewee will be revealed soon.
  2. To help avoid confusion i've updated the NA games list and added the EU games list to the first post. @xAaron91 Looks like the EU region does not have the Way of the Samurai game..
  3. This is the NA PlayStation Now list. While other regions list are very similar some games are not on both list. If you are in a different region I recommend going to your Regional PlayStation Now website and looking at the games list to see if it's there.
  4. Just to update everyone, yes they are really refunding people. It took about a week for them to confirm my refund and then another two weeks for it to go through. For receipts, I just showed them the emails that Sony sends you when buy something of the psnstore.
  5. Hello again PSNP community. Now is the time to reveal the next interviewee for a PSNP Interview. The fifth interviewee will be @OhDearGodRun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You may be asking, who is this guy? Well, that why we are Interviewing him, to find out who he is. Standard Operation The standard operation for all psnp interviews will be as followed: After the new interviewee has been revealed, the PSNP community. will have 1 week to ask their questions. After that week is over, those question along with the 11 stock question that all interviewee will get, will be sent to the interviewee. The interviewee.will have 2 weeks to answer as many of the questions as they want. Once the interviewee has finished answering the question I will post the whole Interview in a new thread. How to be a Interviewee If anyone wants to be interviewed all they have to do is PM me saying that they want to be interviewed. After that PM that member will be added to the list of potential interviewee. List of questionsThe posts below are the current list of question from the PSNP community. Question can be asked starting now until February 17th, 2018 at UTC 00:00. All past Interviews can be found in the Member Interviews section of the forums.
  6. That was before they took away the online events that help with the slayer point grind. which adds about 10 hours of grinding. Also when I made that guide I forgot to think about people who do not play SS first or people who had never played a hunting game. The item grind also takes longer without the a SS save. It's been a long time since i've looked in to the game, but I would say SSD takes about 150 - 200 hours to plat. If you play SS first you will be playing the first 60-80 hours of SSD but with a plat. Then with save import you play through the rest of SSD plat time. However, it's been 4 years since I made that guide or played SSD. I maybe remembering things wrong or unintentionally over exaggerating. I should probably check and see if the guide needs to be updated.
  7. SS plat takes about 60 hours with online help, and about 80 without. (one of the dlc items breaks the game) SSD plat takes 100 or so hours with a SS save and online help. About 150 hours with just a SS save. (This is mainly from grinding levels) Without a save SSD would most likely take 200 or so without a save and with online help. About 250+ without a save or online help. These are estimates based off things I remember about the game. This is because SS is a PS+ game a little harder than SS and a longer plat.
  8. No, you are not, quite a few people would say that ME1's gameplay/combat did not age well. No, there is not much you can do about it.
  9. It's either 1 of 3 things. They are veterans who played the arcade version, so they already know how to play with each character well enough to crush all the new players. The current ranked match population is so low they ended up fighting bots, which should be easier to beat then real people. The plat is easier then it looks, but still time consuming.
  10. On the 25th of January Epic announced that paragon will be shutting down on April 26. The two perceived reasons for the shutdown is because of the dev not knowing what to do with the game and so they can just focus on fortnite battle royal. Epic also said that they will give a full refund on all paragon purchases if a player requests it. Really sad to see to the game go out like this. The game is closing without ranked matchmaking, getting trophies, or before leaving beta.
  11. It's really sad, Paragon was my favorite moba to play and I'm sad to see it go. We will see how well/fast this refund goes.
  12. Everyone up to LJC1204 has been added to the hall of fame. Not dead, just really busy IRL.
  13. As I said addiction is an issue that is complicated and currently being debated in the scientific and Psychology communities. That definition only works if you are on the side that says addiction is a disease. if you are on the other side that definition does not work. Since it is an issue that is still being contested trying to say one definition is correct isn't logical sound. I could get into why definitions of certain things have to be contested but I really don't want to right now. No, neither you nor anyone else who has argument against my points have shed any light on anything. Most of the counterpoints to my arguments have only showed me the following things: Most of the counterpoints have been logically unsound. Made by people who have shown unethical Tendencies. Who don't understand why you shouldn't use logical fallacies. That make tangential points that have almost nothing to do with anything. Lack actual researched data to back up their points. Confuses personal opinion with logical fact. Still really doesn't respect other people's opinions at all Uses Black or White morality on complicated issues such as addiction and parental responsibility Look I get your point, you don't like loot boxes and stuff and I respect your opinion on it even if you haven't Logically proving your point yet. I don't much care for them either but that doesn't make them unethical. I will say this you really need to work on your argument skills. Every time you trying using something that is only tangentially related to prove your point, you open yourself up for Counterpoint a and as shown in this thread your responses to those counterpoints are pretty weak and based on your personal opinion. You think a simple conversation of opposing views is a negative back and forth However, you are okay with a echoing chamber of negativity as long as it agrees with your points
  14. Yes I do know how addiction works and it's kind of disturbing how black and white you are making such a complicated personal problems.that millions of people deal with every day. People can be addicted to anything not just drugs or gambling, they can be addicted to food, games, sex, or any number of things, but just because someone could become addicted to something does not make it or the industry that makes whatever unethical. As I said addiction is complicated, You think it's a disease and when you have it you lose the ability to choose/ control yourself. I'm have different opinions that are not the opposite of yours, but the ability to choose is never lost even with addiction. Comparing Illegal drug dealers and game companies is so absurd i'm not even going to bother with that point, but I'm sure you know using an extreme example to make a point doesn't really help make a good point because it is extreme. Loot Boxes are not comparable to gambling because even if you hate what you get from the lootbox you still got something unlike pachinko & slot machine, card games, and other gambling related things where you could spend X amount of money and get nothing. Also in that article did they talk to the person who spent $15,000? Do they know how much that persons makes or if they are so rich that amount of money is meaningless (and yes some people make so much a year that $15,000 over the course of ME3 MP lifespan is nothing) The phrase "I've seen people literally spend $15,000 on Mass Effect multiplayer cards." only tells you that he saw it, not that those people were addicted to the game. While that article may have affected you it doesn't really say anything about game companies manipulating people with addiction. It's about game companies seeing that some people will spend their money on Loot Boxes which is not unethical. The Addiction issue is not something you can use black and white morality on. It's too complicated for that and you can't blame/ call companies or people unethical just because of other people's personal problems.
  15. Man the guides from last year must have been great if it's taking this long to choose the top 3.