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  1. looks easy, but i don't care should be good fun, hope there's so great dialog from the 3 to give us some great laughs
  2. No this trophy this time makes the list already better
  3. Now this is just dumb and also the dumb thing he did on the last kneel down of game
  4. WOW it overtook life of Black tiger i like trying awful/bad games but this developer i just can't try them just because of how broken/buggy they are making most there games almost impossible to 100% or plat
  5. Championship times Sunday January 20th Rams vs Saints 3:05 ET FOX Patriots vs Chiefs 6:40 ET CBS Should be a good weekend
  6. Now that was the Divisional game we have been waiting for a tight hard fought close battle, in which the Saints prevail after starting slow and being down 14-0 to win 20-14, which means they get to host the NFC Championship game against the Rams. Now it will be interesting to see what happens with Nick Foles this off-season
  7. Is this dude gonna ever learn....SMH
  8. Well The Patriots made it easy in a drubbing over the LA Chargers. it's Gonna be a awesome AFC Championship game next Sunday. Nice to see Gates get a td, was today his last NFL game?
  9. yeah does look easy, if it's like Devious Dungeon then that would be cool as that game was really fun
  10. Well my Cowboys defense give up over 260 rushing yards and what do you think happened they lost... another disappointing loss in the divisional round.
  11. Yeah that wasn't the best game ever but the Chiefs did what they had to do in easily disposing of the Colts, how about the play of the much maligned Chiefs defense.
  12. I'm Not a fan of a digital only console so yeah don't expect me buying one ever. though will be curious if it can do better then the PSP GO did
  13. My Divisional Round Tips Chiefs over Colts Cowboys over Rams Patriots over Chargers Saints over Eagles
  14. Well so Kliff Kingsbury was fired from Texas Tech and now is head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, what a world , but if he can do what he has previously done with qbs at Texas tech with Josh Rosen then Arizona are in for some fun and oh btw USC now need to search again for a offensive co-ordinator
  15. Well Clemson showed how dominant they can be whilst they have Trevor Lawrence, completely destroying the Dominant Alabama and making Tua look like someone he hasn't been. I do wonder how many teams in the NFl will tank for Lawrence