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  1. Nine Inch Nails - A Warm Place 2:35 - 3:00
  2. I don't know anymore. Kill me please-
  3. The image got taken down, could you please upload it again?
  4. Hope it helps.
  5. 1. Tool 2. Nine Inch Nails 3. Led Zeppelin 4. Pink Floyd 5. The rest of the artists I like
  6. With a dedicated group Uncharted 2 is just a matter of time and coordination to get. The coop trophies are skill based but extremely doable, once I almost completed a mission on Crushing by myself (2 rookies alongside me that couldn't shoot for shit) but halfway through I realized there is more to life than wasting every night for DLC trophies with 40% rarity. Uncharted 3 I never bothered to consider boosting for, but it is harder.
  7. I have some advice for you all. Make a separate save in the last turn of each of your 5 playthroughs! The game has some trouble registering a finished game so some trophies may not pop the first time for you. I had to replay the 3rd, 4th and 5th games 2-3 times for them to register.
  8. I would like to participate for the NA code!
  9. Sine Mora Twisted Metal Malicious
  10. I get where you are coming from, you explained the flaws of this really well. I don't ever feel like getting 100% on this, it will be a warning for everyone who sees my profile.
  11. There are some symbols on the floor that when you step on them heal and restore your entire party. As far as I remember I saw 2 of them. One in the final level and one in Kleoneo's Fortress. Those make grinding really easy.
  12. Also you can do it next to the auto healers with the píer solar sign on the floor and once you run out of MP you can just walk a few. It is even easier on Kleoneo's fortress because the basic spell can kill them in one turn.
  13. Yeah I wrote that part of the guide LOL. They are closer so don't focus on pressing them really fast because you are physically capable of doing it without much effort. You have to coordinate the characters movement with your inputs and not anticipate it like in the other instances, get it?
  14. Could you teach me how to boost with 2 controllers each?
  15. So you are saying that people who harass you already boosted or got the plat and don't intend to play properly?