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  1. Unfortunately I didn't realize this or see this, and had gotten the majority of gameplay, minus story missions, out of the way. I realized something was wrong when I didn't get any of the trophies for complete gameplay takeover of the disctricts, or the city. I only had 2 saves, one just prior to my full takeover, and one save right before the mission that ends Act 1. I WAS able to get some glitched trophies to pop with some minimal success as follows: I closed the game out and reloaded it, and upon reload screen before I took over my character one trophy popped - the trophy for all gang locations completed in Steelport. I tried to mimic this for other trophies I had missed, but 3x of reloading proved no further trophies would unlock in the same manner. I then reloaded the last save I had where I had completed all the right-most island Morningstar Takeover, but had not completed any others. I completed Decker territory takeover, and BOTH trophies for the Morningstar and Decker popped. I attempted to duplicate this with the story trophy I was missing (the one for decker.exe mission) and continued thru the story until after 'Stag Party' for the next story-based trophy, but while 'I Heart Nyteblade' popped, the trophy for decker.exe did not. Now I just have to go back and replay for Genki, Insurance Fraud, Trafficking and Escort as well as the decker.exe gameplay, but at least I don't have to start all over again from scratch - especially as I knocked out all the challenge stuff, assassinations, and vehicle thefts I could early on - I had observed this trophies hadn't popped but had thought more instances would follow as I competed more story missions, mistakenly. Hopefully this helps someone who didn't miss as many as I did.
  2. Thanks for the assist, I had 630 some after I got done with everything, was dreading farming those other 400 kills.
  3. Thanks, this helped. I didn't get it in my story play either.
  4. Got it. For anyone else having this issue - you need to leave the immediate area - in my case I went down into the sewers, and when I came back up it was there and had respawned, but weird that the reloading of the game didn't do that too.
  5. Glad it helped you!
  6. I am presently running through and nearly done with collectibles - however one, specifically 'Warning Tail' (in red tabs), is not present where multiple guides states that it is. I've seen on two different youtube videos that the page should be there with two other pages - I got those two other pages, but Warning Tail simply isn't there. I have saved, quit into main menu and reloaded as well as quit the game entirely and relaunched it again (multiple times) and neither of these seem to have worked. It seems in my game it is either glitched or in another spawn point. I have also seen that in those two youtube videos one person stated they had the same issue but no solutions were presented or given to them. Can anyone help me here?
  7. I've read - but haven't tried yet - that the level 3 poison spell can take out 1/4 of Hell House's health bar on it's own - and to either summon Bahamaut or Chocobo & Moogle as they are the only summons that do non-elemental damage that won't heal the House. Also in the same article it suggested utterly avoiding the summons of the sweeper/cleaner as the House will actually damage them and destroy them and just to go ahead and focus entirely on 'Burning Down The House'. I'll either be doing this sometime late tomorrow or Sunday, will edit and let folks know if someone else doesn't before then.
  8. Just got the plat tonight - and wow, I may be the first - or am at least one of the first in the world to get plat on this game - that'll never happen again! CoS mode is unlocked after you beat the 3rd boss. You start out at lower health & stamina, but you also only get 1 stam or 1 health per feather, and (so far) only 5 stamina/health per quest - this may or may not raise up with further quests. I'm not sure if initially I was getting 10 stam/health per quest early game or not, but in late game I was getting 15 each. I suggest doing a full run on normal mode first to get familiar with the layout of areas and where to expect enemies. The enemies like to jump out at you from around corners, or jump out at you from unseen nooks & crannies. This is especially helpful in the two main dungeons in the game. This will help you so you know when to expect what. Either find a co-op partner you know or through a Gaming Session here, or turn multiplayer off. In normal mode it can be fun, sure. But in CoS mode if you suddenly get a co-op partner b/c you have multiplayer on and you're in a fight and your companion is suddenly gone, you're either going to die or have one hell of a time. Unless you are one of those sadist gamers who likes to do no hit runs, etc... you'll want a companion with you for your journey as you can easily get ganked by squads of enemies. Also after the third boss you unlock potions and after doing a few of the NPCs quests you unlock a potion called 'Dwale', which reduces damage you take to 50% and makes the latter boss fights winnable if you're like me and are good but not quite good enough do those no-hit runs. Get all the feathers you can in the first few zones. This may seem obvious, but in the normal mode while I grabbed a few feathers as I saw them I didn't really hunt them down - there wasn't a huge need for it as my stamina and health pools seemed just fine. However, in CoS every single point counts. Explore. Get loot. Get scoria. You're going to need a lot of scoria. It's far more valuable than in your first run. You want to equip Ukkoto's relic ASAP, as well as your choice of runes. Additionally, things like broken spear heads & craven remains are very, very valuable especially early on. Spears are your friends for the wraiths so they don't bait you as well as doing some initial damage before they try and attack. They are good for a few boss fights too. So, really, as you explore and get feathers, collect gear and consumables, your scoria should be going up just fine for those valuable weapon upgrades, consumables, relic and runes. You will probably be solo'ing the majority of your boss fights, however with some lucky rng they might stay. Your best option would be to try and find someone here through a Gaming Session that's on