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  1. Ok What the Fuck, tried today using guest and the 2 player trophies unlocked fine.... dumb game 😑
  2. Ok I still can’t get either of the 2 player trophies, i deleted and re-installed game and still nothing, Im so lost on what to do?? i have had 2 controller as guest, a account, pot black ball to lose, win , player 1 pot black ball and win, any ideas are appreciated, so,frosting when the ones against ai all unlocked fine
  3. Tried using guest account for player 2 winning both ways and still the 2 player trophies won’t unlock, maybe I should try deleting game , re-installing and trying again?
  4. So how do i unlock these 2 player trophies?? I have done them with either player losing by potting black, even won game properly and nothing?? Yet the other trophies have unlocked fine
  5. Yes it works, just quickly swipe left on touchpad and X over and over until it works
  6. Took them long enough to realise no one bought them
  7. This really is atrocious, the Physics are a joke, balls missing/not going in when should, Camera is bad when you shoot, don't balls go where it isn't , it truly is slowest game of pool too Least losing is quick, pot black ball
  8. there are 2 people who 100% this, so obviously trophy is gettable but how
  9. Hooray for the glitch, for the Ascendshaft part, its not too bad, 2nd Boss was annoying and took forever, garbage boss and don't die after killing boss or you gotta redo it, happened on 2nd boss for me......... UGH p.s Sometmes after rurning from pause shooting wont work right away or until i pause and unpause again
  10. The Vikings are releasing TE Kyle Rudolph he will be a nice pickup for a team
  11. This wasn't too bad getting them all, i thought it would have been worse
  12. The Pouncey twins are retiring The Houston Texans are releasind JJ Watt
  13. This actually really easy using this method
  14. Well that Superbowl matchup turned into ablowout Bucs win, Brady gets 7
  15. Congrats Tampa Bay Bucs on the SB 55 win, totally dominated the game

    1. lucky0ne16


      thanks, greatest night of my life, been a fan since 07 when lost to the giants i believe