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  1. Finished ready player two and it's okay. While it is still full of references, the overall quality of writing has improved. While it is a funny meme to quote parts of his books out of context, it really is no worse than the majority of novels that are released each year. Outside of reference cringe most of the book is just a standard novel with a slightly trope filled story. Klein is also obviously an optimist because all three of his stories end on a feel good uptick and hope that humanity will improve in the future and stop focusing on escapism so much. If you liked to first book and haven't let the internet ruin it for you. You will most likely enjoy this book as well.
  2. I'm really enjoying it. It is making it really hard to care about my ps3 games. Also here is what I said in another thread. As for the cross save thing, it is something we need to figure out, but for both of the spider man games it should follow rule 1 and 2. 1. Once you have played a certain game, with the same title and the same base trophies, in one particular season, you cannot play that game on any other systems or any other versions such as the Japanese version again in the same season. Well, you can, but you won't get any points for it. Example: You play √Root Letter EU version on PS4 and get points for it; if you then play the Vita version in the same season, you won’t get any points for it. 2. If you cross-save a game, it won't grant you any points (Motorstorm RC, Sound Shapes, etc.) So as long as they don't cross save the games it should count. Just use the ps4 50th place time as the cut off point for both versions. Since you can't cross save the ps4 version.
  3. No not really. The game has been dead for awhile and the servers will be gone in like 2 months. Just play something else. Especially since you find it to be boring.
  4. Impressions of the first two chapters of Ready player Two. Ernest's writing is still the same. The references are not as bad as ready player one but it's still full of references to old stuff like Armada was. The story centers around a new riddle and the fact that sword art online headsets have been introduced into the ready player one world. For those who didn't know, in ready player one the interface for the Oasis did not let you touch, feel, smell, and taste the virtual world. These new headsets do. Saying anything else would be a spoiler
  5. Meh the game is fine. Plays like a Assassin's Creed game with Batman Arkham combat. The game really comes alive once you get the brand abilities.
  6. There is no 60fps mode, The game just runs at 60fps on PS5.
  7. My ps4 games run better than ever with Faster load times and Solid frame rate (60fps with no dips), Faster download speed, and somehow a better controller than the already great DS4.
  8. Don't worry, the PS5 is not some kind of limited time item. In a couple weeks/months those same people will have to sell all those extra PS5'S at normal price because people will just be able to go buy them at normal price elsewhere. People who try to resell things like video game consoles at a higher price really don't understand how supply and demand actually works.
  9. Hey, person upset about quick and easy games. First I hope you are having a nice day and a good times hunting trophies. 

    Second, how about we all take a step back and remember that outside of our small group, no one even cares about trophies.
    So why worry about what other people are playing? Does X person playing quick and easy games really impact your own enjoyment playing games?

    Also maybe take a step back and think about why you hunt trophies? Because it really can't just be about the numbers right? 

    Other people getting a bigger trophy number faster than you can, can't be the only reason quick and easy games upsets you right?

    1. Dead Weight

      Dead Weight

      Inb4 a new trophy group called "The Mayo Boys" gets created

  10. Yes and no. One thing I noticed is that the PS5 only downloads 1 thing at a time unlike the ps4. However, downloads still get "stuck" and have to be paused and unpaused for it to kick back up to speed.
  11. Because PS5 is backwards compatible with PS4 games, this time around the whole "cross-gen games" thing could a little weird. So I figured we could have a thread where people can report their experiences with any of these cross-gen games. This could be very useful for games that are cross-gen but don't have a free upgrade, like DMC5:SE, Spider-Man: Remastered, and Warhammer Chaosbane. However, still feel free to talk about game with a free upgrade as well.
  12. PS5 acquired. Directly from Sony. Free 2 day shipping for being a PS+ member.

  13. Not uncommon for a few defective units to pop up during launch. It happened with almost every other console launch. It's one of the cons of being an early adopter, but as long as you report it you will get it replaced so you won't lose your money.
  14. No. Whether you like it or not it, it is a Metal gear game.