the same boss as you, but that might not be so easy. Know and plan on your companion going down likely no further than when the boss has 1/3 (or less) of their health chipped away leaving the burden on you to finish the boss off by yourself. Some bosses move slower or keep distances so they can do a ranged attacks. Some do prolonged AOE attacks. These moments can be exploited with spears. The two hardest parts of the game, the Seat of the Matriarch and Palace of Lathyrus are dungeons and they're fairly long and without any ritual stones/save points until the end of the dungeon. However, in Seat of the Matriarch there is a shortcut you can use and in Palace of Lathyrus you can do some smart exploiting of the shadow-travel system & run past most enemies. Of the bosses, the hardest boss is the 2nd to last, Shadow of Ashen at the end of the Palace of Lathyrus dungeon. He'll usually kill your companion (or they'll kill themselves) fairly early, at half health he gets really aggressive and at 20% he starts mad-spawning enemies. Your choices are to either DPS him down so quick he can't do that, or kite him. For me, this was the hardest part of the entire game on CoS mode. The first 4-5 zones can be challenging, but not so much as to really aggrevate - that all changes once you go to the Loom - which in itself isn't so bad, but there are a few chokepoints that are really easy in Normal Mode, but any number of the multiple enemies here can 1 shot you. I ended up getting more than a little frustrated & searching, I wound up finding a speed run online and checked it out as I had a heap of trouble in the Loom in CoS mode and in Normal I thought it was a cakewalk. After the Loom, I highly recommend following this speed runners guide as he manipulates the obviously intended shadow-travel system with some insane spear throws - all of which I was able to more or less easily duplicate, save one. They make the last 4 zones far easier than they otherwise would have been. Speedrun Link:
  9. Well, first run took me all told about 25 hours or so, but I did a fair bit of exploration, and I got stuck in a few places. You need to do at least 1+ playthru's as you won't unlock 'Children of Sissna' mode until you beat the 3rd boss, which is somewhere vaugely near the halfway point, but a little shy of that. So you could do your first run up until then, then start a new game on CoS mode, and then play through the whole game that way. It's going to be largely dependent on skill and if you can get steady co-op or not vs. using the AI companions - but I'd say for 2 runs, and plat, it'd take anywhere between 30-50 hours. Right now I'd rate the plat at about a 8/10, largely due to the difficulty in CoS mode only. Every other trophies is easy enough to get with a little patience. I'm still forging my way through, it's pretty tough keeping the companions alive - their health/stam pools are the same as your so they can die pretty easily also - and tougher still trying to fight the adds without your companion there to take some of the aggro off you... haven't quite made it to the first dungeon yet. Both bosses I've fought so far the companions died about 1/3rd the way through the fight so I had to do the rest solo.
  10. Easy enough to get most trophies, nothing is missable, you can always go back to other areas where you may have missed something to do a kill specific trophy or finish a quest you didn't do - though as quest rewards unlock higher tier crafting options, upgrade your companion, as well as give you money & additional stamina or health you shouldn't have that issue. The only "hard" trophy on here is going to be the Children of Sissna trophy. Beat the first boss on it after about 10 tries and worked my way to Sindre's View to work on taking on the 2nd boss. You have to be a LOT more careful with fighting, go in, swing once, maybe twice, dodge out. It's not even the lower health that's the issue, it's the lower stamina. Also it should be noted that when you start Children of Sissna it says: "Start with lower stamina and health" - you keep this the entire game. Every reward you get that raises your stam/health, be it quest reward or feather, is cut in half. And, from what I've read, killing the final boss without a co-op partner is nearly impossible. I say nearly because at least one person has a video of them doing the kills with no damage on this difficulty - but it's not going to be something most people can achieve. We'll see how many, if anyone at all (no one has as of this posting) gets that trophy. I'm at least trying for it.
  11. How hard was the Children of Sissana achievement? It's the only achievement literally no-one has on PS4 right now, and from what I've seen on a few posts a lot of people say that difficulty is insanely difficult unless you're straight co-oping with someone (and even then it's still really tough).
  12. So I have all the trophies except for the couple related to getting all spells that require you to get to NG++ and get to the castle to buy them from the ghost in your third run. I have been trying to farm The Rotten by myself, with little success as I'm a hexer and in NG+7 Rotten hits me once, I'm dead and the NPC isn't smart enough to last more than 30s-1min with him. Would anyone either be willing to help me farm Rotten if you're also seeking plat and we can summon each other, or would someone be willing to hand over the spells to help a brother out? Nobody is putting their sign down for summons, and I've got every other Souls game platted, as well as Bloodbourne and Sekiro. It'd be nice to get this one finally finished.
  13. Two things I'd have to add as I go for the final couple endings with Duncas. In Step 17 I suggest adding in that Siora's personal quests/romance will not be able to be finished/completed until after Trial of the Waters main questline. In Step 20 you instruct to speak to Conrad after getting all the alliances together - I think you mean Glendan here, no idea who Conrad is.
  14. Sorry - to be more clear (in hindsight I see where I wasn't) I just want to make sure I'm not getting too friendly with them prior to completing that questline and wind up where you're at, having to revert to an older save - though I suppose I can just monitor it and do constant saving to make sure they stay suspicious(? or would it be Nice?) - but that's a great link for when I get there. Thanks!