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  1. Doesn't look hard maybe only stars/hard difficulty could be a challenge ad easy online trophies too
  2. The real question is are the trophies still glitchy?
  3. List doesn't seem to hard, most sound like there story related
  4. Chris Long is retiring after 11 seasons in the NFL http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26777364/eagles-long-says-retiring-11-seasons
  5. Game was indeed really good and i loved all the new stuff it had, i wonder if they will do a 3rd game. and tbh i don't know if that sega person is being serious or just being a troll and indeed is dumb how some who play rataliaka games won't play this game because as you said it's too long , maybe those people instead should go play those quick mobile games instead
  6. I played as the rogue
  7. 100% agree, though it would be funny if tv show comes out first and is a massive flop
  8. I so hope is true, never got to play this on PS3 before servers shut and always wanted too, and heard many good things about this game and it feeling like a Ghostbusters 3 movie. It be cool if mp was also still in but if not then it’s no big deal. This would definitely be a day 1 purchase Compared to the junk junk movie we have now and equally same for the game that’s currently on PS4
  9. Does anyone know if the dlc for Angry Birds Trilogy is on the disc?

    1. Ala-Arska


      As far as I know, it's unfortunately not.

      I had the disc version, and no DLC was included there :(


      Unless there's a complete edition I'm unaware of. I'd like to do those dlc's myself too :)

  10. Absolutely fantastic thread Taz, this is fantastic for everyone, i am so doing this for both lists so online is gone and no longer a worry
  11. This sucks to hear, because i very much enjoyed my time playing this and getting the plat for it, was a really fun/good free game. But very cool that they let you know
  12. List is disappointing, but nevertheless it won't stop me from buying this to play these great Castlevania games
    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. RedRodriguez87


      That would be pretty cool, I always did want to try that one.

    3. Venocide


      Ghostbusters 3!! Hope it's true, I bought it for the 360 years ago but never played it. Another unfortunate backlog victim. 

    4. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      That would be cool! Had this on my 360 and loved it so it would be cool to actually be able to get a platinum for it!

  13. Yeah I can see why it was changed to what is now . But cool we have some history of the platinum trophy