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  1. I'm going on a long flight soon, other than Titan Souls, Hotline Miami, and Daganropa which I already own, are any of these vita games good? Never heard of them.
  2. @DF007gamer WRC5, I started it but its too boring to finish As for Safe Delivery, I platted Sleeping Dogs twice, and at the time the PS3 plat was my fastest plat at like 20 hours. I don't think I've ever had any issue with any trophy on Sleeping Dogs, I don't even remember this Safe Delivery mission.
  3. @Baranov_925 GTA5, I got it on PS3 but didnt get the PS4 version before they removed the transferring of online character so I dont feel like grinding to level 100 again.
  4. Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut, I will play it one day for sure!
  5. You are a competitive multiplayer gamer. Overwatch and Mortal Kombat are evidence of that, and I find people like us like Bloodborne and Persona for our singleplayer fix
  6. You were a PC gamer from July 2014 to April 2018
  7. Can confirm they are back now, but I know for a fact I played on 2 different days and.couldnt find friends ghosts Seems like things are back to normal. Wouldn't really affect difficulty, it was just a thing I liked to do since I had a friend with trackmastered times on all 200 levels. And no it wouldn't affect any trophies I don't believe even if it were gone.
  8. Yeah I just thought it would only affect players who actually change their name. I haven't changed and neither have my friends. Thats a bit of a bummer, I was in the middle of using a friends ghost to get the Trackmaster times.
  9. Hello, I was playing last night and didn't have access to racing my friend's ghost. In fact none of my friends were showing up on in game leaderboards or in game. Can anyone else confirm? The game is on the list of lightly affected games, it said that scoreboard would be affected, but I thought it would only be for people who change their name, I didn't change my name and I doubt all my friends did already. Thanks,
  10. Wow so many to choose from /s lol, nice completion rate. Since it looks like you are currently doing Seikiro, I say Yoku's Island Express,I have no idea what that is, but it has a %33 plat percentage, so its gotta be short and easy.
  11. Update: I'm on track 196 right now and have to say, I think 190 is the hardest track.
  12. I just finished black series Valley, and my personal ranking is 178, 176, 180, 175 from most to least amount of time taken. 176 is relatively easy just kept missing the antenna jump
  13. Very easy. Wall Jump hit the brakes and turn right before you even hit the quarter pipe. As for the first straight away jump, you can easily get through the turn without braking or letting go of accelerate, just hold right. That should give you enough speed to make the jump every time. I know this post is month old but thought I'd share as its fresh in my mind.
  14. I haven't watched a video of it, I kinda like to learn on my own, but so far I get to the part where you u-turn and jump past a house. Then next thing you know you are riding in these puddles and its a bit unclear where you need to go. I've only played it for about 20 minutes so far, have everything nailed down until the house jump so far. Its addicting though, I like the frustration in a sense.
  15. I just got to 172 last night, after I got 180 I went back and did 171 quickly, and called it a night after a few attempts at 172. So far the first half is easy enough, I still need to figure out the swamp part. Maybe I'll do these next then. I just want to feel like the hardest is behind me. I specifically skipped to 180 for this reason. Previously I did every track in sequential order. Also I checked Uplay. I have 172 gold medals in 36 hours, I'm quite impressed with myself. Don't get me wrong I definitely spend 2+ hours on some tracks. I'm almost questioning Uplay is tracking my time incorrectly. Still need to get Trackmasters.