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  1. # 226 - Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus After SMB the hardest plat I've done, but very satisfying. Not many words to say, must rest, finally haha But it's very doable with practice, like every plat, just never give up, be persistatnt and you can have it : ) btw this is my first plat after one year 😁
  2. One from the job : )
  3. Some 'trophies' from underwater Happy hunting, enjoy your summer 💪🙂
  4. F*ck me...I'm only at 176k prestige, dunno if I'll make it Posted in several places that I'm looking for group for distoritions to raise it and noone reacted. They really should have putted matchmaking at least for them with some prestige restrictions or something
  5. But nevertheless you have to beat those harder forms to become elder god anyways, right? They updated that screen now...there's some kind of progress bar, we're in 6th week and it says prestige requirement 105k, combat superiority 50% etc etc, I don't understand what is that? Somekind of milestone which we should follow all the way to 12th week? The previous one was at 70k i think, next one is on 170k prestige and the one on 12th week is around would be cool if we could play that boss now with that prestige, and as the time goes the difficulty of those distortions increases, 105, 170, 200 ... I love rare and hard trophies, but this is full retard, I'm going away from home for 6 months, I might just aswell count off plat, i didnt know it would take so long
  6. #224 - Darkest Dungeon Had so much fun with this game, challanging but satisfying once you get the hang of it. Great atmosphere with spooky vibe, very deep and well balanced mechanics. Must have for anyone who likes dungeon crawlers. 100+ hours for plat, difficulty 8/10. #225 - N++ Very smooth and fun platformer, great soundtrack and art. Plat would be tougher than SMB to me if it had similair trophies, got more than 1000 deaths on some levels, they really can get crazy. But since there are no "no death" trophies (except some minor ones) it is very very manageable, difficulty 8/10.
  7. Putting some make-up on my small wineyard enjoy the Spring ppl : )
  8. Went to see Trainspotting 2 for the weekend, in a dirty and smelly old cinema full of memories and history, four of us and maybe only few other people in it. As movie began and whiskey started pouring in our cups I expected to be pumped up as we exit and continue to a nearby party (Cristian Varela and co. \o/), but neither that very authentic scenery and feeling we got years back helped, or maybe I just expected too much...after only half an hour we saw that it just isn't IT anymore, didn't catch the vibe at all. Maybe it is just me, 'coz of nostalgia, or maybe I drank too much, but if you adored the first one like us, I would recommend to just rewatch it and keep the memories clean. Nevertheless one hell of a night...she said comeove comeover and she smiled at youuuuuu booooooy
  9. Someone mentioned Max Payne? When I think about last gen first games that comes to my mind is Max Payne 3, strong and profound characterization with flawless gameplay, and very exciting plat
  10. My niece just loves sayin' goodbyes to me...don't know is it 'coz of me or seeing airplanes..probably the second one
  11. Been to Massive concert few days as hell
  12. If anyone needs some 'drilling' at home call +69 53X1010, if you call immediately I'll plaster for free
  13. Haha, it's just a part of my house where we make wine. Well, me actually, my father passed away last year so this will be first season I'm on my own. Wineyard looks nice so far, so fingers crossed the wine will be on par with it : )
  14. In few days again going to Manu concert, so excited, love of my life