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  1. Alright! I just finished spyro 2 a couple of minutes ago. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/8207-spyro-2-riptos-rage/platinumplayer12
  2. Can you add me mate? Requirement 1: Spyro 2 Ripto's revenge Requirement 2: Have to say Finland it is rather nice to have Darude back 😄
  3. I would need to play with 4 more unique online players on worms revolution extreme vita for the social butterfly trophy. We would only need to play one 4-5 minute online match per person. Help would be greatly appreciated :)


  4. So does anyone here know does umbrella corps have any online players anymore?

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    2. platinumplayer12


      It is pretty fun game to play. :)  The story especially. Have you played Resident evil 7 or 2 remake?

    3. LucianaRosethorn


      Yeah I've played both. ^_^ I've only ever played a bit of RE7 but have watched people do playthroughs and with RE2 Remake I'm currently doing my first playthrough with Clair. I'm not the biggest fan of RE7 but I'm loving RE2. :D My favourite Resident Evil game is definitely Revelations, really need to play the second game.


      What about you, have you played RE7, RE2 or Revelations?

    4. platinumplayer12


      Sorry about taking my sweet freaking time with this. :D

      I have played the revelations 1 and 2.   RE2 And 7 are on the scope after i am done with the kingdom hearts series. :) 


      What have you been up to these days?



  5. I redeemed the code and it worked well. Thank you for the giveaway
  6. I live in Finland (EU) so the 20e code would be the best option. If any problems arise with that please let me know I have always wanted to buy the lifetime premium membership but now it seems that i do not need to do so (I'll take the membership gladly). Thank you very much :3
  7. Thank you for giveaway :3 My favourite memories for christmas are our family's dinner's. All the good foods and awesome people around the same small table. It is very lovely thing to be a part of
  8. Hello, I took notice that you had completed the requirements for the 'Aggression' trophy on Bendy and I was wondering if you would be able to tell me what you had to do? I have read a lot of conflicting reports on the internet, so I was hopi g since you gave the trophy, you would be better able to explain what needs done! Thanks

    1. CannibalX666X


      *since you HAVE the trophy, I meant.

    2. platinumplayer12


      1. You must beat Sammy (the weird guy before the big fight) without dying. You can jump on the barrel that is on the left side of the area to make this part easier and faster for you 


      2.When the waves start to come do not get killed even once before the fight ends and kill over 50 enemies while the fight is going. No one does does not know the exact number you have to kill but just keep offing the enemies.


      3. The trophy should unlock after the dialogues stop after the fight is finished.


      Extra: If you are having trouble with the trophy you can always start a new game and save on the cloud just before the fight happens so you can save some time because you don't have to restart the whole chapter if you fail.


      Have a merry christmas :)



    3. CannibalX666X


      Many thanks! I have made the save on the cloud, so that is certainly helping cut down some replay time! Thanks for your advice. Merry Christmas to you also.

  9. Thank you for the giveaway :3 1. Crash twinsanity remastered/hd 2. Ape escape 4
  10. Update: The trophies can now be earned and the save deletion bug is no more!
  11. Okay there has been another update day or two ago so hopefully the trophies are fixed now.
  12. Day 3: I have destroyed everything in every map twice in raging blast and still not have been able to get the trophy. Heck! 

    If any one of you fellow hunters would have any tips they would be greatly appreciated :)

  13. Day 2: I have finished 9 out of 10 maps in Dragon Ball raging blast for the all ruined trophy and bloody hell i had many problems with rocky lands. Damn AI just keeps breaking the rocks and it is very hard to keep track where you are in the level. "crosses fingers that the trophy unlocks tomorrow without issues" 😇

  14. So today i finally started my grind towards all ruined trophy in dragon ball raging blast. 4 maps down (hopefully) 6 left.