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  1. Table Top Racing: World Tour is really easy to complete :-)
  2. Sign me up for this, been looking for some kind of motivation to clear up my backlog and this public statement might just do the trick :-) Any advice or recommendations on what to play first are also highly appreciated :-) Deadly Premonition Metal Gear Solid IV Yakuza 5 Racket Sports Medieval Moves Sorcery Dead Nation Catherine Eye of Judgmenet MLB 10 The Show (yes, I could still get a platinum on this)
  3. 47 Homefront FarCry 2 Binary Domain Sports Champions Max Payne 3 Modnation Racers: Road Trip DC Universe Online XCOM: Enemy Unknown GTA IV Spacemarine 40K HAWX 2 F! 2010 Lost Planet 3 Crysis 2 Armello GTA V Bulletstorm Wolfenstein Terraria Frozen Synapse Prime Resistance 2 Section 8 Killzone 2 Yakuza 3 Overlord The Hungry Horde Crysis 3 Sports Champions 2 Two Worlds II Alpha Protocol Mirror's Edge etc. etc.
  4. Guess they'll add the other episodes as dlc, theoretically you could add a platinum trophy as dlc, right? Also keeps the spoilers out of the trophy list...