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  1. Thanks for the tip. Changed to Japan got gold and knocked out all the rank trophies, thanks a bunch
  2. I waited 10 minutes and not a single game was found. Is it always this bad? Also can anyone who has made it to Gold rank please tell me the amount of time or games it took? I'm not incompetent and pretty decent at these kind of games so hope its not a huge grind. I enjoy the game but don't want to sweat in ranked.
  3. Why would you want to redo the requirements? It takes way too long to get the wins. Plus it can happen again. I had it happen to me twice and at that point I refuse to even try again unless they decide to fix it or at least let me choose defense in offline mode for the wins.
  4. Seems like a neat little game but if the trophies are anything to go by this might just be a quick 5 minute plat. Honestly I pretty much learned all the hiragana and katakana from just playing so many Japanese games. It’d be a nice little game to play to just test myself I hope.
  5. No, I deleted after it stopped working and it’s set back to 0. Until they add team switching on practice I’m done with this game. Requiring 25 wins on all these maps is ridiculous. Not wasting my time trying to do this again.
  6. Nope, just happened to me and was almost done with the game. This wasn’t the first either. Trash game and trash developers wasting my time.
  7. Defeating King Galaxian without missing might be kinda difficult, I guess it depends on if you got to do the entire level or just the boss section to acquire it.
  8. Hey, so I started a new pilot and I was going through the Mathias questline as much as possible before doing anything of the main quest. It randomly popped the Mathias trophy after completing one of his quest. Never finished his whole questline. So bottom line is just create a new pilot and do it again.
  9. I don't believe there's a counter for the dwarf gekkos. Just when you get them all the trophy pops.
  10. I played for like 5-6 hours straight the other day and have made 0 progress on any trophies since the last update. I know the trophies are bugged but is there a work around? Like is offline mode a way to acquire the trophies? Anyone who recently got trophies I'd appreciate some help. Thanks
  11. Anyone Have the Room Map Trophy to boost I'd appreciate it. It's the only trophy I need. My GT on PSN is crashban96. Message me if you want to help.
  12. So I'm just about done with ps3 edition and was wondering if the ps4 version is done updating. Don't really want to start working on it if it'll get more trophies so I was just curious. Thanks
  13. According to ubisoft AC3 dlc will not work after the shutdown even though its single player. Can anyone confirm this? or is it only for the PC version that King Washington won't work?
  14. Thanks, I appreciate it.
  15. So I got all the Silver Medals and couldn't find any info on this. How exactly do you go back and get the gold medals? Can you do it through extras? Or now when I do the star posts it will put me in blue spheres that I don't have gold medals on? Thanks for any tips.