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  1. There's been new games in the last couple months even. Even excluding crossbuy it's still getting new games, this decision is nothing short of retarded.
  2. I fail to see the point in this. We can still download our games, so they aren't gone from the servers, so why won't they let us purchase new games? It's not like they even bother maintaining the stores, meaning they aren't reducing their workload either. Just why?
  3. Back at Ultrafan. I also noticed that I'm not listed under the Spinoff Lovers.
  4. Turns out it's yet another remake of HDN, and considering what happened with the last one I wouldn't be surprised if this one didn't get localised either.
  5. Of the available options it's definetly the grind ones, it is somewhat bearable in Vita games since they can be done whenever I can't do anything else, like while on the train, but I do not want to kill the same enemies for forty hours straight just to get an arbitrary amount of money which I'll never use anyway. Other than that there's ones for multiple playthroughs, especially in very long games such as the The Legend of Heroes games. Luck based trophies are absolutely awful as well, since you can't do anything to increase your chances of getting them. And finally trophies related to fishing minigames. I HATE fishing, you literally do nothing other than sitting around and wait until something happens. I don't want that shit in games, especially if there is a trophy involved. Thank fuck Nier Automata allowed you to buy trophies.
  6. You can just buy a bottle and give it to the sailors, no skill checks required.
  7. Finally platted Super Neptunia RPG, hopefully VVVtune will be better.
  8. Please remove me from the list as I have set all non-Neptunia games on my profile to hidden.
  9. Hold up, how?! I tried hitting every button(switch user btw) and nothing worked. That's the main reason, other than lag, why I haven't touched the game since release.
  10. Okay, thanks,
  11. Wait, if I bought the vita version before, can I still download it?
  12. Got every Plat other than Brave Neptunia and Re;Birth1+. Here's proof.
  13. Today I've leraned that Criminl Girls 2 isn't available in Germany because our rating board consists of retards who can't see the difference between a game and reality.

  14. I thibk we might have a leak for one of the August PS+ games: