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  1. Still waiting on Max Payne 2... 😡
  2. Cool giveaway id like to enter this https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/7315-midnight-deluxe/jarethgeason
  3. Yeah it be nice to see the original game remastered, hopefully that’ll happen eventually
  4. Wow just wow is that the best courier driver in the world or something and anyone one who pays that is either crazy, drunk on drugs or all 3
  5. Damn this sucks to hear this has bugged trophys, better wait to buy until it’s fixed if indeed it does get fixed
  6. This is some great work you are all doing with this, keep it up
  7. this is cool to see this is achievable again, since this game was so much fun and enjoyable to earn the plat on, now i wonder what will be next to have working again
  8. this is cool, and that genesis reversible cover looks amazing, be cool if it had a new list with a plat but if not then not too fussed since we have a good sonic game
  9. Got Physical and Digital versions of this
  10. just 100% the game, i gotta say it was really good fun and well made, keep on making games and stick it to all those people that criticized this game and will probably never play it
  11. Wow UMBC #16th seed stun #1 overall seed Virginia in NCAA Tournament :o 

  12. will be getting this, did both versions on PS3 and thoroughly enjoyed it
  13. this is way better then Orc Slayer and this complaning wont get your money or time back you spent on this. would you rather play bad games like i do?