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  1. Wow Goal of the tournament by Patrick Schick for the Czech Republic in the 2-0 win over Scotland
  2. absolute scary scenes, i hope Christian Erickson is ok
  3. I hope this Euro will be awesome, as for teams I think can in it Belgium France Portugal Hopefully covid doesn’t effect the tournament to much and we get some nice surprising upsets too
  4. defo harder then rest and without a doubt the worst, requiring stars when some can't even be 3 stared is so fucking dumb
  5. BFV one was awful so not surprised it got dropped, i would much rather have sp again with Bad Company 3, the Bad Company campaign's were so much fun
  6. Will be interesting how goes with bigger player limits, no SP is no shock 5's was awful. I would rather next BF SP be in Bad Company 3 if ever comes out
  7. Julio Jones is gonna be traded to the Tennesse Titans
  8. Im shocked Run Like Hell on vita is so active online, so easy to get matches, i thought it would be empty

    1. cr1s


      Tell me about it. I tried to self-boost it not long ago, but after 5 tries I was like "to hell with this". xD

  9. Even easier then the PS3 list, just more grindy then PS3 list
  10. Looks totally awesome
  11. Great gotta download this again ugh 😩
  12. Anyone own a copy of the Russian version of the tintin game for PS3, looking to buy it

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Conker


      I found one on eBay, they want $100+ for it 😳

    3. PooPooBlast


      Ouch! Not something I'd spend that much for. Just my opinion :).

    4. Conker


      Same, some games yes but thi ain’t one 😂

  13. some early things from the schedule week 1 both networks have the doubleheader Season opens with Cowboys @ Bucs week 1 Jets @ Panthers like Ofc it would be week 1 Fox doubleheader game Packers @ Saints however that could look Week 4 Bucs @ Patriots on SNF No SNf games for Eagles, Thanksgiving games CHI @ DET (FOX)LV @ DAL (CBS)BUF @ NO (NBC) 2 games on Christmas CLE @ GB (FOX)IND @ AZ (NFLN)
  14. hopefully comes to EU/Aus
  15. would have been better with 0, campaign, i'm only 3rd mission in and its pathetic, worst bf campaign by far, if 6's sp is terrible then they should just forget about it or give us bad company 3, bad company 1/2 story's were real fun