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  1. Just because you wear a anime character skin does not mean I will let you get away with bad gameplay you damn vtubers.

  2. Going to say PS5 will be $399.99 and $349.99
  3. So I know you can use the Shard of Heroes to respect into a different magic class, so with that in mind is it possible to make a save before the Rune of Adyr choice, change your class and get the 3 endings and class trophies without 3 full playthroughs?
  4. A blackhole will not stop a gundam. Learn the lore!!!!
  5. @Dead Weight The Gundam is powered by the sun. I'll just store the energy for next time. Now to hit the Gundam cafe for a nice cup of coffee.
  6. Risk of Rain 2 for half off is a pretty good deal. The 1.0 update will hit the PS4 version soon, but even without that update the game is great once you unlock the other characters.
  7. I would like to join. List of games: Persona 5 Sword art online: lost song Dynasty warriors Gundam 3 Final fantasy type-0 Travis strikes again: no more heroes Hellblade senua's sacrifice Uppers Nier Automata
  8. On one hand The Series X should play any game at launch better than a $600 "gaming" pc the General consumer could get their hands on. On the other hand no one like the idea of paying over $400~ for a "gaming" console.
  9. Here are the current standing going into the last week.
  10. So 4 playable character (maybe more), but only 2 player co-op? Seem like a disconnect in design philosophy. After seeing the game play it just feels like it should be a 4 player co-op game.
  11. My 200th plat is: Grand Kingdom
  12. I will keep my current account.
  13. That strange considering Dragon Marked for Death got a launch discount just a few weeks ago. Maybe the representative he talked to didn't want to go through the steps to do a discount.
  14. $25 is a steep risk to take on any game, and at this point i'm sure a lot of ps4 players have plenty of games to play so why take the risk? Now if it goes on sale for like $10, more people may take the risk. Also just to point out the game is on sale for $18.74 on Nintendo Switch. They released on ps4 and Switch at the same time.
  15. Should I be in a match vs Rik this soon? We just had a match in Fixture 1. Shouldn't the earliest that a rematch between us could happen be Fixture 6?