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  1. I'm looking for a level 50 Incendiary Laser-Sploder and Incendiary Butcher. shotgun. I will accept dupes, or I have a Level 50 Corrosive Laser-Sploder I would trade for it also, or a couple other things, or I can give you a ton of cash for it. I would love to have them for the bonus incendiary damage that Moze does that would just make the damage from that particular gun insane. Let me know!
  2. This happened to me on Pandora, twice in a row - I tried taking it to a different Catch A Ride then the nearest one I had driven it to the first two times and it worked perfectly.
  3. No, nothing is missable. You just haven't gone to the area yet where you get the quest, most likely. If I remember right it's in the main room of Central Research. Go to the bottom floor, and there will be orange/yellow grass, and a broken elevator shaft that goes further down. Use levitation to go down there, and you'll find a portable laboratory, go inside and you'll find the scientist who will give you this quest.
  4. Powerpyx and a bunch of other users put together a nearly complete list of all potential spy drone locations in each zone, and pictures/descriptions of where they will be located if they are there. I used this to get the trophy over the weekend, it was still a lot of work, but it sure was a lot easier than looking for them blindly.
  5. I don't disagree there was some issues with lighting, that could've been handled better. And yeah, I fell to my death quite a few times because of it. But I do disagree that the game is nearly unplayable. I'm sorry it has been for you, but I've had almost a completely different experience/viewpoint on the matter. I never had a single issue with framerates in fighting whatsoever. I only had an issue with framerates when initially loading into a zone after fast-travelling, logging in, or re-spawning. Overall, for me, the story, lore, and meaningful collectibles along with the unique boss fights (and yes, some of them were annoying with additional adds and fall-spaces, but as steel6burgh said it's like a learning curve - and it's nothing compared to a learning curve with a Souls or Souls-like game) was one of the best games I've played this year, hands down. It was fantastic. And it's one of the rare games that I will be getting DLC for because I think it'll be worth it.
  6. I got charge probably around MIssion 4 or 5? I was doing a ton of side missions, challenges, and exploration. Odd that people haven't had it available though.
  7. I wholeheartedly agree. This is honestly the first game where I enjoyed collecting all the collectibles since Bioshock - and, honestly the first game where I felt that every collectible had value in adding to the depth of what was going on around you, or what you were going to eventually encounter. They were easy to find, fun, interesting, and added to the story and they felt as part of the world rather than just something put into the game to keep people busy and provide added content. Hopefully other games can see this, and follow suit.
  8. No idea if this is repeatable or not, but after I had died the first two times to Mold-1 in the first Sidequest where you deal with the Mold, when I dropped down into the Pit I positioned myself so that when I landed from the soft-fall I was facing the boss, my intent was to stand there so I could dodge & counter off the first attack I'd already recognized it led with. However, though the boss spawned, it never moved. I simply was able to stand still, and literally empty several rounds into it and kill it without it ever attacking or doing anything. I'm not sure if I was just plain lucky, or if the boss requires movement to actually trigger an attack. Someone let me know!
  9. A lot of the tools are extremely useful. I loved them, and used them fairly often with great results. Some was trial and error, but here's some of my takeaways. Subimaru is the weapon of choice for breaking the elite enemies posture in Fountainhead - it absolutely wrecks them. You can also use it on several bosses (O'rin of the Water among them) to poison them - while the game is designed to reward for posture breaks, health is directly correlated to how fast posture is broken and how quickly posture regenerates. Malcontent Whistle will stun Demon of Hatred and allow you to wail on it for several seconds, and I essentially stun-locked him for the entire duration of phase 3, save a few attack animations I had to wait for. Whistle was also extremely useful on animal enemies - like monkeys, or dogs in very large groups. Firecrackers are useful against most bosses to stun, including both bulls, Isshin Sword Saint, and Guardian Ape (1st phase) and many others. Perhaps the best use of them, however, is the True Corrupted Monk as you can literally non-stop spam Firecrackers in the 3rd phase and kill her without her initiating a single attack by stun-locking her with them. Shurikens are supremely useful against Lady Butterfly to bring her down out of the air, as well as insta-kill dogs in all zones, or interrupt some bosses (like Lone Shadow in 2nd Hinata memory from summoning dogs). Loaded Axe is SUPREMELY useful in massive posture damage to most enemies - as good as or better than doing a mikari counter - and will certainly punish many enemies, not to mention break shields. This is especially true when you get the follow up skill that allows a synched sword attack after it. I wouldn't have beat Seven Spears without it. It wrecked him. Suzannon's Umbrella is a near-necessity when fighting Isshin in the Shura ending from the video walkthroughs I've seen (this is the only one I haven't tried myself).. Fire Vent will help you against the uber-strong red-eyes, and also set quite a few bosses on fire to both stun them, and do health damage (which again affects posture) including the eng-game version of the Ashina Elite MIni Boss (when he has red eyes), Chained Ogre (1st one), Isshin Sword Saint, and others. In fact, the only boss that I found no tools worthwhile against was Owl. However, I never tried umbrella against him. I also never really tried Mist Raven. I tried it in one fight, and didn't care for it. But some people have used it apparently very effectively in some boss fights to evade difficult attacks and do damage (the 2nd cloak version) to enemies/bosses. The Divine Fans are great for farming items/sen as you don't have to fight, you can hit R2, run into a group of enemies and R2 again, and they all disappear & you get all their sen & items. Really useful if you are farming some end game mats, etc without having to grind too much.
