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  1. Thanks for the replies! The issue isnt necessarily just the 5G wifi because they left another network online here for anything not compatible with 5G. While the hotspot and using someone elses wifi were good ideas, there is more than just the internet issues. A seemingly unrelated issue with my ps3 is that I cant use controllers wirelessly, they have to plugged in or else they dont work. They dont link to the console but they hold battery. I have like 8 dualshock 3s and none of them work. My ps3 tends to default to an ethernet connection meaning i have to go into the settings in order to change it to wifi however, it just says "checking network configuration... please wait" ive been on this screen for 45 minutes now and nothing has changed. Also I tried rebuilding the database in the hopes of speeding up my ps3 a bit but to no avail. Id rather not call sony directly but i may have to... Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated thanks
  2. Hello all, I posted on here a while ago but I figured Id post again. For context, I havent synced my ps3 trophies since late 2018. I dont play it a whole lot anymore because its just dreadfully slow with everything. However, I have earned quite a few trophies since then and some platinums as well. I just want to sync up my trophies. I turned on my Ps3 and everything works fine except for the internet. I cant sign in to psn, can't sync trophies, cant view my friends list or go to the psstore or anything. Obviously the first thing I did was going to the settings and setting up a wifi connection. But it either fails immediately everytime or takes hours upon hours only to fail again. He have gotten new wifi in the house and its 5G, which apparently the ps3 isnt compatable with... Yes I tried an ethernet connection too and it was the same issue. Whats my best bet here for salvaging my trophies?
  3. Im not quite sure if this is the proper place to put this but my Ps3 has been having a lot issues connecting to the internet. When we (family) first got the Ps3, we used the wireless internet connection but some switched over to a wired ethernet connection. Now, however, my Ps3 cannot connect to the internet wirelessly - I think the wifi bit somehow got fried - and we got all new internet in the house which is 5g which isnt compatable anyway. Today I finally got around to plugging the Ps3 in again (Its on a different floor from the router and modem) and just kept getting a bunch of DNS issues. Namely error 80710102. I messed around with some of the router settings and manual dns settings on the Ps3 but to no prevail. I need to connect to the internet to sync my trophies and update my games. Does anyone know how to best go about fixing this? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!
  4. As the title suggests, im curious which game has the most trophies in the base game (Not counting DLC) My first guess was Doom 3 Bfg edition, i think it has like 65 trophies but there might be some games higher. Any games have more trophies than doom 3?
  5. Leveling up! At certain points you get coins after leveling up i dont remember what levels exactly though... Also there is a loading screen stating that you can even earn gold by playing mini games but im not sure how
  6. I have tried this so many times and every single time my ps3 just ends up freezing... today i didnt even have a cob cannon and it froze on flag 24... im ready to give up on the trophy because my ps3 litterally cant handle it
  7. Guitar Hero Metallica was never importable. Only ghwt, gh5, ghsh, and band hero
  8. this platinum was apparently never possible and no one has ever gotten it... (besides a hacker) are there other games that have never been possible to platinum?
  9. i am curious what your rarest ps3 trohpies are. they dont need to be platinum but the rarest ones probably are platinum my personal rarest is the platinum trophy for the beatles rock band at 0.26% rarity with guitar hero metallica platinum closely behind at 0.34%
  10. hey, i recently got the platinum trophy for guitar hero metallica and apparently somebody flagged me :/ what does this mean exactly and how could i resolve it? thanks
  11. hey guys, im having the same issue... i have every trophy except for this one and i just got gh drums so im kind of pissed... im going to try everything to try and help Edit: Deleting Game Data did not effect this Edit: I deleted my save data and now it seems to be working... too bad i didnt back it up Edit: i can confirm that deleting my save data worked and i now have platinum!!!!!!!
  12. i know awhile ago this website said 'looking for a good mobile programer' or something of the like. so do yous think psnp would be a successful app if they made it. id sure download immediatley. i think an app would be awesome. (sorry for bad english i live in usa)
  13. i kept my ps3 on the whole time when i completed this. that worked just fine
  14. i really liked this game. And i bought it for fun - not trophies. the way i see it fun comes first and trophies are sort of a bonus
  15. hey i started this game game awhile ago but i didnt play it for a while now when i go back into it im completely lost and dont know where to go. i know it doesnt really apply to any particular trophies but please help