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  1. Just seen that EBGames (Canada) listed new accessories for PS5 from Biogenik Essentials. Never tried any of their products before. Thought I'd share: Gamers Bundle ($49.99) Magnetic Controller Dock ($49.99) Charge Dock ($24.99) Magnetic Charge Adapter ($29.99) Grip Pack ($16.99) Grip Pack in blue ($16.99)
  2. Chalice of Torment Platinum difficulty rating- 5/10 Fun factor - 7/10 Director of the FBC Platinum difficulty rating - 3/10 Fun factor - 8/10
  3. PS5 has been rated by FCC and for the first time, multiple images have been shared giving a closer look at the console and its stand from various angles. TwistedVoxel
  4. GTA IV - Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic (You won in all variations of multiplayer games.) Should have been a . The grind is real on this one, especially if it glitches. Luckily, for me, it popped when it was suppose to. 😅
  5. Same thing happened to me yesterday after the Showcase. I just decided to check my email and seen BestBuy sent the pre-order email. I couldn't believe it. Quickly pre-ordered the disc version. Soon after I picked up: - Spider-Man Miles Morales Ultimate Edition - Demon Souls - Extra controller - Charge Station - Remote I noticed today, Canadian retailer LondonDrugs made an announcement by email that they would open pre-orders again at 6PM. They were gone within a minute.
  6. The Alpha starts tomorrow and the pre-load is available to download. The file size is 23.919GB.
  7. Lol, that's okay. My heart skipped a beat when I seen more details coming soon, until looked twice and seen PonySantaMonica 😂
  8. Yesterday was a good day - EDIT: I decided I will just get Spider-Man Miles Morales for now. Pre-ordered:
  9. PlayStation's Jim Ryan: "We want to give gamers certainty that they're buying a true next-generation console" Sony discusses the importance of generations, exclusives, and why it's not going after Xbox Game Pass - PS5 packaging:
  10. Busy day for retailers for sure, yesterday afternoon/evening. After the showcase, I called my local EBGames (GameStop) and the woman that answered said their taking pre-orders next week and to stay on the look out on social media. I assume they said that so they wouldn't constantly receive a shit load of calls because the line was busy a few times. In my region (Canada), I believe it was BestBuy who jumped the gun on the early pre-orders. I got the email at 7:30PM last night and ordered the disc version. Shortly after that, it was either Wal-Mart or GameStop that posted their listings. I'm guessing they put up their listings early so that their websites wouldn't be down constantly on pre-order day.
  11. Fellow Canadian here! Glad to hear you got one pre-ordered. Also ordered from Best-Buy. Waiting for the Ultimate Edition of Spider-Man to be added to the site. Will add Demon Souls as well. EDIT: BestBuy Disc and Digital is unavailable to pre-order now. EBGames website is getting hammered.
  12. I'm in Canada