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  1. Thanks for letting me know. Oh well, I will just play from scratch when I get the PS5. Game has been quite enjoyable, so it's not too disappointing.
  2. Hey there - wondering if this would be possible, or if anyone has done it or tried it ... I'm currently working on my plat for PS4, but wondering once I get NG+ if I held onto that save for when I get my PS5 whenever the hell that will be, ... would it work to plat it off of that? Would trophies like collect all wings, max stamina/health all pop out of the gate and then you just really would have to do mostly the story related things as well as Hermes' tasks? In theory it should work, but hoping we can get some confirmation.
  3. I got the plat, and it took me 13 hours to beat, but that was also with backtracking as the first two zones I just did minimal to move forward then decided at that point it was best to start completing rather than finding my way to backtrack. It was a good game, glad I got it, and glad to support a studio that makes games like this. I also agree, the soundtrack is phenemonal.
  4. Nevermind, I figured it out - I was overthinking it. Apparently you just need to face backwards and have the eagle activate the items as you're stepping on the pressure plate.
  5. There is a Lighstone puzzle in The Great Plains/Nimue/Snake area - it's the last one I need for this area - and it's in a little theatre by a waterfall and there is a tall statue of Nimue with the head broken off. It as well. It looks simple enough as there are just 3 pressure plates in front of where the Lightstone is, but there no 'weights' anywhere around at all that I have been able to find. I have looked high & low. This is the first one that truly has me baffled. Can anyone lend a hand here with a pointer? I'm stuck on this one.
  6. If PowerPyx says 30-40 hours to plat, that really means it's 60-80 hours to plat most likely. I love the guides he makes, but I don't know a single person that can plat a game in the time he gives for almost anything. Also said 6-8 hours to plat Medievil ... yeaaaaah. Thanks though. That's good to hear - I'm glad this time around the collectibles are fun, or at least worthwhile to pick up. They were an abysmal chore in Valhalla and I just really didn't want to get into that hole again. Sounds like I will be picking this one up soon.
  7. This game looks appealing, but Ubisoft is known for bloated content - meaning an insane amount of 'busy work' in collectibles and such - like Assassin's Creed games, for example and Valhalla with it's 800 or so collectibles. I quit playing that game about halfway through because I just got completely burned out on it and exhausted with them. Before I go pick it up, is Fenyx Rising sort of the same? I don't mind collectibles, mind you. I enjoy collectibles like Bioshock's with the audio diaries, or Control for example that lend additional lore or hints to things in them, or those that give you stat boosts if you collect so many. I get why they are there. I just consider Ubisoft to be prominent in the field of 'creating things to do just to add playtime to our games without any value' sort of collectibles to an almost preposterous magnitude and don't feel like getting game burnout again ... if that makes any sense.
  8. I've been playing on original PS4 which from day 1 is still operating quietly and flawlessly. I've got about 30 hours into the game and have immensely enjoyed the overall experience thus far meaning, the story itself, the voice acting, the meaningful side quests that aren't just fetch, the fun/quick activities that you don't have to go extremely out of your way for and that you get nicely rewarded for unlike some other games (I'm looking at you AC: Valhalla) - there's no bloated content here. It isn't without it's faults, certainly. Mainly for me I've got some bad lag when transitioning screens (like going into my menu bar, or accessing phone calls/messages while driving, or changing perspectives while driving). The few bad graphics/popping I ran into initially were gone with Patch 1.04 and while it crashes still, it's far fewer crashes than it was on day one. The game is certainly playable on current gen systems. Having said all that, with CDPR's public announcement, I've decided that I'm going to take a step back and wait until the game is fully patched and play it as intended when there'll be no more crashes, and the game will be improved on both performance and graphics. Hopefully by then I'll have been able to get a PS5 as well. It's a hard decision for me, as I'm really enjoying the story, the characters, and I'm invested in V. But I think overall I'll enjoy it more if I can have just a bit of patience.
  9. There are several perks you can get as well to assist so you can craft with less components and even with lower tier components - there's one where you can craft legendary with epic gear, and I found a legendary blueprint for a small thing (I think it was a mod) and just crafted it, broke it down, crafted, broke it down, and crafted. Then I reverted back to my manual save and had my perk points/attributes back.
  10. As much as I love CDPR I have to agree - having to spend 1/4 of my attribute points to get a trophy kind of makes the whole immersion factor they wanted so bad, as well as the freedom to play as you want go out the window. Sure, you could hoarde your attribute points, make a save, get the trophy, reload and spend them as you wish - but in so doing you're going through a fair chunk of the game without cool skils, and abilities. I'm half-tempted to just do a bum rush with just main story covered, get the Master Crafter trophy and then go back and do a 'real playthrough'. Eh. We'll see.
