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  1. Sorry to mess up the thread, i just wanna say thank you, that was really comprehensive and helps a lot!
  2. Played a game on PS4 using PS4 console, then when I finished the match, i booted the ps5 version on the PS5, and selected "Online Save Data", and the trophies started popping fine. Thanks all. Question please ... I started the ps5 version, i got the level 50 trophy. I decided to play a game or 2, to see if it pops the rest of the trophies, and i got a couple of trophies through normal gameplay. Then i loaded the ps4 version, but it said it will sync the online ps5 version, and it did, and when i checked the stats of the ps4 it showed incomplete trophies. So now, does that mean I basically messed it up? And have to re-do everything?
  3. Hey all!! I love the telltale series for their really creative stories, but I have 1 issue when it comes to them, each story feels like it plays out differently, but the outcome in the end is same somehow. For example: in Batman Season 1, Does anyone know the best choices for recreating the story for me to have the best batman experience? I've played Season 1 twice (PS4, PS3), so I came up with different scenarios to see if the game actually changed, and it seemed very similar, regardless of my options, they were the same. So the recreating options are: 1) Who did you save from Children of Arkham? I think Selina is the better choice, because harvey would have become 2 face either way, 2) Did you spend the night with Selina? Regardless if I did, same outcome. I'm guessing yes is the best answer? 3) Who did you chase down? I chose Penguin, 4) John Doe made a scene at Arkham Asylum? Ran for the phone 5) Did you owe John Doe a favor? Yes 6) Selina part ways? As friends. (We kissed) 7) Lady arkham asked to see identity? 8) Coming to the speech as? Bruce Wayne. 9) What did you talk about? Helping GCPD. So, do you guys think these are good options? Anyone know if I can find any useful links to help me with the backstory and see how the gameplay will turn out.
  4. I'm playing 1 game every turn ... I think I've done over 50. My issue is I played majority of the game during the off-Season ... and reached around Reputation 3, since then I've been playing very little, so I kind of regret that, had I started during the Season would have been better. Anyone tried deleting their game data, re-installing all updates and trying a few games? I want to do it, but my internet is super slow these days. Will update if I get it.
  5. Strangely today it went down to 198 GB and then went all the way up to 407.1 GB ... and now It's stuck at 406.8 .. Whenever I enter a game it goes down to 406.7 (I think because it's always recording the 15 minutes I set onto it) and when I exit a game it goes back up to 406.8. It's really strange. By the way, could I ask how much yours is at? (If you have a 500 GB one)
  6. I'll check it out, thanks! ... However, just a question, when you said "since it's in need of a replacement anyway." why is that? .. Are the 500 GB faulty or have issues?
  7. Is the game that hard to platinum? (Off topic, sorry)
  8. It's somewhere between GTA & Saints row, however leaning toward GTA ... It's a good story, good gameplay and an overall enjoyable game. Depending on the price (Which I'm sure is really low now) Definitely worth getting.
  9. Hey all! I have an issue with my hard drive, although I'm not quite sure yet, so I wanted to ask you all. Just today I was playing a game I downloaded a month or so ago (GTA: VC (First Time)) and I noticed it was really laggy, and I was surprised, because GTA 3 was running fine. So I quit the game and I was going through the bar on the XMB and noticed it was lagging heavily, I went to my System storage to see what exactly was taking so much space, or if I needed to remove a game or something. I noticed that my Hard drive was reducing in size (approx. 0.1 GB per second). Before you say I was downloading something or it was installing something, I'm 100% sure I wasn't. You know how on the top it would say 407 GB (on a 500 GB PS4) is the available space to use in total, and underneath would be applications, and so on. that 407 GB kept going down rapidly. I restarted my PS4 and rebuild the database, it went back to 407.1 GB, then I decided to download something, and the issue occurred again. Can anyone please explain to me what happened, or what I may need to do? I'm sorry if I didn't explain well, here is someone with a similar issue.
  10. Quick question, since you're really close to 1250 minutes alive, can you give me a few tips on what I should do? Or quickest way to platinum the game?
  11. So, I was playing this game with my friend (PSN ID: AAM-KSA), and I was player two in his game (Splitscreen Co-op), and we bought this game thinking it was like Minecraft and that trophies would unlock for both players, so we started it on his PS4, I played for a while and nothing unlocked for me, so I said it was cool, I'd just mess around with him and help him get all the other trophies .. So we played and I kept dying a lot because I would leave with minimum stuff and come back with loads of loot and opened the map a lot (Now keep in mind, I died a lot and never stayed alive for a long time) .. Eventually, I invited him over to my house and told him to save it on cloud so that he can download it on his account on my ps4 at home ... we played a bit and he left. Today I decided to start my own game and try to get a better feel of it and understand it better, but as soon as I logged in and it created my environment, I took one step forward, and it unlocked the 10 & 50 kilometer trophies, which was really weird, so I thought maybe since his save is there, my second player profile was with him ... Even weirder is that I stood there for a while trying to understand what happened, and suddenly the trophies for staying alive came up both 50 & 150 minutes, which didn't make sense because I don't think i've even stayed alive for 150 minutes. So I decided to test something, since on my friend's game I was building a lot of stuff, going out and getting wood and making it into woodframes to put up to block out zombies or trap them, I decided to craft something, because surely enough it would save the amount of things I crafted. So i crafted the stone ax, and it unlocked the craft 50 items trophy as well. I donno if this counter works at all, I've crafted way more than 500 things, I should have unlocked that, I remember doing of 200-300 hundred wood frames, and 200 cornmeals, and few 100 other stuff like axes, shovels to dig around, and clothes and stuff. By playing it smart, I think we can make most of these trophies pop up by just playing split screen, all you have to do after is just log into the other account and the trophies would pop. I think the developers initially wanted it to pop for everyone, but they may have had issues where one was popping for the wrong person, so they trashed the idea. I'm gonna try killing a zombie now, and see if it unlocks the grave digger trophy (Killing 10 zombies) Edit: It works, just got it. So that means if I die, I'll get the die 5 times trophy and so on.
  12. Quick question: If I log in from my account, will all my trophies pop up? Like in Sound Shapes? Since I've completed all the required action for all trophies?
  13. You got that trophy as well, just after you posted this hahahahahaha .. 2 times in a row ... Just keep posting about the next trophy you can't get and it will unlock
  14. Can someone explain this profile?

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      Thats a troll profile for sure. Freaking funny.

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      Just checked Yakuza 3

      Yep, it is completely out of order

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  15. Irrelevant ... Trophies pop as soon as the task has been completed, regardless if he has an internet connection or not. Mayyyyybe since the game is online only, but who knows.