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  1. Trophies don’t see, to bad, I just gotta get this, looks interesting
  2. Money talks, i do wonder if all this BLM stuff wasn't happening if it would have been changed
  3. Wow this is indeed a good shock, definitely gonna be buying this, never played a Turok game and has always wanted to
  4. Not big on the White, would rather it be blue or black tbh
  5. Good game is finally available on psn, also anyone know how hard the trophies are?
  6. Game is currently on sale in game stores for $5 here in Australia
  7. Im scared at what price will be here in Australia now
  8. Cam Newtown is signing a 1yr deal with Patriots
  9. Wow those trophy pictures really do look atrocious 😂, movie is way better then those, list looks simple, will definitely get this
  10. Star Wars 1313 Prey 2 Silent Hills Agent
  11. I most likely will seeing as I did the previous goosebumps game on ps3
  12. Shocked to see this coming to PS4, seen it played and looks a nice little game, list is nice too and simple
  13. Probably offer 2 PS5 games too, dunno how soon and hopefully price doesn’t rise again
  14. Love the Crash Bandicoot series. defo keeping my eye on this
  15. So is there any videos or anything on this exploit?
  16. Not really, have older consoles and handhelds that aren’t Sony, which I still very much enjoy
  17. Now this sounds way better then the first game,
  18. Disc version all day and forever
  19. A very nice surprise, good too see more Ratchet and Clank
  20. Ugh enough with the milking, just make GTA 6 or Bully 2
  21. Interesting design, still on the fence about it, but for one thing I’d definitely buy disc version,
  22. We surely will see a Syrim PS5 Stack
  23. I will still play a game if it has a plat or not, i more worry about if game interests me first
  24. cool list and things you have to do, defo interested in this game