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  1. Normally, my only criteria is it has to be from a game I've spend roughly 10 plus hours on. Its an added bonus if it is a character I like. I wish the PS4 would show all my avatars in my downloads list.
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions guys! I will finish those trials all the way through next time! What I did was cloud save all of my save files through PS+ . Then deleted my user on my PS3. Then made a new user and logged into my account. Played the lighthouse level and the trophy popped. I then synced trophies (took awhile) and put all my cloud saves back on my profile, voila! What Count Flame said would've worked just as well, but the only person I know with a PS3 lives an hour away. Hope this fiasco helps anyone with this problem! That Platinum is mine!
  3. 2014 PS4 games to plat: AC4, Infamous: Second Son, The Order 1886, Dying Light, Destiny, MGS: Ground Zeroes and Outlast (If it gets a platinum.) PS3 Games: TWD Season 2 (If it has a platinum trophy) Max Payne 3 (Have NYMHC left.) Bioshock Infinite, The Wolf Among Us, and lastly the Hitman Trilogy.
  4. I made a new save file. Trophy doesn't pop. When I look at my trophies, its unlocked in a bubble. I can only see it in offline mode. Its really confusing.
  5. Bioshock Infinite if anyone can help me with a trophy stuck in a bubble. https://psnprofiles.com/forums/topic/12395-bioshock-infinite-trial-problem/ /
  6. I downloaded Bioshock Infinite as a PS+ Trial. The Lighthouse trophy popped in a bubble. I then rented Bioshock Infinite through Gamefly, mopped up most trophies and sent it back. Just recently I downloaded the Full Version of Bioshock Infinite through PS+. As I glance through the trophies I notice the Lighthouse trophy still in a bubble. Does anyone know how I can get this trophy to unlock?
  7. What I have: GTA4, GTA 4, SoulCalibur 5. All pain in the ass. What I don't have yet: Max Payne 3. NYMHC is bullshit.
  8. Customer Support told me there was a glitch in the system that affected some. If you can "reset" your password back to what it was originally, you are fine.
  9. Does anyone know how reliable the Sony Store Website is?
  10. I'm a little dissapointed. I wanted something challenging. All the MP trophies will be done while playing alot, and Singleplayer looks like it can be done via chapter select. I wanted a Killzone 2 challenge-fest, Oh well. I'll be online as soon as my PS4 arrives from Amazon. Add me if you guys want. PSN:Dirtyhippie324
  11. PSN: dirtyhippie324 Games: Killzone Shadowfall Injustice GOTY Editon Minecraft
  12. This will join my platinum collection alongside Killzone 1, 2 and 3......now just to find a cheap Vita so I can have Killzone: Mercenary platinum'd.
  13. As you can see launch titles aren't usually mind-blowing in graphical presentation. But I think Killzone's are really impressive.
  14. oh I know. Imagine when Last of Us 2 comes out! (If it does.)
  15. 1. Terminator. I regret playing such a crap game and littering my precious account.