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  1. Watched the first ep and it was pretty good. I'm curious to see where they are going.
  2. Hello and welcome to PSNP Interviews. Today's interviewee is @Dr_Mayus Stock Questions How did you come up with your PSN name + and, is your name a reference to Apes, Simpsons, or an odd ball coincidence? Figured I would answer both of these questions at the same time. When I was 16 my family finally got the Internet and I was trying to come up with my Hotmail account name. I was on break at school and was just shooting around ideas with my buddies and one of them started singing the Dr Zaius song but with Dr Maius instead (as it is a combination of Zaius and my last name). I liked it so much I went home and created You see this was before google was a thing and Ask Jeeves was kind of dog shit so I never thought to search how to spell Zaius and assumed it was spelled with a Y instead of an I...but the name has stuck for 17 years. Also to all you young'uns out there...finding out answers in the past was a lot more difficult that it is now What games convinced you get your PlayStation 3, Playstation Vita, and PlayStation 4? and Have you ever been tempted to switch over to the Xbox/Nintendo/PC gaming ecosystems? I am also going to kind of answer both of these at the same time. I didn't get a PS3 until Christmas of 2009 so we were quite a few years into the life cycle by then. Up until then I was a HARDCORE Nintendo fan and owned a PS1 and PS2 because I got them cheap and there were some fun games to play on them. I picked up a PS3 because I really liked the Ratchet and Clank games (more on that later) and I got a deal at Walmart that gave me Killzone 2, Uncharted 1 and inFAMOUS for free with the purchase of a system so I figured "what the hell". I was also able to pick up Bioshock, LittleBigPlanet and Ratchet & Clank Tools of Destruction for cheap. I played around with all the games but I was more into playing Metroid Prime 3 (still one of the best FPS series of all time), Mario Galaxy and Mario Kart on my Wii. In January of 2010 I started working for Playstation so I started getting more and more games to play BUT I was still a bigger Nintendo fan (actually while waiting for my interview to start I was playing Bowser's Inside Story on my DS). Finally it was May of 2010 when Mario Galaxy 2 came out and I was so excited to play it...but I started to realize something was missing. It was still fun but it was exactly like Mario Galaxy 1 but with Yoshi. Modnation Racers came out at around the same time and realized it was like Mario Kart but with all the customizing in it...I then started to realize that while Nintendo games were great they basically never really tried to reinvent themselves. It was basically like Malibu Stacy with a new hat. I then started playing more and more Playstation titles and just realized how deep their library really was and while the Uncharted games might play similar to each other there is a rich story and characters to help hide the "sameness". Mario or Pokemon games are essentially the same story over and over so all you are left with is the game design...which often times feels like DLC instead of a new experience. So have I ever decided to switch to the other systems? Short answer is No. My nephews owned a WiiU and I played most of the big games on that and once again it felt like I was playing the same games I had been playing for years. Still good...but nothing else. Xbox has never impressed me. I never liked their sales practices (you had to buy a battery pack, wifi adapter, hard drive, online etc) and while most of those are now included you still have to buy battery packs which is just stupid in this day and age, the exclusives are too limited for me to "switch" over to them. Also despite the huge sales connected with the Kinect (no pun intended) it was complete shit and never worked properly. I used to enjoy playing some PC games (mostly RTS games) but back when I played PC it was such a hassle to get things to work that I just gave up on it. This was before Steam and other things like that but it really was annoying for a non-hardcore pc gamer to play games back in the day. Finally what games made me want to get a Vita and PS4. Well I got my Vita for free because I worked for Playstation and I actually got it about a month before every one else. Which would explain this (the number 2 spot was the Saskatchewan rep...not sure who the other 2 are but I am sure they worked for Playstation as well). It would also explain why I would constantly get messages from people asking for help on that trophy...even offering to pay me money to do it. It got so bad it was one of the reasons I limit my messages to friends only (sorry to all those people who try to add me now). As for the PS4...I was considering not getting one as I really wasn't impressed with what it had to offer. I am not really big on the whole "SHARE" thing and that really seemed like the only new thing Sony was offering this time around. On top of that the amount of ports and rereleases was insane (the Portstation 4) and the underwhelming new games that gave off the same feeling I had with Mario Galaxy 2. I eventually ended up getting one as there was enough games I wanted to try that were cheap now and games like Dreams, Spider-Man and Ghost of Tsushima were coming out so I picked one up during Black Friday and have enjoyed it since then. What are your top 5 game series and why? Ratchet & Clank is my favourite game series of all time. The game design is flawless (except for the bullshit Vita ports) the humour is great, the characters and villains are memorable, the weapons are so much fun to use and they are not loaded down with a bunch of bullshit that takes away from the fun. I mean even the Hover Board challenge in R&C 1 is still fun to attempt and doesn't make you regret trying to go for the platinum Saints Row - I am going to repeat myself a lot in this list but once again The game design is flawless, the humour is great, the characters and villains are memorable, the weapons are so much fun to use and while there are somethings that are kind of bullshit (trying to bounce on 5 cars in a row comes to mind) nothing takes away from the fun experience of the game. Also unlike most other "open world games" it is fun to try and get around the city and makes you want to explore to find weird hidden gems or interact with the awesome side characters. Katamari - These games are just FUN for me. You can pick up and play for 10 minutes...but you will be hooked for hours. The music is top notch and while it is not normal "video game music" it adds to the zany experience of rolling around a city and picking up whatever you can. This is my favourite "time waster" series and I wish a new one would come out. Metroid Prime Trilogy - I put the trilogy here because I have no desire to play that federation force game or the new one coming out but the Trilogy is probably my favourite FPS series of all time. Retro Games did such a great job of taking what makes the 2D Metroid games work and applying it to a 3D world. Exploring never felt like a chore in this game and while there was always lots to do it also gave off the experience of "loneliness' that would come from being isolated on a hostile alien world. I had heard Retro was going to do the same thing with Mega Man and I really wish they had gotten the chance to do that. Persona - This is a bit of a cheat as I have actually only played 4 and 5 but both of those games are so incredible that I really want to play the others in the series. Now barring in mind that I have only played 2 of the games...these games make you care about all the characters in your party to a degree that the choices you make actually reflect how you feel about those characters. I remember the first time I played P4G I made a status update saying "Persona 4...Faffing About the Game" and while I meant that as an insult at the time (as I was doing nothing but going to school, talking to people, going to shops, sleeping etc) I began to realize that was the appeal of the game. The fighting/dungeons were secondary to the in between stuff where you got to know your friends. There are very few RPGs that actually make you care as much as Persona does. What are your top 5 games and why? In no particular order -Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando - This was my first game ever on PS2 (actually came free with my PS2) and got me hooked on my favourite series of all time. This was a near perfect game with insane weapons, huge bosses, fantastic and funny characters and very tight game controls. Also when I finally did go back and play R&C 1 I noticed how much had been advanced between the two games making this a perfect sequel (takes all the good stuff of the first game and adds to it). Also it began my