  11. For those of you that are worried about the game and what you may have read here: I am currently playing the game on original, day 1 release of the base PS4. I am playing with the patch, version 1.02. I am not experiencing any model pops. I AM taking my time and enjoying the game, I'm not rushing everywhere, and am still at the start of the game. For the most part, the game looks fine and is very, very playable to me. It isn't as graphically sharp as Ghost of Tsushima, no. I put it at about Far Cry levels of graphics. But so far the play has been smooth, easy, the world interesting. I game solely on my PS4, I don't game with high-end graphics cards on a PC or anything. But, I honestly think the people who are saying it's 'unplayable' either don't have the day one patch downloaded, had higher expectations of the game/graphics than what was ever promised, or are used to such high performance top-end graphics that has become their new normal and anything not at that level isn't palpatable? Not trying to call anyone out here, honestly. I just really think the hype on this entire thing is way overblown, in large part due to the videos that were shared before the 1.02 patch hit from people who had early access. Would i like 'Ghost of Tsushima' top-end graphics? Sure. But then, Ghost also was a much shorter game too. However, the game as it stands so far meets my expectations of what I thought it would be.
  12. Edit - I just got the trophy. For anyone else having this issue, you may have to go talk to the Seer again (even though you already talked to him and he disappeared he may be back - he was for me and I do remember speaking to him - hell, I got the trophy for it). After you speak to the seer you can check your completion percentile - and apparently for the 112% trophy to pop, you will need to beat the game, watch the credits, and then have the scene with the mushroom guy soaring into space. Once that is finished, your trophy and plat will pop.
  13. Hey gang, I am stuck at 111% and I cannot for the life of me figure out where I am missing that last percentile. I have looked through other forums and other people's solutions are not mine I fear, and I've racked my brain to no success. I have all trophies except for the one for 112% and the plat. It has been awhile since I played and I only picked it back up tonight to finish out some trophies, most of which I was able to complete so my memory of quite a few things is a bit foggy too. I have: All Charms (40) (Trophy) All Mask Shards (Trophy) All Vessel Fragments (Trophy) Soul Vessel Awoken Dreamnail All Seer Rewards + Saw Seer For Final Words (Trophy) All Collesium Trials have been completed (Trophy) All 5 Pantheons + Godtuner have been completed (Trophies) All Nail Upgrades All Nail Arts (Great Slash / Cyclone Dash / Dash Slash) All Spells + Dark Upgrades (Descending Dark / Abyss Shriek / Shade Soul) 11 Charm Slots Shade Cloak Mantis Claw Crystal Heart Monarch Wings Isma's Tear King's Brand Grimm Troupe DLC has been completed (Trophy) I believe I have defeated all bosses - there are no missing names/statues in Hall of Gods in Godhome (Godmaster DLC) at the very least. I do not recall if I did all three Dreamers but I figure I must have, because I do know I got both endings, and it seems by reading up I would've had to encounter all 3 Dreamers to even get to the final boss. No Dreamers are showing on the map. No Warrior's Graves showing on the map. I do have all 40 charms on me - none are with Divine. I only upgraded Strength with Divine so I have Fragile Heart, Fragile Greed, and Unbreakable Strength for those 3 Charms. This is driving me nuts. Any help, greatly appreciated.
  14. This was it for me. Thank you so much! I'd scoured over the map, and was stuck on 99.77% completion. I'd gotten the first area (I think a spell or a bead was in the first hidden one) but the second is def. a DLC area as you find quicksilver in it.
  15. Unfortunately I didn't realize this or see this, and had gotten the majority of gameplay, minus story missions, out of the way. I realized something was wrong when I didn't get any of the trophies for complete gameplay takeover of the disctricts, or the city. I only had 2 saves, one just prior to my full takeover, and one save right before the mission that ends Act 1. I WAS able to get some glitched trophies to pop with some minimal success as follows: I closed the game out and reloaded it, and upon reload screen before I took over my character one trophy popped - the trophy for all gang locations completed in Steelport. I tried to mimic this for other trophies I had missed, but 3x of reloading proved no further trophies would unlock in the same manner. I then reloaded the last save I had where I had completed all the right-most island Morningstar Takeover, but had not completed any others. I completed Decker territory takeover, and BOTH trophies for the Morningstar and Decker popped. I attempted to duplicate this with the story trophy I was missing (the one for decker.exe mission) and continued thru the story until after 'Stag Party' for the next story-based trophy, but while 'I Heart Nyteblade' popped, the trophy for decker.exe did not. Now I just have to go back and replay for Genki, Insurance Fraud, Trafficking and Escort as well as the decker.exe gameplay, but at least I don't have to start all over again from scratch - especially as I knocked out all the challenge stuff, assassinations, and vehicle thefts I could early on - I had observed this trophies hadn't popped but had thought more instances would follow as I competed more story missions, mistakenly. Hopefully this helps someone who didn't miss as many as I did.