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  1. GR Project Complete Total hours played - 16 Ghostrunner was a game I really enjoyed even with the frustration of dying in one hit. The gameplay felt great using the environments by dashing, jumping, wall-running, and grappling. Parrying and slashing enemies never got old. Favorite boss: Hel - Link -> Great soundtrack: Link -> The last level was the most frustrating part where you have to wall run from platform to platform with red balls in the way that can kill you. Anyway, I look forward to seeing what One More Level has in store for GhostRunner 2.
  3. GTPlanet got the chance to sit down with Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi for an extensive one-on-one interview on the latest title. Link -> PS4 vs PS5, Driving Physics, GT Cafe, and More Revealed in Kazunori Yamauchi Interview
  4. Delayed to November 19
  5. New image (possibly the box art) Director of God of War 2018, Cory Barlog has confirmed that he isn't serving as the director of Ragnarok, with longtime developer Eric Williams now taking his place. When asked by Sony PlayStation’s Sid Shuman on whether Barlog can give us a clue on what he’s working on, this is what the he (Barlog) had to say: We’re actually doing a bunch of stuff. It’s really exciting all the things we’re doing, and you’re tempted to know, what is this? But I don’t really have anything I can talk about right now specifically. Mostly because we’re really focused on God of War Ragnarok. I think we’ll wait to get any deeper into anything else until later. We’ll talk again, Sid.
  6. New article from the blog:
  7. Lets go!
  8. Weird decision not to have a physical disc in the Collector's and Regalla edition...
  9. Challenge mode DLC difficulty - 4/10 Other DLC trophies - 3/10 Since the servers are shutting down on September 16, it was a good time to finish the DLC. Aside from the Challenge Mode, the DLC trophies were easy to obtain in a lobby with other players I met on Discord. There was some tricky parts in Challenge mode but nothing too hard. I didn't really like the MP. Farewell to a great single player game I enjoyed back in 2012.