idolization of a certain green Superhero -Katamari Forever - I know a lot of people were pissed because "this game just reused a bunch of levels from previous games." Well...sure but it took the best levels and improved on the game was that a bad thing? Also those other games were all on other systems so for a PS3 user they got a chance to play the PSP, PS2 and X360 levels on 1 convenient game. Although FUCK YOU COWBEAR -Sega Soccer Slam - People who read my status updates know I bring this game up quite a bit. I also said in my FFX review that Blitz Ball should have just been Sega Soccer Slam because then it wouldn't have sucked. I have always preferred the aracdey sports game to the real ones (NBA Jam, Blitz, Basewars etc) but this game was just madness and so much fun. It was 3 on 3 soccer where each team had a special ability that could completely wreck their opponents. The other fun part was as you played it you could earn other players from other teams to help build a super team. I really wish Sega would bring this game back or at least rerelease it -Earthbound - Also anyone that knows me knows how much I loved this game. I mean one of my most famous sigs/avys was this one. Earthbound is not a very advanced RPG in terms of mechanics (except the wonderful SMAAAAAASH feature that I wish more RPGs would use) but where it succeeded is in the story telling. When I was younger I never really noticed how clever the game really was until I replayed it a couple of years ago and realized just what it is a game about a child's adventure. Whether the evil alien overlord is really trying to take over the world or is this all some adventure that is being created by a young boy's imagination is kind of left a mystery. When you start thinking about it like that then things like a Teddy Bear forcefield, a talking bee, magic pizza, and turning into robots makes a lot more sense. It is a truly heartwarming story that can leave you either laughing or tearing up but enjoying it all the same. -Journey - This game is so good...I don't want to play it a second time...if that makes sense at all. I popped this game in when it first came out and was just going to "try it so I could talk about it with my stores" and I ended up playing 6 hours straight and beating it with tears in my eyes. This is one of the most perfect journeys in gaming (a fitting title for the game) and is truly a marvel that has to be experienced for yourself. I am just afraid that if I replay it I won't have that same experience again. Do you have any other hobbies outside of gaming? Sure. I love to write and really need to get back into it more. I have a few story ideas I have been playing around with but I have had a hard time concentrating on it for awhile. I was a film graduate at the University of Manitoba and I specialized in screen writing. I just got out of it a little as all of my friends who were in it with me also got out of it. I made a few short movies and would love to make more. Here is one with my buddy Andrew, which I came up with when I realized that no clock in my mom's house was ever the same time. I enjoy doing improvements to my new house (well it has been 2 years so not really new anymore). I put up a shed and fence, cut down 3 trees, planted my garden (more on that later) and there is still lots to do. I enjoy seeing live music, theater, and going for walks in places I have never been. I am a huge Board Game player and my group of friends love going to thrift stores to find weird games and try to make them fun. I think one of the funnest games nights we had was for Sweet Valley High...there was no alcohol involved but we have never laughed that hard at any other games night. I am also a huge movie watcher but as a film graduate/10 years at Blockbuster that is no surprise. Here is a couple of pics of my TV room. Top 5 TV shows, Movies, and/or anime, why, and would you recommend them to people? OK...I can recommend dozens of shows and movies for you to watch. In Treatment, Treme, Six Feet Under, Pulp Fiction, Requiem for a Dream, The Big Lebowski, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, His Girl Friday, M, etc...but the only one I will explain "WHY" is The Wire. This is THE show you need to watch. It is 5 seasons long of one of the most gripping, character driven series of all time. It takes a hard look into the problems of society and asks WHY and then fails to give an answer because maybe there isn't one. It makes you look at yourself and makes you ask "why are you aiding the problems of the world and why aren't you doing more to fix it". I can't really say anymore about it, just check out the trailer. The last thing I will say is if you watch the show and think "oh man this is going to be like the Shield, 24 or Breaking Bad"...get out of that mindset right now. Top 5 favorite music bands/group/artist? Sigur Ros, Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men, Tom Waits, Tragically Hip Your favorite platinum? Well if you go by my standard for the Year End Awards and this is the game I enjoyed Platinuming the most and not necessarily my favourite game...then it is Tales from the Borderlands. Most people know how much I HATED Borderlands so the fact that a game came out that shares its name AND was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had gaming...then TFtB is the only answer to give Your least favorite platinum? Is this really any surprise to people that know me. Just read my "plat thoughts" on Fairy Tale Fights If you could have one game from any gaming generation be remade or re-released what would it be? Sega Soccer Slam...for reasons mentioned above How far are you willing to go for a platinum? Well I almost broke my neck trying to get the Tony Hawk: RIDE platinum where I fell off the stupid board and came pretty close to hitting my head on the coffee table. I left my PS3 on for quite a few days grinding out the MK9 plat. I replayed Star Ocean 4 an additional 2 times (around 120 hours of extra gaming) because the trophy guide failed to mention 2 missable quests that I discovered on both playthroughs. Is that you need more? What feature (besides backwards compatibility) do you think the next console generation should have? No load times. Honestly I don't care about better graphics or anything like that...just eliminate load times in games. What is your favorite thing about PSNP? Oh lots of things. The community is good (although most of the people I used to talk to are pretty much gone completely), the forums are easy to use, the site is well laid out. The mods actually seem to yeah a pretty good site What is your least favorite thing about PSNP? Fix the damn milestones and let us choose what we want displayed. Is there anyone in the PSNP Community you would like to give a shout out too and if so why? I don't like these questions because I am bound to forget someone and then that person will get upset and start playing some Simple Plan with the lights off and I will have to have that on my conscious PSNP Community Questions A genie approaches you and grants you three wishes; one has be used for love (towards friends or family), one has to be used for yourself (self-gain), and the last wish has to be used for the world (something Earth could benefit from). These wishes can be as stupid or as serious as you want them to be, but once they're made, you can't tell anybody you granted them. Telling somebody you were the cause of a certain event will void that wish, therefore you would lose its effects forever (no pressure). What do you wish for? But how could I grant a wish for myself and not be able to tell myself about it -Honestly # 1 and 2 would be to change certain events of the past that destroyed my family and we are still seeing the effects to this day (even yesterday was a particularly bad day because of it). I don't want to go into details but if I could wipe out some of the events of the past I wouldn't mind the Butterfly effect that came with them. -For #3 I would honestly wish the world would care a little bit more earnestly. One of my pet peeves is the "Facebook Event" where something happens in the world and we all focus on it for a couple of days to get our Likes and our Shares and then the problem still exists but everyone moved on because it is no longer trending. Nothing gets done because we are all so focused on a "problem" but have no real desire to change the cause of the problem. I always notice you're signature with the three green characters on it. They're from quite a wide range of games. What I'm asking is did you pick these characters because they're your absolute favourite characters, or to show that you play a very wide range of game, or am I overthinking it and you just really like the colour green? I just like these characters. Actually I had made a Top 10 Green characters list for St. Patrick's Day once and much later I thought it would be funny to make a team out of the outcasts of society where they all wore green Now I made this list before I had played Persona 4 which is why Chie isn't on it. There is also a Trinity of Green B Team that never got their own Sig. They are The Prince from Katamari, Tingle from Zelda and Petey from the Mario Series. Would you rather play Rambo The Videogame start to finish or start your account over again? Dude...have you seen the shit I have played? We Dare, Fairy Tale Fights, The Raven, Kung Fu Panda 2, Tony Hawk RIDE and Shred...I don't think Rambo would scare me off What is your best(or worst) cringe story while at work? (At Eb Games) Well I only worked for EB Games for a little bit but I have a couple of stories from it that make me sad to be a gamer. 