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  1. For anyone who’s played it, are the 3 trophys no-one has, bugged atm?
  2. I have, a USA, japan, honk Kong alt accounts mainly for buying games I can’t get on my store/all the sales, I also have A Brazil account which I only made for when to R&C games were free on there
  3. My Week 15 2017-18 NFL Tips Broncos over Colts Lions over Bears Chiefs over Chargers Bills over Dolphins Vikings over Bengals Ravens over Browns Panthers over Packers Saints over Jets Eagles over Giants Redskins over Cardinals Jags over Texans Seahawks over Rams Titans over 49ers Patriots over Steelers Cowboys over Raiders Falcons over Bucs
  4. This game is getting delisted at the end of December, but good news is the multiplayer servers will stay open, game is also currently on sale https://forums.swordcoast.com/index.php?/topic/11825-last-chance-to-purchase-sword-coast-legends/#entry110009
  5. Nice win by Miami, Cutler with a great game and how about the defense holding the Patriots to 0-11 on 3rd Down, first time since 1991 Pats with no 3rd Down completions, I wonder if the Patriots were looking a week
  6. I bloody hope this is true, been wanting this for a while
  7. 1: What is your favourite game of 2017? Has to be Crash N Sane Trilogy 2: What is your favourite game released before 2017? Every Crash Bandicoot game, love that series 3: What is your favourite PlayStation plus game? Grim Fandango Remastered, always wanted to play this and when I got the chance to it truly was an amazing experience, great story and characters 4: What is your proudest platinum you earned this year? Thats easy resistance 2, since it was my 200th plat and because it’s such a fantastic game 5: Most overrated game of 2017? Battlefront 2, 6: Which platinum trophy pushed you the hardest in 2017? Leisure Suit Larry box office bust, because it’s so fucking trash and I kept struggling on the last with the combat because it’s atrocious, until I finally mastered the countering which is basically the only way to defeat enemies in this horrible game 7: What trophy (excluding platinums) was your most frustrating? Definitely has to be https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/373-kane-lynch-2-dog-days/60-rex mainly because of how grindy it is 8: Your most anticipated game for 2018? This one is easy Far Cry 5, Would also be MediEvil if that is release next year 9: What is the last game you bought for: ) PS4 - The Inner World (EU) ) PS3 - Ferrari The Race Experience ) PS VITA - Fifa 15 ) PSVR - None since don’t have it 10: Has your backlog of games in 2017: ) decreased ) remained about the same ) increased by 1 - 20 ) increased by 21 - 50 ) increased by 51 - 100 ) could rival Cj's and damage's spiralling lack of control on the PSN Store 100% last option, bought so much I needed to find new places for my disc games and my psn purchases grow every sale 11: Please list the Top 10 games that you've played this year that you recommend that we play (they must be PS games and they can have been released at any time, as long as you played it in 2017) Crash N Sane Trilogy, Chromagun, The inner World, Rango, Captain America Super Soldier, Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection, The Wolf Among Us, Minecraft Story Mode, Chess Ultra, Serial Cleaner 1: What was your favourite part of the GATH Season 2? Performing very good 2: What was your least favourite part of the GATH Season 2? Absolutely nothing 3: What is your opinion on the scoring systems for your End Of Month Result? It’s perfect 4: What is your opinion on the scoring systems for your Bonus Categories? It’s perfect 5: What is your opinion on the scoring systems for Backlog Games? It’s perfect 6: How do you feel about the Backlog Game setup (6 x PS3 games, 3 x PS4 games, 1 x PS VITA game)? i think the vita amount is perfect, ps3 amount is fairly high 7: How would you want to see the Backlog Game setup run differently? (This includes points dispersion and certain amounts of titles per system required). Maybe have ps3 and PS4 amounts the same at 4 or 5 and maybe make the vr a option instead of vita 8: What did you think of my FAME & SHAME event and would you be interested in seeing a minor points system implemented here? (I'm thinking whoever earns FAME gets a 3 point bonus and whoever earns SHAME loses 3 points, but it's a work in progress). This would be interesting, I’d bet I’d be in shame a lot 9: Would you be interested in being added to a group chat on PlayStation Messenger Chat in 2018 where everyone can have a chat, discuss games and even try to arrange boosting sessions with other interested players? (You can still be added but there will be no pressure at all to say anything or play with others). Cool idea but I have enough messages atm and don’t want my console getting overloaded with messages 10: Would you be interested in a new feature next year where everyone nominates a list of games (not sure how many yet, maybe 5, maybe 10) that require online co-op or multiplayer boosting? Wayne and I would see your nominations and match you with people who have nominated the same game as you. Possibly we could add a substantial points bonus to anyone who completes said game. Games like AC Black Flag or Battlefield 4 or Killzone Shadowfall are a few examples. I 100% would Some games, Sniper Elite 3 (PS3), Killzone 2, Syndicate, Homefront The Revolution, Transformers Rise of the dark Spark (PS3), F1 2014, Worms WMD
  8. list seems way easier then the one's on PS3
  9. horrible news if True thats being reported. Carson Wentz has reportedly tore his ACL , would be a massive loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.
  10. Bengals must've still been sore from Monday's game against Pittsburgh and yeah it's amazing how the Browns find ways to lose games. yeah all the people saying chiefs would lose today , i wasn't one though 😙 also Jimmy G is 2-0 with 49ers
  11. The snow in Buffalo is amazing, really making it a fun game to watch
  12. sweet to see it's now coming out, definitely getting this for my vita
  13. About time, I wouldn’t use it but cool for those who’d love to
  14. Apart from MediEvil being announced for PS4, I personally didn’t enjoy PSX too much talking and vr talk for me