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  1. Just chiming in to say the trophy icons are very nice and that platinum name/image is well deserved for those who platinumed the first one and plan on doing this one as well.
  2. Also coming to Xbox One and Steam. Release date is TBA
  3. Master of Crashes Platinum difficulty rating - 3/10 Enjoyment - 8/10 Total play hours - 25 hours I had fun with this one. Nothing too hard as you can play on easy and set the game-play to realistic so the AI gets wrecked faster. The last championship had events with 12 laps so it was annoying to get wrecked and having to start over. It's a damn shame you have to pay $10 to get the PS5 upgrade. WTF...? Tony Hawk and now this. Platinum image:
  4. Demo is now available to pre-load. File size is 8.8GB.
  5. Playstation Blog
  6. First major PS5 console update lets you store PS5 games on USB extended storage, share gameplay across PS5 and PS4 consoles, and more. Detailed Update Notes Summary Notes From PlayStation Blog Playstation Blog
  7. Developed by Blue Box Game Studios (based in The Netherlands), Abandoned is a cinematic, first-person horror survival shooter set in a highly detailed open world environment and favours a realistic approach to survival. Playstation Blog
  8. New article posted on the Playstation Blog gives information on the endings:
  9. "We discuss with the Narrative Director, Gregory Louden, the storytelling in Returnal and the driving forces behind Selene's story."
  10. Looking through the list and it looks challenging. I like the Platinum image.
  11. Great month for me as well. When Avengers released, I returned it for a refund (kept the nice looking Steelbook), and whenever Borderlands 3 went on sale on Amazon for $10, I missed it.
  12. Marvel's Avengers Borderlands 3 Long Dark