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  1. Drakengard 3, for someone with no sense of rhythm that final boss was impossible. But I kept trying each week and finally got it
  2. Assassins Creed Syndicate, Metal Gear Solid V and Life is Strange are all awesome games!
  3. Thats so cool, you have so many awesome adventures ahead, which is very exciting! Enjoy your stay on this lovely site
  4. The only game I have on preorder is Final Fantasy XV, and who knows when that will be released! I will preorder Rise of the Tomb Raider later!
  5. I personally prefer manga, I have only read a few comics so yeah. I love the Clannad and Chobits manga so much!
  6. Very excited for Final Fantasy XV trailer, I can't believe the game will actually be out next year, so pumped!
  7. Im actually not to sure why I choose to platinum games. I guess it makes the game experience much longer and also give me a sense of achievement. I also have lots of free time but Im going into senior school next year so I'm not planning on getting many more platinums.
  8. This looks amazing, so glad the protagonist is a badass female. Might skip Zesteria and wait for this to come out
  9. What is your favourite and least favourite Tomb Raider game and what are the reasons why? My favourite tomb raider game is tomb raider 2013 because of the characterisation of Lara Croft and the awesome action and story. My least favourite is Tomb Raider Anniversary because of the awkward controls and lack of any real motivation or story.
  10. This is really sweet, I agree this community is very nice! Your profile picture and signature are awesome!
  11. LEGEND! Thanks heaps man, your the best!
  12. Hey just wondering if anyone can help me with this issue. I have recently been playing the tomb raider trilogy on PS3 and have got lots of trophies from the games, however the trophies nor the game are appearing on my psn profile. I have updated my profiles many times but they will not appear. I first started these games last year, but have only really gotten into them now, so I would like them to show on my profile. Any help would be greatly appreciate. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post
  13. Hmmm my favourite female characters are Lara Croft, Lightning and Zero.
  14. Hey any idea when CM will be back, does anyone know how he made the awesome IV cards?
  15. I'm gonna grab the PS4 version only because I never got around to playing the original, super excited, ellen page is amazing