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  1. I've never played a telltale game before so I didn't know what to expect with the style of gameplay, but I love the borderlands franchise and the absurdity and humour that can only be found in the borderlands universe was everywhere! I loved the writing and I genuinely haven't laughed as much as I did because of a game in a long time! (The loader bot!!) I can't wait for the next episode, hopefully it doesn't take too long to come out!
  2. I said no because when comes to games I never really like the term "overrated", it implys that you care too much about what others think of a game when really you should just care about the conclusions you made from that game, if you enjoyed it or not, and if you did you have higher chances that you are going enjoy whatever else comes out from that franchise or studio. At the end of the day all these arguments are subjective based.
  3. Haven't had a problem with Unity in terms of glitches and I'm half way through it, and loving every bit of it! Glitches can ruin an experience for someone though and this is more than enough of a way to apologies to those gamers affected. Good job Ubisoft!
  4. I've always wanted to try a telltale game, and now that they have made one with Pandora as a setting, I'm willing to try this one out!
  5. I played and adored my PS3 for six years, and I still have reasons to get back to it, but its impossible to not notice the difference between it and the PS4, the games load faster, run smoother, amazing improvment to the controller design, the interface is so much better, the store actually loads quickly, the shareplay feature is insane and I don't think a lot of people have taken full advantage of it! I also want to start messing around with built in video. A lot of the current set of games have been held back because they have be designed to work on the last gen too, but even so I wouldn't of wanted to play them on my PS3 (I wouldn't have enjoyed BF4 or Black Flag as much if I did) but a lot of big open world games are starting to come out to actual test the console, Unity's Paris since it works for me, is amazing, and I can't wait to try Dragon Age, Far Cry 4 and then The Witcher 3 coming out soon..........(and then of course next year....Uncharted 4!! ^.^) 6 to 7 years is a perfect time for consoles to come out, long enough for the console to build up a great library of games, but any longer would hurt the market, consoles are constantly being out paced by PC gaming, so its good that Sony and Mircosoft bring out better hardware...... I bought my PS4 day one and I have not regretted it once...
  6. The best examples for me are.... Mass Effect 2: ME2 improved on ME1 in everyway, the combat, storytelling, side activities but the most notable was the amount of characters you could have in your squad, being introduced to them and getting to explore the galaxy with them was just....I loved every minute of it, espically with Legion! Its one of the three games i've ever given a 10/10 too. Portal 2: One of the other three games i've given a 10/10, the first Portal was a nice little surprise in the Orange Box, it blended narrative and challenging gameplay so well together. Portal 2 was bigger and bolder, having a great eery setting, characters like Cave Johnson and of course GlaDos (greatest video game villian of all time in my opinion) that never took you away from the gameplay.....plus that Half-Life 3 easter egg.. Boderlands 2: More guns, more bosses, more Pandora, better diversity in mission.....and Handsome Jack (second greatest video game villian of all time in my opinion) Assassin's Creed 2: The first one still had a great story and cities, but number 2 is what made me fall in love with this franchise that I don't see myself putting down anytime soon. 2 had the charm, the mystery, the main character and the flying Da Vinic machines that made me replay every chance I could!
  7. The Legend of Zelda games, the first Bioshock, the God of War games and the Jak and Daxter games to name a few, so many games, so little time you can't play everything :L
  8. Can't wait for AC: Unity cause I love Assassin's Creed and even though 3 wasn't that great, Black Flag brought back the momentum for the series and It looks like Unity is going to contuine that. We haven't had that many meaty RPGs for the PS4 yet so I really cant wait to sink my teeth into Dragon Age: Inquisition! I love Bioware! (Dragon Age: Oirgins and especially the Mass Effect games are just fantastic) I skipped GTA5 last year, mainly because I was saving money to get my PS4, but San Andreas was one of my favourite games when I was younger, and now that they have added FPS mode i'm really tempted to pick it up. I'm also interested in Far Cry 4, haven't played a Far Cry game yet but from what i've seen of this game I'm digging the setting and gameplay... I feel like we have left the "launch" phase of games for the PS4 and the proper next-gen open world games are starting to show up, these four games i've mentioned aswell as The Witcher 3 which is coming out early next year are gonna take up a lot of my time and i'm really excited for that! Obviously I can't pick them all up staright away, Unity is the only one i'm getting at launch, the others i'll have to wait a month to have enough spare money to spend on em...
  9. "Unicorn Slayer"..........that is all....
  10. Much approval!!!
  11. Really looking forward to this game, Assassin's Creed is one of my favourite franchises Not really a big fan of the platinum image though, Black Flag had a much cooler one! Interesting to see a lack of multiplayer trophies aside from the co-op ones which look like they will be a breeze to get. This game looks like its gonna be a high point in the series (It gives me AC2 vibes) so I would definitely be up for putting the time in to add this to my platinum collection once i'm done with the story.
  12. Damn I did not know University would take this much time away from gaming, I miss them trophies popping :/

  13. Trophies don't really effect my purchase of a game.....they do, however, really effect its replay vaule!
  14. Whoops, wells theres my derp for the day done....