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  1. Why no $1 tier for the Patreon? Multiple people may be willing to kick you a dollar every once in awhile, but a $3 barrier to entry plus tax may be too much for some.

    1. YaoiGod


      Really? I didn't know. Patreon kinda suggested $3 that as the minimum. I will add one, thank you for letting me know.

  2. 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is GOTY 2020. I haven't played a game with so many good "WTF are you talking about!" moments in a long time. It's like a WTF! every 30 or so minutes.

    1. kindajustin


      Just finished the game yesterday and I agree. Someone told me the writing was childish trash which is absolute nonsense. It's an excellent story with great writing if one can appreciate all of the main characters are literally teenagers. The game also made me laugh several times, rarely get that out of games as I get older.

  3. Hey, person upset about quick and easy games. First I hope you are having a nice day and a good times hunting trophies. 

    Second, how about we all take a step back and remember that outside of our small group, no one even cares about trophies.
    So why worry about what other people are playing? Does X person playing quick and easy games really impact your own enjoyment playing games?

    Also maybe take a step back and think about why you hunt trophies? Because it really can't just be about the numbers right? 

    Other people getting a bigger trophy number faster than you can, can't be the only reason quick and easy games upsets you right?

    1. Dead Weight

      Dead Weight

      Inb4 a new trophy group called "The Mayo Boys" gets created

  4. PS5 acquired. Directly from Sony. Free 2 day shipping for being a PS+ member.

  5. Been replaying Pokemon shield again with the DLC's and it's good.
    But Dynamax adventure, really can break the rest of the game in terms of difficulty
    After getting through tutorial you can just go to the crown tundra and get level 70 Legendary Pokemon

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    2. atlasxof-


      There's tutorials for catching Spectrier, just google it, nerd. 

    3. Lucas


      Hahhahaha who plays Pokemon? That's for children

    4. Alantor32


      @atlasxof- I already caught the ice horse legendary Pokemon, so that's why I need to find someone who can trade it away to complete my Crown Tundra Pokedex... >_>

  6. Just because you wear a anime character skin does not mean I will let you get away with bad gameplay you damn vtubers.

  7. Always surprised by how little the average gamer knows about how a big company works, even though they complain about them so much.

    1. Helmet_time


      Well, yeah.  But, you could replace "gamer" with "person" and the statement would still be true.

    2. DaivRules


      Those same people are the least likely to listen to how they work, and instead keep going on their merry, ignorant life. It’s true, ignorance is bliss. 

  8. For the people out there saying silly stuff like Tifa got censored in the Final Fantasy 7 remake. Here you go.


    1. ruffedgz
    2. Sir_Bee


      if the only redeeming quality about a character is her revealing clothing, and you cry "CENSORSHIP" when that changes, you need to rethink your priorities in life ...  Also, are you really a fan at that point, or just a pervert?

  9. The state of threads on this site sometimes is the funniest thing.

    Start the week before the game is out: X game plat is too easy!!!!!!!
    End of the same week: X game is full of the worst kind of grind walls, plat it too hard!!!!!!

    How many more time are we going to do this in 2019?

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    2. Alantor32


      Oh, I can relate to that.

    3. MidnightDragon


      In all seriousness, it's like nobody wants to work for it anymore.

    4. Alantor32


      @Fat Chocobo Yeah. I mean, where's the effort and stuff into it?


    1. PooPooBlast


      Lol! I thought it was you skydiving at first and then I was like oh shit the parachute failed? And then I saw Skyrim and I was like 


    2. NERVergoproxy


      Looks like you ended up in heaven...

  11. So I'm playing iconoclasts and while it is okay, I think I just been hit hard by how many of these 7 out of 10 metroidvania like games exist nowadays. There's nothing inherently wrong with most of them, it's just that there's a lot of them and they all feel kind of the same. Makes it kind of hard to find the ones that shine to the top.

  12. Can we just stop with the opinion piece threads?

    Feels like every week or so there's a new opinion piece in the forum about how “terrible the gaming industry is”, or “how gaming was so much better in the past”, or “how X person just hates games nowadays.”, and so on and so forth.

    While I'm all for free expression and stuff, can people just stopped making these threads or at the very least keep them contained to status updates. It’s gets really annoying to come on the site and see these threads that are full of people talking about nothing, with their arguments based on their garbage opinions. (Also yes everyone's opinion is garbage including my own 😜). 

    Seeing the same types of threads with a opening post that 7+ paragraphs long that can be summarized in the phrase “I don't like X anymore” is really annoying to see on a website about trophy hunting. If you want to cry and complain about such topics go to ResetERA or Reddit.

