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  1. Awesome we have the video that fully proves its doable, now that should make more people wanna play this game knowing the platinum is possible.
  2. after that stat on monday night i just had to find a video of the Browns @ Bengals 2004 game which still is 2nd highest scoring game and here it is
  3. BIG 12 football invaded, I do wonder how these teams would go against the great defenses of the Baltimore Ravens That game was amazing but was the best team this season not involved (Saints)
  4. Damn the early window was amazing today, so many close games. Cowboys with the game winning fg against Atlanta in a game both teams needed Lions stun Carolina after Ron Rivera's 2 point gamble failed Giants beat bucas 38-35 in a game where the Bucs yet again changed qb Texans win 7th in a row hanging on to beat the Redskins 23-21 in a game where Alex Smith got badly hurt Ravens win Lamar Jackson's first start 24-21 in a game where he had over 100 rushing yards Steelers rally from 16-0 down to win in the closing seconds on a Ben Roethlisberger 1 yrd td run 20-16 So yeah the early window was amazing Only one that wasn't close was the Colts getting to .500 in a blowout 38-10 win over the Titans
  5. Well it's looking more and more likely that Lamar Jackson will make his first NFL start Sunday against the Bengals
  6. artwork looks really nice, and since i'm Australian i know exactly what the title is from and the pelican characters name, so this is a must get for me
  7. thanks for telling me, i wish it would come out on Australia store or maybe on disc like the previous 2 games did
    1. MidnightDragon


      All game awards shows are fucking jokes.

    2. Conker


      that is indeed true they all are a joke, but try to make it not look like a bigger joke like this one did xD 

    3. ShonenCat


      If this is a joke, it's not a very funny one ): Fortnite needs to be buried.

  8. Seriously who cares what you play and plat, don't let others tell you what to do
  9. Yep still not out here in Australia, maybe it's been delayed yet again,
  10. I have to agree with that too and i feel that if they do McCarthy will be fired, since ya know it's not like Green Bay to miss playoffs in back to back years often and as most will say they Have Aaron Rodgers and with him they should regularly be in playoffs and higher
  11. Well its disappointing but it is what it is, still have devolver digital for a good show Now i wonder will E3 be around still in 10years
  12. Very fun game and once you learn how to play it becomes easier, some levels/destroying all turrets might take a few goes but you'll eventually get it, definitely stacking this
  13. My Week 11 2018-19 NFL Tips Seahawks over Packers Cowboys over Falcons Ravens over Bengals Panthers over Lions Colts over Titans Giants over Bucs Steelers over Jags Texans over Redskins Chargers over Broncos Cardinals over Raiders Saints over Eagles Vikings over Bears Rams over Chiefs this week has so many tough games to pick, should hopefully make for a great round of NFL
  14. well the NFL has done the correct thing in moving Monday nights game from Mexico back to LA after how bad the field conditions are and safety reasons