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  1. Me too also... 0 trophies... What's happening?
  2. "I Regrow Nothing", this Vita trophy is sickly. I've done already 7 playthroughs and still no luck. If I would ever known how much glitched was this game (and this trophy), I would never have bought/played it for sure. - Played on 1.00 version. - Played with no other saves. New game. Clean start. - Never pressed start button (so, never saved). - Never died. - I regrown 2 different spooces before I were asked for. - Never failed a possession, always killed them by myself. Still no trophy... If anyone have any other suggestion, I will be grateful till the death. EDIT: SUCCESS AT MY 8TH ATTEMPT!!!!!! Let me tell you about my experience. - Played on 1.02 version. Tired of crashings, freezings, Vita reboots, etc. and no trophy, I decided to try again on a patched version. So, is not about 1.00 vs 1.02. - Played on a clean start. No other saves. - Saved LOTS of times, but manual saves, never quicksaves. I pressed start button only to save. - Never died, except at the end of the game. Died lots of times with Abe, but apparently this doesn't matter. - I only regrown 2 different spooces before I were asked for (the 1st 2 ones after cross the door). - Didn't use the wheelchair, but apparently it doesn't matter also, cause other people did and get it. It's better to don't use, since the game will redo another trophy check at the end of the game. - Good quarma (or angelic). More or less 190/310. You don't need to save everyone, it's a fact. I didn't save a single egg. - And here comes the key. Make no possession unless it's absolutely necesary to progress your adventure. Why? Even if it doesn't appear so, the game could register a regrown in a different altitude level. This was the key, no doubt of it. I only possessed Glukkons and: * 4 Big Bro Sligs (1 in Boiler Room, 2 in Splinterz Manifacturing and 1 in Flubco Executive Office) * 1 Slig (in Flub Fuels Scrub Pens [voice control]) * 1 Vykker (in Vykker Suites, 1st room). Just one more thing. I played on a PS TV. Many thanks to Oddking and snot1977bag fot their help and patience with me.
  3. It's up from today, at least in EU-Spanish Store: https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#!/es-es/juego/fieldrunners-2/cid=EP4095-PCSB00481_00-FIELDRUNNERS2001 9,99€
  4. This is an idea I support. Everytime I want to watch any trophy set in spanish, I have to select it manually. Couldn't the system remember it and set I want to watch them in another language always it would be possible? (if is not available, then english or default one)
  5. I'm learning to use this site. Testing, testing...!!!

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