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  1. this sounds good, im definitly joining in on this, will be very helpful clearing some make backlog. Good thing i have some unplayeds for letters like X,Z,Q
  2. rinse and repeat list... would have been nice to see some different trophies
  3. I still got so many questions that need answering, just give us some decent actual gameplay 😡
  4. This is cool news, Just give me a Resistance 4 or trilogy remaster/remake
  5. Fair enough on Mayock saying that, AB needs to stop acting like a baby and just get a new helmet or you can enjoy never playing this season/ever for the Raiders. i do Wonder if they would seriously consider cutting/releasing him
  6. IMO this or og red Alert are the best RTS games but for PS3 its definitly Ruse
  7. Such a short list and doesn't look to hard, should be good fun
  8. Yeah MLB 2K10 and 11 had this trophy
  9. Worms Ultimate Mayhem Aliens Colonial Marines
  10. #500 Transformers Revenge of The Fallen 

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      Congrats on 500! :yay::yay::yay: 

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      500! Nice!

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      Well done! 💯

      Epic milestone 🏆

  11. what a interesting game, i might just have try this
  12. Just used thunderwizard and put it in plain text and there my code was, this is truly a amazing find, Though be good if we didn't have to do this, Sony....
  13. Yeah i doubt this will last long populated if it ever does, considering how much it will cost and its competiton in the BR market, i wonder why people even bother with BR's now considering it's gonna be extremly hard to do any good in it with the likes of Fortnite being there and free
  14. LOL, AB is such a fucking diva, The Steelers must be so happy he's gone and this would have to be one of the most dumbest re3asons to possible not play again
  15. Typical dumbness, blame everything but not the main problem..,..when will America do the right thing
  16. If i could vote for more then 1 i'd pick everything but the ribbon system as they are more important in needing to be done/implemented. But with my 1 vote i went with the series feature
  17. its not bad for what it is, a ok story, though levels can repeat a little, combat is good,online works well and has no issues, plenty of charcaters to choose from and things to unlock through playing the game though they are cosmetic stuff. Trophies are fairly simple too on and offline ones
  18. I would personally do it if i got asked and it was something i would do again and was a fair price.But this case the price just doesn't cut it for the amount you have to put in to get the plat
  19. Just give me the option to not show this and i'll be fine, i have better things to worry/look at then a dumb ribbon, not like this feature will stop me playing whatever the hell i want even if it is a super easy plat. personally would rather see the game series be added and other things people have asked for
  20. So what are you thoughts on them? Personally they seem as even easier as last year, no draft stuff, a few new trophies, P.S if only the comeback City trophy was do it with Patriots vs Falcons
  21. Interesting tips, personally i wasn't a fan of the restarting, i never did it i managed with the coins i found at first , and then went back to levels i didn't have all coins getting them so i had like 10+.A much better tip is this, start the level if power up isn't treasuer chest pause, then click either square or circle till the powerups cycle again, doing that i literally could easily do some levels that had like 8+ checkpoints with 1 or none since i could get coins,mail or keys and then just die on purpose, really helped in some world 3 levels where you need keys is near the start.
  22. Cool Lineup, though sucks i already have sniper elite 4
  23. i assume pausing the game also stops the in-game/level tiume like normal? and for the secret levels can i make saves on the levels you get into them from, so acce3ss it then load another save do the next one or does it have to be done in one playthrough?
  24. Can confirm it’s gone from Australia store, be nice if this was ported to so many cool dooms in it
  25. Well this is a fantastic surprise though nightmare in co-op looks to be the only annoying thing unless your bad then the 2hours, I wonder if they will still have the helpful save/load feature