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  1. Devil May Cry 5 was my most recent platinum (#87). 9/10 difficulty, some missions seemed harder than they actually were tbh.
  2. Man you just make me blush 🥰
  3. Dark Souls 3 is one. The covenants and that one ending that requires you to do things in a very specific order was annoying. Getting all the miracles, rings, pyromancies... was hella annoying too. Red Dead Redemption 2 is another one. The online was a bit tedious but the singleplayer had the bulk of the annoyance. Gold Medals took me like 4 days to do after everything else. Exotics and 100% was hella tedious. Don't get me started on herbalist and gambler... urgh.
  4. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 or Wolfenstein 2 for sure.
  5. You're right! Different kryptonite for everyone. The Panzerhund section is honestly a normal place to get stuck at, it's one of the sections of the game where everything can go wrong. I usually killed as many enemies to get halfway, then got off the Panzerhund and held angles with the rifle taking out the Nazis as they came. Also, after the train section, did you mean Roswell? The beginning of MP3 was most stressful for me because of the time limit, whereas later on you should have 8-12 minutes stacked up. We still got this tho! 💪 I am also planning on returning to MP3 to get the multiplayer trophies for the plat. That's a tough plat to get but the gunplay is so good that it isn't a chore imo. If you like RDR2 you will love MP3's combat
  6. One attempt!? NYMHC took me 3 because of the sheer amount of playthroughs beforehand, imo in MP3 the most stressful portion of the game was the first half. And 40 for Wolf 2 sounds normal tbh. I lost count of my deaths, I just know most of them are in the courtroom. I also agree with your take on the glitches, only one I ever did was the Sektion F glitch, all the others are too risky or annoying to do.
  7. So happy for you buddy! Glad to see a fellow NYMHC AND Mein Leben acheiver on here. And as the 100th? That's a great milestone! Brag about it
  8. Those intro cutscenes were annoying as hell yes, but to minimize the annoyance I limited my attempts to 2-3 times a day. Took me about 10 days but it was worth it
  9. Okay good so you have the nerves of steel already, essentially all you will need for Mein Leben now is trial and error. I emphasize the nerves a lot because of the fact that some folks might make it to say Venus and start shaking, making bad decisions. Since you did SMB I have no doubt in my mind now.
  10. Sorry about the late reply, had some exams to take care of along with Cuphead Thank you! Your chances to put it bluntly are low if you have a low resolve or are missing nerves of steel. Part of Mein Leben is realizing that anything can go wrong and being able to adapt to that is what makes or breaks a run, if you need any in depth advice, tips of the sort always feel free to message my PSN. I'd be happy to share my experience to help you!
  11. I've only just beaten the game and I have more done in Furi than Cuphead (I only need to S Rank Furier which is an absolute bitch) but so far I'd say for first playthroughs I would say Cuphead is a tad harder. I'll have a more informed opinion when I beat Expert vs Furier(S Rank) though. Something folks forget about though is that there are certain things you can do/ equip to make certain things much easier. For instance, using charge shot on the Rugged run n gun makes it cake.
  12. I have done the Rocksteady Arkham games' platinum trophies and the newer Wolfenstein games as well. I have Old Blood, New Order, Youngblood and New Colossus all plat, no DLC done for TNC though.
  13. Psn: hishomie1 Add me if you want to discuss each other's trophies or trophies in general. We can talk about tv shows, movies, and any form of media you'd like
  14. I would say I'm a sporadic trophy hunter if that makes sense. I have platinum trophies like My Name is Mayo and Batman Telltale but I also have Wolfenstein 2 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. I have different reasons for getting plats but I never do that save stack thing people do with Sound Shapes or some shit. I also don't "hack" the plats, no point if that's the case. Other than that, if I don't like a game and it has a short plat I'll probably just go for it, depends on my mood.
  15. It's pretty easy to find a match, shouldn't take longer than 1 minute. The problem is the insane latency, once shots start popping off the game just can't keep up