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  1. With a CAC: ,,,,,,, then a ranged move or dash melee move can deal with most A.I. fights. For the ranged move I like Death Beam, it's fast (even at full charge) and has good range. For dash melee I like Shining Sword Attack or Meteor Combination For j skills use whatever you got that boost Attack or Ability power. Also level up, the higher your level the easier things get. Edit: Another thing that is important for S rank is max combo. An easy way to get a high is to use Hundred Rending Fists for a free 100+ combo. You can easily combo into Hundred Rending Fists with a , , starter and then use a uncharged Hundred Rending Fists.
  2. The game will be out on October 8th 2019!!!
  3. Why are we still talking about this? It's a great idea and should be already be implement.
  4. It will be interesting to see how this game sells on PS4 since it is one of the few Mystery Dungeon like game available on PS4. I believe only Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY! and Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics are the only other Mystery Dungeon games on PS4.
  5. Cross thread quote, but here you go.
  6. Okay if you want to go that route, you have to acknowledge that the images that are being censored are mostly of girls that look young and the people who make these games are known for playing the game of calling a girl who's in high school 18 when she's obviously younger than that. Look most know the age of consent in Japan is different than America. (even though each prefecture has different rules on what that age is) however, even if you say a random anime girl is 18, if she looks too young it's going to look creepy to some people. Also almost every country is intolerant to one thing or another. This has nothing to do with religion or whatever. It just comes down to the fact that people don't like things that are different from them. Anything that is different from what is considered normal will be faced with intolerance in one way or another.
  7. Here these should help. https://www.pricecharting.com/game/atari-2600/atari-2600-system https://www.pricecharting.com/game/nes/nintendo-nes-console
  8. Easy question what gaming websites do you go for for your gaming news? Also what gaming websites do you consider to be unreliable? I find almost every gaming new site to be unreliable garbage. The only one I can stand even looking at its Niche gamer and that's only for press releases. As soon as that site does an opinion piece or article that is outside of a press release, it also becomes garbage. I now turn to the PSNP community to talk about their favorite and most disliked video game related news sites.
  9. I got hired by following the advice in your sig.Thanks!!!

  10. Decent bundle, but I already own all those games.
  11. Sounds like a cool event. Sign me up.
  12. While a Global store sounds nice on paper, I bet the headache of legal problems such as store would cause, would just force the store to split up again. Even some games on steam are blocked regionally or have regionally restrictions. I'm just glad region-locking is 99.9% gone. The hassle of having to get an entirely new console just to play 1-2 imported games is something I don't wish on anyone.
  13. Multiplayer: no Boosting is fine. It's the same as if you were playing with a group of friends. Single player with trophies: no In-game exploits or glitches: fine. Single player without trophies: sure why not. Basically no cheating in stuff that can be considered competitive.
  14. Just got the plat after using this method, it works great. Basically untouchable through the whole game. Somethings of note: After you pop the level trophies and such you can redownload the latest patch, legendary all your skills, and use the skill book mod again to gain more levels if you want to get more perk points. After you get all the perk points you want, just do Step 2 of the guide. Afterwords you will still be able to pop trophies. While for some it won't really matter, use a unmoded save to get the unbound trophy before you use this method. It just looks weird to pop the first trophy in the game as one of the last trophies you get.