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  1. does anyone know, Can the online be boosted and how many you need?
  2. even though it wasn't a gamespy one, i wonder if this game would work?
  3. Well the Raiders will indeed play in Oakland this upcoming season Retirement sure lasted long for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
  4. thats a nice looking controller imo
  5. big thanks to @Lars for doing authentic on sniper elite 3 (ps3) with me was lots of good fun :) 

  6. So was sitting out a whole year really worth it?
  7. yeah i personally thought the last island was super easy too. Yeah level 19 i also had the lag/framerate drops, even if i waited at the start 20 seconds it started doing it
  8. Browns to win AFC North, but its about time the Browns have a season to look forward to
  9. it'll Be interesting to see how the Ravens defense goes after another player has left this on top of Eric Weedle going to the LA Rams and this also when Terrell Suggs has reportedly to the Ravens he's leaving
  10. yeah i didn't find it to be easy but one thing that helped was having at least 2 characters per stage
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    2. Icebrand1270


      The only surprise a patch would give me at this point is a game without one. Obviously an impossibility in this era.*sigh*

    3. PooPooBlast


      Holy shit that's massive! 

      Though I have a feeling that they screwed up so bad that they have to reinstall the entire game + the patch files together to avoid data corruption perhaps so it'll just override the space that the game currently occupies plus the patches. My guess is that the game is actually 90 GB all together but still..

    4. Icebrand1270


      @PooPooBlast That's my read as well. Still completely unacceptable.

  11. Well if this one is official, Antonio Brown is going to the Oakland Raiders
  12. yes it was easy but this game was really good and plays so well, on vita game feels so perfect
  13. So the Broncos are proposing instead of onside a similar thing to what the AAF has Whilst it also mentions Chiefs proposing each team gets a possession for OT, seems a bit crying foul after how they excited the playoffs?