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  1. You don't even have to wait to get killed. You can use the Blood Knife or whatever it is that returns you to the nearest beacon but you drop all your souls. Do it right next to a main level beacon. Then just drink a potion and pick up your souls. I mean, memories, lol. Rinse, repeat. I had about 20K souls when I did this and was like level 23, took me all of MAYBE 5 minutes to get to 4 mil souls which is what I needed to hit level 50.
  2. Yep. Right now I can kill Ragetail in Chapter 1 in 8 seconds. It takes me longer to load after the fight is over and get to him again than it does to kill him, LOL.
  3. There is one way to check for those threads/people. If you look at your profile (where you friends are) in-game, it tells you how many Final Blows you have with each weapon. Not total kills. But kills you've done the finishing moves on. I noticed last evening it wasn't counting my bow kills and the number stayed stagnant. I was close to 50 so was waiting for that trophy to pop and it wasn't. When I got the Final Blow, the number began increasing as normal. So if those people who have the trophy check, they can see if their total kill count on their in-game profile = 300, or is less than that. It'd be a huge help to me as well, as it's also the only trophy I need now. Ragetail farming, here we go.
  4. Literally just killed my first Deeply Volatile, and the trophy did not pop. First one to not pop for me, though I've seen threads of other trophies not unlocking for people. Here's hoping it unlocks on the next one I kill after I farm those stupid keystones. UPDATE: The first two Deeply Volatile I hunted, the trophy did not pop. When I hosted my own session, it popped on the 3rd. This may mean you might have better luck with it popping if you're the host, or you solo. UPDATE 2: Vanquisher of the Volatile did NOT pop for me, after hosting the last session. Wonderful. UPDATE 3: So, yes. Can confirm as posted below and was my thoughts to try also that in order to get these trophies to pop you will need to host. You can still do multiplayer, but you won't get credit for them, trophy-wise, if you join someone else's session to complete them. The only trophy I need now is the grind trophy for 300 finishes on kemono.
  5. I really hope you're wrong about this. I have picked up a handful of them while in an online session when someone else was hosting also. Guess I'll know soon enough, I've got the first two zones completed and started on the 3rd. UPDATE as the poster below, I know for a fact I collected a handful of them in other sessions that people were hosting, and mine popped today. So if it's not popping for other people, I'm sorry, that sucks. But would just be a "normal" glitch, not one specific to picking up when joining online play.
  6. Does anyone know if this means you have to actually do the R2/Finish and get the cinematic with your character doing the 'finishing move' on the kemono, or is it just 'hunt 300 kemono'? The way this is written I'm guessing it's the former (which sucks as it's hard to get in multiplayer), but it could also be the latter just worded poorly. Any clarity, if anyone has some, would be aprpeciated.
  7. There is nothing that shows which ones have done it and which ones have not. Though one "hint" that you can try is when you do complete it, that character will have a solo comic book that you can look at in your collection which may, or may not, help you. I did them in order so I wouldn't have that issue. The only one I didn't succeed at the first time trying (I waited until end-game to do so, when I had really good decks for everyone) was Nico. Got her the second time after I got her friendship maxed and got her Legendary card, which made the encounter super trivial, along with Witchfire, and using the enviornmentals.
  8. Just following up for others that might be encountering this also, it ended up popping for me on Day 32. So like others, didn't pop when it should have, but it did eventually pop. Best I can say is I started petting/praising her multiple times (doing both if I could), both at day, and after missions at night. Somewhere along the line I started making it the first thing I did before doing anything else in the Abbey.
  9. I can confirm that this method worked for the cat. I also discovered you can have Charlie 'follow' you, then tell her to wait it usually changes praise to 'pet', I've gotten the arcane bonuses off just the praise. I have also gotten the trophy for petting the cat on 4 different days, 2 days were praise only options (the cat's choices are static).
  10. Thanks. Yeah, I knew it was a potentially glitchy trophy so every since I hit the Abbey I've been petting Charlie every day AND night. I'm on Day 23 now. Guess I'll just keep doing it until it pops. Hopefully it does at some point.
  11. So does anyone know if this is actually a glitched trophy, or is it 15 CALENDAR days vs. 15 in-game days? I've seen a lot of posts for people who say they've pet Charlie more than 15 days and it's either not unlocking, or it is but not until 35 days, things like that. I've just past day 20-something myself, and it still hasn't unlocked. I've literally pet the dog every day and night (except 1 single night where she literally was not at where the marker said she was and I couldn't find her for the life of me). Thanks in advance if anyone knows anything.
  12. There is a citizen story right at the start of Luxembourg. I cannot, for the life of me, get it to trigger. They talk, and then I have no option to converse back. Powerpyx says to reload, and/or come back. I couldn't get it to trigger when I started, so I completed the main story in Luxembourg, got back to the carriage, heard them talk again but still no option to engage in conversation. Traveled out, and back in. Also reloaded the game. Still can't get it to work. Has anyone else been having issues with this? Any way to resolve it other than what I have tried?
  13. Thanks, that answers the one on Hotto - I must suspect then I have to do the secret Wheel of Harma trial to unlock the other costume for Jade in Angri-La. Man, your Google-Fu is far better than mine, nothing was coming up for me!
  14. Hi friends, I followed the older guide on here which basically said: Just playthrough the game and enjoy it, nothing is missable. And I've heard nothing is missable from other posts - including one in this very forum. Which brings me to my question, I've missed a couple costumes (Hero's & Jade's) that seem to be specific to Act 2 - the Wolf Dragon Armor and Scarlet Slayer. I've scoured online but there are no answers that I've found on how to get access to these items again. I skipped by a lot of the shops b/c most of the items I could craft were leaps and bounds better than what they sold and I almost didn't even use items until I fought the final boss in Act 2. Where can I find these in Act 3 post-game? They're not showing up at the vendors, I completed the Wheel of Harma through the Final one - still have the secret to do and there are no events in Hotto for me to complete to reset the area.
  15. Thanks for this, I have no idea what I picked up so far, and what I may have missed. I have 2 areas left to do, and will be certain to use this to know that at the very least Dreadstone Peak and Elder Corpse are both completed, then just have to see if trophy pops or not. Yours is the first guide I've seen as well. Appreciate you putting it together. Edit: This did help! I had ended up missing the shimmering bud in Creeping Caves, and the Bluestone Mushroom in Bol Gerhan. Appreciate you!