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  1. Sucks for PS3 people, but pls keep the vita ones for longer pls, I still have a whole level left ugh
  2. well this was a shock, i enjoyed it on PS4, was somewhat a challenge, this list looks easy, no difficulty trophies
  3. Finally a easier onlline list, Hooray
  4. Rob Gronkowski has retirered again
  5. List looks simple, but yeah no time/speedrun trophy for a sonic game really is only issue, i bet people are happy it has a plat, since people hated that Mania didn't
  6. Congrats and awesome its doable
  7. So good it got fixed, now finished the online so all safe to plat/100% it
  8. wow thats lazy, but it will still sell well for them
  9. There was never a autopop for it, the DX list is super easy anyway , takes no time unlike the original list
  10. Same list, I wonder if it’ll autopop🤔 and cool to hear there are private lobbies
  11. Same here in Australia and can't connect, hopefully just a small issue indeed was, as they are working again
  12. are they gonna fix it or not😡
  13. Australia going back to the World Cup,5th in a row after defeating Peru on penalties 


    Lets Go!!!

  14. Fun race at Sonoma yesterday with Daniel Suarez picking up his 1st win , such a liked driver by all
  15. Well this is a surprise, just no flappy goat trohpy and im good