1. A guy came lumbering in with stains all over his clothes and stared at me while mumbling. I asked "sorry" and he (a little louder but mumbling) said "do you have shovel knight" I responded with "oh we don't but it looks great, did you see Zero Punctuation's review on it (as Yahtzee had just given a good review for once) the guy stared at me with his big cow eyes and ran out of the store knocking someone out of the way. The only thing I could figure is my question deviated from his set of answers in his head and he had to get the fuck away from me as fast as he could. 2. A 30ish year old man and his mom came to the counter. The guy hadn't shaven in days and once again had stains on his clothes. His mom asked "do you have Warcraft cards" and I responded with "you mean a 30 day membership" and the guy leans over and whispers to his mom something and she responded with "yes, we will take 2". I mean come on, you are the reason there are stereotypes about gamers. 3. A guy came in and I was busy so the other employee helped him out (who happened to be female). He just stared at her (well a part of her to be honest) and refused to say anything. Finally she just called my name out and I came over and got him out of the store as fast as possible. People...stop contributing to the stereotype. Do you like bacon? Yes What's your most anticipated upcoming release? Well it isn't upcoming anymore but Spider-Man. I am hoping it goes on sale for Black Friday so I can pick it up I am also (as mentioned earlier) waiting on Dreams and Ghost of Tsushima. Do you play anything else besides PlayStation? Not really anymore. If I am over at my nephews I will play X360 or WiiU (they are planning on getting a Switch as well) but I wouldn't buy a new system. Have you ever earned a trophy that you regret? Perhaps for the way you popped it, or the timing of when you popped it, or for putting a game officially on your backlog that you’d rather not have in your history, or any other reason at all. Time for a story of shame and anger When I started with Playstation, as I mentioned, they gave me a bunch of games. The thing is they didn't give me any multiplayer games so I asked my boss about this because I wanted some stuff to show off in demos. She sent me a copy of Buzz Quiz TV, Buzz Quiz World and Singstar. I played a bit of Singstar and Quiz World at home to try them out but that was about it (like 1 game of each). At the demo we played all the games but since we were at a store showing stuff off I didn't install the games (as that would take time). Also let me remind you I didn't really care about trophies until May of 2010 when I got my platinum for Ratchet and Clank. Well anyways I didn't really play any of those games again but over the summer I started playing Quiz World to get the plat. It was fun but took a long time to do so I had no desire to do Quiz TV as well. Quiz World was actually how I met @dj_helyx and got me started in (which would eventually be how I would end up here). Anyways cut to like a year later and I was going through my games to platinum next and I saw Quiz TV. I remembered how much fun Quiz World was so I popped it in and installed the game data...and all of a sudden trophies started popping. I freaked out and googled it and it turns out that if you played the game before updating and then updated it afterwards it just unlocks like 80% of the trophies. I was right pissed off about it but figured "well what the hell, might as well go for the platinum" so I began grinding for the last 50 wins trophy that didn't unlock and after 50 wins it still didn't I kept playing another 50 wins and it still didn't unlock...turns out that if you get the glitch it fucks up the rest of the trophies as well. SO I deleted everything and popped it in again and this time I was able to playthrough and get the 50 wins trophy and all the other misc trophies as well. So in the end I ended up playing around the same amount of games if the glitch didn't happen but all my trophies are fucked on this one Honestly if this happened today I would just hide the game but if I do that now it would mess up all my milestones. AND if any of you fuckers are thinking of reporting me this technically falls under the OK policy of the dispute thread...but I have always been pissed about this happening as I take pride in my trophies (even the shitty ones). The aura around you screams spy, secret agent, or Illuminati. Are you one? Well if I was one I couldn't tell you...could I? I see you've got a good few JRPGs like FF, Persona, Kingdom Hearts, Tales etc. Which is your favourite and why? As mentioned above Earthbound is my favourite JRPG but I would also throw in the pile, Persona 4 Golden, Final Fantasy 6, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Crystalis, and Super Mario RPG. In the children's song "Old McDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O." What does the "E-I-E-I-O" stand for? Eradi Indomina Eleci Incha Odessa Which translates to "Exterminate all the Undesirables." Old McDonald was a complete racist and that song is just full of hate. Are you a real doctor, and do you have the terrible handwriting to prove it? No I am not a real doctor but funny enough this guy is . Meet Dr. Marcus Mayus. I do have pretty horrible handwriting though What do you consider like cheating in trophy hunting ? If you can advise Sony to make new rules around trophies, what would you say them ? I don't know. I mean I hate Shareplay BUT I will boost out a trophy. I am against save file transfers BUT I have Buzz Quiz TV and Sounds SHapes/Sly Cooper. Honestly I feel if you did the trophies once before (like Sound Shapes or Sly Cooper) OR the online is so dead that boosting is the only way to get the trophy you are good to go. If you can earn the trophies legit still then do that as oppose to boosting. If Sony could make a rule around trophies it would be to tell developers to NOT put a trophy in the game if it has nothing to do with the game. Things like 10,000 kills in FF9, random drops, playing the game in a way that doesn't make sense and you need a guide to figure it out (Pictionary was full of those) and things like that. How do you choose the next game you want to plat ? I have different methods depending on what I am doing at the time. If I am in a contest I am looking at "what can I plat the fastest". If I am in a "get my completion % up" I will just kind of look at what numbers are low and just pick one at random. If I am just in a "finished a long grind...what next" I will pick something nice and easy. I have also thrown games on the ground and picked one at random...all of these work for me What is the most silly thing you do for a trophy ? Oh man...I have done lots of stupid things but probably playing Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee like 12 times trying to get the Regrow trophy not to glitch. That game was so horrible that playing it that many times just hoping it doesn't glitch again made it worse. Then the patch came out and I still played it 3 more times as it still kept glitching. What game gave you the worst experience in trophy hunting ? Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee, Star Ocean 4, Fairy Tale Fights, Buzz: Quiz TV...for a few At the contrary, what game gave you a totally better experience that you first thought in terms of trophy hunting ? Transformers War for Cybertron was probably one of my favourite experiences. I did the online legit and at first I thought it was going to be a grind but I ended up loving the online so much that I really enjoyed getting it all done. It is still probably my favourite online experience in a game. How do you manage your backlog ? By only buying games after they are on sale and only a couple of times a year. I seriously buy less than 10 games a year now so it is easier to clean up my old games. What would you like to be added on psnprofiles ? Custom Milestones. What are the games not popular that you loved playing ? Venetica comes to mind. I only played it because i needed a V platinum and really enjoyed it (despite trashing it pretty early on for the horrible graphics). Seriously it is not the greatest game in the world but it was way more fun than it had any right to be. Some ultra rare plats you loved playing and suggest ? -Velocity 2x is a must (along with Velocity Ultra which is not Ultra Rare). It is one of the best games I have ever played and I hemmed and hawed about putting it in my Top 5 lists above. -Start the Party! The only reason I can think of this being Ultra Rare is a bunch of people bought this when the Move launched but were mostly families that weren't into trophies. I loved this game and besides Sorcery it is the second best Move game out. I demoed this game so much at stores that I actually did more demos by myself than the entire Central Canadian team combined (something our Team Leader pointed out at the Sales Conference). -Buzz Quiz World although I think this is unplattable now due to the online. This was just a ton of fun and the fact that you could create your own questions to have your friends play was just an added bonus. -Star Hawk I wish this game was more popular than it was as it was a truly awesome game. One of the last things I tried to do while at Playstation was organize a nationwide contest that would have pitted different EBs from around the country against each other but the bosses never went for the idea (once again this is unplattable due to the online) -LittleBigPlanet Vita and LittleBigPlanet 2. All the LBP games are great but these 2 are in a league of their own. Both are amazing games and I highly recommend both of them. -3D Dot Game Heroes - yes I have mentioned this game at least a hundred times on this website. Please go play is awesome. Have you planned any of your milestones? Which ones? If you could achieve a crazy long grinding platinum in one day, which one you'd choose? Well if you forget the 1 day thing I would really have liked to finish the White Knight Chronicles plat. The guy I was playing with didn't really want to play with other people at first (a tad shy) so the 2 of us tried to do it on our own But after the awesome success of some of the We Plays on this site I would have loved to plat this alongside some other PSNP users. You're PSNP's resident PhD, right? What's it in? I am the Doctor of Trophynomics My sister lives in Vancouver CA. I plan to move there or some other near state/providence since there are very good places to work as a software developer there. What can you tell me about Canadian people? I mean about their culture, the way they see themselves and the foreign people? We are a very diverse group of individuals that all happen to live in the same country. When you try to define a Canadian you have to take into account all the people that live here and what their cultures bring to our way of life That being said you better like Hockey or you will be an outcast. This is no joke. When the 2012 hockey strike happened I was running a charity event where we were playing NHL 2012 in the centre court of the mall I liked to frequent. People just wandered by and started sitting and watching people play the game. I realized that they just really missed watching hockey so I started "charging" admission to watch the games with the money going to the Children's Hospital. I brought in over 100$ in admission costs (I just asked people to donate whatever) We spell things with a U so if you neighbour has a colourful sense of humour you better not object, eh. We don't really hate anyone...unless you are from Newfoundland Saskatchewan is hard to spell but easy to draw. I live in a place that is -40 in the winter and +40 in the summer so you have to get used to that as well Did you ever want to be part of the eSports group and play competitively? No, but what I wanted to do was be a part of the Online Youtube people when that got really big in 2010. I had an idea for a show called Prescription for Perfection (which is what I ended up calling my Trophy Checklist) where I would talk about a certain game and the positives and negatives of going for the platinum. I also wanted to do a show called "It's Not TV, It's my Review" where I talked about HBO shows (as I was a huge HBO can see in my pics above that I own a lot of HBO shows and even a "It's Not TV, It's HBO" sign I stole from my Blockbuster But in the end I decided not to do of the many regrets of my life. What genre of games do you refuse to play? None, like music, movies, books, food, humans etc I don't discriminate on a group more on a particular member in that group. So for example I hate Borderlands but I will still play Open World or FPS games. I hate We Dare but I would still play Game Show games. How is your garden doing? (I remember seeing you put a few status updates about clearing it etc.) All the trees are down but it took so long for the guy to do it I ran out of nice weather. I was able to get the following planted, but next year will be much better You've been around on PSNP a while, is there anything you miss about 'the good old days'? I mentioned before the people. There are still lots of great people on here, but most of the guys and girls I used to chat with are all gone You've taken part in quite a few forum events, which has been your favorite and why? If I had to pick a Top 3 (not including the Year End Awards) it would have to be @Superbuu3's Okami We Play, @Dragon-Archon's Star Ocean 4 Epic Quest and the second to last Plat Rain where I was able to plat 20 games in 1 day. Favourite food? Pyrizhky If you had to spend a full day listening non-stop to Lymle or Sarah (the characters from Star Ocean The Last Hope in case you forgot :awesome:) , who would you choose and why? Are you ever going to give Borderlands 2 a try? No What about XCOM Enemy Unknown? I am getting to it If you could only save one of the Trinity of Green, who would you choose and why? You either save them all...or you save none...the trinity can't be split up. Besides I had to save all their stupid asses took me like 700 hours to do (click the link to see the super huge freaking plot twist that no one saw coming) What is your favourite Tarantino movie? Easy answer is Pulp Fiction but I just rewatched Jackie Brown a couple of weeks ago and that movie is largely underrated as a masterpiece. Have you seen Guy Maddin’s “docu-fantasia” My Winnipeg - and if so, what did you think of it? Do you have to ask? Actually not only have I seen it (and own it) but George Toles (who was a co-writer on the movie) was my film teacher in University of Manitoba. Honestly it is a great film and I recommend it to everyone. The mattresses in the backlanes is a particularly funny part to me as it is so true. If you rate your life from bronze - platinum, what would you give it? Well I am going to go for as I have kept to the shadows for too long not really letting myself be known to the world. I need to have more confidence in myself and actually let who I am out Do you have pets? If so, what pets and what are their names? Sadly I am highly allergic to cats so I don't have one at the moment When I first moved into my house a friend at work gave me a cat she found in her barn (that was starving to death) I took her in for 3 weeks but I just couldn't breathe in my own home. She is living happily with my friend though so don't worry there. Growing up I had (at once) 3 cats (Scampy, Squirty and Tabby), 3 dogs (Chico, Pepper and Denver) and a turtle named Donatello. Do you think Luigi is destined to be under Mario's shadow forever or he will take over the series at some point in the future? If he was secretly plotting revenge against his brother for always being number 2, what do you think he could possibly do? Luigi knows his place. He is the younger brother that kneels in the shadows but one day he will rise stretch his legs but then continue to kneel in the shadows. Who is your all-time favorite wrestler? It better be a good one or YOU'RE FAAAAARRRRR!!! Well hopefully I won't get fired but growing up my favourite wrestler was always Kurt Angle. I know as a Canadian that is the wrong answer but as a kid I really just took to him as he was both funny and a complete bad ass. He could play a great villain as well as a conquering babyface. He really was one of the greatest of all time. Doc, have you ever seen a Mountie? And are they as funny as everyone says? And do they ride horses? I have been present for the changing of the guards in front of Parliament in Ottawa so yes I have seen many Mounties and some were on horses. They were also in full uniform as well . I don't know how funny they were because it was a ceremony...but I am sure a few are pretty funny. And Thank You @Dr_Mayus for being a interviewee in the PSNP Interviews series. The next interviewee will be revealed soon. People who asked questions: @Parker or @BlindMango can this be moved to the Member Interviews section of the forum?
