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  1. Hello folks, and to anyone still playing this. Playing the game on PSNOW, and right now I have a sadly game-breaking bug (or I guess platinum-breaking, really). One trophy requires you to collect every orb collectible. So far I haven't had a problem... until level 5, Hydrath's Castle. For those that either don't remember or need to know, there's a puzzle in this level where you have to attract bugs and let them follow you. For an orb, you have to lure them down a long path and drop down a hole to reach where they have to be. Problem though, is that once I reach a certain door, a fire burns them out. At first I thought this was scripted and I was missing something, but after playing through the entire level doing everything, they still burn. I then replayed and did this collectible early. Still burned. Got most of the level done, and they burned. No matter what I did, they always burned at the door. I checked for videos, and even found quite a bit, but when they reached the door with the fire, the bugs just fly by without issue, and no one has mentioned them burning, as if its impossible to do so. Is this a glitch, or am I missing something the guides aren't covering? Sadly this will prevent me from platinuming it, so if anyone has any ideas, I'd greatly appreciate it. For the record, I'm streaming the game, if that matters.
  2. Hi everyone, having an issue. I’ve been playing this game since it came out but stopped around April. I was about to get rank 100, but I stopped in order to wait for zoro dlc (didn’t want to plat the game before dlc. Just how I work). I finally picked it back up, and my pirate rank is now 100 but no trophy. Can’t unlock no matter what I do. All karma missions are finished and everything else is done. any way to fix this? Really don’t want to restart at this point.
  3. Got the trophy finally. You have to win right at the last moment in any race. Pretty much try to have a computer AI get in front of you, then boost as fast as possible. Hopefully you cross the finish line before they do. Best race type to do it in are the races where racers are eliminated every few seconds, since you always get slime to boost.
  4. I I believe that was the latest patch number. It addressed an issue in the ice world where the puzzles didn't work right. Otherwise the trophy wasn't affected. Still have no luck in getting it. Were you playing VR or no?
  5. Hello everyone. I completely understand this game is trash, but I refuse to put it down until I get the platinum. This trophy asks me to win a Grand Prix cup at the last second. I have no idea what it wants. I finished a cup after not being in first for the first three races, and I also finished a race after passing an opponent at the last second. None of these cause the trophy. Anyone know what to do with this? It's the only trophy I'm really concerned with.
  6. Take note that without vr, you cannot play chapter 7. Also cant confirm, but I have not obtained the defeat enemy trophies yet. Haven’t tried them in vr
  7. You just need one other guy. Can't blame you. I was finally able to complete the trophies two days ago. That's because of the party method I mentioned in the earlier thread (make a party, invite other person, choose play together, choose bulletstorm), and even then it was wonky. Anarchy Master itself took roughly two hours, close to three. My problem was, no joke, my game crashed on the twentieth wave, the best place to do anarchy master. A lot of time wasted because of it. How we finally did it was get to wave 19, I had 19000 points roughly, my friend had 18500. Once we had one enemy left, he kept killing my friend, and I revived him over and over again (no time limit when partner is dead). Took a while, but it sure beat getting to wave 20 and seeing the game crash again.
  8. Only two: anarchy master and the team challenge one since you need to be in a team for both. Otherwise you could do everything solo. by the way, using the party method, use the play together option. That’s what I did.
  9. Found somewhat of a fix. Tried the DMZ method but nothing worked. however, I created a party out of the game, and now I can connect... sometimes. Sometimes one player gets in the map and the other is stuck in the lobby. Not sure what determines it.
  10. I'm here to tell everyone that the problem is still very prevalent, and the answer is still the same. I don't know if its the netcode or what, but joining matches is cumbersome, and allowing friends to join is essentially impossible. I play this game with another person over the same internet, and nothing seems to work. Half the time it says my friend is offline, and when they're not, they are never joinable. Sending any invites from either of us leads to the error saying "unable to join the game." Very rarely we will find one another in quickplay, but even then voting for maps never happens, and we are trapped. My internet I believe is fine, since we play games like this all the time and never encounter this. Occasional lag, but that's it. Bulletstorm so far is proving to be a pain, and the main problem is one of the trophies requires online for the 40,000 points in Anarchy. This essentially makes the plat impossible. I've gotten Gearbox's same response, and aside from the fact that I'm not exactly sure what' they're saying, I find it crazy that I have to do it in the first place. Sad too, because I loved this game, and my friend is literally at the stage where this is his last trophy to obtain. Hopefully something happens now that the game is free for PS Plus. Hope it leads to something.
  11. Hello everyone. I've come here to ask if anybody currently playing this managed to obtain this trophy. All it wants is for the princess to kill a monster with a sword. I talked to the developer about this, and they said that you'll get this upon killing the first monster in 3-1. Problem though is that this trophy will not unlock for me. This may pose a problem in the near future, as the other trophies requiring up to a hundred kills may also not unlock. Has anybody gotten this, and if so, was it after patch 1.10 or before it? I'm aware 1.11 just came out, but I'm still unable to get it. Thank you to anybody who responds