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  1. Still looking forward to playing it. I pre-ordered back in 2017 when Amazon had the E3 deals so I got it for $40. Playstation Trophies gave it a 9 so lets see how it is when we play it.
  2. Looking forward to playing this in two days. It's good to see they added difficulty options (no trophies regarding that). It wasn't like that before The platinum image needed more detail, I thought. Not a big deal.
  3. Platinum difficulty rating - 3/10 Enjoyment - 2/5 Could be better So Bioware finally patched the game to fix the glitched trophies. Amazon dropped the price by 50% prior to the game releasing so I didn't mind getting it. The game wasn't that great. Getting all those collectibles was boring as hell. Story was mediocre I thought, but the gameplay was decent enough to pull through and finish it. The best part was joining up with friends for the strongholds, and world events.
  4. I cancelled my order. I didn't want to drop $73 on it after seeing all this BS. 7 kinds of currency? WTF. Loot boxes are in contrary to their previous statement https://mp1st.com/news/there-are-7-kinds-of-mortal-kombat-11-currencies-loot-boxes-are-in-the-game-contrary-to-earlier-statement
  5. Got these two from EBay for a good price. Not sure when I'll play them as I have some other games I'd like to finish first.
  6. Conan Exiles Enjoyment 1/10 (getting those trophy sounds was the best part) Platinum difficulty 1/10 Got this platinum 10 days ago. I wouldn't have touched it if it didn't have the admin panel. Such an awful game.
  7. I got them. Only issue I had was that I kept getting the same code when watching a different video. Using a different account worked on getting the other codes. I used Google Chrome
  8. Had this issue as well. Not sure why, but the solution that worked for me was using an alternate account and got the three other redeem codes. Quest three gives 2 redeem codes (one for the avatars and the theme)
  9. This is Santa Monica's way of saying thank you to celebrate the upcoming one year anniversary. An avatar pack will release this Wednesday (Playstation Blog)
  10. Dynamic theme and 10 more avatars are available
  11. Yes, there's twenty. Two weren't shown on the page. Jamie and Jon w/ Daenerys EDIT: There's 19, the extra one is Jon with Daenerys
  12. I'm thinking it's tomorrow for the premiere
  13. It should say Start Quest below the character avatars. The video is titled HBO's Game of Thrones - Interview with Isaac Hempstead Wright EDIT: Good to hear you found it