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    2. KingGuy420


      Come on, I clearly have a unique opinion that's going to change the landscape of video games. If I don't write ten paragraphs and post it on a niche trophy site, how will the developers that I hate ever see it? 


      I mean, it's not like most opinions just boil down to positive or negative. With only two real options, how can anyone else possibly be thinking the same thing as me? Huh? How? How dammit? My opinion is one of a kind!!!!!!


      (Hopefully people know this is sarcasm. I definitely post opinion from time to time. Usually only in response to someone or my own status updates though. I couldn't even imagine creating a thread with a complete article in it)

    3. ruffedgz


      I just take out the popcorn


    4. Elvick_


      I think they should be locked and linked to the oldest version of the same thing. I can’t tthink of An actual new conversation any of them are starting. There’s even better ones not so bent on “me me me and my opinion”. Like leaderboards. There was one asking what everyone thought of them which is way better than “leaderboards are pointless and ur dumb for liking them and stuffs”.


  13. Anthem review:

    • Anthem is pretty good, better than Inquisition or Andromeda by far, but you can still see how hard it is to develop in frostbite. I can't imagine what this game would look like if they were allowed to use a good engine like unreal.
    • IMO the game itself feels like ME3:MP mixed with the good parts of Destiny. The guns feel nice. There are 9 category with 3 gun in each category. Each of the three types of guns in each category feel different enough to give some variety.
    • The javelins are nice, but I would say Colossus and Interceptor are currently the strongest ones. Ranger is currently very weak due to glitches and bad items that don't work will with any of its abilities. Not much of an opinion on Storm besides the fact it looks cool in action.
    • Build variety is okay, each Javelin has 8 different abilities split between the 2 types of abilities slots and 2 different support abilities.
    • The ultimate's are okay, just like in Destiny they can be very useful for wiping stuff out fast but you have to time it right.
    • Main story was pretty good up till the 75% mark, then it felt super rushed. The side stories are better, even the ones that don't have missions tied to them are really good. However, all of the stories feel like they are just set up for DLC stories.
    • I'd give it a 7.5/10, for reference I hated Inquisition and say it is a 5/10 game and Andromeda was a 6/10.
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    2. Nyky


      Daisy you will be able to unlock all javalin when you level up, for platinum is a must play with all javalin and use all the skills some times. So pretty sure you will do a test drive in everything on the game if you want the platinum xD 


      Colossus is a kind cool but i prefer storm because aoe damage

    3. DaisyVilla102


      @NykyLeonHeart thanks :) yeah, I know I can but reading that the javelin I chose might be glitchy is disheartening. And it doesn't make for a good intro to the game since I'm stuck with it until I reach level 8. Although, currently I'm playing on the XBO so maybe it won't have the same issues.

      I wish they'd at least had a quick video clip of each javelin in action to help me decide!

    4. Nyky


      Yes i had the same feelings so my choice was the patrol because balance. 



  14. Against all advice, I'm playing Mind=0. However instead of trying to do everything in one playthrough on Expert I'm going to do to 2 playthroughs with one on beginner and then a new game plus with expert. So far the game doesn't seem too bad, however you can pretty much Auto Battle your way through every fight beside the boss fights. (probably because I'm on the beginner difficulty.) I will admit the encounter rate is kind of high and because of this I feel a little over leveled. I'm at Phase 5 and I'm level 29. 

    1. Dragon-Archon


      R.I.P. Soul's sanity. That game is an atrocity.

    2. DamagingRob


      Eh, I didn't find it that bad. But have heard horror stories from those who have gone for the Plat, and am kinda glad I didn't go for it. :lol: Loved the opening theme song.

    3. Dragon-Archon


      I went for the plat and did everything in 1 playthrough... I should've listened when people warned me about it.

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    2. ExHaseo


      Had to go with Bioshock. Both the original and Infinite are a couple of my favorite games.

    3. EpicWafflezXV


      my vote is Bioshock. I only played the first Uncharted and i didn't like too much... 

    4. PooPooBlast


      How the heck is uncharted beating bioshock :o. I like uncharted but wow.. didn't expect this

  15. :platinum: #129 仮面ライダー バトライド・ウォーⅡ/ Kamen Rider Battride War II


    Even if you like Kamen Rider and Musou do not play this game.

    Between the terrible load time (30-45 seconds per menu change) and the terrible end game RNG figurine grind.

    The game just really doesn't have much to offer and the plat is long and boring (150 hours or so)  


    In the end I would say Kamen Rider Battride War 1 is a better game and plat (70 hours or so)