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  1. On 3/27/2018 at 2:03 PM, REPG_16_netsulli said:

    Hello just read your messagges, 

    Hi Monox, are you still interested in boosting battlefield bad company 2 online and DLCs trophies? Please let me know, i have a group of 6 people or more who want to participate. We are starting these days

    Hey tnx for the offer but already got 100% on it! thank you!


  2. I completed all ninja trials. I completed all chapters on all difficulties. I beat 1000 enemies with all weapons. My timestamps are normal. I have already proved all I can do. I admitted getting the savegame from post one and what I used it for. I stand for my word and offer for the n-th time to beat any chapater on master ninja mode and send you my gameplay. I know I don't have to do this, but I will do it to prove myself. Why? because I love Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. It's my number one trophy in my cabinet. I feel proud of having beaten all of it 7 times. 8 with that one extra master ninja playthough I did for fun also. And in all my gaming experience, the thing I feel the proudest is beating Ryu x2 with kalata1. Message him, maybe he will remember me, maybe not. He is another pro player and I hope he replies you veryfing I beat UN01 2x RYU, the hardest thing in the whole game. Serzilla, you accuse me of not having the skills to beat that game. I will play that game again and prove you wrong. Want me to play the trials with you? sure. I will do it. Send me a copy of the game. and will beat whatever you want. I only need a couple of days to get back in shape and recover my skills as I haven't played it in a long time.


    I'm waiting for whoever takes in and off the flags. I will reply to them if they message me or whatever. I need to rest. I have been here sitting all day replying to each one of you the best I can. I don't feel like I need to do anything more. i already explained everything. For now I will leave to do other stuff, will come back tomorrow if needed.


  3. 12 minutes ago, Serzilla said:


    But why are all the dates associated with you on that website dates BEFORE you got the platinum? ;)

    What I did wrong?


    8 minutes ago, BillyHorrible said:


    Exactly how much work are the trophies of June 19 and later compared to what's done before?


    Also, if he'd use a completed game save at that point, then wouldn't all trophies unlock at once?


    ... Actually, with just a wee bit of digging I found two posts on that site by Monox18.


    Note that both posts are made on June 19 of 2013 and were edited away in 2016, but the original texts can be seen because both posts were quoted by others.


    At the very least, this calls into question if Monox18 is speaking the truth when he says that he only lost the save after already obtaining the platinum.


    Edit: wow, many new posts in here in the span of just a few minutes.



    Originally Posted by Monox18
    I'm following the tutorial step by step but it keeps getting me a Error [8001051C] Data Corrupted. I have already downloaded and installed the program, manually copy pasted the plugins in the System32 folder, updated games.conf, downloaded different save games, and the same error still appears over. I got PS3 OFW latest version 4.41. Any help over here ?



    Originally Posted by Monox18
    Hello guys.

    What CFW version do i need in order to use those savegames. I've already resigned the files with "PS3 Save Resigner" but the PS3 system reads them as corrupt. My PS3 isn't jailbraked, so what version should i download and install? 

    Thank you in advance.

    I found the save and I had to follow steps used the save. My PS3 system is not jailbreaked. I can send you screenshots of my PS3 system.


  4. 9 minutes ago, Serzilla said:

    I also searched his username on the website, what did I find? A post from June 19th, 2013 on this thread: but he changed his post on April 9th, 2016 to say "Whatever", so maybe back then he was asking how to get the save to work and everything and that was on a date BEFORE he got the platinum. You just need to press ctrl + F and search "Monox18" on that page to see his post. So legit timestamps or not, it's not looking good for Monox18 on this game, maybe he felt guilty after hacking the platinum and did some of it again legit, we can't know. But as far as dates going back to his platinum are concerned, it's not legit. 


    Not to mention, there's a member there named "Mark1" who on that thread is advising people how to do the game with legit looking time stamps 




    Who is Monox18's 1 friend on the website? You guessed it. Mark1 




    There's not really much else to say about this except I wish I looked at this first before blowing this thread up, but that should be that. 

    I don't know who mark1 is. I pretty much accept everybody who sends me friend requests. Whatever he posted on that forum is his business, not mine.


