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  1. Well that was a pathetic showing from the Cowboys, 2 absolutely dumb 4th down plays in own territory whilst game still close, couldn’t run ball and to make matters worse lose Left and right tackles, another big game from Antonio Gibson and Alex Smith was just solid. Texans show that maybe they can make a run for the playoffs with the win over the lions who yet again lose on thanksgiving and give up wide open td’s, Patricia’s seat is boiling hot now and to think he replaced Jim Caldwell who is one the most dumbest firings in recent years
  2. Ravens Steelers has now been moved from thanksgiving night to Sunday at 1:15,
  3. Rip to one of the great players,you lived a wild and crazy life, you will be missed
  4. have JC4, Worms Rumble might try and Rocket Arena should finally free as it should have been
  5. Congrat to Alex Smith on getting his first win since injury, move them to 3-7 , like the Cowboys who had a terrific performance today, NFC East now is a battle Nice first start and win by best XFL qb PJ Walker for Carolina Panthers Steelers 10-0,team they play Thursday the Ravens seem to be in a somewhat form slump Colts 7-3 now, Rivers indeed found a good place and he's having a nice season Worst thing from today is the potential season ending injury to promising #1 pick Joe Burrow
  6. LOve it, you did amazing work, Sony should get you to design there stuff
  7. Ok it won’t be Jameis Winston, it will instead be Taysom Hill
  8. Beyond enemy line 2 is a utter broken disgraeful mess, devs should never make another game again, both beyond enemy line games are not worth ever playing

  9. Cool to hear it finally coming back, i hope it can be as good as the Kennedy and Lange versions
  10. Best place I use for psn cards but unfortunately hasn’t got any New Zealand psn cards atm
  11. That’s absolutely fantastic they kept there word and more now can play and enjoy this really fun game, now hopefully more devs do this
  12. Maybe he wants that separate stack of saints row 4 😛 , I know you would get it earlier, but would it have been better to make a Australian account, since there psn cards are easier to get?
  13. Drew Brees indeed was injured yesterday and will miss some time so it will be the Jameis Winston show along with the Taysom Hill stuff
  14. ok so i fixed it, it seems it upgraded itself for no reason, i just downgraded engine and it went bak to class C
  15. Only car i ever upgraded was the rocket, so could get the trophy associated with it