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  1. This is actually the easiest on to farm with a friend. Just drop a red soapstone sign for your friend with mold maker covenant item on, then they suicide. Got 30 in like 20 minutes. Same can be done with pale tongues I think.
  2. I agree, I really do like an authentic DS3. That being said I've tried one of the china DS3s and it's terrible, not worth it at all, feels nothing like an original ds3.
  3. I've been thinking about getting the hori ever since I made this thread just can't seem to justify it
  4. 1 x PlayStation eye (if want PS3 plats) 1 x PlayStation camera (if you want PS4 plats) Pop Muzik - M (this song makes grinding way easier and acts as a rap song aswell, which is needed for a trophy) Amazing Grace - Susan Boyle ( This song makes getting the vibrato trophy easier) x8 songs of your choosing (you cannot collect trophies until you have 10 songs, also if you are going for PS3 and PS4 plats, make sure they are available on both systems, this is noted in the Playstation store, some songs are PS3 only) OPTIONAL (PS3): singstar cd games You can load PS2 singstar and PS3 singstar games into the PS3 version but not the PS4 version. You can even use a disc instead of buying the 8 dlc songs but remember if going for PS4 play you need dlc. Note: you actually don't need a microphone, at least not right away. If your main goal is to get online don't before server shutdown, then you can use the cameras as a mic for the time being. You just need the 10 songs. Hope this makes sense, let me know if you have questions, as I have all the miracle trophies on all 4 versions now.
  5. Nobody gunna bring up that amazing Clair de Lune logo remix in the trailer? Is it OST?
  6. Ds4 is an option, but it's not prefered due to no ps button, no rumble, and just overall doesn't feel right for PS3. Now that you mention it I should invest in a turbo pad so Ill look into that Hori pad.
  7. Its almost impossible to find new Stock PS3 controllers. All the 3rd party ones I've ever tried feel awful. Does anyone have any reccomendations?
  8. Will it be delisted from the android market store? Should I download it on multiple android devices, I have it on my phone now.
  9. Soul's biggest fan (I want to do this one day too!) What about Lords of the Fallen?
  10. Nope, it was like 3-4 years ago, and I actually didn't run into hackers for like the first 3 weeks, I didn't even know there were hackers at the time let alone with the ability to pop trophies in the game because this was the first time I even saw a hacked lobby. As far as I know, everyone in the lobby got their trophies popped for no reason. I remember it was just a game I got match made in on and on Nuketown. Back then the game still had 50k people online. Also if I was paying someone to pop a trophy why would I get them to pop them all at once flagging me? Trust me I'm not a cheater, I'm not a completionist like that, that needs %100 on everything, take a look at my list, lots of unfinished games. I even have really hard and rare trophies which proves I'm mostly in it for gameplay and challenge.
  11. Sucks for me, I have to hide this game because some hacker popped all the trophies (except a few so I didn't even get the plat) when I was just playing for fun one day. Now I don't even feel like playing for other trophies. It's the only game hidden on my profile. Maybe is personal for me but for that reason I say block it. It's not a legit trophy the only way to get it is hacking. I don't know how this can even be argued.
  12. Does anyone know if you unlock the wolf and pilot costumes the chance goes up since I presume you stop getting coins?
  13. I'm going to start this game soon, but considering this game has a %2.5 plat rate, it can't be TOO difficult. Stuff like Trackmania Turbo, or Olliolli2, which I have done was doable and is at %0.6 This is one of the first games I heard about back in the day known for its challenging trophies so I look forward to it. It has kind of a additional achievement associated with it for me.
  14. Its a bit unclear to me. Is this a retail game? Digital? Are the songs individual? Can someone link what I need to plat, or is it too late. Thanks.
  15. Finish Super Meat boy if you're real I don't care what my next plat should be, what should my soon 100th plat be?