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  1. 3rd game in a row with a offciating error hurting the Saints, this can't keep happening
  2. Surprising win by the Lions today Welp Jags go for 2 and leasd,fail lose 13-12 to the Texans And Pats win 43-0, just keeps getting worse for Miami, and my Cowboys get them next week
  3. He was such a good deep threat through his career
  4. yeah a huge win for the Bucs, didn't expect them to win, curious play call for the 4th and 1, and Does cam look fully healthy yet, he's missing easy throws all over the place
  5. Fantastic news for everyone who wants to do this game now, great by the people pestering them 🙂. This gives hope that maybe we can pester another thing to get fixed 😀
  6. Ugh just started Super Volley blast and hating it, this won't be a fun plat to get 😒

  7. Well there's the best way for the Raiders to respond after the AB situation is this win tonight and a nice offense showing and defense. For Denver Von Miller and Bradley Chubb were no shows and offense struggled all night only getting there lone td late
  8. yeah Watson leading the Texans to what they thought was the game winning td and then Brees finding enough time/yards to get them into fg range which was made, truly was a good game
  9. Yeah Pittsburgh indeed was awful tonight offense completly looked lost all night, as the Patriots they continue to look as strong as ever and thye might even have a great defense this season too and to think they will have AB too 😨
  10. Well it took til the 4qtr for Kyler Murray to show up and wow he looked good, a tie is amazing result, Detroit completly blew it
  11. Hello Man! What can you tell me about Super Street: The Game? is a good game? platinum is easy?

    1. Conker


      its a average racing game with a very easy plat, best toget it for $20

  12. Not a great start to the season for the Browns getting destroyed 43-13 and oh boy the Jets blow a 16-0 lead to the Bills to lose 17-16
  13. Dolphins in full tank mode today, getting absolutely destroyed by the Ravens
  14. Battlefield Bad Company 3 and nothing else
  15. his tenure with the Raiders is now over