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  1. hi, i dont get the gold trophy after winning a cup, a league, a championship in career mode. Pressing "ok" just reloads screen, but nothing happens. What i am doing wrong on PSvita? edit: german version (1.2) - no other updates available.
  2. so finally i made the platin, not sure i am willing to get the 100% under that circumstances. thanks a lot for your feedback.
  3. any new ideas how to spawn the snowMaps more quickly?
  4. having problems with the "The Reviler - Become a public menace." Trophy. tried a lot of times, got info the challange is done, but trophy wont pop... any suggestions? edit: okay, finally i got it after restarting the whole ps3 system...
  5. just want to confirm that, i was struggleing a lot, but love it to find out, how it works ... now i am in something like the late game - level 25 can become hard, because you get less XP
  6. hmm new release date is 2nd half 2016 -
  7. had the same problem on first requests - than i tried again and removed friends invitation in the same wakeup-round again. Than trophy popped! Tried that?
  8. 7 Lego Platinum - can i join? LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 LEGO Legends of Chima LEGO Ninjago: Nindroids LEGO The Hobbit LEGO The Lord of the Rings The LEGO Movie - Videogame EDIT: added Plat 8 - jurassic Parc (vita)
  9. The prove i synced before was the screen attached to my topic. some hours later i tried to update my trophylist here, and that doenst work. But it is fine for the moment. So my issue is solved, some others are not!? Thanks for your help guys.
  10. Hi, i got some trophies last days, synched my vita and ps3 - but updating my profile (more than 1 time) does not show the trophies. for example: platin @lego hobbit (vita), some trophies at PES 2015 (see screenshot). Does the issue only depends on my account? (added a screen from another trophy portal - not named, because i dont want to make advertisement for it) thanks, mellooh
  11. okay got it - played levels 1-3 til 1-6 some hours. :/ annoying trophy!
  12. Hi, is there a trick to get the Meat Grinder (50k enemy kills) trophy? that is the last missing one. i also repeated many levels, played first episode 2 more times - no trophy pops. is there a known bug? or a trick? Did i missunderstood trophy description? How long it takes to get that trophy?
  13. nice one in the beginning, but make me angry with all its freezes, crashes( nearly 1 per hour) and endless enemies without a good map What i really love is the retro style, the jokes and that you are allowed to change difficulty nearly everytime. i guess 10 EUR / 12 USD are fair, when issues gets solved.
  14. Half-H3ro seems to be a (platin)Trophy Hunter yuzuki-yukari seems to love J-RPGs
  15. i started NG+, the question is: 30 times or 30 Upgrades? (eg 5 upgrades or more at once)