  5. 6 minutes ago, Serzilla said:

    I also searched his username on the website, what did I find? A post from June 19th, 2013 on this thread: but he changed his post on April 9th, 2016 to say "Whatever", so maybe back then he was asking how to get the save to work and everything and that was on a date BEFORE he got the platinum. You just need to press ctrl + F and search "Monox18" on that page to see his post. So legit timestamps or not, it's not looking good for Monox18 on this game, maybe he felt guilty after hacking the platinum and did some of it again legit, we can't know. But as far as dates going back to his platinum are concerned, it's not legit. 

    I already said I got a savegame from the web. From my 1st post. That thing you say about me is again speculating. 


  6. 1 minute ago, dmland12 said:


    OK, so focus on the timestamps for the trophies he earned from June 19th on.  Are any of them not possible to do legitimately in this order/time?  If not, then just let it go.  If there's a problem there then nail him to the wall with it.


    Just my advice.

    ok, It sounds fair. 


  7. 1 minute ago, Serzilla said:

    Okay, here we go now. It only took me a few minutes to find this but okay... This is Monox18's profile for NextGenUpdate, the place that provides the most save files for trophy hackers: 


    Join Date: 06-19-2013 (June 19th, 2013)


    When did he get the platinum?: July 26th, 2013. 


    It was only 1 month after he joined NextGenUpdate that he ended up getting this platinum and on the day that he signed up and a few days after, he earned most of the 1000 kill related trophies and clear the path of the master ninja. 


    Is it a coincidence that he signed up for NextGenUpdate and suddenly went back and earned the platinum after many months of being away? And the fact that his save matches up to five other people, one of which being a platinum achiever before him? I don't think so. I'm done with this thread now. 

    I already said I downloaded a gamesave from the web. I already proved I beat the trials. I'm doing my final offer of proving a gameplay of playing any master ninja chapter and uploading it. I don't know what else to prove.


    "After many months of being away". In many cases I stop playing a game, and then continue another game Months after I play that game again.  




  8. 3 minutes ago, damon8r351 said:

    Only in here and in a totalitarian regime are the accused burdened with proving their innocence. Elsewhere, true justice requires the accuser to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the accused is guilty. The only thing proven here is that the scores say he used a save to obtain them. It doesn't prove he used the save to obtain the platinum. Unless the timestamps match up, to the second, with the other people who have used the same save, there's no proof he used the save for the trophies. Since this leaderboard is concerned with trophies and not scores, this dispute is not this site's bailiwick and the flag here should lifted. Take the score dispute to whatever venue is focused on it.

    I agree with this.

    1 minute ago, DaivRules said:

    We all know Serzilla polices this games Leaderboards with a grudge. Flags are for illegitimate looking trophies, which there are none. This thread could have been much, much shorter if Monox18 had just posted his flagged report to begin with instead of starting out with "I downloaded a save".

    Fact: None of the trophies time stamps look illegitimate. Fact: The archive shows time stamps are identical. The fact that a save was merely *available* before Momox18 earned the play and the OP has finally been more clear that the save was used *after* the platinum shows this is a far reach for Serzilla and this dispute should be dismissed with prejudice.

    PSNP should not be a members personal battleground to continue an obsessive tirade.

    I also agree with this.


  9. 2 minutes ago, B1rvine said:


    So so I've read everything and I'm still a bit confused.  Based on all the statements, he's got a video of one of the hardest levels, and a few different stats for some of the levels (but most are identical to a save) and you played with him personally on some levels before to know he's a pretty good player?









    Yes. Hardest levels are Ultimate Ninja Trial. My trial is a Master Ninja Trial. I don't remeber what trial is that, but he said that's MN03. Other Ninja Gaiden Players can judge how hard that trial it is. Form me, it was hard enough to be proud of it and upload it.


    Yes, most stats are identical. He got an image comparing the stats. What I consider specially different is that I beat all Ultimate Ninja trials with thouse stats. Other players have same exact numbers on UN trials while I got atleast 1+ on each singular UN trial.


    He played with me in both Ninja Gaiden 3 and Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge. He called me a competent player, which i'm thankful for that (hey number one on leaderboards call me competnet and gave me once a 6/10 score via PSN chat. It was cool to me) On Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 we didn't play together.


