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  1. probably another trophy list will be added later for another region
  2. 5 bucks as always and cross buy
  3. that would be nice, cuz multiple colors takes a lot of time
  4. id say thats hardcore league of evil,but at least there are only 12 levels needed to plat😁 UPD oh god thats an old thread lol,didnt notice
  5. Seems like it. I got “I want it all” trophy without Eiffel Tower and arc de triomphe so it’s really fast
  6. there was an earlier closed beta test i believe same as for realm royale,btw i saw you got a trophy for 50 doors,do you have to escort those mobs? cuz ive played a lot of games and still dont have that trophy
  7. Join us we have 3 players already
  8. Don’t jump out of a ship,just wait, there can probably be a couple of afk players so just go as far as possible and just kill them
  9. if you get lucky with empty online then you just get through bots with your team as i did
  10. seems that it is
  11. You can play beta now. At least I have it in EU psn store
  12. Seems that you’re doing something wrong. Just fill all the screen and press triangle to fix mistakes. You need to complete only one picture without fixing mistakes and one piece of each size.
  13. its your time spent on level completion under the level number,just press right to get to the next level,theres only horizontal scroll