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  1. Are you telling me that you think that more than 19,000 people have played Astro's Playroom and this site isn't scraping the Sony servers properly anymore?
  2. The way I read that is that the patch won't necessarily resolve the crashing thing. I was so close to buying this game on day one, but held off because of some iffy reviews. Really glad I didn't buy now, for different reasons. Will pick it up used at some point.
  3. Aside from what is mentioned above: - he managed to get All gold in the National A licence a full 8 days before even passing them. And a couple that are fishy, but may be OK. - Three of a kind seems to have been earned after one race (record a lap time where all digits after the decimal are the same). 1/1000 shot per lap. SUPER lucky to get that in the first two or three laps. - Amateur collector (collect 10 cars) - with all of the trophies unlocked before this one, it would be hard to not acquire 10 cars, especially since 2 were bought before any other trophy was unlocked
  4. The trophy requirements for one of the trophies in DIRT5 changed, so the description probably has too. I don't own the game, so can't see the list on the Playstation to confirm. Patch notes from devs
  5. Just wanted to say thanks for the add-on. The lists feature is amazing!
  6. I did the same. Had been on the site not long before I set up my PS5. Then my profile here went dark despite some manual scans. Fixing the settings on the PS5 resolved it, as per my post above.
  7. I want to throw my support behind merging multiple regions, especially with the PS5 games all having multiple lists right now that are functionally the same. For example, there are 3 lists for Sackboy - PS4 and 2 x PS5. The most active forum is attached to the PS4 list while the two PS5 ones have nothing and two threads. This means that if I'm looking at my PS5 list, there isn't really a forum linked from the front page. The number of games where the trophy lists or criteria are significantly different would be way smaller than the benefits seen from merging them.
  8. There is a setting on the PS5 under account settings and privacy. I did it to my own profile yesterday. I picked all of the options that hid my real name from the world and in one of those is the trophy permissions. It wasn't all that clear during initial console setup, but easy enough to find in the settings menu - was something like 'who can see the games I play and trophies I earn...'
  9. Fair enough. Been a long time since I paid attention to a game on day 1.
  10. There is something screwy with the site. Right now, Astro's Playroom is showing 59 Platinum achievers in the leaderboard, but in the banner for the game, 8 people own it, 185 have played it and one one has the plat 😕.
  11. Am I the only one that doesn't really care? I'm buying a PS5 for gaming, not a pretty menu.
  12. Polite question: How do you plan on driving 10,000miles in 10-15 hours? 🚀
  13. There will be more than enough people online to do them without boosting.
  14. I expect there will be more than enough players online for the next few years to get the online trophies without boosting (depending on the functionality of the scoreboard ones).
  15. If Astros Playroom has a plat, that will be it. I expect Sackboy to be not particularly difficult, but have one or two pain in the ass multiplayer or create trophies. The Dirt 5 list is out, and looks easy. Problem is that there is a trophy for driving 10,000 miles, which is going to be a 100+ hour grind after everything else is done.