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  1. This game was awesome. The graphics are great. The combination of inFamous powers with new vampire powers is great. The only downside is that the history is extremely short. It definitely had potential to be a longer game. I suppose this game is among the best PSN games because it re-uses the maps, characters and many stuff from the retail inFamous games. This considerably saves costs and they were able to deliver a cheap PSN game but with the quality of a full retail game.
  2. Yep, still online. Can confirm the trophies are still obtainable as of today.
  3. I got the trophies today. Everything was fine with the server. Simply logged in and the search function was working. I did change the filters preference to show missions from any region.
  4. Well I'm double the age you mention and think it is damn cool. I guess I'm mentally still 14. I loved all the 3 DMC HD remasters and I also loved this one. The only downside I can see is that it is indeed too easy. If you play to get the SSS you will quickly find yourself spamming the same moves over and over, but if you play to have fun, the combat controls are amazing. You've got 3 different simultaneous weapons plus quick change to even add more weapons and you can create nasty combinations to rack up style points. That style system is the trademark of all DMC games and this one got it right.
  5. Solved. Someone already helped me. I just downloaded the free dlc Fun with explosions.
  6. Hello. Pretty much what the title says. I have got almost all trophies and missing this particular one. I already did The Stiffstonian and Knight at the Musuem runs. However I can't play FWE because it requires a Move controller. Any workaround? Kind regards, Monox.