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  1. Falcons get win 5, defeating jags by 7, stay in playoff hunt, jets get win 3 defeating Texans 21-14 after being 14-3 down, impressive comeback albeit against the Texans Dolohins pick up win 5 absolutely drubbing the panthers who even benched Cam Newtown who was awful, Dolphins make late run at playoffs whilst Panthers qb issues raise head for another week Patriots pick up there 6th win in a row drubbing the Titans, Pats are scary team atm, Bengals continue to show they for real absolutely blowing out Steelers 41-10, Steelers looking like a .500/non playoff team Bucs survive a shutout thx to Fournette’s 4 rushing tds to defeat the Colts, Turnovers really hurt Colts in a game they could’ve won Giants retire Strahan’s number and it must have inspired them as they gritted out a hard fought win against the Eagles , costly drops by Raegor at end which could have won Eagles the game Broncos easily handle the Chargers to tighten the AFC West and still leave us wondering how good are the Chargers 49ers are continuing there resurgence, outlasting the Vikings to pick up win 6 and 1 game back of the suddenly slumping Rams , Vikings love those 1 score games, yet need to find ways to win more them if they wanna be a wild card team Packers pick up win 9 defeating Rams in a game they were much better then LA, as for Rams they lose there 3rd in a row and they continue to look a shell of the team that was 7-1, they had better pick it up soon again or 49ers will overtake them and they won’t catch the Cardinals
  2. Well we get 2/3 games to be decent for thanksgiving Bears escape the Lions on a game winning field goal at end to get win 4 and stay off Nagy being fired for another week, Lions remain winless in a game they could’ve had Raiders escape Dallas with a OT win, Carr with a solid game and Desean Jackson showed he still has it, whilst Cowboys defense was a huge letdown especially Anthony Brown who had 4 Pi’s alone including one in OT to,set up,game winning kick. Eagles win on Sunday and they somehow 1 back for division tie. Bills absolutely drub the Saints, they completely dominated the entire game offensively and defensively to keep pressure on Pats in race for the division, as for the Saints it was just dreadful, offense was dreadful, and questionable decision as why 3rd qb Ian Book at least wasn’t active? Especially when Hill is nursing injury and he was the backup
  3. Nice to see this cool game getting more dlc
  4. After a goods Sunday Night game, Monday we get Bucs winning easy against the Giants who continue to look awful
  5. Jonathan Taylor with 5td's in upset over Bills Texans with biggest upset of day, defeating the Titans Vikings, 49ers and Eagles both get win 5 Lions remain winless with 3 point loss to Browns No Lamar no problem, Ravens hang on to defeat the Bears Dolphins get win 4 to stay in playoff hunt
  6. No Wonder its so cheap, it is so frustrating at times, you can jump through enemies way too much , levels aren't too bad unil one the last 2 as mentioned above where gotta jump on green enimes, only a couple jumps but fuck me it is one the hardest things to do. Yeah not stacking this, once is more then enough
  7. Joe Flacco will get the start this week for the Jets Le'Veon Bell's time in Baltimore is over and could his career be too?
  8. So Cam is back and scores 2 TD's as Carolina easily handle the Cardinals, just amazing And Seems Heiniecke loves playing the Bucs, another good game and this time he got the win as Washington upset them by 10
  9. Well Lions its not a win but you got a tie agaist the Steelers
  10. Maybe Lions have a chance tommorrow, Ben is out for the Steelers
  11. Positives I got one fast load times Astros Playroom Negatives My biggest one is no themes still
  12. So Carolina Panthers are 4-5, qb play from Darnold has dropped badly and now he'll be out a bit
  13. Yeah it wasn’t the best and this taunting emphasis is just hurting the game as we saw last night, have hated it all season, a pointless emphasis that wasn’t needed
  14. Well what a Sunday night game with the Titans defense dominating the Rams in a 28-16 win, To move to 7-2 the best record in the AFC
  15. So seems Browns didn't need OBJ , putting up 41 in big win over Bengals Some upsets today Broncos drubbing Cowboys, Falcons over Saints, Giants over Raiders and the Jags defeating the Bills 9-6 No Tua no problem, Dolphins get win 2 today Ravens regain AFC North lead with OT win over the Vikings Patriots move to 5-4 with easy win over the Panthers, another awful game from Darnold with 3 picks and no tds