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  1. The NFC EAST is still anyone’s and wouldn’t shock me if it’s 8-8 or 7-9 and for coaches gone first Patricia or Gase would be tops along with Quinn
  2. As long as the games I have interest in from them still come to Sony consoles PS4/5, I have no issues
  3. List looks more complete and challenging, glad it has more characters then 1st game
  4. wow 26-7 down and my Cowboys comeback to Beat the Falcons on a last second fg, but the real question is what were the Falcons thinking on the on-side kick, literally get it they win, but they somehow didn't Also some big injuries today, Nick Bosa,Jimmy G,Mostert, Drew Lock,Saquon (reportedly ACL tear) Pack put up 40 again, Rivers first win for Colts, Brady first win as a Buc, Titans, Bears, Steelers, Rams and Bills both 2-0 Falcons,Eagles,Vikings, Giants, Lions, Panthers, Dolphins,Jets , Broncos all 0-2
  5. Yikes that is atrocious, I think I’m gonna wait till I buy it 😂
  6. Well that was a fun Thursday game, Browns look much better and get the much needed win. Whilst Bengals look like they have there qb,Burrow had a solid game too and Solid game running ball From Chubb for the Browns
  7. Very surprising to see a new one and with a plat too none the less, should stll be fun game
  8. Hopefully indeed this is true
  9. Yes they will work but who knows when /how long each game will take and what the 1% is
  10. Interesting game choices and there’s the last guardian, they adding it in to get more to play it 🤔
  11. Yeah I’m glad I’m waiting, not gonna pay $750 for disc version, plus waiting gives time for more games to come out and hopefully all faults gone
  12. List seems not too hard, lets hope it plays better then WWE 2K20
  13. So yeah Texans getting rid of Hopkins ... 14 catches for 141yrds in there 4 point win over the 49ers
  14. Cool too see a plat, but defo will be a challenge like the first game