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  1. Hey tnx for the offer but already got 100% on it! thank you!
  2. Hello! looking for people to boost this trophy.... I don't know how to start a Boosting session here Have one friend already Monox18 GMT -5 Thanks!
  3. I completed all ninja trials. I completed all chapters on all difficulties. I beat 1000 enemies with all weapons. My timestamps are normal. I have already proved all I can do. I admitted getting the savegame from post one and what I used it for. I stand for my word and offer for the n-th time to beat any chapater on master ninja mode and send you my gameplay. I know I don't have to do this, but I will do it to prove myself. Why? because I love Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. It's my number one trophy in my cabinet. I feel proud of having beaten all of it 7 times. 8 with that one extra master ninja playthough I did for fun also. And in all my gaming experience, the thing I feel the proudest is beating Ryu x2 with kalata1. Message him, maybe he will remember me, maybe not. He is another pro player and I hope he replies you veryfing I beat UN01 2x RYU, the hardest thing in the whole game. Serzilla, you accuse me of not having the skills to beat that game. I will play that game again and prove you wrong. Want me to play the trials with you? sure. I will do it. Send me a copy of the game. and will beat whatever you want. I only need a couple of days to get back in shape and recover my skills as I haven't played it in a long time. I'm waiting for whoever takes in and off the flags. I will reply to them if they message me or whatever. I need to rest. I have been here sitting all day replying to each one of you the best I can. I don't feel like I need to do anything more. i already explained everything. For now I will leave to do other stuff, will come back tomorrow if needed.
  4. What I did wrong? I found the save and I had to follow steps used the save. My PS3 system is not jailbreaked. I can send you screenshots of my PS3 system.
  5. I don't know who mark1 is. I pretty much accept everybody who sends me friend requests. Whatever he posted on that forum is his business, not mine.
  6. I already said I got a savegame from the web. From my 1st post. That thing you say about me is again speculating.
  7. ok, It sounds fair.
  8. I already said I downloaded a gamesave from the web. I already proved I beat the trials. I'm doing my final offer of proving a gameplay of playing any master ninja chapter and uploading it. I don't know what else to prove. "After many months of being away". In many cases I stop playing a game, and then continue another game Months after I play that game again.
  9. I agree with this. I also agree with this.
  10. Yes. Hardest levels are Ultimate Ninja Trial. My trial is a Master Ninja Trial. I don't remeber what trial is that, but he said that's MN03. Other Ninja Gaiden Players can judge how hard that trial it is. Form me, it was hard enough to be proud of it and upload it. Yes, most stats are identical. He got an image comparing the stats. What I consider specially different is that I beat all Ultimate Ninja trials with thouse stats. Other players have same exact numbers on UN trials while I got atleast 1+ on each singular UN trial. He played with me in both Ninja Gaiden 3 and Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge. He called me a competent player, which i'm thankful for that (hey number one on leaderboards call me competnet and gave me once a 6/10 score via PSN chat. It was cool to me) On Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 we didn't play together.
  11. hahahahaha man. That's hilarous.
  12. Besides having correct timestamps I also proved to have beaten all UN trials, and there's a video on the leaderboards showing me playing the game. That's a prove of my gameplay. What else do you want? I repeat myself again. That guy. Momiji. 97%. The other 5 people. Not my problem. "fair to assume" is still an assumption. Not a proof. You can't flag people on assumptions. You can only flag on proofs. I have no idea how else to prove myself other from what I have said. I sold that game many years ago. Provide me a copy and then I will give you all the gameplay proofs you want. Want me to beat any chapter on Master Ninja mode? sure. Just don't ask me to beat your 1:16 world record for UN01 trial to prove my platinum is legit.
  13. it seems so. Not sure still. Anyway I will be here answering whatever questions you have until the flag is lifted. Tnx.
  14. Whoever is that guy or whatever that guy did or is doing is none of my bossiness. Go start a dispute with him. Nothing that he is doing is relevant here. This is my dispute about my flag and my trophies. Boring this boring that, that's merely speculation dude. I don't what's going on with your imagination, but I strongly believe you can't flag people because it's possible they did something when you have no proofs. I know you are number one in leaderboards. It's okay to look through the entire leaderboards and match everybody saves. Maybe you feel like "The guardian of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2" whatever. Being the very best doesn't prove that you have the right to tell how other people should play, what they do with their savegames or anything in particular, or what their time speeds should be like based on your performance. This seems more personal to you. Maybe it's time to take a rest from that game dude.
  15. Tnx for that. I will also be answering any questions until my flag is lift. You can't judge me by the way I do things. If I backup games or not is irrelevant. And again, I don't know that people, I don't know what they did use the savedata for. I already told you what I used it for. Do you have anything personal against me? We played many trials together. And you deleted me from your PSN friends. If you have something particular against me go ahead and tell me.