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  1. Hey everybody, The Online is dead - surprise surprise, I know. We are currently only 6 people in our boosting group. But boosting is only really worth it if you have 8 players because you get more XP! If you are interested to join the group, please add me. I'll invite you to the group. PSN ID: servus99
  2. Yes I have heard that before Do you have the game and are interested /or down to help?
  3. Yes, I did that already. But I feel like a lot of people will check the forums too. Some of them might not even know about the sessions feature...
  4. Hey everyone, If you are looking forward to getting that "To the Victor" trophy on PS4 please add me on PSN. I am planning to organize a group for this. We got a PS4 text chat group and I set up a placeholder boosting session you can join on PSNP. ADD ME: servus99 See you. servus