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  1. I probably will too. My 3year old's head will explode when he sees it
  2. There will likely be a super-duper ultimate mega definitive edition released before Christmas that has all 3 passes...
  3. I'm pretty much in the same situation. I think I'll wait until there is a complete edition that includes all three expansions or season passes. Neither have ever been on sale in the AU store (and the price for pass 2 even went up - you might need to manually change the region)
  4. Trying this now. Do you need to spam X to glitch it or is it the speed you hit the wall? (PS5)
  5. That is easily fixed by calling them 01, 02,... . That way they are good to 99 lists. Doesn't fix the problem of being a pain to change the order.
  6. Since it is a license test, the shortest answer is git gud 😜 As for tips - have you passed the test at all (bronze/silver). If not, do that - it will give you your own ghost to incrementally chase. Other than that, the biggest thing is to stay on the dry line and remember that you don't have to YOLO every corner to get a gold time. There are two parts that I found hard - Eau Rouge/Raidillion and Blanchimont (the S through the dip at the start of the lap, and the last fast left hander of the lap if you are not familiar with corner names). For Eau Rouge, back off early so that you can coast until you are at least half way up the hill - with each attempt you will work out the limit there. For most of the rest of the lap, stay accurate to the dry line, work out your braking points and avoid curbs. At Blanchimont the dry line is super hard to see, but if the rest of your lap has been clean, you have the time to back off to what feels like a snails pace.
  7. If you want 100% on the PS5 version, probably. In my case, the game (PS5) and DLC were owned by my Canadian account, and while my main (Australian) account could play the base game, the DLC was locked. After communications with CM, they blamed the setup of PS5 DLC ownership, despite me not hearing of similar issues with any other games.
  8. So your nickname was mongol? If so, that sounds like something that could get censored.
  9. Anything less than about half a second annoys and distracts me. Once I've done a few attempts and am still more than 0.5 off gold, I generally offset my own ghost by the amount I need to gain. Once I get within 0.2-0.4, I go back to no offset and just know I need to beat my ghost.
  10. I did Mount Panorama a couple of days ago with the same settings as @alexwise. For sector two, I found that I was losing a lot of time on the first left hander. You need to find a line with a late apex so that you don't spend 5 minutes coasting against the black wall waiting to get on the throttle. After that, it is a matter of placing your car right - you won't need the brakes again, just brief lifts if you have the right line. For sector 3, it is all about the dipper (left hander where the road drops off steeply). Get a line that allows you to power out of the corner instead of having to lift/brake again to avoid the outside wall.
  11. There are cars in the used car dealership where the second last digit is not a zero. A quick run through this thread shows cars that end in x10, x50, x60 and x70. Looks like there are few in brand central where the last digit is not a zero as well - Toyota 86 GT (29,052cr), Suzuki Swift Sport (16,275cr), Subaru WRX STi Type S (41,148cr)
  12. Yes, any of the 3 daily races count.
  13. If it was to do with sales numbers, the P4 and 787B would have sold out in 5min. They are there for a predetermined amount of time. The limited stock/sold out is just their way of showing what is about to go and what you just missed.
  14. In today's episode of first world problems...
  15. While not specifically a list, GTPlanet publishes a news article the day each update drops which gives a rundown of what is fixed/changed/added.