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  1. cool list and things you have to do, defo interested in this game
  2. Sucks if true, though its not like Sony to close a server without warning , so lets wait and see Like MLB 16 the show has a sever date given complaints coming to you sony
  3. So what’s the 19gb day 1 patch for? And remember when games didn’t need day 1 patches 😔
  4. So is this game plattable?
  5. So Where is best place to buy it? @Sinthoras_96
  6. Best example is super Bomberman R, you gotta grind 1million blocks destroyed, such a ridiculous grind, You most likely will have everything else done, might not even be halfway to that and on top no stat tracking whatsoever. some grinds can be good but some like I mentioned above are just so unnecessary
  7. I got it and i don't care, there fault on having it free
  8. Dumb account region lock this game has, since not out here in Australia I cannot do it, yet a dlc and add-ons are available to buy for game 😡
  9. Got it too, that’s another account region I have now too 😂
  10. Anyone in Australia been able to play Don’t even think? Dumb region lock cannot play from another store, not on Aus store, yet dlc and a add on are on the store

  11. Ghostbusters Sanctum of Slime is  so Fucking trash and has potentially the worst video game ai companions ever

    1. MidnightDragon


      Worse than the “run headfirst into death” from Oblivion?

    2. Conker


      Yes the ai are atrocious, running into damage, reviving themes to do same again, on final boss they literally didn’t even come to revive me one time, one other parts they do nothing but die too

      As for game, be nice to be able to dodge or roll to actually avoid damage in the small areas. 2nd last level, what was the point, literally just defeat basically most the bosses again, you ca play as 4 characters who apart from appearance all the play the same.

  12. got it, cool to get a lego game for free
  13. This is cool, I will use when go,back to the game
  14. Here’s my bitching, ps now isn’t even in Australia yet 😡 it may be good but will only be great when all countries have it
  15. @CuteBoringLove how difficult would you say this is to plat?