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  1. For the people out there saying silly stuff like Tifa got censored in the Final Fantasy 7 remake. Here you go.


    1. ruffedgz
    2. Sir_Bee


      if the only redeeming quality about a character is her revealing clothing, and you cry "CENSORSHIP" when that changes, you need to rethink your priorities in life ...  Also, are you really a fan at that point, or just a pervert?

  2. Was okay, but still has the problem of a gamified lightsaber. Even if it's a boss, is someone gets full body slashed with a lightsaber it should die.
  3. Didn't those games come out on the PS3? You know way before the censorship stuff became this "big thing." If you are going to call Sony out on a double standard or whatever at least use something on the PS4. Even better use something made in the last year or so.
  4. Congratulations @Beyondthegrave07 i'm sure you'll do a great job. @DaivRules I honestly didn't even know you were still active on this site. Welcome back and good luck.
  5. Different kind of publishing agreement. Destiny was made by Bungie more or less for Activision. (Also most of Destiny 1 & 2 problems are Bungie's fault not Activision's) Dauntless was like 85% done when they when looking for a publisher for PS4 and XB1. As far as the interviews show, they mainly went with Epic for easy cross-platform play since Epic already had the power to convince Sony to say okay. Dauntless has been in development since at least late 2016 and its art style and such had already been decided as seen below. Fortnite didn't become super popular, until late 2017-early 2018. The only thing it could have possibly influenced dauntless on was a pass style system for cosmetics instead of another style of system for the cosmetics. Also that wouldn't be unique to Dauntless in anyway, after fortnite showed that people are far more receptive to the "whatever" pass system, a lot of games picked it up.
  6. In my experience it takes 3-5 days, but lately he has been super busy working on "The Name Changing Update". So it is likely he has been putting other things aside to make sure that the site can handle PSN name changes as fast as possible.
  7. Not surprised it happened, since the people who worked on the localization team more or less said they would do so. I still find it sad that a nontroversy made by a bunch of woke leftist hipsters, who don't understand how the butterfly effect works in time travel, could influence a re-release of a 8 year old game. Rip Catherine 2, you will never see the light of day. Yet another victim of the current gaming landscape.
  8. No. Episode Ardyn is only playable on the latest patch.
  9. Old id: soultaker655 New id: wavergray
  10. Still works for me. Try doing a online mission and see if it works after that.
  11. While that cinematic looks cool, the gameplay itself looks kind of meh.
  12. If you want all the DLC trophies then yes to both questions.
  13. I tried using the PSXDownloadHelper Method and it didn't work. Skyrim would reach about 5GB into the download and then it would say can not download. Tried like 5 times and Skyrim just would not download. To make sure it wasn't my internet I tried to download Mercenary Kings and it worked fine. Edit: Got a disk copy and the exploit works, so unless there is another way to get the 1.00 version of the game this looks like a physical only exploit.