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  1. xD4rK_By_D3s1gNx, mekktor, iAlphaSoldier, I agree with what you say guys, BillyHorrible, about "Main question: If he loaded up a save that wasn't his but that did not immediately unlock any trophies he did not have yet, does that still count as cheating?". I had the platinum already. No trophies were unlocked with it. I didn't skip any grinding while going towards the platinum. I beat the game 3 times SP, 4 times CC, and all the trials. I agree with the rest you said. MMDE, yes I admited that. BillyHorrible, I agree with you on this one, also it's quite complicate to prove what difference can it make or how would somebody know. For you particular example I consider that fair play. MMDE, BillyHorrible. Nothing to reply here. MMDE, Yes, trials require to beat the game atleast 1 time. Minimum warrior difficulty. Mentor and Master ninja gives you more skins, that's it. Also Acolyte (which can be gotten from lowering difficulty on last chapter of Warrior) doesn't give you anything, maybe a skin? I forgot that. Anyway, I beat this game 7 times including the extra 4 playthroughs from Chapter Challenge on my original save. Nuttro93, content removed. BillyHorrible, sure. mekktor, as you said. That happened after trophies. About leaderboards, the best I can do is buy the game, start a new game, upload my new scores and that should overwrite everything back to 0. I don't really care about those leaderboards, I'm far from any 1st place anyway. ryankamal1998, I agree with you. Trophies are the point of this forum, not NGS2 leaderboards. Nuttro93, sure my timestamps are how I played the game. If anyone has any suspicious ask me and I will answer you how I played that portion of the game. My game isn't hiden or anything, feel free to look at it. BillyHorrible and Phil, agree with you. Serzilla, tnx for calling me a competent player. We sure did good on other NG games. Why didn't I play again 1 more play through to unlock trials? I beat the game 7 times already. Was sick of single player mode and wasn't going for an 8th unnecessary playthorugh. Yes, I beat UN01 with 2x Ryu. I was host. The guest was kalata1, the number 1 player in the leaderboard that came to help me. Yes, it took like 3 weeks of practice everyday of that single mission. I even replayed those chapters where you fight all 4 main bosses and genshin on their final form to keep a checkpoint where I would train and beat them countless time. I never got to the point to become perfect on those bosses, but good enough to survive the missions. As I said, it took weeks. Until randomly that guy appeared, and in less that 10 attempts, he taught me his rules and we beat it. After that, I felt myself complete with this game and moved on. Serzilla, I do not know the other guys, never played with them in NGS2, so I can't answer on behalf of them what they did with this savegame. I think I played with mujouken_spectre on NG3RE a couple of battles and trials. That's another game anyway. About uploading a score, I don't know 100% how does it work. If I beat a trial and I upload a score I don't know if it overwrites the whole game scores or that singular trial. Same applies for chapter challenges, after beating one chapter I don't know if it uploads the whole score or just the single chapter score. Anyway, you should be able to check that I beat some master challenge chapters (where I trained vs bosses in their final form). I beat more times those ninja trials than those guys and also I beat some master ninja chapter more than those guys as well. Also there's a ninja clip showing me play a Master Ninja trial, one of the hard ones, where I was also training vs bosses. (maximums clips is one, so I don't have more)That itself proves I have played a lot this game, more than enough to have gotten the platinum way before using this savegame. Again, I don't care who are they and what they did with this savegame.
  2. Okay I just woke up, so there's a lot to reply. Working on it...
  3. Hi xD4rK_By_D3s1gNx, no trophies were triggered. I had the platinum before. I stated on my first comment and also the YouTube comment that I used only to continue playing the gaming and that I had beaten UN missions before that as well. About the stats/records, I understand that having stats/records that I didn't obtain may be offensive for other people who are competing to be number one. I'm far far away on any leaderboard from being number in that game. I don't think this offends anyone but if you want I can simply buy the game, start it from 0 and upload new scores. this should put everything on 0. Does this work for you? I really don't care about my stats on the leaderboard. I only care about the platinum. I love that game. It has been the hardest game I ever played and was damn proud of beating it 100% and is my number one in my trophy cabinet (even though I have rarer trophies). About restarting from the beginning, well just put yourself in my shoes. I had a game which I player over a year. It takes 7 times to platinum. One day I lost all this. It was gone man. Can you imagine how angry I was? I simply wanted to have another savegame close to where I was. Specially for the reason that I was decided to beat UN01 2x Ryu, this was my final mission before moving on, being cheap with Rachel was not enough for me. In order to have everything unlocked for trials I think you need to beat it 3-4 times for all costumes. Sorry man, I was not going to start from scratch, it hurts. I hope you understand this. Yes, I understand why downloading games is frowned. We all hate cheaters man. Btw, I won't be replying until like many hours from now. Going bed soon. Will reply tomorrow any replies.
  4. Serzilla, I don't remember well but I'm sure you can only have one ninja clip uploaded. And I have one uploaded. That ninja clip shows me playing a hard trial with a partner & beating it. My numbers also prove that I beat all UN missions, when compared to the others. This means I did actually play the trials and beat them myself. The rest of the stats remains unchanged because I didn't do anything more than playing trials after I got that savegame. The savegame overwrote my original data. So only the new trial data is what is new in those stats. Having overwritten numbers don't disprove that I got all my trophies in a legit way. I trained my ass countless of days to beat those trials. You played with me, you saw me and helped with coop trials in other ninja games.
  5. DaviRules, That doesn't seems correct to me. It is not a votation. A GM, or whoevers decides to flag me, should do it with actual proof. Anyway, following your statements. Tell me exactly what indicator you have to prove my platinum is not legit? The reason I'm being flagged is: order of trophies. There's no particular trophy being questioned. Please tell me what trophy is wrong.
  6. Hi DaivRules, What you say is true, reasons for using savegames in indecipherable. Therefore, I shouldn't be flagged for something that is not proven. Flagging any indicator is not correct, facts should be flagged, not indicators. Serzilla, I don't have other Ultimate Ninja mission recordings. Hi MMDE, no one is complaining about anything in my list. Serzilla said all my trophies are in the correct order. Serzilla, I only used the save to play trials. I was really enjoying them and played a lot. Trials are my favorite part of that game. I wasn't to replay the game again to unlock all skins and trials, so I used any save I found. Maybe I played a couple of chapters for fun, I don't remember. What I do remember is playing the entire Single Player mode, not chapter challenge, on master ninja difficulty for fun. Many, if not all, chapter should reflect this on the leaderboard. (Sometimes the score doesn't upload after beating a chapter for connection issues).
  7. Hello. Pretty much what the title says. I have got almost all trophies and missing this particular one. I already did The Stiffstonian and Knight at the Musuem runs. However I can't play FWE because it requires a Move controller. Any workaround? Kind regards, Monox.
  8. Solved. Someone already helped me. I just downloaded the free dlc Fun with explosions.
  9. Hello, Need all online trophies. Add me for boosting! PSN ID: Monox18