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  1. Lord of War and the Platinum is now achievable with patch 1.04 which dropped today. The developer and publisher came through. Yay!
  2. To anyone thinking about starting this game to platinum, please take note that there is a very high possibility that the Lord of War trophy is currently unachievable. The problem was supposed to be addressed with the most recent patch 1.03 but still no one has been able to unlock the trophy. Even after erasing all save data and completing another playthrough whilst simultaneously checking off a list of all known weapons as they are placed in inventory did not result in the trophy unlocking for me. I contacted the publisher Handy Games about the issue and they replied by stating that the developer told them it was fixed but at the same time they have been receiving information that it is not.(at least for the ps4) They concluded by saying that the developer (Cliffhanger Productions) is not currently working on any more patches at this time.
  3. Called Sony and asked for a refund since I was never able to play the game. They refused it stating that they have a no refund policy. Escalated to the supervisor and argued that the servers should still be up until July 1st as per their legal page, but they are not so I did not receive the service I paid for. They argued that the legal page is only on the Europe site and I am in Canada, thus refused again. Requested that they bring the servers back online, the supervisor stated that he would escalate the request. My feeling from their attitude and responses is that nothing will be done at all.
  4. FACTS; Sony's legal page states that the servers will close on July 1st is at the same time stating that they are presently up. Yet they are not. High Velocity Bowling is still being sold in the ps store when the server are down. The game was also featured on sale during the "only on playstation sale" at the end of March, unbeknownst to the buyers that the servers were about to be shut down a week later.