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  1. So the Yomi training is the last thing I have to do, but I’m struggling to do enough damage or even survive because if I don’t block half my health is gone. Anyone got any tips? It’s making me go crazy. Edit: I guess I should be more specific, the Minotaur on the first set of challenges on the third stage is kicking my butt.
  2. There are no guides, but the game is super straight forward. It also horrendously grinding, like +200 hours. There’s no missable or hard trophies. Just enjoy the long ride you will experience
  3. I started a new pilot and got it no problem. Finally got the Plat, I’m so sad they canceled NEXT, such wasted potential
  4. Apparently this has been a bug since launch. I’ve put so much time into this damn game and is my plat really going to be stopped by this? I have no quests from Matthias, I’ve done the stupid contracts 5 times over, and he has a converse bubble that disappears when I get close to him. What do I do? I haven’t found a work around, anyone else experience this? I’m going insane.
  5. I found someone with over 500 Vita games platinumed and all of them were platinumed in 30 or so seconds. Is this common or is this just someone blatantly hacking? I wanted to know if I could report the account or just mark some games as illegitimate?
  6. Hi, sorry about the possible obvious question. How do you activate Finale Focus? I’ve played so many songs with Maki and only have 2. I haven’t seen a tip explaining it so I’d appreciate if anyone can help me.
  7. No Peace Walker? I’ll pass
  8. No one seems to be wanting to use gaming sessions to help, if three people could help me with the Kid Ultra, Alani, and Kelvin lore challenges I would be so greatful. I’ve been trying the group sessions for weeks and no one is joining them.