  10. 1 minute ago, BillyHorrible said:


    They can claim Vin Diesel jumped through their window and glared at their PS3 until the trophies appeared for all I care.


    If the time stamps look right and already looked right a while ago looking through an archive page, I think there's nothing that can keep a flag up here unless the gamer in question is actually found admitting to using a save for the file or they are seen on a different site asking for the save file.

    hahahahaha man. That's hilarous.


  11. 2 minutes ago, Serzilla said:


    Because you're saying timestamps should be the only thing to go by with trophy lists but I found a guy with legit looking time stamps and a 97% trophy list who only needed 1000 kills with Momiji for a trophy, but the save he used (same save that Monox18 has) also fulfilled having 1000 kills with Momiji, the guy just didn't choose Momiji again while using that save so the trophy didn't unlock at that point. I'm bringing up other people in cases to let people know that time stamps shouldn't be the only thing to judge a person on and if there's evidence against their online stats for this game proving that someone who had the platinum before them has the exact same save as him then I'd say it's fair to assume that he used the save for his trophies. I'm saying that because he hasn't provided any evidence of his own gameplay on the game, even claims he doesn't have the game anymore and is asking me to pay for his copy. Five people use the save, excluding the original save owner, if they all came here and gave us Monox18's excuse should we believe all of them just because it's the easiest excuse they can go for when they've been caught using saves from people who got the platinum before them? 

    Besides having correct timestamps I also proved to have beaten all UN trials, and there's a video on the leaderboards showing me playing the game. That's a prove of my gameplay. What else do you want?


    I repeat myself again. That guy. Momiji. 97%. The other 5 people. Not my problem.


    "fair to assume" is still an assumption. Not a proof. You can't flag people on assumptions. You can only flag on proofs. I have no idea how else to prove myself other from what I have said. 


    I sold that game many years ago. Provide me a copy and then I will give you all the gameplay proofs you want. Want me to beat any chapter on Master Ninja mode? sure. Just don't ask me to beat your 1:16 world record for UN01 trial to prove my platinum is legit.





  12. 8 minutes ago, dmland12 said:

    I know nothing about this game... but if the timestamps are possible and the explanation given is possible... what else can you do but lift the flag?  Doesn't really matter who you believe IMO.

    Tnx for that. I will also be answering any questions until my flag is lift.

    6 minutes ago, Serzilla said:



    I think I've explained enough about the fact that the save in particular was uploaded online specifically for trophy hunters to hack the trophies in the first place. When it shows that 5 other people aside from Monox18 all use that save, all have 99% identical save data and the save was floating around years before he even started the game it can't just be a coincidence that he used the save after getting the platinum, when there's nothing to show for the fact that he played it legit before the platinum. Anyone can say "I lost my save and needed someone else's save to continue playing" but if you really cared about the game, why weren't you backing up the save that you had originally? When someone doesn't want to be flagged, they're not going to unlock every trophy in one go, so they'll use the save and complete a chapter then wait until they unlock more trophies. I wouldn't blame you if I didn't find someone who got the platinum before you with the save. 

    You can't judge me by the way I do things. If I backup games or not is irrelevant. And again, I don't know that people, I don't know what they did use the savedata for. I already told you what I used it for.


    Do you have anything personal against me? We played many trials together. And you deleted me from your PSN friends. If you have something particular against me go ahead and tell me.


  13. 1 minute ago, turpinator1986 said:



    This whole thing is completely backwards. His time stamps look fine, regardless of your comments about how they could possibly have got to be how they are. The order is fine. The burden of proof should be on you to prove he cheated, not the other way around. Or should we all start recording every second of gameplay in case we should ever have to prove we did something difficult legitimately?

    Thank you for that. Also, there is a video on the NGS2 leaderboards showing me playing one mission with somebody else. Those are called ninja clips. That's all I got. I don't even have it on my system, that is on the servers and Serzilla has access to it since he still has the game.


