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  1. this a cool find, so have to use this now
  2. yeah i too thought it would've been closer, maybe the Saints should've won and they might have made a better game
  3. So we will have a rematch of Superbowl XXXIX as it'll be The Patriots vs the Eagles facing of in Superbowl 52 in Minnesota
  4. The delay of game was easily there as were other calls overall the refs weren't even that bad imo, did you not see Triplette on the first playoff game , the Jags had a 10 point 4th qtr lead and lost to the Goat and some great defensive plays from Gilmore so not like they weren't playing well. Give credit the the Jags on a great season and Blake Bortles on another well played game, be very interesting to see what they do know with the qb position in the offseason.
  5. The Tennessee Titans have named Former Texans DC Mike Vrabel as head coach http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/22162638/mike-vrabel-hired-tennessee-titans-new-head-coach
  6. My Conference Championship Tips Patriots over Jags Vikings over Eagles p.s good luck to all 4 teams
  7. Looks easy, curious to see if it’s much different then the previous game
  8. Very curious they did this, obviously they wanted the game to be a bit more grindy
  9. Here is one option for you https://www.play-asia.com/digital_codes/playstation_network_cards/psn_hong_kong_cards/14/712m9
  10. Technically for some it is already unobtainable, if your store has no items to download
  11. I loved this game so I’d be tempted to do it again, only if they remove the multiplayer, couldn’t do all that again
  12. That’s dissaponting it’s vr only
  13. Yeah this just keeps sounding like a winner....... this just looks perfectly set to fail miserably
  14. I see your point but how rarely do teams with losing records get in, so in that case no none from NCF West deserved being in the playoffs? Not there fault sometimes divisions have terrible years. P.s I loved that game and that Marshawn Lynch run, just amazing