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  1. I am a Coventry F.C fan and an England, London Wasps, Ebbwvale rugby fan and a huge cycling fan, I speak English, clearly, German, Welsh, a tiny bit French LOL
  2. Welcome to the science show and Piano! who's idea was this
  3. i'm a newbie aswell lol I did that picture cos YOLO
  4. i'm 9, from Britain, speak German, English, Welsh and a tiny bit of French i'm a 1st English 2nd German 3rd Welsh 4th French I'm a big fan of: Cycling, Football, I support Coventry who might get liquidated, a massive fan of rugby I support England, London Wasps, Ebbwvale that's except ww2 games and general gaming u can add me on PS3 if u want
  5. really ive had the game but I only barrowed now I don't have it but it is really good , the game is anyway didn't hear bout movie cant wait then
  6. i'm british but i'm not that surprised cav lost, he has to lose at 1 point and kittel is amazing at least froome got the yellow jursey and sagan purposly goes 4 intermediate sprints cav doesnt so sagan gets green jursey
  7. hmmm... its possible, I'm 9 lol, it wont happen to me yet cos i'm only allowed 12s 4 now
  8. I normaly get a couple of crackers or cos I was given penutt butter M&Ns I get some of those
  9. i'm only 9 but depends if U like her/him also if U need money quick, U can just nick her/his money LOL
  10. huh? never heard of Ebbwvalerule, i'm guessing he is a member here
  11. Bronzed give someone a bronze trophy
  12. no in form ;(
  13. I would be interested, but cannot give money, I simply don't have enough