  14. 1 minute ago, Serzilla said:



    You can archive the page, but I already said that even with the save, you can wait around before you unlock trophies and the save has been around for over 2 years before he actually started the game. I don't think it's a coincidence that 6 people who have the platinum and all have this save loaded onto their profile on the game all used it without unlocking trophies, Monox18 could be the exception but when you don't prove anything that you've done on the game at this point and there's evidence of a save being around before you started the game, what's more believable? 

    People are innocent until proven otherwise. People are not guilty until proven otherwise. 


    Whatever you want, I'm still willing to beat a master challenge chapter if that makes you happy. Send me the game.


    The other 5 ppl I don't know them. There are public save datas on the web and people randomly use them with different purposes.  Their reasons are none of my bussines. Go ask them.


  15. Just now, Serzilla said:


    The thing having a max of around 10-20 runs of missions is that you can still be carried with that amount, what you've done mission-wise is shit I can do with people who have never played the mission before and simply use Rachel's twirl and I can still do the things you did with that save within 1-2 hours with someone who has no skill on the game whatsoever. But yeah, you can get the game back and start from scratch, that'll show you're capable of doing this game legit, but I'm not going to fund your purchase of this game just to do that, you got yourself into this mess so you're the one who has to get yourself out. 

    You are the person who is reporting me. Why should I buy that game myself? You buy and then I prove it to you. On earlier posts I commented I would buy. But now, after this discussion became a "witch hunt" started and kept by you, I won't buy it. You are the one accusing me. Give me the tools to prove myself if you want.

    Just now, turpinator1986 said:


    but you also can't prove that he used the save to unlock the trophies, just that he used it at some point. It's all very 'he said she said' without any actual evidence. Seems harsh to flag someone based just on that imo

    You are totally right. He says all I do is talk and talk. He is pretty much doing the same.


  16. 1 minute ago, Serzilla said:


    You obviously haven't read my posts about timestamps now have you? In this day and age, you can hire people who can give you any time stamp you want on PSN, from any year at any time, any second. When you download a save for this game, you can still complete a chapter and wait a few hours/days before doing another. One of the guys that got flagged for this has a 97% trophy list for this game, but he's using this save, the thing he left out was 1000 kills with Momiji and on the save it has more than 1000 kills with Momiji simply because he decided to wait before unlocking that trophy. Aside from that, this game in particular is highly regarded by many as being one of the "most difficult platinum trophies on PSN" so it's highly desired for many people's trophy collections and everything Monox18 has been doing on this thread has been all talk, no evidence, anyone can type what he says even if they didn't do the platinum legit. 

    Deal mean. Go ahead. Buy a download digital copy of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. Send it to me (or a psn card code to buy the game) I will search that save again in order to unlock the Master Ninja mode. Tell me what chapter you want me to beat. I will play that chapter, record it, beat it send it to this forum you and that's it. Will that be enough? of course this will take me a couple of days from now.


    The other guy that got flagged, is actually the guy that you are currently flagging. 


    What evidence could I possibly show? The most I can do is record (with a normal camera, I don't have any PS3 recording device) you a new video of me beating whatever chapter you want to prove I have beaten one of the "most difficult platinum trophies on PSN". My stats also indicate that I did beat the hardest ninja trials as well, so I don't need to prove that.


  17. 3 minutes ago, Serzilla said:


    Most people go for the team mission trophy when they surpass chapter 8 in the story because they can unlock Rachel for them, doing that only takes around 3 hours (first time player). But completing one playthrough on the easiest difficulty setting can get you every weapon in the game fully upgraded and if someone already got the platinum then they should be able to beat the easiest difficulty setting in less than 5 hours, if he was willing to spend so much time playing the game to do the missions legit then why would one 5-hour playthrough matter? If he did it as Ryu, he obviously spent more time than that trying to train to become good enough at the mission in the first place. 

    Correction, It takes you 5 hour to complete that playthrough. it takes me triple, or four times that to beat it. I'm not you. I'm slower. Yes I played many weeks playing that UN01 trial, failing an incredible amount of times. probably I played that the equivalent time of one playthrough or more.  Yes, I spent more time than anything else. What's wrong with this?

