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  1. Crossplay just keeps online games alive longer and lets people play with their friends no matter what they play on. Talks of PC advantage over consoles doesn't matter much IMO.
  2. Wait are you saying PS+ doesn't do this for online? Because you only need one Plus account on a console to give the other users on that console online MP access.
  3. Don't fall for PR/investor numbers dude. They always leave out important factors to make things look good.10 million Game Pass subs isn't hard when it's sold for $1 all the time. Even I picked it the PC game pass for $1 last year to try out the outer worlds. 90 million Xbox Live users seems really good, until you realize that equals almost the entirety of Xbox 360s and Xbox One sold up until now. Which means they count everyone not just Gold subs. If we go by those kind of numbers PS has almost 200 million users. Also bait topic is bait.
  4. @theshywaterguy nice match, you were the only person to put up any kind of fight this season and you beat me both times.
  5. If you can get a boosting partner or self boost with 2 ps4s, it's a 3/10 and takes about 40-60 hours if you just skip all of the story cutscenes. Without a way to boost it's a 5/10 due to how frustrating it can be play against real people. There is a lot of cheesy stuff that can be done in this game and that is all you will fight online. The free missions are more or less the same as xenoverse (Beat X team with X handicap, in X amount of time or with X amount of HP left.) As I said in another thread you can easily deal with the A.I with the following:
  6. The only mobile games worth playing are the ones where you can get payed like $10-$15 to play them for a week.
  7. The game is basically J-Stars mixed with DB Xenoverse when it comes to platinum stoppers. The tedium that comes from doing the free missions grind, the online trophies, and just the over all mehness of the game keep most from even bothering to platinum the game. Also "big" anime games always have a bloated number of players due to the fans of the related to anime buying the game. Also the DLC characters don't really help with anything. Only get them if you want them or their related cac moves/costumes.
  8. I made a school with some of the harder to find moves in it. School code #52283
  9. Here you go.
  10. I'm at level 4 or 5 (whichever the jail is) and the game is really meh. So far it screams of wasted potential. Like the combat is pretty good, but the game throws so many enemies at you and they do so much damage that I was forced to max out health as soon as I could. However, I still have to use health mods because you get hit twice and you are down to 10% health. Also it feels like you don't do enough damage for how many enemies are around. Most of the environments are way too dark and make it hard to see things at times. When you combine that with the stream of enemies it really makes the game start to feel unnecessarily difficult at times. It's really disappointing, because i'd heard great things about the game.
  11. I would still like to be in this. Also imo we should keep the UR trophies stuff, if you want to remove stuff get rid of psn level or games completed.
  12. Can't crunch with corona going around.
  13. Regardless of whether the PS5 will have PS3, PS2, and ect backwards compatibility or not, there will be PS5 remakes of games from the older gens, because it's easy money. With that in mind what games would you like to see remade on PS5? I would like to see: The OG Mass Effect trilogy The FF13 trilogy Soul Sacrifice Delta Freedom Wars The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky trilogy
  14. Instant gaming. At this point graphics are good. Performance is what we need now. Who cares about 4K-8K graphics if it takes 2+ minutes to load them and the only run at 30fps. 1080/60fps with no loading needs to be the standard for all games before we worry about 2K gaming let alone 8K.
  15. As long as the hunter is having fun, their profile is good.