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  1. What did you pay? They're all listed as like 40-80 bucks plus shipping
  2. Is marvel edition available in Canada or is it just a EU release?
  3. Anyone want to downloads for downloads? Can't seem to create a boosting thread for this
  4. How do I get a link for my lvl ?
  5. It would still be cheaper than opening their servers back up for a few trophy hunters that missed out. Even move trophies that are no longer earnable to its own section making platinums obtainable again. PS3 will soon be a thing of the past , all servers will eventually go down in time . This is why online trophies are an annoyance , especially if the games online didn't succeed the companies expectations .
  6. Why not ask if they can upload a patch where you fight AI online ? That would be a more realistic way of going about it , without the company losing profits . I know your feeling though... did all mk vs dc trophies then got lazy with the online segment now the platinum is forever haunting me 😔
  7. Well its foolish for game companies to shut their online down. I'm going to call them when they're available and talk to someone rather than getting replies from some bot in my email. If they did this i'm sure it'd increase their sales and more people would start playing again. Its a rather big annoyance doing all kombo challenges and not being able to get platinum to show for it. I couldn't game for days because my fingers were so blistered from doing them
  8. I emailed Warner Bros Games and asked if they could replace online lobbies with AI fights we could play in a lobby instead the lobbies would count towards the online trophies making the platinum possible. I'm sure if enough of us did this they may take it into consideration. Would also be nice to see MAG do that seeing as the disc is useless now.
  9. Us consumers are a major part of why series are being milked year after year. We need to stop supporting game companies when they release micro transactions and DLC, its just an easy way for the companies to make their dollar out of us before we get bored of the game. If we all stopped buying content that should have originally been added in the game it will make game developers put more time and effort into their games, rather then in cooperating RNG and stuff like that to keep us from getting bored. If we all stopped buying into bad games with lots of content we gotta pay for then it will make companies try again
  10. A total of 7: The Binding of Isaac- 1.30% GTA 5 (PS3)- 2.30% Cabela's Dangerous hunts 2011- 2.42% Terraria- 2.53% Wolfenstein- 2.65% SSX- 3.58% Shaun White Snowboarding- 4.03%
  11. Probably will need a new game + run, read something earlier that developers couldn't even beat that mode. Looking forward to dying a lot in hopes of obtaining the platinum.
  12. mk vs dc universe, got all trophies except the online one... sadly it is now shutdown. I think that games with online trophies that just end there online is pointless, a patch should be added to bots to any online servers that were closed. The only way this trophy would now be obtainable is hacking :/ im strongly against it but damn,,, those combo challenges took a beating on my thumbs and endless hours of grinding.... Had around 90 matches online and got lazy. Wish i could have the platinum to show for all that hard effort. This is when hacking should be acceptable.
  13. Ever since I was a kid I would have a problem with seeing my games not 100%. It started with yoshi's island where you unlocked the bonus stages if you 100% them all. I guess this carried over to playstation. Now every game I play I earn as many trophies as possible and am recently going back through my games cleaning up online trophies incase servers shut down.
  14. Wish online didn't shut down, stopping me from the platinum....
  15. Mortal kombat vs dc universe... Did all the combo challenges then got lazy and decided to give up on the online trophy. Online shut down and now the platinum is never able to be achieved ):