    2 minutes ago, turpinator1986 said:

    I mean this all seems like a bit of a witch hunt to me. The flagging system is meant to be for illegitimately earned trophies. Not scouring through in game leaderboards looking for inconsistencies. If this guy did use the save to earn the trophies, why would he have carried on playing so much afterwards? He would have got the plat then abandoned the game. Ok so he can't prove he used the save until after he earned the plat but it seems to me its fairly obvious that's what happened. 

    Exactly my thoughts. Thx. Discussion here is turning over my times, my playthrough, about not having a video (which I do have a video from MN trials), etc etc. 


  18. 2 minutes ago, Serzilla said:


    I said this already, it's an excuse that ANYONE with this save can come up with, but would you really believe all 6 people who say this? It's not hard to just load up the save, complete 1 chapter, wait a day, complete another chapter, his time stamp was 8 months so he could have been waiting around during it to not bring any suspicion to his profile. Dj-boss6 had the save file that Monox18 used 3 years, 5 months before Monox18 had the platinum and Monox18 here hasn't provided any evidence that he played the game legitimately before he got the platinum. In four years after hacking the game, sure you can improve at the game and other NG games, but unfortunately I thought he'd have been able to prove he did the game legit before using the save, considering he says he did the game as Ryu... But he can't even provide a video of his run where he supposedly did that and I already said, doing a max of around 10-20 runs of missions in the past 4 years isn't much at all, since I've done thousands of runs of the missions in that time, in 1-2 weeks I can personally do more than what is on that save if I put my time into the game but he's had 4 years to try to increase various stats of the save before being flagged. 

    I don't know those other 5 ppl. Maybe I played with one of them on Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge. Others I have no idea.


    The Save data I don't know who does it belong to. i found it in the web.


    I have 2 evidences to prove it. First, there's a ninja clip on my records showing ME playing a Master Ninja trial. They are not as hard as an UN trial but still pretty damn hard. And I wasn't carried with a cheap play like Twirling Rachel. 


    I haven't played that game for 4 years. I played it for a month or so (after I got that save game) in order to train enough to beat the trial 2x Ryu. 


    The second evidence is my records,

    my UN1 - UN5 shows:



    Other people records shows:



    This means I actually beat all 5 UN missions. That's enough to prove I played and beat the hardest thing in Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma.


    You are leader one in those leaderboards. I'm not a pro. I'm not you. Don't compare me with yourself. You are way far ahead of me. Medium skilled players like me play less and have fewer wins. 1 UN01 beat with 2x Ryu is all I wanted.

    5 minutes ago, grimydawg said:

    Can you not play the team missions any time you want or do you have the beat the game at least one time for weapons and stuff, since some missions would obviously be easier if you had the weapons?

    You have to beat the game atleast once to unlock trials. Then you can beat it 2 more times to unlock extras skins. Weapons are all unlocked in the first time of course. 


  19. 3 minutes ago, grimydawg said:

    OK, I'm trying to understand this.  So, you were playing NGS2, losing your data in the process.  You uploaded another save from somewhere (clearly wasn't yours) to be where you were at, correct?  If so, that's a no go.  I know what it's like to lose progress in a video game.  I lost progress in GT5 because my original PS3 got a YLOD and I didn't back up my save.  That cost me an extra 200 hours.  You are clearly good enough, and it wouldn't have taken you as long to be back at the point before your save corrupted because you've done it before.  More importantly, the save you got the progress from what from a guy who had gotten the platinum years before you even started the game.  Why even put yourself in that position?


    Yes you are correct. I downloaded, not uploaded, a save from somewhere to get to a similar point from more or less where I was. The thing here is that I already had all trophies. People get flagged when they get illegitimate trophies. As far as I understand by the rules, having or sharing savedatas itself is not reason to be flagged. I got the savedata after platinum, so it has nothing to do with my trophies. The reason to continue playing the game after platinum was to beat UN01 2x Ryu. no more.


    Why put me in that situtation? Well I beat the game 7 times already. I was sick of single player mode. For sure beating it again would be another 20 hours, maybe 30. Add extra playthroughs on harder difficulties to unlock RYU's skins. On the other side I can use someone else savegame, have everything again unlocked, similar to me and continue playing normally the trials. I don't feel like I broke any rule here.

