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  1. Finished my online a few hours ago, good to have level 50 done aka 4-1 , Challenge mode was lots of fun, be cool to see other games try this style of mode
  2. That was a fun Monday night game, Raiders pulling out the OT win, what a fun week 1 to start this season
  3. And all because of damn hacker
  4. So did anyone see Jameis throwing 5td's and blowing out the Packers 38-3
  5. left to much time and its Brady, but was a great season opener
  6. me too, espcially the utterly pointless The Last of Us thats coming for PS5 or the milked GTA V/Skyrim
  7. Finally another Gran Turismo game, Sport doesn't count
  8. This should be awesome, the wait will be worth it
  9. Le’Veon Bell is signing with the Baltimore Ravens
  10. Lol, what a easy list 😂
  11. EASY list
  12. This is cool, never played a Quake game before, so getting this, list will be fun challenge p.s can we get the Blood games now 😁
  13. Need someone for online trophy’s for winter sports 2011 and Brunswick Pro Bowling (NA) PS3

  14. Well Seems Aaron Rodgers is going to play 1 more year in Green Bay
  15. Well It's Not Coming home , Congrats to Italy and Ardentina