  3. It's nice that they finally doing it after people have been asking for it for years. and even if some kind of error happens at least they're letting you reset the your name for free.
  4. Backwards Compatibility with digital PS3 and PS4 games is all I ask. PS1 and PS2 Backwards Compatibility doesn't matter to me. Backwards Compatibility with digital vita games would be cool, but highly unlikely.
  5. And canceled because it was leaked way to early.
  6. Hello again PSNP community. Now is the time to reveal the interviewee for a PSNP Interview. The next interviewee will be @Dr_Mayus!!!!!!!!!! You may be asking, who is this person? Well, that why we are Interviewing them, to find out who they are. Standard Operation The standard operation for all PSNP interviews will be as followed: After the new interviewee has been revealed, the PSNP community will have 2 week to ask their questions. After those weeks is over, those question along with the 16 stock question will be sent to the interviewee. The interviewee will have 2 weeks to answer as many of the questions as they want. Once the interviewee has finished answering the question I will post the whole Interview in a new thread. How to be a Interviewee If anyone wants to be interviewed all they have to do is PM me saying that they want to be interviewed. After that PM that member will be added to the list of potential interviewee. List of questions Stock Questions How did you come up with your PSN name? What games convinced you get your PlayStation 3, Playstation Vita, and PlayStation 4? What are your top 5 game series and why? What are your top 5 games and why? Do you have any other hobbies outside of gaming? Top 5 TV shows, Movies, and/or anime, why, and would you recommend them to people? Top 5 favorite music bands/group/artist? Your favorite platinum? Your least favorite platinum? Have you ever been tempted to switch over to the Xbox/Nintendo/PC gaming ecosystems? If you could have one game from any gaming generation be remade or re-released what would it be? How far are you willing to go for a platinum? What feature (besides backwards compatibility) do you think the next console generation should have? What is your favorite thing about PSNP? What is your least favorite thing about PSNP? Is there anyone in the PSNP Community you would like to give a shout out too and if so why? PSNP Community Questions The posts below are the current list of question from the PSNP community. Question can be asked starting now until October 14th, 2018 at UTC 00:00.
  7. Jump Force has create a character. So if you want to make a Gender Swapped Luffy you can.
  8. Soul Sacrifice Delta is a great game and is still well worth getting and playing even now. The online trophies in Soul Sacrifice and Soul Sacrifice Delta can be obtain solo in ad-hoc mode so the situation you are talking about is not a problem for the Soul Sacrifice games.
  9. "Whales" (people spend what is perceived as high amount of money on microtransactions) have been a known factor in f2p games for like a decade now. One thing that most people like to forget that about the average "Whale" is that they have more disposable income than your average consumer. Because of this higher amount of disposable income it's difficult for people to understand that Whales normally spend percentage-wise the same amount as anyone on microtransactions. For example someone who makes a $500,000 a year vs someone who makes $50,000 a year. If they both spent on 1% of their yearly income on microtransactions it would look like this: 1% of $500,000 = $5000 1% of $50,000 = $500 Now to some people both of those amounts would seem ridiculous to spend on microtransactions, but that kind of the whole point of disposable income and luxury items such as gaming. Now if both of these people spent all their money on the same game for microtransactions there is a high chance that the $500,000 will have a bigger advantage over the $500 guy and people who don't spend any money, but if that's how he wants to spend 1% of his income to do that, it's fine. Why because it didn't hurt him financially to do so. The guy in that article admitted that it did not hurt him financially to do what he did. Meaning he is somewhere closer to the $500,000 guy than the $50,000 guy. Because of this we can assume he probably didn't spend more than 5-10% of his income on microtransactions over those two years. Because of this, it makes him a poor example for the lootbox debate. The reason he is a poor example is because, the core of the debate is that lootboxes are ruining people's lives by tricking them into spending a majority of their money on loot boxes. Which would put them in a bad place financially, which would lead to other things. However, because he admitted it did not put him in a bad place financially it means this article doesn't have anything to do with the debate and it's just the article to freak people out over the perceived large amount of money. Do "whales" like this guy help my microtransactions become more prevalent? Not really, because they are already known factor. It has been known for a while now that if you're going to make a game with microtransactions you have to play a delicate balancing act of keeping both your "whales" and your normal players happy. Last year EA did a very bad job of that balancing act with Battlefront 2 and caused a ripple effect in the gaming industry. I could go deeper into this topic, but that's not what this thread is about.
  10. The leaderboard situation is weird. There were talks of someone making a new one that was more automated but it never happened. I think that one got locked because of vandalism (can't think of a better word), and the 2.0 leaderboard ran out of space. The leaderboard is what kept people super interested in PP, but maintenance of the leaderboard was kind of a hassle.
  11. @xZoneHunter owns that one.
