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  1. I got the trophy today. This is what I did: I completed Triss' side quests. When it was time for her to go, I said something like "stay here" but she left anyway. I DID NOT tell her that I loved her because I wanted to stay loyal to Yen. It worked out perfectly. Triss was there for the last fight. I'm quite happy that they didn't make it necessary to choose Triss. After all, Triss and Geralt are connected as friends too - it makes sense that she would be there for support, even if they are not in love anymore.
  2. Pick Kleese, upgrade your energy rifts to the maximum and build as many thumper turrets as you can. When the first boss spawns and the explosive green bots walk towards you, melee them into the bosses shield. That's the only way you can kill him fast enough and not loose your objective to his missiles.
  3. Yeah, both Rocket Arena and JC4 cost 5 euros right now. Honestly, for a December line up it's very disappointing... but hey, we're used to it by now.
  4. The last platinum trophy I earned was for "Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning" on Ps3. I didnt expect the game to be SO MUCH fun! The start was a bit slow and underwhelming (maybe thats because I have already seen the first 20 hours in 2012) but after a certain point, I could not stop playing! The platinum popped at 52 hours, which was both sad and great. It was sad because I now knew that I didn't really have any interesting, big objectives left but at the same time I was happy that the plat didnt take too long and the journey just made me enjoy the game without any annoying grinding. I would highly recommend the game and the plat (just make sure to look into the trophies beforehand).
  5. I just randomly opened this thread and was pleasantly surprised with the positivity here. That's a real bromance right there. Loved reading your interactions.
  6. I'm currently playing Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning (Ps3), Among Us (PC) and Super Mario Sunshine (Switch).
  7. Don't mention it! Good luck with your platinum journey! I hope you'll enjoy the game.
  8. The only two challenges that are connected to online services are the ones for collecting scrap (= the "money" of the game) through your scrap crews. You can unlock these scrap crews as soon as you get to the first upgradeable base of the game, which you'll find 2-3 hours after booting up and playing the game. In this area, you'll find different types of furniture that you can upgrade, one of them gives you a scrap crew that will collect scrap for you while you're logged off from the game (and have internet connection). The amount of scrap you get varies from time to time, depending on the time you were absent from the game. There will be multiple bases in the game, which means that the longer you play, the more scrap crews you'll be able to hire (there are a total of 3 or 4 bases in total). While it is possible to only unlock the first scrap crew and leave the game for a month or so to complete the challenges, it isn't really the safest bet, since your scrap crew will just collect small amounts of scrap. Challenge 1 requires you to collect 500 scrap with scrap crews, challenge 2 demands 2000 scrap. I've been playing the game for a week now and beat it tonight. I've got all scrap crews and I haven't completed challenge 2 (2000 scrap from scrap crews) yet but it will be done tomorrow, since I get 300-400 scrap a day now). My recommendation would be to unlock more than one scrap crew and then leave the game for a while (or just play it actively).
  9. I got the trophy this evening. The first evening I attempted it a couple of times without remembering the controls (played it back in 2017). The second evening I practiced a bit, but wasn't able to get the time right. The third and last evening was interesting. I watched a couple of videos (I'd definitely recommend watching more than one, just to get a feeling for the routine and then decide which one you want to use) and then started practicing. Respectively, I'd say that my biggest flaw was trying to do every single step from the beginning. Learn from my mistake and do it this way: Start the parkour and get the wall rides and jumps right. See how the speed mechanics work, get a feeling for it. As soon as you are able to get close to the needed time, make small steps and practice the grenade throwing and shooting. Make it a habit to get all 15 targets every single time. Then, combine your two new skills and get perfect at multitasking. Eventually, you will get it! By the way: Restarting is a good thing if you're confident about your skills, but if you feel like you're messing up the second and third section, just go through them anyway, even if you know that you missed your first grenade, for example. Good luck to everyone with this! I felt really good seeing this trophy pop. May you be blessed with that feeling too! P.S. If you wall ride and jump to the next wall, make sure NOT to press jump too early the second time. Flying in the air for a bit gives you valuable time to shoot, while still being very fast. If you do jump too early, you will lose height and momentum and might have trouble with shooting the last enemy.
  10. I've played the game back in 2017 with no issues (maybe because I played it in one go). Today I came back to it and wanted to quit it using the pause menu. When I pressed the option "back to the title screen" it told me that the save data was lost and I only had two options: 1. create a new game or 2. leave. I panicked and decided to close the application, pressing the XMB/PS button. I booted the game back up and was able to continue from the last auto save checkpoint that was created a couple of minutes ago. So, yeah, it really is a shame that this is still not fixed in 2020, but just in case anyone needs to read this: Do NOT create a new save file, but instead RESTART the game and you will be fine!
  11. Mate, you gotta finish Ni No Kuni, that's such a great game and you only need a bit more of grinding! I'm actually super close too and am planning to go back. That plat is not going to escape us!