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  1. The way I do it (and was recommended to me in this thread) is to make the order custom. You have to spend the time dragging the games to the right order the first time, but it does save the order. Tip: If you need to move a game a long way down the list, pick it up with your mouse then hit PgDn enough time to get to the right spot.
  2. i've just tweeted to dirtgame and codemasters about the issue. Will see what they come back with to me. At the very least, it is another report to hopefully increase the priority of the issue.
  3. I'm having the same problem. Bought year 1 edition on CA account and can see the DLC there, but can't get at the DLC on my main AU account. If it is a bug, I hope it is fixed. If it is a deliberate decision, fuck you Codemasters.
  4. I think he means tracking the progress towards the countable stuff.
  5. He is a pretty prolific guide writer who I first came to know for putting collectable guides out ridiculously fast. I would say that if he says a game is hard, it is probably hard. People were slating him for saying Sackboy was too easy. Having said that, mileage will vary from person to person - I couldn't get the plat on Batman: Arkham Asylum, but there are people who found that easy that I would wipe the floor with in Gran Turismo.
  6. What a fucking horrid approach to the game. That would do a perfect job of ruining the experience for everyone else in every race you are in. I'm ok with boosting/exploits for online trophies in private lobbies, but doing it at the expense of everyone else is shameful.
  7. There are also plenty of situations where an auto-transmission upshift would massively destabilize the car leading to a significant time loss. Last week's race A had a couple of corners where gear selection was critical, and different from what the automatic transmission would have done.
  8. The matchmaking is based on DR and SR, but is active enough that you have no chance of getting a race of just your friends. The only way to engineer the wins and poles is to deliberately tank your ratings. The quickest way to do that is to hit other cars, but PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT. The best way to do it without destroying other people's games is to either repeatedly shortcut the track when you are out of everyone's way, or try and match with one friend and crash into each other. Once you have low DR and SR you have a better chance of coming up against lower skilled drivers, but there is always the chance you will come up against someone fast who is pulling the same stunt as you to pad wins. However you look at it, a good amount of skill is required to get the wins. Pick one of the daily races each week that you like and just do it over and over again. You will improve, and at some point you will wind up at the top of your particular lobby, depending on where the 'split' happens relative to your rating.
  9. The only trophy milestone I planned was #1000 to be the RDR plat, and that was only done after I realised it would be really easy to engineer. Purely by coincidence, my trophies for 1,500, 2,000 and 2,500 were all single word titles (Podium, Survivor, Ninja).
  10. I will likely follow this approach. I feel cheap if I use a guide on the first playthrough of puzzle games (except FEZ, that game is 500/10 difficulty without a guide).
  11. Ok, so I was lazy 🙃. There aren't many people who get to the end at 10min+ though. Also, there are several sections where the safest route is quite fast. I never said it was easy, but I'm willing to die on the hill of it not being the hardest thing in gaming though.
  12. The time is not the challenge, gettng to the end without dying is. That glitch helped folks on the shorter trials, but not the ripsnorter. I bet that most of the people who took 100+ attempts before beating it did it in under 9min. I don't remember seeing a single post anywhere from someone who finished slower than 10min.
  13. Sure, it is a challenge, but there is no way that it is a 9 or 10/10 in difficulty. When I got the trophy, the rarity was sitting well over 10% - that is not at all the hallmark of a hard trophy. Shock horror, it takes a bit of practice and some failures to complete! Getting sick of people expecting every game to be a walk in the park.
  14. This is very cool! Thanks to both you for making it happen! I like this idea too.
  15. From the list it looks like there are 7 levels, each with a speedrun trophy. Total speedrun time is 38min, so probably a quick plat.