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  1. Well another garbage showing by my Cowboys, defense was pathetic, couldn't even tackle all night. Offense was terrible after opening drive , Serioursly mad the Bears look amazing tonight. and yet still lead the division , which no-one wants to win and whoever does ain't Doing what Seattle did
  2. Fatastic hear they coming back for a bit, defo time to get this trophy done
  3. Well Seattle get it done to move to 10-2, whilst Cousins is now 0-8 on MNF and still cannot win the big games Also Wht will the Jags do with Foles after they benched him agai for Minshew
  4. Im so happy to see this is coming to PS4, defo buying, list looks not too tough apart from the speedrun stuff
  5. Texans were fantastic defemsively giving pats fits all night but isn't it crazy the Patriots were a onside recovery away from having a chance to win it even playing that bad. Gotta agree how Ravens are playing they clearly look the best in AFC.
  6. Sounds like the perfect bargain b8n game , though seriously how can you release it with the online co-op not there....
  7. That ending in the Denver game just sums up the chargers season props to Drew lock on his 1st win
  8. Piece of Cake Award Literally 5-10min plat with debug mode, game sucks too It's Like Dark Souls it really isn't as hard as its rarity but does have it challenges at times plus when online was up it had a tendency to potentially glitch your trophies, though i thankfully didn't have that issue, this was also plat 400 for me Bad-Ass Award This has to go to Crash Dummy, im thankfull they made this on sale for $1, because it is truly one of the worst/broken games available on PS4, i add Tower of Dragonasia too , just terrible Grind of The Year The biggest grind for the year is one im currently doing, Quantam Theory online, its not as bad as people say and people im doing it with are great people King of The Internet This is tough got so many conteders , but i'll say Quantam Theory, its being a smooth fun session with good people/friends, for 1 trophy its from BF5, had a good friend persist in helping me get the Death From Above trophy even though i sucked awful at flying planes. Worst Online Experince I haven't had any bad online experinces this year thankfuly Sleeper Hit of Year Arguably a fun, cute little platformer that was $10 and cross-buy, such a enjoyable experince i reccomend to everyone Biggest Bomb of Year For me was Conan Exiles just don't see the appeal for it, luckily they added debug mode for easy plat Best Trophy Image Gotta be Twisted Metal's platinum, just how badass is that Skull 😎 Worst Trophy Image Fractured Minds trophy are all the basic trophy pictures, Best Female Character Really Don't have one Best Male Character Dante from Dante's Inferno Best Plat of Year Has to be Twisted Metal, i had played some previously but had put it away and left it and i assumed thats how it would be, until i heard servers were closing so i decided to do it , best idea ever, so i then left it to be 400 which it was, cleaned up a couple of long trophies in 2019 and boom plat Wurst Plat of Year This game is just terrible, thanks for the debug mode, this makes you realise how much better Ratalaika games are Most Anticipated Platinum of 2020 Whatever i make plat 600
  9. the way the division is going the Redskins at 3-9 will come up and win it
  10. The Bengals get win 1 defeating the Jets 22-6 in Daltons return to starter Ravens win the big game by 3 to move to 10-2, whilst 49ers move to 10-2 both with big games next week The Tannehill Titans continue to win after beating the Colts, he has revived his career there Steelers win against Browns
  11. Love the poll and appreciate the giveaway, good luck everyone, though hopefully i win
  12. Well Bears got it done, barely, Lions lead yet another game and still lose, Blough looked decent My Cowboys were completely trash, Garret’s hot seat is steaming now, whilst Wow Buffalo are legit good this year, Josh Allen is playing great along with the defense and the ageless frank gore, cannot wait to see how they go against the Ravens Well Saints got it done to clinch the division on thanksgiving, which is absolutely crazy but the highlight had to be the Falcons recovering 2 “3” on-site kicks, it still is possible
  13. I’ll go 205, hopefully you having this long to take it, will let you get the local co-op one really quickly 😉
  14. What i did was tried to draw enemy's to me,so peaking out for them to see me and then me hiding just around corner so i could easily kill them when they get to me, always look around since you'll find health kits, for enemy on stairs before the only checkpoint, if he hasn't turned around yet, approach him slow then when close run and kill him.
  15. Well Lions will now use there 3rd starting qb in a month https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28179471/lions-start-undrafted-david-blough-ailing-qb-jeff-driskel-thanksgiving
  16. 100% agree this dlc is garbage, Firstly the bombing mission is so bad, too much avoid flak garbage mixed in with to small sections of stuff to do then ending with more avoid flak garbage. Now for the Stealth Mission or should i say not Stealth, doesn;t matter enemey's hear/see you everywhere even when being stealthy so Stealth is broken too, i wish you could get a gun in it and i love how enemey's go through crates..... Which adds up to overpriced garbage dlc which should have been "FREE"
  17. Well Lamar and the Ravens Demolished the Rams 45-6, mvp frontrunner atm and can anyone stop this team whilst the Rams don't look anything like a playoff team this season
  18. Doesn't help Stafford isn't playing but then again Patricia is defense and Lions haven't been good on that side so it will be interesting what the orginization does
  19. I think Packers just don't want to play in California again this season . But huge props to the 49ers continuing to show how good they are this season, though the next 2 road games at Ravens and Saints will fully tell us just how good they really are
  20. Can we just give the Bengals the 1st pick after they drop to 0-11 with 19-10 loss against Steelers who benched Rudolph in 3rd qtr Redskins get win 2 defeating the Lions giving Dwayne Haskins his first NFL win Saints win a close thought game over Panthers 34-31 on game winning fg, but Joey Slye for Panthers was costly with 3 missed kicks
  21. So who saw the Jets destroying th Raiders 34-3 Bills 8-3 going into game on Thanksgiving after win over Broncos
  22. Texans get it done Thursday night to retake division lead with 20-17 win, DeAndre Hopkins with 2 big tds
  23. Twisted Metal I am Sweet ToothAll Trophies 0.55%
  24. The Tanooki costume from SMB3
  25. Well Rams get it done in a scrappy game, but the big story is the bears and why Trubisky was on the sideline to end the game.