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  1. first money isn't what you need for NG+ in merciless. you need items,specifically ones that give you sp. & lots of them. When doing the shibuya section, you can't cook & you can't really buy sp items very often. enemies usually require plenty of magic, especially the boss fights, so you constantly need refills...there's no retrying in prisons. it's saves/checkpoints. So you need to be able to handle a few fights back to back, this requires sp. it will seem quite tense and scary at first (the first 'named' enemy i came across, 1 hit killed me lol) you'll get through it, with patience. I believe on easy the items in shops come back after a short peroid of time spent in the metaverse. so you want to hop between the metaverse & back to sophie's shop buying as many food items/sp items as possible, and cook as many sp items as you can. buy any healing or revival items you can too. regarding the accumulator trick. you NEVER drop the persona that passes on the stats. you register it in the inmate registry then fuse a new persona with it. once it's a new persona you can summon the one you just maxed out. rinse and repeat. the inital persona that I maxed out has been fused hundreds of times at this point so i could get the 10 strongest personas maxed out. e.g. if you want a maxed out lucifer & you have a maxed out jack o' lantern. you fuse that into a Black frost, register the black frost, then fuse black frost into lucifer. You then summon black frost. and you've got two maxed out personas. If you want any other maxed out persona you have to fuse the lucifer however many times it takes to get the desired result. if you've accidentally lost the maxed out persona needed to do the accumulator trick & need to start again & thus need lots of PP , summon one you already maxed out, then go to persona enhancement & delete it, you'll quickly get a tonne of pp. rinse and repeat and you'll have millions of pp very very quickly.
  2. A tip to help maximise xp & time during the merciless grind. I've been doing the king snake on merciless grind. & have noticed that I fill my showtime meter twice during the fight. One just before his health it's the half way mark, the second just before the end of the fight. So I've started not using the second one to end the fight, as it takes a few seconds to finish him off at that point. Instead I shoot the shadow patrolling the area on way out (I arrive & exit from the sendai world center checkpoint,not the one shown in video) use showtime which instantly ends the fight giving you another 2,000+ xp. WHich sholud take some time off the grind by the end. * I noticed in the inital video showing off the king snake fight on page 1 only got 1 showtime. I presume that's because his lucifer doesn't have "rebel soul" in it's moveset, so give your lucifer 'rebel soul'& you should get 2 showtimes like i've been getting.
  3. an alternative that earns similiar amounts per hour (more xp but more restarts) some might enjoy to help keep it fresh form the start of downtown you jump off the ramp, hit a few tricks go into a manual, run that manual by the fountain (i zigzag and stall so it takes 10 seconds) when the clock says 1:47 i go to hit a special grind onto the fountain hold for 10 seconds. you need a combo of 250,000+ to get the maximum xp so I typically make sure my combo is x10 so when it hits 1:34 i do a few grinds switches then jump off. you'll get 20xp for the score, 20 for the combo 25 for the grind, 25 for the manual. 90xp for 30 seconds. an hour of of your method nets 10640xp. an hour of my way gets you 10800xp personally find it easier to be more efficent with a timer. but mixing it up with your level will make the last leg of the grind (currently lvl95) a little more tolerable as mixing it up is good way to combat the boredom lol.
  4. 100%ed single player 2 and a half days ago, and finished off the rest of single player trophies early yesterday morning. (time was about 55 hours for all sp trophies) am burned out tbh, am waiting to see if multiplayer reinvigorates my desire to play this game.