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  1. The Tanooki costume from SMB3
  2. Well Rams get it done in a scrappy game, but the big story is the bears and why Trubisky was on the sideline to end the game.
  3. Well Ravens destroyed Texans 41-7, continuing to show that they might be a legit contender to win it all this season Falcons get 3rd win with a dominating win over the Carolina Panthers
  4. Well a sloppy game from Pittsburgh and Browns get a win they neededd but will be overshadowed but Myles Garrett and what he did,YOU DON'T FUCKING ATTACK A PLAYER WITH A HELMET ,absolutely uncalled for, hope he is suspended long or rest of season. Kitchens control the Fucking team
  5. Im sure your less likely to get caught now, since they probably are watching Madden 20 now. And is it both PS3 and PS4 mut servers up? im shocked EA hsn't shut them by now
  6. Maybe crocs world 4 will spell it correctly 😂
  7. 1972 Dolphins celebrate But wow what a game, 2 good teams giving us a epic game
  8. Damn tough loss for my Cowboys, just cannot not make this NFC East battle with Philly any closer . Though good win for the Vikings who stay 1 back on the packers. This probably is Cousins best or one of them wins with the Vikings
  9. don't forget the Redskins
  10. This would be amazing to get Silent Hill remade, i loved playing it so much, but i hven't got my hopes up
  11. The problem is how lucky you have to be to get 3 in middle in Plinko, combined with the fact you cannot pick the game you need/decade. So you do more quiting out then actually playing.
  12. some interesting results today Jets beat Giants Atlanta dominate Saints Browns maybe save season with win Bears beat Lions and yeah Bengals are 0-9 after being destroyed by Ravens
  13. A very fun Thursday game with Raiders prevailing 26-24, Josh Jacobs just continues to tear it up for Oakland who are looking good atm for maybe one of the 2 wild-card spots in the AFC.
  14. Hot seat coaches for me are Quinn, Kitchens, those the 2 top ones others that could be on it are Gase,Nagy, Shurmur, Garrett (if we don’t win division),