  12. Hello and welcome to PSNP Interviews. Today's interviewee is @Maxie Mouse Stock Questions How did you come up with your PSN name? As far as I remember, the first time ever I’ve played online multiplayer was on Burnout 3: Takedown, on PS2. At the moment I created my EA account, I haven’t gotten deeper to find a username: Max654. But what does it mean? ‘Max’ is the short name everyone always gave me, the ‘654’ are the digits of my first email address I’ve ever had. Ever since, I adopted this nickname and carried it over PSN when I received my PS3 on Christmas 2007. Unfortunately, this name preference would last short. A few years later, when creating my first DeviantArt account, I added a ‘L’ letter between ‘Max’ and ‘654’, which made Maxl654 and I used it all across the internet. Then, in 2016, upon creating my Battle.Net account for Overwatch, I chose another nickname and I since adopted it everywhere. And yes, I’m one of those who desperately want the PSN ID change feature to come. I surely had to think twice before I chose this name. Until the feature is yet to come, I accepted to live with the nickname I’ve chosen 10 years ago. What games convinced you get your PlayStation 3, Playstation Vita, and PlayStation 4? I was a PlayStation fan since the original PS, so I would have gotten every Sony console no matter what. For the PlayStation 3, Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction, Motorstorm, Assassin’s Creed, Unreal Tournament 3 and Burnout Paradise were those games that made me want a PS3. For the PlayStation Vita, I wanted Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048, Super Stardust Delta and Gravity Rush. The games that brought me to have a PlayStation 4 were inFamous Second Son, Killzone Shadow Fall, Assassin’s Creed 4, Resogun and many others. What are your top 5 game series and why? Here are my favorite game series: Metal Gear - This series was a revelation to me when I was interested to Metal Gear Solid 4, so I decided to get my hands on the previous games before MGS4 came out. I couldn’t believe that such games could have a very complex, yet extremely interesting lore when you pay attention. It has insanely long but great cutscenes. The directing touch of Hideo Kojima makes this series a such unique experience: 4th wall and ridiculous moments, amazing directed cutscenes. The stealth gameplay is damn great, I cannot add more about it. In short, any gamer should give this series a try (except Metal Gear Survive). Ratchet & Clank - This series is completely amazing. I absolutely love the cartoonish characters and the humour in it, which is a signature of this series. What would it be Ratchet & Clank without the over-the-top arsenal you can get in all games? From the Morph-O-Ray transforming enemies into sheep, to Mr. Zurkon as bodyguard and its cheesy lines. You can also add the Groovitron and the R.Y.N.O. It’s always a satisfaction to see how destructive those ridiculous weapons can be. The series is filled of diverse planets to discover and delightful soundtrack. I can never get tired when a new game comes out! Burnout - Probably the best racing series out there. Burnout 3: Takedown was absolutely amazing when I played. In each game since Burnout 3, it’s pure satisfaction of bumping opponent cars and make them crash in various ways. Not only that, there’s the fun Crash mode just to see the biggest traffic destruction we can do. All the Burnout games are rewarding from beginning to end if you’re willing to complete everything. l cannot talk about the series without the soundtrack, oh gosh, the games have a great selection of licensed songs in them! Assassin’s Creed - Assassin’s Creed is still a series that I can appreciate for what it delivers a few years ago, but I sadly lost interest after Unity, I played a little on Syndicate and I haven’t gotten my hands on Origins. Consider my appreciation for the series before Syndicate. I love the exploration and the stealth element in those games. I like that you explore through different historical eras. The storyline mixes between historical events and fictions. From the first games, there is this mystery around those advanced tech relics that we want to know more about them, we want to learn more about the First Civilization people and their motives. The series gives us an endless ideological war: Assassins for freedom, and the Templars for order. Assassin’s Creed 3 was a great game after two ‘sub-sequels’, but it’s just sad that the modern time storyline at the end got screwed over, I expected a final conclusion of the franchise. Despite this, the series has its share of great and underwhelming games. I still like the series for the presentation and the various eras we explore. Rayman - I love this series for the cartoonish style and its particular and silly humour, especially in Rayman 3. Rayman 2 has marked me so much in my childhood, everything was so amazing in this game, it’s easily one of my favorite games of all time! I was enraged when Rayman felt in the shadow and the Rabbits took the spotlight. 5 years later, we’ve finally got a comeback with Rayman Origins and Legends, two absolute masterpieces! Extra series to mention: BioShock, Crash Bandicoot, Deus Ex, Doom, God of War, Gravity Rush, inFamous, Killzone, LittleBigPlanet, Super Mario Bros., Prince of Persia, Sonic the Hedgehog, Spyro the Dragon, Super Smash Bros., The Last of Us, Trackmania, Trine, Uncharted, Wipeout, Wolfenstein. Do you have any other hobbies outside of gaming? I surely do! I like configuring and fixing computers. I have a diploma in IT but I have yet no job related to this domain. I hope that there is an IT job around here someday. My biggest passion is, of course, drawing. You only need to visit my profile to see my own created pictures. I always loved it and I always dreamed of becoming a comic artist, later an animator, then both recently. I wish to find, somehow, ways so I bring people to follow me and appreciate what I create. I have plenty of things that I want to do but I can’t manage to make my priorities straight. Top 5 TV shows, Movies, and/or anime, why, and would you recommend them to people? I don’t watch that much movies and I barely watch TV shows, and it happens so rarely that a movie would become in my top favourites. Once again, I don’t have a proper top 5. But I’ll give you a list of my favorite pieces of entertainment: An American Tail (1986): Simply my favorite movie of all time, period. This is a heartwarming animated film. This movie is directed by one of the legendary animators of all time: Don Bluth. An American Tail illustrates mice escaping from cats persecution in their homeland and immigrating to USA, in the end 19th century. Here you have amazing animation, charming characters and wonderful soundtrack. You’d crack for the protagonist, Fievel, for how adorable he is! If you like animations, you must watch this movie! This movie has been my greatest inspiration for my drawing. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010) - This is probably one of the best movies if you’re lover of pop culture and gaming. Scott Pilgrim is filled of pop culture, but the movie presents it in a subtle and organic way that it doesn’t feel annoying. I like the plot in this movie, it’s all presented like a fighting game, in which Scott must battle the seven evil exes of his newest girlfriend Ramona. Add to this that it has goofy humour and characters. This is a movie I recommend to you guys. Wreck-It Ralph (2012) - This is probably the best movie based on video games ever. I cannot stop thinking how great animation was in this movie, while keeping all the aesthetic and vibe from retro arcade games. There is a few references and cameos from games too, all while focusing on the original game worlds and characters. I also got attached to Vanellope and her backstory, and how Ralph try to do everything to be a good guy. You love video games? You’ll love it. The Secret of NIMH (1982) - Don Bluth’s first featured animated film he directed. This animated film is a MUST watch, you’ll undoubtedly love it! It was one of the few animated films that had a dark and mature tone and subjects at that time. We have here impressive animation and a protagonist that we get to love, Mrs. Brisby: An ordinary mouse with a red cap but with a strong heart. Her character development makes