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  1. No. Can you give me some link where to write to?
  2. Hi there, just wanted to tell you that the game reset all my skills, twice (both times when closing the app and then going into a chapter via chapter select...) This is annoying when you want to farm or finish the last mission on hard/hell as you need skills to do it. So it is probably best to do this game in one sitting, which can be done, and it is not so bad. So be aware...
  3. Is it the same game as the ps3 version or has the asteroid count been reduced and the difficulty in general lowered? (Because the game itself is harder right, I mean shooting with the buttons is really weird compared to right stick shooting on console...)
  4. Hey there, can anybody tell me if this game is harder than the original PS3 Super Stardust trophy list? (I remember the 15 bombs Late Boomer and a couple other trophies being super annoying and random). Thanks in advance.
  5. Do you know how many players / consoles are needed for the dlc trophies? (Virus Run) Sounds like you have to have a friend with you, to come first and second in one race... is it online or splitscreen? Sounds like both players need to have a second person in the room...? ([Virus Run] We are the Champions Trophy)
  6. So do you have to wait in a menu for 10-15 minutes or can you just continue to play?
  7. Ps4 first, really? I was hoping I could enjoy the ps5 version for better load times etc. Can you link me to that thread?
  8. Hey, Well, what I found out by now is that you can buy the dlcs from all stores except the German store. But even if you buy the dlc, you cant play it on the german disc version, so you need to buy a matching disc for your dlcs or get the digital version of the same store you buy the dlc in. (maybe USA Disc with UK dlc, etc. works too but i dont know...)
  9. So as soon as you start playing the goal attack races, the trophy for 5000mi will glitch? Damn, I think i played one such goal attack race, so I will probably do it on a new save...
  10. Did you find a solution to this? I am thinking about doing all offline trophies on this game too...
  11. I would like to know this too, any update on this?
  12. I have figured it out. Turns out, yes, it was not available in GER. I checked on the us store, it was there... also on a austrian account.
  13. When I do this (GERMAN Version, German PSN Acc), it doesnt work. All I see is "Top Dog pack silver" and "", as well as 2 Item-packs for clothes and cars... Was the main dlc censored in Germany? Hmm...