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  1. Thanks for this, I have no idea what I picked up so far, and what I may have missed. I have 2 areas left to do, and will be certain to use this to know that at the very least Dreadstone Peak and Elder Corpse are both completed, then just have to see if trophy pops or not. Yours is the first guide I've seen as well. Appreciate you putting it together. Edit: This did help! I had ended up missing the shimmering bud in Creeping Caves, and the Bluestone Mushroom in Bol Gerhan. Appreciate you!
  2. Just started playing. I had some very minor struggles with heroic starting out, but once I got a few hours into the game it's very managable. I wouldn't go so far as to say easy, but it's not particularly difficult either. Most of my small struggle came when I was playing the tutorial/introduction sections without a full party - either was missing a healer, or a damage dealer at the start and even with that a few potions made up the difference. I'm a few hours in now and am faring pretty well.
  3. This started affecting me this past week, probably for 3 or 4 days. I am also using Chrome, and able to access through incognito mode. Not ideal.
  4. Okay, so 30% of players here have this trophy so clearly it's not impossible. The hardest time I'm having is with the aim resetting all the damn time. I'm using, or trying to use, the guide on YouTube but this trophy is just seeming unreachable for me. I really wish they used R2 or something as aim and then triangle to fire in the control scheme. Does anyone have any tips for making this easier? This is really becoming a pain in the ass for me.
  5. Can anyone confirm if the patch on 12/10 did fix the huge amounts of crashing on PS5, as well as the possible soft-locking of trophies if you're interacting with an item and then get put into a combat situation as another thread outlined? I would really like to play & plat this game, but I'm not going to do so or purchase it until I know it is playable.
  6. Yeah, that's the one I killed, and - without spoilers - after you finish that area you can't go back/revisit the area and the enemy is gone. I only got the 1 drop from him. Really hoping that doesn't mess me up with the trophy.
  7. So one of Shionne's weapons, Refined Ignis Roar, requires 2x (Level 4) Dragon Flame Sac. I know the item drops from a mini-boss type monster that is guarding something that you need in one of the Lord lands, and I've already killed it. It dropped 1 of the Flame Sacs and I figured I'd encounter other enemies of the same type in that level, but I did not. I'm now several story steps away and have not found anymore. This is tied to at least 2 of Shionne's weapons (Refined & Supreme Ignis Roar) and possibly could be more, and you have to craft 3 out of 103 to get the 100 weapons trophy. Anyone know if there is another enemy in the game (possibly even in the Training Grounds?) that would drop this so I can make these branching weapons that I'm missing? Or did I just get really crap RNG and I'm screwed unless I do another playthrough? Game is still new and Google isn't a help right now.
  8. It's honestly probably the easiest Tales platinum to date, from what I can see. It's the only Tales I know of that doesn't require a second playthrough, most do, as well as a crapton of grinding (I'm looking at you Graces f, and Zestria, in particular).
  9. Is there enough Stagnant/Furious Blight to partially level some spirits (like say to 3-4) as you get them and figure out which ones you're going to be using the most? I'm still early in the game and just got Gerald, the Elder Warrior and want to play around with a few things here and there. I just want to make sure I'm not going to screw myself out of the trophy or if I need to hoard it all and use it sparingly only on the spirits that I plan to keep as permenant members. Thanks in advance.
  10. To add to this a bit: There is an exploit you can take advantage of with the coin trophy by using two controllers and offline split screen. There are some YouTube videos on how to do this, but it's really easy. As for the rest, as long as you don't trigger the final boss fight, you can do the NPC sidequests as you please - meaning that, unlike Dark Souls if you kill X Boss the world changes and Y NPC's questline fails b/c they died or moved on or whatever, etc... it's not like that at all. But you do have to find all the items you need, complete each NPC questline and such and have them all set and finished, as well as all the other trophies done (except Ending Related Trophies, and For Your Thoughts) completed prior to going to start the final boss fight(s). If you do the four NPC's questlines, (the Old Man, Prodigal Spawn, The Architecht & any one of the 3 Gods) and all the other trophies for killing stuff/making stuff/etc... the only trophies you should have left would be Good Spawn, My Old Friend & For Your Thoughts. For the first two, in NG+ you would just make a run straight for 1st Boss, kill her and then your data carries over and so you can go right up and turn your data in and get Good Spawn & My Old Friend in about 5 minutes or less. For For Your Thoughts just do the exploit - takes about an hour or so, but super easy and far less maddening than trying to find every coin in the game.
  11. By chance did you have any boosters on? I've read that with boosters on it nullifies the trophy from popping.
  12. Thanks for letting me know. Oh well, I will just play from scratch when I get the PS5. Game has been quite enjoyable, so it's not too disappointing.
  13. Hey there - wondering if this would be possible, or if anyone has done it or tried it ... I'm currently working on my plat for PS4, but wondering once I get NG+ if I held onto that save for when I get my PS5 whenever the hell that will be, ... would it work to plat it off of that? Would trophies like collect all wings, max stamina/health all pop out of the gate and then you just really would have to do mostly the story related things as well as Hermes' tasks? In theory it should work, but hoping we can get some confirmation.
  14. I got the plat, and it took me 13 hours to beat, but that was also with backtracking as the first two zones I just did minimal to move forward then decided at that point it was best to start completing rather than finding my way to backtrack. It was a good game, glad I got it, and glad to support a studio that makes games like this. I also agree, the soundtrack is phenemonal.
  15. Nevermind, I figured it out - I was overthinking it. Apparently you just need to face backwards and have the eagle activate the items as you're stepping on the pressure plate.