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  1. oh Dear they fear Jimmy Garoppolo has torn his ACL, could be potentially season destroying for the 49ers
  2. Well the Bills have the biggest shock of the season so far. NFL fix the roughing the passer rule, another garbage flag on Clay Matthews which looks 100% perfect
  3. well damn this is a surprise, list seems similar to the 1st game, hopefully its as good as the 1st game
  4. Sweet, cannot wait to buy it and enjoy it. Any other offerings you have coming you can tell us about?
  5. such sad news, never thought this would happen
  6. Well MLB The Show 18 for $20 is what i'll be getting from this flash sale
  7. This is a cool find. Now the bigger question how do you make a Chinese psn account?
  8. Congrats to The browns on there drought breaking win and well it's official Baker Mayfield time has started and it has done so with a bang, not getting on hype train yet, i'll let him play more, but damn was he good, compared to the awful play from Tyrod Taylor.
  9. Thx for letting the community know i got the theme
  10. My Week 3 2018-19 NFL Tips Browns over Jets Falcons over Saints Vikings over Bills Panthers over Bengals Broncos over Ravens Packers over Redskins Jags over Titans Eagles over Colts Chiefs over 49ers Dolphins over Raiders Texans over Giants Rams over Chargers Bears over Cardinals Cowboys over Seahawks Patriots over Lions Bucs over Steelers
  11. Nail'd (37) achievers
  12. HOLY WOW, now this is absolutely amazing, never played these and always wanted to so this would be a perfect opportunity too
  13. Makes you wonder how close they are to playing Josh Rosen with those awful numbers and only 1 td in 2 games
  14. List looks nice
  15. This is cool to see Sony finally on the mini console craze. and those saying about trophies, really