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  1. inb4 this gets shut again People saying those with these should be banned from leaderboards .... How about you make your own leaderboard or just don't care about them? Or better yet people stop worrying about these games and instead enjoy your own gaming/games Some of you will find something else to whine about, last time was taking shots at a member/status updates. Grow up
  2. Sean Payton is leaving after 1 year at FOX and taking the Denver Broncos job 49ers DC Demeco Ryans is taking the head coach job with the Texans, lets hope he isn't there fired straight 1 season coach
  3. Now the AFC Championship delievered a game, with the Chiefs winning a tight hard fought battle with a late Butker field goal,aided by a late hit penalty which made it a easier field goal attempt
  4. Well that was a boring NFC Championship game, Eagles had nothing to beat once Purdy got hurt , then Johson goes down and they were basically just running the ball, awful way for a good season to end. Hopefully AFC Championship is a far better game
  5. The Carolina Panthers are hiring fired Colts head coach Frank Reich as there head coach
  6. Bengals were very impressieve today on defense, completly shutting the Bills offense down that easy and Burrow and the rest of offense polaying great, even there 0-line today missing two pieces was fantastic, and next week get a team they have there number on atm and a not healthy Mahomes, they will have a good chance. As A Cowboys fan Dak Continued his poor season, with a dreadful game, missed throws and 2 dreadful picks , poor mistakes late and stupid penalties you can't do. Cowboys looked inept and one dimensional after Tony Pollard got hurt, with only Ceede Lamb looking dangerous and doing anything in the 2nd half. only good thing was Brett Maher made 2 FG's to end his bad run . Unless Dak plays better this team won't go further and the questions will remain on is he the guy to get them back to the SB as will also be put on Mike McCarthy. 49ers even if won by 7, imo were easily the better team, they made the plays when they needed, Brock Purdy did what he had to do to get them the scores they needed, even if his stats don't stand out, they played great on defense all night leading to the 2 picks they got. Only thing they did wron all night was Elijah Mitchell going out of bounds on a run to get a 1st down that should've ended the game. Overall we got 2 Dominant Divisional games and 2 close ones. Championship week should be 2 good games hopefully, and i'll take the Bengals over the Chiefs and the 49ers over the Eagles
  7. Chad Henne's 98yrd td drive was so impressieve too and in the end was the difference, personally nothing against the Bills, but i did pick Bengals and would rather not see a Neutral sight championship game
  8. Its a status, who cares if its literally # plat this, its hurting no one, there are more important things then worry about a forum status, GEEZ.... So many butthurt over nothing, lget over it,and move on Good thing your not a mod then, you are getting angry over nothing, Stop worrying or caring about it
  9. I agree with all picks but Bottom since im a Cowboys fan , but one thing you didn't mention, Chiefs had to do something no one else has, Beat Trevor Lawrence on a saturday . Hopefully we get 4 great games
  10. Bills Best Consider themselves lucky to escape the Dolphins today, they started great at 17-0 but after that they played very poor at times and really other times benefited from the Dolphins killing themselves with some bad play calls,dropped passes and some absolute killer Delay of game penalties, Dolphins really could've won it but as mentioned shot themselves time after time. I'm Glad i was wrong and it was a close game and a really long one at that too.
  11. The Chargers who led 27-7 at ht find a way to score just 3 points the rest of the game and completley choke the game away to lose on a last second Field Goal, a game where they had a +5 turnover differential. Just an embarrasing collapse and on that will continue to have us wondering if Brandon Staley will be fired, espcially after last weeks dreadful player handling which cost them WR Mike Willams who easily would've been great to have tonight. Doug Pederson You keep deserving all the praising , to be onto the Divisional round now after the amazing first year turnaround you have this franchise on
  12. Sean Mcvay is indeed staying on as Rams Coach and Because of how incredibly badly handled there meaningless game against the Broncos was handled by Staley, they will be without WR Mike Williams Saturday night
  13. Well does anyone here have Faith the Ravens or Dolphins can keep there games close, i don't. Lamar is out , Huntley still could be and for the Dolphins Tua is out, Teddy is uncertain so 2 3rd string qb's playing. Least Sunday has Giants @ vikings, so hopefully we can have 1 decent Sunday game NFL has annouced if happens, the AFC Championship Neutral Venue will be Atlanta And let the Dereck Carr Sweepstakes begin , since today he annouced he is done in Vegas, i wonder what Devante Adams feels like atm
  14. Well that was just a dominating Georgia win in the CFP Champ game 

  15. The Arizona Cardinals have fired Kliff Kingsbury