  10. I'm so tired of fighting Genichiro in PH1 I just go at him and as long as I survive I don't care. PH2 I can usually do, but it does depend on RNG. I've tried the cheese method once I started getting to PH3 somewhat reliably and I keep falling off the damn cliff &/or misjudging and getting whacked with the jump attack. Your words bring me hope though. I did try fighting him legit, but he spanked me. Guess I'm just going to have to bite down and do it. This boss fight would be 100% better without the damn first phase. It's such a PITA, though. At least I'm better at PH 2, now, I guess. I'll get there. But I feel more frustrated than I did on this guy than I did with Owl (Father) fight in Hinata, and I spent a good 4-5 hours learning him.
  11. You can also get a deathblow in on her by standing behind her and throwing oil on her before she goes into attack mode while she's still "friendly".
  12. You can only use the whistle when he is not attacking or doing attack animation. I spammed this in 3rd phase, and used it right AFTER his attack, and then right after he came out of it. I literally stun-locked him 4x in a row, then one attack, the last 2x of uses, and finished him off.
  13. 1. Isshin Sword Saint - mainly because you have to go through 2 boss fights to even START to learn an entire new series of movesets, and it's a righteous pain in the #*$. And I'm still on him. This was the first fight that made me get so upset I just shut the game down after throwing my controller. It is not even a fun fight. And if beating him wasn't tied to 5 trophies (beating him, all bosses, 3 story endings), I probably would let it go at this point and just move on ... 2. Owl (Father) - 2nd Fight in Hinata Estates - this guy took me a couple hours to learn his moves, and I was literally shaking when I finally got the final deathblow on him. Early on? The Drunkard in HInata Estates probably killed me a good 20-30 times before I finally got him. I also wasn't trying to deflect at all.
  14. I got this before all my rank 7 missions were gone, but I also barely spent any GAP on any other characters except Lulu, and getting Zeke the initial first level of the elemental attacks. By the time I completed the Rank 7 missions - before, actually - My main party (Zeke/Claire/Lulu) all had Dutiful 5, Level's 1 & 2 of all elemental attacks & I still had some leftover. I also got this trophy prior to completing my Rank 7 missions, using Lulu who you don't get for the first little bit. She never left my party before I got her. I will note I did farm a little bit and redo some missions to max out my 5 main melee weapons (Non-Elemental, Ice/Blaze/Shock Ring & Divine Ring from Anubis), so I did replay a few missions here and there as I farmed to keep my weapons at the best possible damage at any given time.
  15. I just got the plat for this game, and this was the last trophy I got. I found it was pretty simple - basically my suggestion for anyone is to play through all your Rank 7 missions first, and work on upgrading your chosen weapon/gun/shield set first. Once you have that done, and have completed all Rank 7 missions, then go through the other weapons/guns/shield lists and take a look at crafting whatever Rank 6's you can, but first check out the upgrade tree and following that. Going this route, I was actually able to craft several Rank 7 items without needing to grind for them at all. I was also able to select a couple "easier" mats to grind for, like a Boost Hammer that needed Simian Parts and a Scythe that needed the Draconian parts - there are missions there that are just 2 of each of these monsters so grinding the drops was really easy. I also highly reccommend equipping 'Bottomless' to either your main shield or gun @ Rank 5 as I got about 80% of my rare drops by devouring and having 4 chances for that, versus the end mission rewards.