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  1. BIG opinions time.

    Is does psnp have a toxic community?

    No not really, but there is like 10-15 assholes who pop up in every thread to start nonsense. If you block them the site starts to seem a lot less toxic.

    Are EZ plats a problem?

    Only if you care about the overall leaderboard. Not sure why you would care about that thing soul crushing thing when there are better more fun ways to be competitive in the trophy hunting community. 


    That's the end of BIG opinions time.


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    2. AK-1138


      If a small minority do sometimes veer into toxicity, then we're a a mild case of the crabs in a world in which hostile alien micro-organisms regularly make your dick fall off, gain sentience and sprout teeth, and bite off whatever's left down there.

    3. jackgalligan1


      Wow a rational and well thought out take. Don’t see too many of those on the internet. Everything you said was correct 

    4. Yuzu Kichougasaki

      Yuzu Kichougasaki

      Not gonna deny it. PSNprofiles is full of toxicated people. You'll never know who'll you might run into. Easy plats is alright and I enjoyed it so far. No complaints here.

  2. It is a pretty good deal if you want to play a new game for like a month.
  3. Ah the weekly toxic psnp post about how toxic psnp is and how dare people play games the "wrong" way.
  4. Fuck that hacker for ruining things for others.
  5. Damn, once again a hacker ruins things for everyone. Considering how old the PlayStation 3 and Vita servers are I'm honestly surprised they were up as long as they were. I'm sure MM tried every option they could to keep those old servers up, but considering Sony themselves don't support anything older than PlayStation 4 anymore I'm sure there wasn't that much they could do for PS3 & Vita. I personally never liked any of the Little Big Planet games so this doesn't effect me at all, but still a pretty bad deal for those who still wanted to play those games online. Fuck that hacker.
  6. The Showcase was good. A 7/10. Would like to have seen more gameplay. Man, I have not seen bigotry this blatant in a long time. Are you really so scared of other types of people that you feel you need to blame them for everything wrong in your life? Or are you so blind that you don't realize how that picture makes you look? Either way what a sad state to see you in after all these years.
  7. I dropped the game a few months later and came back for the 2 year anniversary. While the games seems better now, it still has problems that will keep me from playing long term.
  8. Around 19 hours left in round 1. Here are the standing. Can @Panasbananas @Jello @Miles @Caquis_1 @xDevilizer @GTA_Darren or @jemmie turn things around? Or will they get taken out by @Ratchet2425 @Wdjat Prinny Doods @Berendsapje @Kent10201 @DoctorDisinfect @Beyondthegrave07 or @Dead Weight
  9. Are you sure about that? Are you sure her tone in Japanese is not a mocking and rude tone? Saying U long pause G long pause could be her mocking them by talking slowly? Again are you sure she's not mocking them in Japanese? In the first TWEWY game it was not uncommon for reapers to mock and belittle new players to the game. So you are saying that a few lines of dialogue from the start of the game has changed a character that has a whole game worth of dialogue that will be used to define her? Even the other screenshots in that thread show that she is pretty much mocking them even in Japanese You are missing the forest for the trees. Are you up of current Japanese teen slang? They would say sus because Among Us was popular everywhere. However, the more important issue is would the character structure his sentence that way? He's supposed to be a current time Japanese teenager right? So yeah he would say it that way and not the wooden devoid of personality way that forum translation has it. Even other screenshots in that forum thread show him to be pretty expressive and eccentric even with the forum Japanese translation. So saying things so plainly seems strange for his character. First this is a none story important NPC. Second are you sure the tone of the message has been changed? The forum translation it's again devoid of personality so it's unclear what tone the Japanese text is trying to put across. There's context missing such as what is the Japanese name of the character and what that supposedly tell the player what type of character they are due to frame of reference? What does it mean to tag something in Japan and what type of character does such a thing based on societal norms in Japan? But again this is a throwaway NPC with throwaway floating thoughts like you could see in the first game. So a no name NPC Reaper daydreaming about the girl reaper from earlier. Even with the devoid of personality forum translation, The tone in both the Japanese and English text is making a joke out of the no name reaper. In both version he is a throwaway character with throwaway lines used as a joke to show some of the no name reaper like the girl reaper. The same kind of jokes were in the first game. The English text also doesn't imply there in a relationship or anything like that. Just that he'll give her things if she wants them. but from the context of the universe we know that will never happen because he's a no name Reaper. Almost every other screenshot in the forum thread is the same way. A wooden translation devoid of personality that is read with no context. Again considering the first game was far more popular in America than in Japan, I struggle to see how anyone could argue that this isn't a faithful translation when this translation is very similar to the the first games translation. When said translation is part of what made the first game popular in the west.
  10. What makes you think it's not a faithful translation? A few screenshots that show one or two sentences in a game with a book worth of dialogue? A few screenshots that show the same type of dialogue that was in the first game? The dialogue that had a bunch of teenagers using slang terms? The fact that Japanese teenagers use slang terms just like every other teenager in the world? Unless when you say "faithful translations". You mean a super literal translation full of references you would never understand because you're not japanese? Because there is more than likely things in that japanese text that is untranslatable.
  11. Like @OmegaRejectz said, the game is a new IP, from a relatively unknown company (for the mainstream), with only okay marketing, on a console that has only sold 10 million units, in a relatively Niche genre (Bullet-hell + roguelike), and that was released at the new full price of $70. Considering only been out for like 3 months I feel 500,000 units sold is pretty good.
  12. Outside of the legal reasons they have to publish, them financial statements are mainly for investors. Investors use financial statements to judge whether they should continue to invest or start to invest into a company. Since the whole point of Sony Interactive Entertainment is be in charge of the Sony Group's Endeavors into the gaming industry. Of course they will have to show how well the first party products are doing. Since Last of Us 2 is a SIE first-party product they have to report how well it's doing to the investors to a point. Now Last of Us 2 was released in June 2020 which had it come out right in time for the 2020 Q1 financial statements. These statements showed that Last of Us 2 had sold 4 million units. However, these number have not been updated since then, which is strange because every other SIE first-party product besides bloodborn received an update to its sales numbers either one or two statements later regardless of milestones. While there are things that could or could not be implied by such a lack of updates to investors for over a whole financial year. Ultimately it's just something of note.
  13. Sony's 2021 Q1 Financial Statements are out and generally things seem to be going pretty good for the gaming branch even if things are slowing down. My Key takeaways: PS+ users are going down after the Covid boost, but still better that 2020 Q1 numbers. (46.3 million vs 45 million) Number of PSN users is down even when compared to 2020 Q1 numbers. (104 million vs 114 million) PS5 has sold 10 million units. They don't want to talk about The Last of Us Part II sales numbers. With no updated sales numbers since 2 days after release.(4 million units as of 6/21/2020) Miles Morales has sold 6.5 millions units as 7/18/2021 Returnal has sold 560,000 units as 7/18/2021 Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart has sold 1.1 millions units as 7/18/2021 Links to Financial Statements https://www.sony.com/en/SonyInfo/IR/library/presen/er/archive.html https://www.sony.com/en/SonyInfo/IR/library/presen/er/pdf/21q1_sony.pdf https://www.sony.com/en/SonyInfo/IR/library/presen/er/pdf/21q1_supplement.pdf
  14. Wow guys, five new full pages of replies to a topic I made over 2 years ago. So when are we going to get that Rarity leaderboard and the ribbon system?
  15. Because that's how Rockstar makes their games nowadays.