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  1. Only rule have is. To play what I want, stack it if I want and give no damn about what other people think about it.
  2. I'm still Wondering what the NFL will do with this and if/when the Chiefs will potentially release him
  3. another good sale again for EU for me i'll get these Sniper Elite V2 Remastered Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 Deadlight Directors Cut Just Cause 4 Expansion Pass
  4. Dang good sale but I have mostly everything in it I want already , maybe this is a good omen or I will eventually find something I want
  5. Does this even matter anyway telling us this when you can't even use the servers anyway. Terrible and lazy company to not answer messages/fix it. Lets say i won't miss this when its gone, i never like the idea of this game anyway, i'd rather enjoy the actual better and "looked": after Uncharted games we have.
  6. Trophy list doesn't seem to difficult and no online,hopefully game is very fun
  7. Great, I was hoping the save issues were fixed but I see they still aren’t :/, well I guess I will still wait on starting it then
  8. I’m happy for Detroit but at the same time sad for pes 2019, really was Looking forward to playing it. I wonder why the change
  9. Similar style list from the previous Madden's, only one that could prove a problem is the bragging rights trophy
  10. Got these from the recent flash sale And this which was on sale in USA store Circuits
  11. yes can this thread please be gone, everytime it appears i think oh god no i have to re-download rocket league
  12. Cool month imo
  13. Easily Rugby World Cup 2015, such a easy plat and somehow its rarity is at 3.54%
  14. a whole standalone dlc of tag team racing
  15. im just curious what this 2nd list is for still list is easy and enjoyable