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    2. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      one day adult stars will show there skills in the olympics



    3. NanaCheese94


      Pole dancing at the olympics next!!

      It's legit super hard to pull off right and requires a lot of body strength and discipline. Could be a new gymnastics discipline

    4. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      strength, power and honor = Pole Dancer

  1. i like the list being harder, will make this fun game a nice challenge
  2. @DEYBAJ how hard is this trophy and how is the game for keeping your progress for challenges, since i've heard some people had their progress go back to 0
  3. yeah the illegal defense penalty is silly, though i think they trying to avoid injuries and obviously have qbs playing there best. yeah MJD was average whilst i did like Marvin Lewis in the booth. I liked all the players and coaches mic'd up, replay official not s lot, they really dont say much And unless Hackenberg shows something in the rest of these games, he indeed will never be in the NFL again, Jets showing us why he never got on the field
  4. This game indeed does look cool and really fun, defo gonna get this
  5. Anyone in here been watching any of the AAF league and if so what are your thoughts on the opening games? Personally i have enjoyed them and some players so far have showed some good promise, the rules exclusieve to it have been interesting to watch
  6. I Personally don't find it a chore, i'm constantly switching between PS3/4 and vita playing games all the time.
  7. sale looks weak apart from Swords of ditto for $10. but Fallout 76 is in there
  8. He said it perfectly
  9. one thing that helped with that, was the city of New Orleans. "Viewership was especially low in New Orleans, where only 26.1 percent of the market tuned into the game, according to Nielsen's overnight numbers " as quoted from here
  10. Sorry to say this Lions fans, Spongebob has been to the superbowl more than you have and it starting to look like the Raiders will potentially play the 2019-2020 season at the home of the San Francisco Giants
  11. from what i've played most can indeed be done local, you gotta be level 6 in the game to unlock ranked matches, unranked are unlocked from the start, Challenge missions aren't to difficult though some will give you a challenge and for kills/wins you can just do deathmatch with a 1 kill limit over and over again with 2 controllers.
  12. these aren't to bad but some are a pain and imo have way to tight times, personally for me the 2nd rivet rifle and 2nd shockbow training missions are the hardest ones to gold,
  13. people are ridiculous and can't enjoy anything unless it's a shootout, great defensieve low scoring games can be great like tonight. And Goodell deserves all the boo's, would have been better if we couldn't have heard him