    5 minutes ago, ryankamal1998 said:


    I mean he says he had the platinum before using the save game so even though it's foul play, it didn't effect any trophies. If the actual game didn't have leaderboards then this wouldn't be a problem at all. From what I've read he seems pretty honest 

    Tnx for that!

    3 minutes ago, grimydawg said:

    Why would he upload the save if he already had the platinum?

    Didn't upload. I downloaded a save to continue playing trials. The first time I beat them was with Rachel. But that's a cheap play game, I didn't feel satisfied beating the hardest trial by playing in a cheap way. I wanted to beat it the real way with 2x Ryu.


  20. 19 minutes ago, turpinator1986 said:

    Sorry I might be completely missing the point, but if you didn't pop any trophies with the save then what even is the point of this dispute? Presumably somebody did report you, so if you earned the trophies before you downloaded the save, the save should have nothing to do with your dispute and instead you should be trying to defend and explain the reason you were flagged right?

    Sure man no problem. I've been trying to explain pretty much anything that people ask. 


    As requested, the report was made by Serzilla mentioning that I have the same data save with other people.


    Here is the screenshot:




  21. 30 minutes ago, Serzilla said:

    Also, I'll say this to those of you who obviously didn't watch the introduction part of the video. When you download someone else's save file for this game, you still need to do various things such as: complete a chapter to unlock trophies like "Cleared the path of the Master Ninja" and complete one team mission to get "All missions successfully completed" and AFTER you do one of those things, the game brings up an option saying "Upload a record of your results?", if you press YES to this option then that will put the scores that were on the downloaded save onto the leaderboard, so even if the person didn't ever complete those missions or chapters, they'll still likely be somewhere on the leaderboard and on the leaderboard you can find people and click on their name and see which save they used for the game and in this case, I found people who use the exact same save data and they are people who work towards getting platinums on PSN. It can't be a coincidence that so many people with the platinum all used this save AFTER getting the platinum legitimately when they share saves that are 99% identical. 


    This is the option that comes up after you complete a mission or chapter: 





    Aside from that, I was only blaming people who used the same save as someone who got the platinum BEFORE THEM


    Dj-boss6 has had the platinum since February 6th, 2010 and he has this exact save file and Monox18 got the platinum on July 26th, 2013. Dj-boss6 had this platinum before Monox18 even started the game so how can Monox18 prove that he didn't just use this save straight off the bat? Anyone can say they lost a save, but if platinum dates are anything to go by, having a save that someone had long before you even started the game isn't a good indicator of a legitimate platinum, unless Monox18 can prove it by showing ninja clips from times before July 26th, 2013 but that's kind of eliminated with the fact that he said he only downloaded this save after getting the platinum legit after losing his old save. 


    And in the four year gap that Monox18 had after supposedly using the save after getting the platinum, doing a few runs of the missions and 1000 kills with BOTA isn't a difficult thing to achieve, I've helped over 100 people complete all the missions in the past four years and achieved around 200,000 kills with weapons/characters. What's kind of surprising is how although he has an 8th run of Ultimate Ninja 01 compared to the 7 that other saves have, he still didn't beat the 5:42 time that was on that save, for someone like me I have to be trying to take a long time to actually have a run of Ultimate Ninja 01 that takes longer than 5:42, I demolish that time by over two-minutes sometimes and that's with someone who is twirling while I kill every boss and my overall fastest time for that mission is beating his time by over 4 minutes. 



    I have a ninja clip uploaded. It shows me playing a hard ninja trial. I don't have anymore clips because you can only have one uploaded at a time. And when I move on with a game, I basically errase everything. 


    Dude, that's kind of personal there. World record in that ninja trial is 1 minute something, maybe 2. And is done by you! you are the one who wolds that record beating kalata1 for like 2 or 3 seconds. If you can beat that game in less than 5 minutes is because you are a pro dude. I can't beat that time and I'm not  even near your skills or kalata1 skills. I played with kalata1 less than 10 times and we beat it once. That's all I needed, all I wanted. That one, was a horrible run where we ended both on final life and it took 10 mins, maybe more. Yes, on YouTube you can find long boring horrible runs done by medium skilles players like me. No matter how horrible that was, we still beat it, I got my 8th on that save (which means my first and only run on that particular save) I completed my mission of beating UN01 2x Ryu and then I was done with the game. I feel this is turning out to be more personal about skills than the main point of reporting for trophies.


