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  1. Update: The trophies can now be earned and the save deletion bug is no more!
  2. Okay there has been another update day or two ago so hopefully the trophies are fixed now.
  3. Day 3: I have destroyed everything in every map twice in raging blast and still not have been able to get the trophy. Heck! 

    If any one of you fellow hunters would have any tips they would be greatly appreciated :)

  4. Day 2: I have finished 9 out of 10 maps in Dragon Ball raging blast for the all ruined trophy and bloody hell i had many problems with rocky lands. Damn AI just keeps breaking the rocks and it is very hard to keep track where you are in the level. "crosses fingers that the trophy unlocks tomorrow without issues" 😇

  5. So today i finally started my grind towards all ruined trophy in dragon ball raging blast. 4 maps down (hopefully) 6 left.

  6. Well that sucks
  7. I am trying to get all ruined and battle bonus complete trophies in dragon ball raging blast at the moment
  8. Does anyone know is the vitas uncharted card game servers are still online?

    1. Cleggworth


      They aren't officially shutdown but I went back to the game recently and can't get on and neither can the guy I was hoping to play against for the trophy. The trophy has been earned recently though but I'm not sure how. There's a few threads around the web over the years that have had the same problem but no fix

    2. platinumplayer12


      Well that sucks. Oh well thanks for answer mate.

  9. Congrats to the winners! And thank you Deadpool--Rik for a generous giveaway :3
  10. Thank you for the possibility. My favourite character is either Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa or Neptune from Neptunia series.
  11. Wasan't the peer2peer multiplayer still supposed to work ?
  12. I got the 100 hour total playtime trophy in Loadout by rubberbanding my ps4 controller's sticks together for almost a week (so the character runs in circle so it did not get kicked for total inactivity
  13. i really love the danganronpa series amd have been really blown away by the story. now im waiting for the V3 really hyped and i wanted to know if anybody else likes the series and is as hyped as i am *pupupu* lets talk about harmony and disbear*
  14. oh crap i have only 950 points left to the platinum i really hope that they didin't close the server permanently
  15. anybody u for the 4 player trophy in dying light?

    only one booster needed

  16. It's really hard and you need 3 offline partners to get the platinum.
  17. my favourite game is danganronpa goodbye despair or zero time dilemma cant decide between these two
  18. Tekken 7 would really like to be able to play that 😄
  19. Dead nation because the hardest setting is too tricky for me 😀
  20. Resident evil 5 for sure
  21. i would really like to have the my name is mayo platinum because it isin't yet in the eu store
  22. batman arkham asylum 😬 those free flow combos are hard af
  23. i am playing danganronpa reload on the ps4 after that i might start doom or ratchet and clank
  24. I have 4755 unearned trophies 600 down for the last update ( slowly but surely getting there)
  25. My 100th platinum is telltales batman can i be added here ?