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  1. Just a small suggestion, but why not let the "insert youtube video" function/button which lets a guide maker embed a youtube video into the guide be useable in the roadmap part of the guide. It's useable in every other section of the guide, and it seems a little strange that you can't use it in the roadmap. The reason I'm suggesting this is because i've noticed that over the years, guide makers have been using the roadmap part of guides to communicate more information about whatever game they are writing about. Because of this, I feel that the guide makers should have all tools available to make the roadmap part of the guide as detailed as possible which should include the ability to embed a youtube video into the roadmap. Note: For those who don't know, you cannot embed a youtube video into a psnp guide without that function/button.
  2. I would still read the whole guide to make sure I don't miss anything. Usually the trophy description explains why the trophy/trophies are unmissable so it's a good idea to read it and see why it's unmissable. Also unmissable usually means that you can get the trophy without having to start up a whole new playthrough. Nothing in the description implies that you would have to start the whole game over just to get the trophy. So it is unmissable.
  3. Sad to see it go, but it has been dying for a while.
  4. Update Games: Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme vs. (Mecha) Done Chaotic: Shadow Warriors (Shounen/Card game) Diablo III: Reaper of Souls (Fantasy) Battle Princess of Arcadias (Shoujo) はじめの一歩/Hajime no ippo (Sports/Drama) Added Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom (Shounen/Action) Added Mass Effect: Andromeda (Space Drama) Added Finished Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme vs, it was a fun game with a few annoying parts (The 5V1 missions with no skills, and no extra lives.). Added a few games to my list for this season, because they are games I feel like playing. Anime: My Hero Academia S3 (Dub) Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Little Witch Academia Added Luck and Logic Done Ghost in the Shell: Arise Added Magi Added LEGEND OF THE GALACTIC HEROES Added Added a few more anime to the list. It's frustrating to find out that there is currently no legal way to watch Gundam ZZ online. I hate relying on other means to watch anime but for this I may be forced to.
  5. I guess by the definitions given in the first post i'm a Cross Breed, but honestly I'm just a little bit of everything. I play whatever I want, but I consider most platinum's to be completion of the game. In most cases DLC is worthless and I don't really care about it so I don't buy it/play it regardless whether I could afford to buy the DLC or not. However, I don't care about completion percentage at all.
  6. Because us trophy people don't matter to them. 😢
  7. Fornite's list was made before the BR mode even existed. So it kind of makes sense that none of the BR stuff counts for the plat.
  8. The Capcom Fighters youtube channel always dose a basics rundown of each character (SFV: Character Introduction Series)
  9. You could just split it into games that are more like Metroid and games that are more like Castlevania. While these two game series did inspire all these games. There are differences between those two series. So maybe trying to determine whether a game is more Metroid like or more Castlevania like and split it that way.
  10. Lately i've noticed a loud vocal minority of people on the interwebs upset that FF15 will be get more DLC next year. When that dlc is released it will be the 3rd years after FF15 release. The fact that some are upset is a little surprising to and made me wonder what is the ideal timeframe for DLC releases from the gamer/consumer perspective. IMO the timeframe doesn't really matter, but I always like to hear other peoples thoughts on such matters. So PSNP community what are your thoughts on the ideal timeframe for DLC releases? Note: Something of interest to note is that the 2019 DLC for FF15 was chosen to be made by a in-game survey that was done sometime last year. So all the 2019 DLC is stuff that the FF15 players said they wanted.
  11. This really doesn't make much sense, you can't be bothered to do what? Care about a giveaway that still has like month left before it's over just because you can't get weekly updates from the person running the giveaway? In this kind of event where all you are asked is to play games for 2 months you really don't need weekly updates. Really all you need is a update after the first month and the final update to show who won.
  12. During Sony's Chinajoy press conference they showed off some games from the China Hero Project. Here is the video Showcase of some of the games they are working on. Here are the games featured below: Kill X – starts at 1:55 mark Project Boundary – starts at 4:07 mark Pervader – starts at 6:07 mark Hardcore Mecha (Code: HARDCORE) – starts at 9:31 mark Lost Soul Aside – starts at 11:51 mark Read more at Sources: And
  13. Well I finished the Luck and Logic anime. It was a 6/10. It was okay but it had a problem of not telling you what was going on well enough. Plus the action scenes were kind of bland, maybe due to the fact that they used 3D animation. As for my game's Gundam Extreme vs. is coming along nicely. Almost done with trial mode and unlocking all the emblems. After that it will just be leveling up every suit to max level. @xZoneHunter Just read the manga. It's a better experience.
  14. As others have said 300k isn't really that much when they have 30 million+ subs. I bet other services like Netflix and such also fluctuate sub numbers at a similar rate. Now if it had been something like 1.5 or 2 million it something worth looking into.
  15. I was not trying to refute anything, just letting the facts be known. You are the one talking about the lag the most, but you are also intentionally or unintentionally exaggerating how bad the input lag is. Especially since most games on PSnow run at 30fps.