    I didn't play 4 years endlessly that game like you. I only played a couple of weeks, maybe one month, after getting that save with the sole purpose of beating UN01 2x Ryu. Sure you got 200k kills with that weapon. I only got 1000 more from that save, and that's by training mostly in UN01 and a couple of chapters. (most of those numbers are gotten from trial bosses, not minions on chapter challenges as I didn't play those too much, only to get a checkpoint near bosses and train versus them).


  22. xD4rK_By_D3s1gNx, mekktor, iAlphaSoldier, I agree with what you say guys,


    BillyHorrible, about "Main question: If he loaded up a save that wasn't his but that did not immediately unlock any trophies he did not have yet, does that still count as cheating?".

    I had the platinum already. No trophies were unlocked with it. I didn't skip any grinding while going towards the platinum. I beat the game 3 times SP, 4 times CC, and all the trials. I agree with the rest you said.


    MMDE, yes I admited that.


    BillyHorrible, I agree with you on this one, also it's quite complicate to prove what difference can it make or how would somebody know. For you particular example I consider that fair play.


    MMDE, BillyHorrible. Nothing to reply here.


    MMDE, Yes, trials require to beat the game atleast 1 time. Minimum warrior difficulty. Mentor and Master ninja gives you more skins, that's it. Also Acolyte (which can be gotten from lowering difficulty on last chapter of Warrior) doesn't give you anything, maybe a skin? I forgot that. Anyway, I beat this game 7 times including the extra 4 playthroughs from Chapter Challenge on my original save.


    Nuttro93, content removed. 


    BillyHorrible, sure.


    mekktor, as you said. That happened after trophies. About leaderboards, the best I can do is buy the game, start a new game, upload my new scores and that should overwrite everything back to 0. I don't really care about those leaderboards, I'm far from any 1st place anyway.


    ryankamal1998, I agree with you. Trophies are the point of this forum, not NGS2 leaderboards.


    Nuttro93, sure my timestamps are how I played the game. If anyone has any suspicious ask me and I will answer you how I played that portion of the game. My game isn't hiden or anything, feel free to look at it.


    BillyHorrible and Phil, agree with you.


    Serzilla, tnx for calling me a competent player. We sure did good on other NG games. 

    Why didn't I play again 1 more play through to unlock trials? I beat the game 7 times already. Was sick of single player mode and wasn't going for an 8th unnecessary playthorugh. 

    Yes, I beat UN01 with 2x Ryu. I was host. The guest was kalata1, the number 1 player in the leaderboard that came to help me. Yes, it took like 3 weeks of practice everyday of that single mission. I even replayed those chapters where you fight all 4 main bosses and genshin on their final form to keep a checkpoint where I would train and beat them countless time. I never got to the point to become perfect on those bosses, but good enough to survive the missions. As I said, it took weeks. Until randomly that guy appeared, and in less that 10 attempts, he taught me his rules and we beat it. After that, I felt myself complete with this game and moved on.


    Serzilla, I do not know the other guys, never played with them in NGS2, so I can't answer on behalf of them what they did with this savegame. I think I played with mujouken_spectre on NG3RE a couple of battles and trials. That's another game anyway. 

    About uploading a score, I don't know 100% how does it work. If I beat a trial and I upload a score I don't know if it overwrites the whole game scores or that singular trial. Same applies for chapter challenges, after beating one chapter I don't know if it uploads the whole score or just the single chapter score. Anyway, you should be able to check that I beat some master challenge chapters (where I trained vs bosses in their final form). I beat more times those ninja trials than those guys and also I beat some master ninja chapter more than those guys as well. Also there's a ninja clip showing me play a Master Ninja trial, one of the hard ones, where I was also training vs bosses. (maximums clips is one, so I don't have more)That itself proves I have played a lot this game, more than enough to have gotten the platinum way before using this savegame. Again, I don't care who are they and what they did with this savegame.