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  1. well said, Also Sabres fan here, but yeah another disappointing season, and to think it was actually a improvement until we blew up badly, as for your buddy he must be having a tough time since those Hurricanes are giving the Caps a almighty challenge
  2. Tampa Bay getting swept was a massive shock, but man the Blue Jackets were just so good and it was there first playoff series, Islanders just looked dominant in there sweep of the Penguins. and how about Colorado taking out Calgary in 5, meaning both #1 seeds are out Hurricanes back in playoffs since 2009, making it a series with the Capitals, Stars vs Predators series is just so tight. the Blues Jets series is just crazy 0 home wins for either . Toronto and Boston is a great series too
  3. Well said you literally have the best post and most sensible one in this thread
  4. Nice find this will be a major help, do you think you could use this method for other trophies or career?
  5. Well i was right by saying in another thread that this could be a server to be closing soon. Well good thing i have just started wanting to go back and get the last online trophy i need https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/483-burnout-paradise/57-complete-10-timed-challenges
  6. Well said, i like seeing people like you supporting them instead of all the people bashing them constantly
  7. Very simple list, game is lots of fun and very enjoyable and defo got my money's worth from it. I will 100% stack this
  8. I sat listening to music whilst playing this very enjoyable game,
  9. they have started the new wave of wr's http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26539887/pats-bolster-thin-wr-unit-thomas-signing
  10. How would people think of this idea,having the disc drive able to play PS1,2,3,4 and ofc 5?
  11. All the ratalaika hating, there games are fun, lists might be weak but that doesn't mean you have to stop playing the game after you get the plat. Be glad they still support the Vita unlike most companies I don't see people complaining about how many lists Steins Gate has......
  12. List is somewhat weak, every trophy is just score based, i get these are arcade games but surely they could've had 1 different trophy
  13. Backwards compatibility is nice but wish it was also for PS3, honestly i'm in no hurry for a PS5 considering the amount of unplayed games i have for PS3,4 and Vita and i just hope the price doesn't become to ridiculous