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  1. TLoUP2 is one of the best selling games on ps4, but I never got around to playing it. Before I jump in I was wondering how fun is the plat? Are there road blocks or is a a mostly smooth ride to the plat?
  2. Been a while since I looked at Project Platinum. Who is in charge of what nowadays? If the idea of trying to get Project Platinum back up and running there are a few things that should be done. Wipe all threads. Get rid of all Mixed bag threads and make it where threads are only based on franchises. Make it where their are only 2 badge per thread, 1 for earning a platinum for the franchise and 1 for earning the plat for every game in the Franchise. Get rid of any and all leaderboards. Make it were games can be in multiple threads. Just keep things fun and casual. Lower the unique game rule to 3 games,
  3. Nah, I have a PC that can play the few games that are only on Xbox. So I just pay for a month of PC game pass and try the game out.
  4. Here is an award for the winners: @Danny_Johansen @Warpedsavior @Yuichiro-Akuhei @Darkette and @TheHarryGamer99 For Everyone Else, here is your participation badge. As for the money awards, that got nothing to do with me.
  5. Hundred Rending Fists is a chargeable move. If you hold the button down the character will delay the move for more damage. So for the free 100+ combo you do not want to charge the move. That's why I said "You can easily combo into Hundred Rending Fists with a , , starter and then use a uncharged Hundred Rending Fists."
  6. That's Mister UnSoulwavertaker655gray to you sir.
  7. Yo everyone, long time no talk. Is there room for me to return next season?
    1. kindajustin


      A link to a website I've never used and has never been referenced on this site before...

      Sure, I'll click on that without any description or context

  8. Sony's debt to equity ratio is around 0.8 were any number lower than 1 being seen as good. Sony is managing their debt pretty well, but trying to acquire a whole other company, which would mean dealing with any debts or contracts that company has, is a big move to make when you can't cover all of your current debts. I didn't say they can't do anything, I just said they don't have the money to make any big acquisitions like Microsoft. There are tons of other things they can do to "counter" Microsoft. Honestly the whole Activision things feels more like Activision approached Microsoft with the offer and Microsoft just decided to take it. Because outside of their mobile stuff and Warzone, almost everything that made Activision big was on the downturn. Combine that with all the lawsuit and bad press stuff, it was going to take a long time for Activision to recover. Microsoft was one of the few adjacent companies that could afford to buy them outright without much of a issue. Anyway Sony will be fine, for them a better move would be to spend like 500 million to make a few new in house studios instead of spending billions on a bunch of IPs, debts, and contracts. Also, the only reason Microsoft doesn't just buy Sony is because of anti-trust law in each country. That just how much money Microsoft has.
  9. Sony doesn't have the money to really buy any company. In June of 2021 Sony had around 300 billion dollars of debt that they could not pay off even with the cash on hand that they had. While Microsoft had so much cash that they could cover their debts and have around 70 billion dollars left over. However, if Sony wanted to buy a JP game companies without taking on to much extra debt, Sega would be the cheapest at around 3.6 billion dollars.
  10. Game has a decent concept but a terrible story. The trophies are exactly the type that fit this type of game. Once the guide are out it will be a 2-3 hour plat. I would wait for a $10 sale or for it to hit ps+ or psnow in a few years.
  11. Team Chaos: Here to Lose @xZoneHunter @Tearbaer @Lucas @DamagingRob @Wavergray - PSN UnwaveringSoul_ Representative: @Wavergray
  12. 2 for Battle Royal and 4 for Team Death Matches The Multiplayer Medals that are needed for a few trophies are easier to get from boosting. Yes, but it's mostly full of people who really know how to play the game so you will lose most of your matches in Battle Royal and and more than half in Team Death Matches.
  13. I'm going to be pretty busy for the foreseeable future so I'm just going to retire at the end of this season. It's been fun everyone.