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  1. My 3rd week is done kingdom hearts 1 (PS4) and Perils of baking (PS4) Now to last weeks challenge!
  2. Not sure if there has been miscommunication between the devs or if the problem lies within the site but this mistake is absolutely hilarious to me.
  3. 100 points for the games 100รท on the way to 3000 or all only after the 3000P has been gotten? Or do you mean all 100% games overall? @Stedde Maybe I am overthinking things.
  4. I would like to choose nekopara vol 3 as my game of the week. @Stedde
  5. Lol that started well the game disc is not working.
  6. Much appreciated!
  7. It is not your fault at all. Please choose another game for it's place if you want to do so.
  8. Nice to know that it is counted at least for this month. Thanks!
  9. Knack is finished finally after 4 full campaign runs and with that all of the bracket games are too. Now to take a chill pill
  10. I would like to ask a question can you get points from extra games that you finish within this month if you can get your main bracket completed? And if you do is there any specific extra rules/steps that have to be taken? @Stedde
  11. Wolfenstein the old blood is done! Now to the rng hell known as Knack the last game on the list.
  12. I just finished with modern warfare remastered Next up the penultimate game Wolfenstein the old blood!