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  1. I used an easy trick using Joe. Just jump with instant LP, the CPU will try to block, then you grab. Keep repeating until you win. When it works well, grants a SSS or a SS score, what gives you a lot of points. Can also be done together with the Geese trophy.
  2. Entitled usually pop ups after Iconoclast, since it has more requirements to fill. But if you let the trials for the very end, both will pop up together.
  3. Gaoh is the only who blocks it, you have to do a different tactic against him. Jump him without hitting any button, he will do the spinning lance attack too late. You will be able to reach the floor and block it. After blocking the attack, that is your chance to do the fatality. It happens in the video above at: 15:17.
  4. Ops, sorry... just forgot to give the tip. Considering the situation is the same of the video above, you must to do slightly delay 623C after 5B (2 hits) in order to pass under the dummy. The timing looks like to be very strict, so you will miss it most of the time.
  5. I didn't try this combo myself, but this situation seems to be familiar. I think I had the same problem doing the 10000 damage with Kakōton. Just confirm the combo that I did in the video below if is the same situation. I suggest trying to somehow emulate the position, and train the combo without that part. But I don't know if it's even possible since this combo look like to be very position sensitive.
  6. Someone posted this issue in the EA forums. https://answers.ea.com/t5/Technical-Issues/PS4-Fifa-18-platinum-trophy-no-longer-obtainable/td-p/8512451 They fixed squad battles 1 month ago. Maybe they could at last make the daily challenges stay a bit longer if enough people marked the thread as "having the same problem". But since it's EA....the chances are slim.
  7. I played the game a long time ago, but as far as I remember, Leo has a good reach and a very good special attack.
  8. To avoid getting a game over screen, you need to do defeat de final secret boss. To do so, you must to finish each boss with a fatality (also called by Zetsumei Ougi). To do a fatality you need to win a round first and in the next round, once the enemy's life changes to blue, you press ABC (the background screen changes to a dark color) and the you do a Quarter Circle Back + CD. * The command is the same for all characters. *The bosses who need to receive a fatality are: Amakusa, Zankuro and Gaoh. *Mizuki is the final boss, win her in any way you want, and you will be able to post your score. * I changed my configuration, so I don't know what’s is the default configuration for the neogeo buttons (ABCD), so you must to check your button configuration to see the buttons involved. * You have only a chance to do a fatality, if the fatality misses for some reason you won't be able to use it again in the fight. If this happens, you may use a save state or just lose the fight and use a continue to try again in original mode. In hi-score mode you have to restart from the beginning. I have a video showing how I did hi-score mode. I hope it may help.
  9. I was having problems with this one and this video showed me the interaction I was missing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxQ3OVqTaHk If I'm not mistaken, for some interactables you have to throw it away as a power character; jump on it (as a light character); and put a bomb on it (as a gadget character).
  10. I got it recorded. Maybe the video can help you with some tactic to lure the CPU. Would be easier if this game hadn't a terrible input lag. Good Luck!
  11. I just got Dancing With Myself. You must to use the normal "New Faces Team", the boss "New Faces Team" doesn't work. In the boss fights, Chris must to be always the first and beat every boss alone. If you lose Chris after beating Iori, you can hit start (right on touch pad to be more accurate) on second controller to save yourself from losing the trophy. I didn't test if you can use continues before Orochi Iori, but probably YES. Also, I didn't test if you can use continues on Orochi Iori, maybe yes. You definitely can't use continues after beat Iori.
  12. Yes. No. I already got the trophy without them. I'm still working on this, but I think you can't use continues. Some people says that they used a second controller to hit start to avoid losing.
  13. I did mine with this combo: 214214D, 214D~22[D](hold until max), 421D~236D, 623D~j.236D~j.214D It doesn't require timing. Just needs to do a move after the another.
  14. I also got mine. But I had to do like you said twice. At the first time I just jumped in the game and tried to do like you said and it didn't worked. And I did not have unlocked the in game accomplishment for the prison boss fine play yet. But after the try it unlocked with no trophy. So I deleted my trophy data save before doing a second try (like GarciaFever told in his video) and them it worked. I posted this solution in another forum and some people also were able do get it. Thanks for the help.
  15. Yes, it is still obtainable. I played it online friday and the servers were still up.