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  1. Has anyone else finished the block puzzle in the Jungle level of this game and gotten a glitch where ,instead of being able to pick up the PEMO its just a weird graphic glitch making it impossible to get it? I've completed this puzzle twice now where you are supposed to be able to get the item and for some reason it doesn't let me get it and this has happened twice Just a fair warning for anyone that wants to play this game now that there are issues with that room as far as the collectible there
  2. I have 26 of 173 collectibles in the game and for some reason the trophy for the collect 25 didn't actually pop. I'm before going into the chruch and picked up at least two of the items on the dock first before going in and now I am wondering if i did something wrong? I dunno its just weird cos I picked up the collectibles in the other areas with no problem but for some reason here seemed to be an issue. Not sure what I did wrong here