her interesting: A polite yet insecure, scared, a widow mother of four children, desperate of protecting her family from an imminent threat. But later, she becomes brave and would sacrifice herself in order to protect her children. The Land Before Time (1988) - Yep, another Don Bluth animated film. It features five young dinosaurs migrating and finding their way to the Great Valley. This movie is heartwarming and impressively animated and the soundtrack is wonderful. The movie quickly sets its dark atmosphere, where danger is around the corner. Top 5 favorite music bands/group/artist? Don Bluth - This animator has always been an inspiration to my drawing skills. I grew up with all his movies. He directed some of the greatest animated movies of all time: The Secret of NIMH, An American Tail, The Land Before Time, All Dogs Go to Heaven or even Anastasia. I absolutely wish to learn his knowledge and to reach his skills! I even once had the opportunity of contacting him via email and I even got offered to get my An American Tail poster autographed. This moment was one of the greatest of my life! Yanni - A New Age music composer. He’s probably my favorite music composer ever. While I like many music genre, he’s above everything. I grew up with his music and it still marked me to this day. It’s like my soul escape away and travels to a wonderful world while listening to his music. Hybrid - Probably my favorite electronic music group. I cannot much describe how its music is, but I can say after listening to their various pieces, this group delivers unique pieces of music. My favorite pieces are when they combine instrumental with their own touch of electronic composition. They’ve made amazing albums such as Morning Sci-Fi and I Choose Noise. They even composed the soundtrack for Driveclub. I salute them for the music they deliver to us! Sabaton - Without doubt the most badass metal band I know on this world. They manage to make their songs about historical wars so epic and powerful! Almost all of their albums are amazing, such as Carolus Rex, Heroes, The Art of War or The Last Stand. Richard Williams - This artist has so many interesting stuff to know about his style. He animated for many animation films, but he was widely known for Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and his cursed movie The Thief and the Cobbler that could have been his lifetime masterpiece (before it was butchered without his involvement). I lately read his book The Animator’s Survival Kit to start learning animation and I must admit that it’s useful and hilarious to read through. I must admit that he may shape my animation skill, even though I want to learn from Don Bluth more than anyone else, but hey, better being inspired by more people than one, right? Your favorite platinum? Without any doubt, it’s Trackmania Turbo. This platinum means a lot to me because I’ve been addicted to Trackmania Nations and Trackmania United during a few years. I could suck in entire summers on my PC, playing only this game and competing against players online. After all those years of experience at Trackmania, I was excited to finally see the series on PlayStation, I could finally get the platinum trophy I deserved! After trials and errors of this challenging game, I’ve finally got the ultimate reward after many years of Trackmania I sucked into! I can finally show-off my passion and skills for Trackmania! Am I allowed to talk about another platinum trophy I’m proud as closely much as Trackmania Turbo? Overwatch’s platinum trophy can be close in terms of pride. I absolutely loved this game on my PC that I couldn’t resist to get the PS4 version, for the trophies. I was really hesitant of starting it due to the infamous difficult achievements, but once I’ve got my first trophy, there was no turning back! Overwatch reignited the great satisfaction of earning trophies I haven’t felt for years. Every trophy earned was pure satisfaction! I was impressed that I could manage of earning all trophies 100% legit, no boosting to this very day. I’ll keep earning all future trophies legitimately because I want to keep my pride, I’d feel terrible if I boost even one trophy. Your least platinum trophy? Oh boy... sigh... Little Deviants. I received it as a bundle with my Vita at launch and it looked like a casual game aimed for kids and the Platinum trophy looked easy. Oh gosh, I was completely wrong! First off, the game used the Vita features as a show-off to Vita potentials, which was nice. Unfortunately, the controls were so butchered and inaccurate in many mini-games. You add salt to the injury that almost all games required near perfect scores. Even some required a perfect run, for god's sake! How can you explain me that a kid is capable to earn all gold medals in the game?! To make the matter even worse, the online servers turned very glitchy which makes you not seeing your friends in the game leaderboard so you can't challenge them and earn the remaining online trophy! This is the worst part of this damn Platinum! I had to find a suitable stranger online who was gentle enough to help me for the online trophies... I waited 4 years for finding the right person and being able to earn this damn trophy because of stupid buggy server! This game isn't challenging, it's pure frustration! You'll enjoy so much to see online trophies that become more and more impossible to earn by the time going and frustrating mini-games requiring near perfect run with terrible controls! I warn you: Do NOT PLAY this game! Don't buy it, don't borrow it, don't start it! You'll regret it before it's too late! Have you ever been tempted to switch over to the Xbox/Nintendo/PC gaming ecosystems? I was a Nintendo fan as early I could handle a controller. I also had a Sega Genesis for a time, where I grew up with Sonic franchise. In the end 90s, I had my PlayStation and this where I discovered Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Twisted Metal, Wipeout, Tomb Raider and other great games. From there, I coexisted with Nintendo and PlayStation consoles: Nintendo 64 and PlayStation, GameCube and PS2, the Wii and the PS3. I played a ton of PC games as well, I played a lot of Unreal Tournament, Need for Speed series, Trackmania and others. Sadly, the Wii became the console that killed my fire for Nintendo due to the terrible gamick controller and the majority of rushed, casual and aweful games in the Wii catalog (only games by Nintendo were good). Ever since, I sticked with PlayStation exclusively, either first or third party games. I tried to play more games on PC when I purchased my first built PC in 2011 so I can play this year’s latest games with amazing graphics and beyond. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long until I jumped back to PlayStation consoles, and I ever since stick to PlayStation when I take the time for gaming. I can’t deny that Trophies have a huge influence on my system preference, same for PlayStation exclusive games that are among the best games ever. If you could have one game from any gaming generation be remade or re-released what would it be? If I could, I’d definitely re-release Burnout 3: Takedown in HD remaster, because this is one of the best racing games ever made! I’d even remaster all five Burnout games released on PS2! While the Burnout franchise has recently been revived with Paradise Remaster, I hope that those sales would encourage EA to give the task to a studio of remastering all Burnout games! How far are you willing to go for a platinum? I think I’m like everybody else, I would go for a platinum until I’m tired of a game and I don’t find it fun anymore. Hours long grinds turn me off of a game the most cases, I easily refuse to play a game that would take me over 100 hours to platinum. Difficulty is rarely a concern to me, since I can overcome it. What feature (besides backwards compatibility) do you think the next console generation should have? Better Cross-Play on third-party games. At this point, Sony would probably give up to the community’s pressure and let the cross-play happening with Xbox and Nintendo. What is your favorite thing about PSNP? The fact that you can easily find people for boosting online trophies, or even working together for coop trophies. There is no other website or community I know as huge as PSNP for finding suitable players for