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  1. Go for it man! Grab every oppotunity that you can.
  2. Bioshock would be a brilliant one, alongside with maybe Fall Out 3 and Uncharted 2. So very true.
  3. Very true, although not in all cases. "Prince Of Persia" The movie, was not terrible.
  4. My very first trophy was probably from the game, "Battle Field Bad Company", seeing as it was the first ever PS3 game I ever purchased. Ashley.
  5. Well the title basicly says it all. If you had to pick one game to turn into a movie, which would it be? Ashley.
  6. I don't really have to think much about mine, It's Dark Souls. I have been playing that game none stop since 2011. I would score it 9.8/10. Ashley.
  7. I have always thought starting up a game would be a great idea. I have checked out your YouTube channel and I have enjoyed what I saw. I am now one of your new subscribers. Nice, Square Enix are a good company.
  8. Thanks a lot! Thanks for the warm welcome! Cheers, Gambit! I shall drink tea! Thanks for the welcome buddy. Well that is very cool, within 10 minutes I have already found some one that shares the same interest in one of my favourite games! Thanks for the welcome and if you ever need help or just want to co-op on Dark Souls, my PSN is: AshleyTheaker_45. Well thanks, Street.
  9. So this is a little question that I would actually find pretty hard to answer. I would probably go for "From Software" and maybe as a role, level designer. I would say I am artistic. Ashley.
  10. Welcome to the website, Sarah! I just joined myself, hope to see you around. Ashley.
  11. Greetings there people of PSNProfiles! Well I think it's a smart idea that my first ever post on this site is in the "Introduction" catagory of the forums. My name is Ashley and I have been gaming since around 2008 maybe 2007. I have owned a diverse range of games since then. My favourite type of games are probably open world roll playing games and especially ones with a good story, in particular, Dark Souls. On my old Psn account I hade a trophy score of 12, but sadly my account got deleted. I have decided to start up fresh and get my old trophy hunting boots back on! I will be showing my face in the community quite a bit hopefully so I shall hope to see you around soon. Ashley.