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  1. Just wondering something, can the trophy for completing 50 dungeon crawls unlock if you only do them as the dungeon master? I know the one for doing 10 unlocked whilst I was dm, Just wanna know if all the matches I’ve done as dm after getting the master of dungeons was all a waste or I should just keep going since it’s most likely gonna unlock late?
  2. @big_bob002 cool to hear you are working on a guide for this, i'll definitely be making sure of using it P.s anyone with a co-op save and can help me, pls message me asap
  3. This can be done over multiple sittings personally i I must’ve got really lucky, the master of dungeons trophy popped at exactly 25 for me, but keep at its and everything will eventually unlock
  4. I didn’t have any trophy issues with ps4 na version, but I did have the issue of occasionally if I died I couldn’t select any of the 2 options, so I would have to close the game and go into again
  5. Just wondering if i was to get The Culling 2 from Na region, who'd wanna boost it with me, game is basically dead, just servers are region locked. ?

    1. Spyro


      Why would you? I heard it’s garbage and there’s hardly anyone touching it.

    2. Conker


      remember i like trying things that can be considered garbage, plus easy plat if boosted :P 

    3. Rafi_004


      Time? Difficulty? Could you wait for me til September? Holidays... 😁

  6. Congrats to France in winning the world cup and well done to Croatia on making it this far @DynaVitacongrats on being the best world cup prediction winner P.s Var is here to stay after imo a successful world cup for it
  7. For those who have them, what is the best turbo controller for PS4/PS3?

  8. 0 England Belgium 1 2 France Croatia 0
  9. When I did this in 2016 online had a few people, survival was the most active mode, you could often find games, I’d assume now it be a lot quieter and best to advise boost most the stuff, like I did.
  10. List doesn’t appear to hard, as long as online is easily boostable and time attack stuff isn’t to hard/really tight times hopefully this is a decent and fun kart racer
  11. I would love a 4th game or even the first with trophies, resistance 2 and 3 were awesome games and made me love this fantastic series
  12. @dernop thx for linking that guide and letting us know about the cool exploit p.s I also will need someone to help me with the co-op trophy
  13. yeah be cool to know what store if any is this still on, would love to play this and see how awful it is
  14. Got myself all these Lego City Undercover Marvel Ultimate Alliance bundle The Long reach Alteric (PS4) Deep Ones (PS4) so Glad that finally the marvel ultimate alliance games were on sale for a good price
  15. Thx for the great information