trophies. You get this feeling that you can trust everyone on this website since they all share the same goals, thus you meet serious and dedicated players. Is there anyone in the PSNP Community you would like to give a shout out too and if so why? I’d definitely give a shout at @BlindMango for his amazing job on helping out with trophy guides. He helped many times on checking if there were people making guide for specific games, and on finding people for collaborating with guides. He even helped me by pointing out my grammar mistakes when I made trophy guides. Thank you, man! Community questions Favourite food? My ever favorite meal is a libanaise one, the Shish Taouk, but I usually call it ‘Amir’ due to the restaurant’s name I always order this meal from. I always order this meal like this: it consists of marinated and grilled chicken and beef, then served with tasty marinated French fries, vegetables and rice. It’s also served with an amazing garlic sauce and pita bread, and a few green hot peppers. Simply the best! Who are your top 5/10 favourite rodent characters? (I think we all know #1) Haha, I think that it’s no more secret at this point! Yes, I like fictional rodents a lot, mostly mice. I have not, properly speaking, a top 5. A lot of my favorite characters are based on animations. Here are my favorite 5 rodent characters: Fievel Mousekewitz (An American Tail) Mrs. Brisby (The Secret of NIMH) Quill (Moss (PSVR)) Matthias (Redwall (TV series)) Eckhart (Eckhart (TV Series)) What are your top 5 PSVR games? I haven’t bought PSVR games for a long time, so sorry if my top 5 looks like old. Here is my top 5 PSVR games so far: Moss - My absolute favorite VR game, it was literally THE game I wished for PSVR! The graphics are amazing, the soundtrack is wonderful, the mouse protagonist Quill is so cute. The immersion in the VR headset makes this game such special. This is simply the best VR experience! The only minus is that it takes 5 hours to finish it, but every second is worth to play this gem. This game is a MUST for anyone who owns a PSVR, Oculus Rift or HTC Vive! I hope this game stays VR exclusive, because it would be downright criminal to remove it, the VR makes it all! Battlezone - This game is great for what it delivers with its retro-like graphics, sounds and music. This game makes you truly feel that you’re inside a tank. It’s also a challenging Rogue-like game at its core. I highly recommend of playing it with a group, the team tactical aspect in the game is its biggest straight. Even though the VR is no more required to play the game via the latest update, I recommend to play with the PSVR for a better experience! Just be warned that the platinum trophy is extremely ultra rare due to its immense grind on one single trophy, expect to play for 250+ hours until the last trophy pops up. Aside the ridiculous platinum grind, the game is worth playing for short playthroughs with a team of players. Eagle Flight - Another great immersive VR title. In this one, you incarnate an eagle and you fly around a post-apocalyptic Paris. You feel the sensation of flying and speed during the entire Story mode. Sadly, the Story mode is short to finish and the multiplayer has only one mode and it’s empty of players, reducing the value for the content. Despite those minuses, you have here a challenging game if you want to 100% the Story mode. You can also boost online trophies by being only two players, it will take you a tolerable amount of hours for finishing them. Driveclub VR - It’s simply Driveclub but in VR. I know, but the fact that you’re inside the car and that you feel how fast you go makes it all. For the first time in gaming, I played entirely in cockpit view thanks to the magic of VR, I could perceive depth and knew when to take turns. Gladly I was one of those who didn’t feel motion sickness while playing this game. Job Simulator - A very easy platinum to get, but a silly, funny game to try! In this game, you have to experience five different jobs while going crazy and improvise. You can disrespect the robots and throw stuff at them for example, or creating the most craziest sandwich you can think of! This game is made so you can go wild while doing a ‘job’. What changes to the trophy system would you like to see on the PS5? There is a few things I’d like to see to the trophy system on PS5: A built-in progression tracking, from which you can track your progression (e.g. 300/1000 kills) on trophies. Putting an end to all platinum/100% stacks for PS5 games and beyond. Each game is united into one single trophy list for all regions and versions. By doing so, we have a more organized and cleaner library of trophy lists across PSN. Nobody should feel forced of buying the same game multiple times in order to complete their trophy collection. This is my personal opinion, I should recall. Rewards for collecting trophies, like discounts on games, clothes for “PSN avatar”, exclusive themes and avatar and more. You know, something to reward those who dedicate themselves on earning trophies. I know there is Sony Rewards but this is only for US accounts, so this is completely unfair for anyone else outside USA! Deleting undesirable trophy lists with more than 0% completion. Stopping the automatic trophy syncing in the background when connected to PSN, as we witness on PS4. If you got deported from Canada, what country wood you move to? This is impossible, since I’m a born Canadian citizen, so I don’t see how on Earth I can get deported from my homeland. If it ever occurs (which is 0.0000001% of chance), I would move to Sweden. What would it take to convince you to plat all 6 InkSplosion stacks? Only money can convince me to platinum all 6 stacks of this game. Unless people are willing to give me PSN cash card for every region other than NA, I would do it! Are you jealous of Mickey Mouse? He’s like the world’s most popular mouse. Why would I be jealous? As the kid I was, I loved Mickey a lot during my early ages. There’s no doubt that Mickey was the cause of my passion for fictional mice. Do you like bacon? This is an unusual question. Yes, I do like bacon. I like bacon with Palt (Swedish meal), bacon with eggs, bacon in pie, and so on. What's your most anticipated upcoming game? Does Spyro Reignited Trilogy count? I mean, it’s a remake of a trilogy of games I played and liked during my childhood. But recently, there is this “1/3 of the trilogy on disc” debacle and I refused to place my pre-order. Thankfully, the trilogy was delayed and we hope that all games are finally on the disc. I’ll wait until the first owners show that all three games are on disc or not. Thank you Activision for trying to screw your customers over! Aside this trilogy remake, I’d easily say that The Last of Us Part 2 is the upcoming game I’m excited the most. I can’t wait to see how Naughty Dog will wow us with engaging gameplay, amazing graphics and good-written story. Out of Mickey Mouse, Jerry (from Tom & Jerry), and Speedy Gonzales, which one is your favourite and why? I think I’ve already responded to another question, but I don’t mind saying it again. My favorite mouse of all is, of course, Fievel Mousekewitz from An American Tail. This mouse is simply my favorite character ever, period! He’s absolutely adorable in his big shirt and big hat, I love so much his clothes design. I can describe him as curious, intrepid, dreamful, hopeful and imaginative. His name is such unique, as being identified as Russian-Jewish. I guess I cannot express enough how I like this character and how he has been an inspiration to my drafting. Thank you again @Maxie Mouse for being a interviewee in the PSNP Interviews series. The next interviewee will be revealed soon. People who asked questions:
  13. One thing to note about that case is that that guy had that much disposable income anyway. In that interview he even said while it was shocking he spent that much in 2-3 years, it's not like it hurt him or his family to do so. A article about it.
  14. An good way to get an idea of why the merger happened would be to look up the public financial records of vivendi, Activision, and blizzard. Two or three years before and after the merger. So like 2005 to 2010. If I remember correctly back then Activision was close to going out of business and blizzard had already been bought by the vivendi for the same reason.