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  1. For the Gekiro finish's timing, start pressing K slow and then increase the pace progressively. It should be something like that: 1 --- 2 --- 3 -- 4 -- 5 - 6 78 Unfortunately I don't know any trick to make it easier. I also failed it a lot while trying to finish this trial. Try to train it a bit before going for the trial.
  2. Very Nice. Keep it up. πŸ‘
  3. My tips: - Do like the guy in the video does, remap a button to be PPP. You will use this button to almost everything. - Do not use HP Thunder Knuckle for doing Thunder Knuckle cancel. It comes out too fast. Use MP or LP Thunder Knuckle instead. Is possible using HP but is harder. - When hitting the second ↓ + HP. Do β†˜ + PPP instead. The direction is to avoid you getting an unwanted super and the PPP will make easier to hit the punch after the cancel, since you will just keep mashing the same button. - To make the ultra combo hit in the ending, you must to make the screen freeze when Dan is in the same height of Viper's head. The combo would be like this: ↓ + PPP, ↓↙← + LP or MP, hold β†˜ and keep mashing PPP (to get the cancel and crouching HP), β†’β†“β†˜ + PPP, ↓ β†— (high jump), (when viper in the air) ↓↙← + HK, wait a bit, (when Dan is in the right height) β†“β†˜β†’β†“β†˜β†’ + PPP
  4. 1 - About finishing the command with up or up / forward, it is your choice. Try to use what worked with Ibuki. I personally prefer doing the command until up direction, because this extra direction makes me naturally do the necessary delay to make it work. If you don't delay Viper probably will do a unwanted super. 2 - About the command. Yes, that's right. There is only a small detail. Don't do "LK > LP" too fast. If you do so, the game won't let you cancel LP into anything. So you are always getting nothing after LP. Try to delay LP a bit. The explanation why this happens is a long story. 3 - You have to finish the command while LP is touching Dan. 4 - Don't be afraid about the other High jumps. They are different. In the others Viper will get out the ground and do a special move in the air. The only trials with this crazy stuff of doing a high jump without actually jumping are these two. Now there are some new complications will meet in her other trials.
  5. Congratulations. πŸ˜€ Very nice the trick helped. Now, just a small advice. Take a break and try to do C. Viper Trial 22. It uses the same high jump stuff that you just learned. Don't try to do the other viper trials for now, focus only in this one.
  6. Very nice you did it. Now you just need to do that in the actual combo, what's still hard becase the part "down + LP -> LK". But I'm sure you can do that. It's hard to tell why you are still getting Kazegiris instead of ultra. I would need to see a picture of your inputs to be sure. But based on what happened to me, I may give you the advice: try to delay the button press (KKK), just a very small delay. If Ibuki jumps you delayed the button too much. In my case it was because I was pressing KKK before the game recorganize the super jump command. So, since is against the game's rules cancel a MK directly into a ultra combo, the game interpreted the command as a Kazegiri instead.
  7. If Dan blocked the ultra combo, you did it too slow because if the super jump cancel comes out it always hit. Unless Dan blocked the LK (what is a hard link), if it’s the case, you done it right. Your best bet is try to check you inputs in the training mode. Try modifying your inputs until you get something like the image bellow. Once, you hit it 2 or 3 times. Try to do the complete trial in the challenge mode. Its how worked for me in the past. I also did a video trying to explain the method I use (like Roronora_Zoro666) step by step. I wish you good luck in this challenge.
  8. If I understood well: QCFU = β†“β†˜β†’β†—β†‘ + KKK But it just a variation of the same technique, both should work. Roronora_Zoro666 tried to give you an alternate method. In summary: Copanele's solution cr,LK -> cr.LP -> st. LK -> st.MK -> β†“β†˜β†’β†“β†˜β†’β†— + KKK Roronora_Zoro666's solution cr,LK -> cr.LP -> st. LK -> β†“β†˜β†’ + st.MK -> β†“β†˜β†’β†—β†‘ + KKK I used Roronora_Zoro666's solution, because I think it is too stressful to do all the ultra’s motion after st. MK. There are 2 possible causes for getting Kazegiris instead of the ultra after the st.MK: 1 - You are doing the motion wrong. 2 - The game is not registering the super jump cancel. My suggestion: - Go to the training mode, and turn the command log on. - Try to training only the combo's ending (starting from LK). - Check the arrows in the command log to see if you are doing the commands right. - Do the combo without the 'KKK' in the ending. If Ibuki jumps after MK, it is a good sign. The game is registering the super jump cancel. - If you are still getting Kazegiris, try to delay the KKK press. But it is a microscopic delay. Sometimes the Kazegiri comes out because the game interprets the shoryuken motion before the jump cancel, so if you delay the button press you may fix this misinterpretation. - If you are still getting Kazegiris, try "β†“β†˜β†’β†—β†‘ + KKK" instead of "β†“β†˜β†’β†— + KKK" in the ending. This extra direction may give you the delay explained in the previous tip.
  9. Yes. You can get it normally without the DLC. I suggest do not download it, it will erase your progress and some trials are different and look even harder than the originals at the first look.
  10. I used an easy trick using Joe. Just jump with instant LP, the CPU will try to block, then you grab. Keep repeating until you win. When it works well, grants a SSS or a SS score, what gives you a lot of points. Can also be done together with the Geese trophy.
  11. Entitled usually pop ups after Iconoclast, since it has more requirements to fill. But if you let the trials for the very end, both will pop up together.
  12. Gaoh is the only who blocks it, you have to do a different tactic against him. Jump him without hitting any button, he will do the spinning lance attack too late. You will be able to reach the floor and block it. After blocking the attack, that is your chance to do the fatality. It happens in the video above at: 15:17.
  13. Ops, sorry... just forgot to give the tip. Considering the situation is the same of the video above, you must to do slightly delay 623C after 5B (2 hits) in order to pass under the dummy. The timing looks like to be very strict, so you will miss it most of the time.
  14. I didn't try this combo myself, but this situation seems to be familiar. I think I had the same problem doing the 10000 damage with Kakōton. Just confirm the combo that I did in the video below if is the same situation. I suggest trying to somehow emulate the position, and train the combo without that part. But I don't know if it's even possible since this combo look like to be very position sensitive.
  15. Someone posted this issue in the EA forums. https://answers.ea.com/t5/Technical-Issues/PS4-Fifa-18-platinum-trophy-no-longer-obtainable/td-p/8512451 They fixed squad battles 1 month ago. Maybe they could at last make the daily challenges stay a bit longer if enough people marked the thread as "having the same problem". But since it's EA....the chances are slim.