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  1. I don't think streaming is going to be used by girls much with the way some people act. This is awesome tho.
  2. The Lady Persona cannot jump/climb buildings so this trophy might sound hard, it is not. Simply head over to the Assassin HQ and target it with a blue marker on your map. Then simply walk away from the location and finds guards. Any number will do. Once you got them, lead them back to the HQ and walk up your HQ till you're at the balcony. Keep walking till you reach the fence that blocks you and then kill the guards. You do not have to kill all seven at once, so just keep searching for guards and keep leading them back to the balcony. This was taken off
  3. Sorry for the late reply but I'm proud of this even tho I ain't Irish. One lie tho, everyone wants to be the Kenyan at the party. (I'm not Kenyan)
  4. I just wanted to show you an article of how people feel towards Germans. Greece is not to blame nor is Germany. What I don't understand is that Neo-Nazism seems to be stronger in other countries like Poland and other Eastern Europeans countries so why do point the people finger at Germany first?
  5. Because they believe if Germany did not exist Nazism would had not happen. Remember This article?
  6. Wish Granted! However, he actually sets up a real thrift store which becomes very noisey and successful also his cats pee on your lawn. I wish my wish is a wish that wishes to be wish on how to wish, learning only how to wish for that wish to wish the wish come true.
  7. We also do kind of have a problem with release dates on some games but other than that SCEE ain't really bad.
  8. If you convert 1939's money into today standard it would be a lot more than $10,000Gs.
  9. What facts did I put down tho? I merely stated a scenario from a world war segment I did in school as opinions not facts.
  10. Prepared to receive to friend requests like "#swaggie" "Hey Bro, add me YOLO!". But group chat is going to be amazing.
  11. I think it lack of education. You got to remember that we was taught about hitler's action and what would happen if he actually controlled the world. I think this person school must not have taught anything about World War 2 because I know for a fact that he would stop.
  12. Comments wlll probably range from "swaggie" to "yolo". I think we need to go on a hunt and kick some serious ass.
  13. I love the fact that if Hitler was still here, his race probably would not exist.
  14. Facebook PS4 style!